all that i notice in this moment tbh

the true beauty and the beast ‘gay moment’

  • “who needs her when you’ve got us?”
  • “it’s never going to happen ladies”
  • “I’m not done with you yet” - “me neither”
  • LeFou looking dreamy and biting his bottom lip when Gaston says “picture it LeFou (…) adorable children running around while my love rubs my tired feet”
  • LeFou’s dreamy look turning into a frown the second Gaston adds ‘but what does Belle say?”
  • the whole Gaston song
  • “LeFou you’re the best. How is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” - “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it” + the Look
  • the nose boop
  • the dance with Stanley at the end

basically pretty much all the lefou scenes were gay because he’s gay af it wasn’t even subtext it was obvious and subtle at the same time goodbye

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is there a certain point in the borderlands au where jesses like wow okay im... really gay? or was the Thrist always, secretly, there?

i like to believe jesse’s appreciation for hanzo grows at the same time as the trust they put into each other? like at first theyre teaming up because its convenient & its them against the world //// even tho,,, the thirst is there, faintly, from the very start, but not acted upon because thats all it is, but it grows into So Much More;  // As they grow closer their trust into each other keeps getting bigger & they share more about each other & really start growing and growing until their bond is so solid that theyd!!! fight the entire world for each other!!! 

After watching Rogue One again, I noticed how Baze and Chirrut sit on really weird things?? Like I get that they’re older, but

- On Jedha, Chirrut straight up sits on a possibly dead stormtrooper’s body after beating up a bunch of them. (tbh this is probably the weirdest example. still weirds me out)

- After Eadu, Cassian and Jyn have their Angry™ moment and Cassian’s all like “fight me” and Baze is like “nah” and just… reclines on the ship’s hatch. Everyone else is tense as heck and he’s just……… “nah, taking a nap, can’t”

- On Yavin 4, when Cassian and the troops announce that they’re going to Scarif, Baze is just sitting on top of a random structure. Which isn’t weird in and of itself, it just looks funny??? Like sometimes he’s just so done and sometimes he’s just 500% chill, which is it, who knows

the start of vices & virtues

hi. back at it again with an analysis nobody asked for. so today, folks, we’re doing it on ballad of mona lisa and this one was a lot of fun, but so are all of them. whatever.

now, chronologically, this one is known to be the first song written for all of v&v. this song, according to wiki, was written after pretty. odd. was released but before they had toured so it’s old. now, that’s just important to how i’m phrasing all of this, knowing the timeline. (aka, this is before whatever happened in cape town).

before we start, we’re going to talk about the title right quick. so the definition of ballad is: a poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. so really, this if just a fancy way of saying that this song is a story about mona lisa. now, the thing that stumped me and my sister for a long time was why mona lisa? why her in particular? songs are very meaningful in the way that things as big as that aren’t an accident. it’s not a name you pull out of your ass as a placeholder. she has some sort of meaning to this song (especially since she shows up in the lyrics later in this song (also in another song, hmmm). so we looked into the meaning of mona lisa and there’s a lot of different things but a lot of what we found was mysterious person. nobody knows who she was, they have guesses but we’ll never know for sure. she’s this person that we all know what she looks like but we don’t know who beyond that. hmmm, how can i tie THAT into a song?

anyway, if you didn’t get it, mona lisa is ryan. she, in this song, is ryan, and he is brendon.

She paints her fingers with a close precision

He starts to notice empty bottles of gin

And takes a moment to assess the sins she’s paid for

so first off, brendon was talking about this lyric in an interview. he said that this is about someone dolling themselves up. but like, honestly, if you watch any of panic, that’s not really brendon’s thing tbh. like, sure, he wears high heels sometimes but makeup isn’t really a brendon thing. (even in early panic days, he wasn’t all that emo until he met ryan). with that, it was very much ryans thing to do the emo makeup and such, not brendon’s. so with that in mind, this is about someone dolling themselves up which could also be a reference to putting on a facade, lying about who someone is. cough cough mona lisa?

then, these other two lyrics, it was kinda hard to figure out what they meant so here’s our idea. so, early panic days, even up to pretty odd, they were kinda wild. they drank a lot and did a lot of drugs, tbh. i think that when ryden first started, it was a thing like opportunity? they were both drunk so why not. now where the lyric comes in, i think that the relationship between ryan and brendon started with a lot of drinking but brendon fell in love with ryan, ryan never loved brendon. so when brendon developed feelings, he didn’t need to be drunk or high to be able to sleep with ryan. but for ryan, that never changed. this song, as you’ll see, is a lot about brendon sort of realizing that maybe ryan didn’t love him the way he wanted him to. ryan still had to be drunk in order to sleep with brendon and this is brendon realizing that. he’s looking around and seeing all these alcohol bottles and other things and realizing that ‘hey, maybe things aren’t what they should be’. the last lyric of that chunk ties into all of that. he pauses from what he’s doing, whatever brendon was doing, and looked over things. he was looking at all the signs, things ryan had said, things he’d seen and realized that, again, maybe things weren’t what they should be.

A lonely speaker in a conversation

Her words were swimming through his ears again

There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for

so, this one took us a little while to get but hear me out. so we said that brendon was the only one who fell in love, right? just, for now, say that this ‘conversation’ is actually just a metaphor for sex. so, with brendon being the only one in love, he was the only one really contributing in a sense. sure, ryan could get his dick hard and you know, have the sex stuff but, there wasn’t any feelings. ryan was just doing it, there wasn’t anything more to it then that. kind of a shitty feeling for brendon and this song is him realizing that.

then, i posted an analysis for northern downpour that you can read here. basically, if you’re gonna be too lazy to read then, here’s a very short synopsis. ryan was basically saying that he doesn’t feel the same and it’s this long, very extra way to tell brendon that he’s delusional if he thinks that ryan will love him. ANYWAY, this song is a lot about brendon starting to doubt the truth that he seems to have conjured up and so he’s thinking over the songs off pretty odd that ryan wrote, thinking about them and trying to see them from ryans perspective almost. he heard northern downpour as a love song and he’s starting to think about it as what it really was, a song that said i will never love you.

this line comes up again at the end so there’s some significance but this is still the beginning, brendon is still on the fence about what he believes. he’s not wanting to let go of the man he loves yet so he’s saying here that ‘hey ryan, it’s not that hard to show me a little bit of love’. it’s kinda sad, really. he’s saying that he’s not that hard to leave.

He senses something, call it desperation

Another dollar, another day

And if she had the proper words to say,

She would tell him

But she’d have nothing left to sell him

so remember at the beginning how i said that he was brendon? it still is, fam. anyway, brendon is sensing desperation in himself. he’s watching this relationship fall apart in front of him and he’s not sure what he’s desperate for but it’s something. he wants to either have ryan say he’s in love or say that he isn’t. he needs one of the two before it starts to ruin him (hint: it already has). anyway, another dollar another day, is just a fancy way of saying that he’s going through the motions. we say with the bottles of gin that brendon was starting to realize that things weren’t right and that’s starting to play in the front of his mind. he’s not ready yet to give up so seeing ryan and trying to be with him is starting to feel robotic. he’s just walking along and he isn’t quite sure what to do yet, he doesn’t know.

so i’m definitely taking this proper words thing, again, as i love you. this song is a lot, to me, about brendon desperately trying to hold onto whatever he thinks that him and ryan have. this was written when ryan was still in the band and i’ve hinted/mentioned at it before. i think their relationship was very one-sided. even their stage gay was very one-sided. i think that their relationship was brendon falling hard and fast for ryan but ryan didn’t see him romantically. i think to ryan, their relationship was purely sexual and brendon just tried to see past it all. i think this song was brendon questioning a lot of things and finally, maybe, seeing that ryan wasn’t truthful. (i’m totally rolling with that through the duration of their relationship he hinted at feelings to keep brendon saited but didn’t mean it). so if ryan had the words to tell brendon that he didn’t actually care romantically (without losing the sex) then he would have. he would tell brendon if he could keep their friends with benefits thing. if he did though, he wouldn’t have any other lies to feed to brendon to keep him around (and keep the sex).

Mona Lisa wear me out

Pleased to please ya

Mona Lisa wear me out

so first off, let’s go back to mona lisa. in this song, mona lisa is ryan. now we’re bringing up again the meaning behind her and the fact that nobody knows who she is. and we’re going to take ryan as a catfish, of sorts. he’s been lying to brendon this whole time. sure, it was fun and games to fuck for them at the beginning but once brendon fell in love, he had to lie to keep brendon around. he never loved brendon but brendon has loved him for a long time. so with that, nobody knows the real ryan anymore which is why he’s mona lisa. he’s been lying for so long that they feel he’s just a fake, they can’t believe anything that leaves his mouth.

so then to the rest of the lyrics. brendon is asking ryan to wear him out (which I’m going with sexually cause everyone gets worn out after a sexual encounter, yeah?) wear me out, tire me out, make me sweat, yadda yadda. then he says ‘pleased to please ya’ which is very ,,, i wanna say cringey. this is why i said that brendon is beginning to think that ryan wasn’t so truthful. it’s almost like he doesn’t want to believe but he can’t outright deny the possibility. he’s saying that it makes him happy to please ryan. he puts out sexually because he thinks that that’s what’s keeping ryan around. he doesn’t want ryan to leave so he’ll do anything (sexually) to keep him interested in brendon. which, is really fucked up but, ya know. then he goes back to asking to be worn out (sexxxxxxx).

ALSO i would just like to point out that the music video is different just slightly. my sister came to me with almost tears in her eyes like ‘MANDELA AFFECT’ and it was trippy. in the music video he drops the ‘pleased to please ya’ and the second mona lisa which i don’t think was an accident. it’s HIS music video, why does he need to cut those like 5 seconds to make it shorter. that would have been done when originally recording the song. now, it’s already a single and it’s already popular. bands are more likely to lengthen a music video to add things in (talking, extra things that aren’t a song thing) rather than shorten it. so why? my only thought on that is since this came in v&v, after he’s already gone through the breakup, he feels ashamed at his actions. a slut? (no slutshaming, please don’t hurt me)

also, speaking of music videos, i wanna talk about how mona lisa in the video is portrayed as a child. this is something that i’ll talk about later too when mona lisa comes up in a different song (side eye emoji). but anyway, why? mona lisa in this song is portrayed as a love interest, why is she suddenly a child? kinda rape-y ya know? but this is my thought. we’re going with ryan has been lying, right? he’s been lying to brendon about his feelings and honestly, let’s talk about how literally everyone and their dog sees ryan as innocent. he’s got this little babyface and he smiles and everyone is like ‘awwww’. so that’s what brendon saw too, ya know? he sees this innocent man and he probably, when he first started doubting things was like, ‘come on, ryan wouldn’t lie, he’s too innocent’. and come on guys, children represent innocence through and through.

so i’ve saved the pre chorus and the chorus for last cause it always seems to flow better for me that way ?? i dunno. also it’s typically one of the last things you hear in a song so it just makes sense. heres the pre chorus

Say what you mean

Tell me I’m right

And let the sun rain down on me

Give me a sign

I want to believe

now this is really blunt. like i said, brendon is questioning things and i think this song is him expressing that he wants to know if his doubts are true or not. maybe he’s giving into the doubts a little more now, getting a little harder to ignore. he’s blunt. tell me what you want, is first. say what you mean, say the truth, tell him that he’s correct in thinking that it’s not real. and i know this can be taken as “tell me i’m right that you love me” but this song is really negative, honestly. it’s not a love song, he’s not asking for a confession of feelings. at first we took the point of ‘say i love you’ and my sister was talking about how the sun raining down on him is a sign of happiness. which, yes, i totally get that but like i said, this is not a love song. when we changed our thoughts on this to ‘tell me you never loved me’ i looked at it as a sign of freedom. he’s finally being proven right, his doubts are at ease because they’ve been proven. yes, brendon is sad because heartbreak fucking sucks but he doesn’t need to worry anymore which is also a relieving feeling. the light is positivity in a dark time. this is looking on the bright side when everything else sucks. but like i said, brendon was very much in love with ryan. while he’s starting to see that he’d been lied to, he doesn’t want to believe it. he wants to believe that ryan loved him and he’s fighting desperately to hold onto a rope that is frankly falling apart right before his eyes.

Whoa, Mona Lisa,

You’re guaranteed to run this town

Whoa, Mona Lisa,

I’d pay to see you frown

so, as i said before, this is a callout to ryan. hey ryan, you’ve been running my feelings and this band. which is totally fucking true. pretty. odd. was not brendon’s choice in music, it was ryan’s. even fever was ryans idea. (even the lyrics my dudes. though not all of the lyrics are 100% ryans so fuck off with that shit). he was the one that wanted more of the beattle’s aesthetic because guess who, after leaving panic, went on to write MORE music that was beattle’s ish. ryan fucking ross. brendon went back to his steampunk, heavy bass (thanks dallon) music. he’s always been a little more into that. (also pop and frank sinatra but ya know, whatever). then again, hey ryan, i want to see you frown. this line i am analyzing last because i think it’s meant to come last. the chorus is supposed to be the main thing in this song which would only make sense to have it come last. the verse’s lead up to it, you’d read them first but song structure and such. ALSO, EACH TIME, THIS COMES AFTER THE PRECHORUS AFTER HE’S ASKED TO BE PROVEN RIGHT, THANKS. each time, he’s saying he’d love to see ryan frown after ryan (hypothetically) had the chance to admit that he never loved brendon. i’m also going with that since ryan didn’t love brendon, his heart wasn’t in this. their little breakup won’t hurt ryan the way it tore brendon up. ryan could have shrugged this off and been unaffected by it. brendon wants to see him hurt the way he did.

There’s nothing wrong with just a taste of what you’ve paid for

and then this line comes up a second time. it’s the actual end of the song, this is after brendon is realizing that ryan was full of shit. it’s revenge. he wants ryan to feel the pain that brendon did. he wants ryan’s heart to get torn out. it’s very angry, honestly but deserving almost? he’s already asked ryan to show him a little love and that probably didn’t go so well (cape town?) so now brendon is asking for ryan to get hurt.


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Hi, I saw your post about ships in KNK and was wondering if you can do a short intro to the different ships? Nothing major, just perhaps some moment they shared or a headcannon you have?

hello anon! omg I’m really not very good with all the ships I have a terrible memory so I’ll pribably miss the best moments but I’ll try!

* ship names are not official but this is I suppose what most people use? idk correct me if I got something wrong! *

the major ships (I think?). they’re the most known and popular and tbh too real

(seungjun/jihun): seungji/junhun. this is I feel like the most popular ship and the first one people notice probably. and these boyfriends are really kinda shameless. jihun sneaking out to seungjun’s room to have his back scratched and seungjun always sticking his entire huge body to jihun. he also wants to marry jihun, confirmed fact. you can find most of this great stuff on youtube and going by ship tag, recommend 100%! they’re also obsessed with each other’s butts okay.

(seungjun/inseong): seungseong. well, while jihun is away (probably having a great battle over youjin’s heart with heejun) seungjun gets bored, so he manages to sneak into inseong’s room and have his little portion of hugs and kisses, he needs some comforting okay. great stuff, highly recommend!

(inseong/heejun): heeseong. if the recent heejun’s april’s fool didn’t convince someone that inseong is the only true love of heejun’s entire life I don’t wanna know this person. true boyfriends, hugs and kisses (especially on inseong’s part) all the time, spreading love and happiness. great stuff, and this little thing they do every time they’re on the same team? my fave ship of all times.

(I would personally add this to the main ships ‘cause maknae line’s crush on youjin is real as ever)

(youjin/jihun): jinhun and (youjin/heejun): heejin. this is so sweet and funny but jihun and heejun have some hard ass crushes on youjin (poor man), so they’re being super clingy to him sometimes, trying not to miss any opportunity to hug him and bring some of his attention to them. getting jealous of each other all the time, of course, cheating on their actual boyfriends but man I feel them.

plus my personal little weaknesses

(youjin/inseong): jinseong. inseong is the only man in the group that youjin actually shows some affection towards sometimes. like and youjin even said that if he had to choose whom to date in knk it would’ve been inseong and he excluded him from ‘they’re not gonna eat if I win this game’ squad (seungjun, jihun and heejun lmao). inseong being a little flirty precious angel of course and things like this are super cute.

(jihun/heejun): hunhee. the siblings couple. despite of war going on between them they’re like the greatest brothers out there. they’re very close and cute and often role-play (and ‘cause youjin trouble honestly what a poor thing) and hug and what a pure love it is I just love them.

and these ships mostly go unnoticed but sometimes they pop out and you’re just like WOW this is a thing

(youjin/seungjun): seungjin. seungjun just being his clingy self and youjin probably thinks of seungjun as his most problematic kid (no chances of growing up this kid will never mature), takes care of him, simple and sweet dad/son relationship.

(seungjun/heejun): 2jun. the literally raised during their 12h vlive and, well, seungjun’s probably heejun’s younger cousin they’re just quite siblings that sometimes give us some stuff to cry about.

(inseong/jihun): jiseong. being part of the crazy trio (inseong, jihun and heejun) naturally made them close like look at this and this shit, what a fantastic potential this ship has.

EXO react when another member walks in on sexy times/makeout session

If it was me and Xiu and Chen walked in I’d ask him to join ngl

Sehun:*in the middle of ripping his shirt off, you thought you’d heard the door open but Sehun was already crashing his lips on yours again so tbh you weren’t all that bothered…until you heard Luhan giggling and Baekhyun yelling “turn around, the camera can’t see!”. Sehun turned around too shocked to do anything, so it was left to you to smack Baek’s phone out of his hand and kick the two boys out of the room*

Kai:*is the smolest bean ever tbh, so no surprise whatsoever when he clammed up and giggled for like 18 hours when Chanyeol crashed through the door and saw the two of you lying on Jongin’s bed groping and kissing. With some gentle persuasion though you soon turned him back into Kai ;)*

Tao:*was acting like an actual child when several members walked into the studio and caught the two of you making out, with a lot of feeling each other up involved. He whined at you for the next twenty minutes, unwilling to wait until later to get some pus/dic so you eventually made an excuse for you both and led him away back to your place*

D.O:*was equally as annoyed with Baekhyun as you were when he came screaming into the room asking about a phone charger. Except you two were naked. And moaning. It would only be a matter of time before he told the other members, the manager, the neighbours and that old lady at the coffee shop about Kyungsoo “finally losing his virginity”. So ofc, you’d both have to quickly find a way to silence him before your sex-life became the most talked about topic in Seoul*

“We could…kill him”

Chanyeol:*was completely shocked when Kyungsoo walked into the room whilst you two were on the verge of having some very intimate times. He covered you up with a blanket as soon as he heard the door latch open, thankful that Soo hadn’t walked in on the full monty, but too embarrassed to continue*

Chen:*you quite literally threw him off the bed when Jongin walked in on you both in a heated make-out session, at the point of about to take shirts off. Thankfully, Jongin backed out of the door immediately and didn’t see how red your face had gotten whilst Jongdae was dying on the floor*

C: Look, you’re all flustered!

Y/N: I ain’t the one packing a tent down there

Baekhyun:*tbh it wasn’t a smart idea to make out in the middle of the dance studio, knowing that the members could come crashing in at any given moment. But all you could think about was Baek pressing his body against you and his lips interlocking with yours. But you both got a shock when you heard the whooping and hollering from the boys as they entered the room*

Lay:*by the time he noticed someone had interrupted you, Suho had already ran out of the room, calling apologies from the hall. Yixing smiled at how cute your pink cheeks were as you giggled but you soon pulled him gently down for another kiss ain’t no one gonna stop you from getting some stroke off lay*

Suho:*probably one of the most flustered beans to ever walk the earth, so you didn’t act surprised when Chen walked in and he pulled away from your makeout session so hard he fell off the bed. Chen, of course, ran out of the room to alert the dorms that “Junmyeonie is gettin’ some!” as Junmyeonie himself stayed sprawled on the floor cry-laughing at your horrified reaction*

Kris:*was ready to fight Lay when he stumbled in on some heated groping, asking what you guys wanted for takeout. Ofc Lay basically ran out of the room with his eyes closed, muttering apologies and desperate to not see anymore. Yifan rolled off the bed and locked the door before making his way back over to the bed daddy like the gif*

K: Who needs takeout when I can eat you ;)

lmao what am i

Luhan:*Sehun barging into the living room during a damn serious makeout session wasn’t the best mood-setter in the world. Whilst you found it funny and recovered from the embarrassment quickly, Han was annoyed, it’s safe to say, and yelled after Sehun and sent not so polite gestures his way. After a little persuasion though, you were soon on top of him again*

Xiumin:*not happy in the slightest when Chanyeol had no idea what a sock on the door handle means. Poor Chan didn’t know what to do when he saw you and Minseok were in the middle of some very intimate times except run out, slam the door shut and sit in his room scarred. Meanwhile Minseok recovered pretty quickly, not about to stop now as long as you weren’t too embarrassed but like you’re gonna say no to this man LOOKATHIM*

I don’t own these gifs, full credit to respective owners

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Narry sexual tension and flirtingL...

This took me ages but here  i go…..These are some of my favourite narry moments sexual tension/flirting/cute moments on stage. I’m gonna focus ‘on stage’ this time 👀😉

Remember Niall giving Harry flowers and waiting for a kiss…..Imagine 2015 Harry missing a chance like this lmao

Niall and Harry getting ready for a ‘chest bump’ is that the name? Anyway, Harry was ready but Niall had other ideas….he just wanted to hold Harry….relatable 😧

When the “narry serenading each other” was barely a thing.

Harry and Niall dancing to a song….or attempting to. This is one of my favourite moments tbh. Just them being idiots together….and the dance is…..ridiculous 😰

The beautiful moment when Niall is passing by and he gets distracted for a moment because he can’t stop staring at Harry…..ME TOO NEIL ME TOO 😍

A common thing: The boys trying to get their attention because they’re too distracted *cough* in love *cough*

Now that we’re talking about “distractions” what about those times Niall was being a little shit provoking horny Harry….everything was peachy 🍑

AAND don’t forget this one..

Remember that iconic moment when Niall’s bum actually touched Harry’s dick…..This is the nasty shit they were doing back then…I mean same Harry 👀🙊

The ballroom dancing night……One of the hottest moments ever. Niall was literally on top of him….remember the ‘Niall’s always on top", thank you Harry we finally understand. I C O N I C ❤👬👏

Harry checking Niall out. Niall loves the attention ❤

Speaking of checking out, Niall being a hoe because he knows Harry loves it. He’s looking at Harry making sure he notices when he looks at his dick. What was he trying to say? I think we all now tbh 👀🙊🍑😛

When it comes to narry the 'serenading’ is an important concept. These are Harry and Niall singing to each other #INVESTIGATEYOU&I 👀👀👀👀

Even more when this is clearly an inside joke 😉😉

I hate them 😧🙊👀

Harry telling Niall that he loves him deserves a mention because honestly I’m 10 years younger by just watching this precious, spontaneous moment 😭👬💔

Speaking of iconic moments we all talk about how Harry said he’d do Niall in front of thousands of people, in front of their own families, but we never pay attention to their individual reactions after that confession (because we all know Harry wasn’t kidding). When any other guy would freak out or be shocked after that Niall just out there flirting with Harry biting and then puckering his lips and I’m pretty sure he said he’d do Harry too but the mic didn’t catch that 👂

That was someone Harry clearly enjoyed..

Zayn noticing Niall and Harry dynamic. Niall trying to play it cool 

Zayn doesn’t fall for that

Zayn teases Niall about it and Niall becomes this nervous teenager with a crush 👀

*Niall and Harry harmonizing* *Harry looks at Niall*

*Niall fonding over Harry telling him to sing and laughing at him* *harry…..*

*Harry can’t stop smiling* *harry….nuts*

You know how we all talk about Harry loving Mullingar? Well in this case we’ll talk about Harry and Niall giving some love to Holmes Chappel. Niall out of nowhere talking about driving around Harry’s hometown.

I’m Zayn. Waiting for them to finish….

This is also another “we’re in our own bubble” moment. If you watch the video you can hear Louis telling them to introduce the fucking song already lmao.Harry was ready for the snogh though 😉❤👬👌

Not my gifs.

Stanning Joshua
  • First off get ready to share
  • He’s super popular 
  • But we’ll start from the beginning 
  • Tbh this is gonna start out negative but it’ll get better i promise
  • Despite being in the vocal unit he didn’t get as many lines as we thought 
  • Actually in Adore U he had one line more than china line
  • That’s just like a second more 
  • Everyone was all protect china line 
  • And joshua was over there just … 
  • Ill stop now before i cant stop but you can tell it annoys me 
  • Anywaysssssss
  • Fancams 
  • Yah all my fellow jisoo stans just cringed 
  • Go watch any of the old fancams 
  • You’re just gonna get a bunch of crotch shots of the other members 
  • You’ll see him maybe half a minute of the whole video 
  • cause he’s always in the back
  • Literally its the biggest mess 
  • So if you are into that kinda of stuff just go look up joshua fancams 
  • ALSO
  • Vernon always get recognized as the english speaker 
  • Tbh dont get me wrong i love vernon 
  • So so much 
  • But like Joshua grew up in America 
  • He’s only lived in Korea for what 3 or 4 years at this point ???
  • He clearly has more experience speaking english than vernon
  • I know vernon has experience too im just saying… 
  • Someone needs to stop all my bitterness
  • Okay one last rant 
  • Very nice era anyone?
  • That moment where we all finally finished screaming and started to focus on the video 
  • And then shua has that great screentime 
  • We are all screaming because he finally got proper lines 
  • And he does that cute lil finger gun
  • And everything is perfect 
  • And then he just ??? walks away ??? and doesn’t ?? come back ???
  • You paused the video and scrolled back
  • Everyone’s going at it but like where’s joshua ????
  • You pause it and count and there’s only 11
  • Mind you wonwoo is out that was a rough time for all of us 
  • But anyways he’s gone like why ???
  • He doesn’t even come back until after chan and hansols part like ???
  • The one moment in fancams where you actually get to see jisoo is when he’s standing on the side lmao 
  • Nah jk with each comeback joshua gets more lines and more screentime 
  • Speaking of comebacks 
  • Boom Boom broke all joshua stans 
  • He got so many more lines than usual im yelling 
  • If it killed me it surely killed all of you 
  • He wasn’t in the back the whole time 
  • Guys our shua is getting better at dancing wow so proud 
  • Also lets just take a moment to appreciate all the times his hair is styled up and his beautiful forehead is exposed 
  • Anyways watching him get all these stans is great usually
  • All the cringie “wow”s and “yes”s that he does 
  • When he finally broke and started dabbing 
  • Tbh i was like unstanning
  • Jk i would never 
  • But anyways 
  • If you’ve biased Joshua as long as i have you’ve noticed how much shua’s come out of his shell
  • He’s shown us his true self 
  • He’s a freakin weirdo and i love him 
  • He’s gotten so much more comfortable since he debuted
  • All the jokes he makes 
  • We can just tell when its coming like he just gets a certain way and you can tell its coming 
  • He legit kills us everyday 
  • His laugh 
  • Like the weird wheezing laugh he does 
  • His cute lil cat smile 
  • His eye crinkles 
  • The hella cringie aegyo 
  • His gentle, soft voice that melts our faces off 
  • When he sings low and time stands still everything is magical 
  • When vocal unit forgets about him multiple times now and our hearts just break a bit because what 
  • When he plays his guitar and our faces are melted off for the second time
  • Everything about Joshua in acoustic very nice broke you 
  • All of the meme’s that come from this boy 
  • Not knowing if we ship jihan or jicheol 
  • worried for your life when you don’t ship either aka me
  • Stanning him is 50% “love me” and 50% “fight me”
  • Okay but back to fancams; macaronshu, atta boy and today jisoo are the go to fancams
  • Every now and then remembering how much he does miss his family and his home back in LA and aggressively awaiting moments when he can go back 
  • 100% loving how proud he is about things; the people he admires, his home, his career, and of course his religion 
  • Like whether you’re a christian or not you totally admire it 
  • Like tbh its gotta be hard at times when it comes to his religion 
  • Im surprised we haven’t had issues regards it that i know of
  • But im glad knowing even if we do no shua stans will take it 
  • Half of us loved the purple and pink hair 
  • And half of us hated it 
  • But no matter what he looks like an angel from heaven 
  • All in all stanning Joshua is wild 
  • Full of laughs and tears and cringe and tbh you’re just gonna die 

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I absolutely fucking adore the way whenever you have a prompt that's not andreil you throw in all these beautiful background andreil bits bc so often the trope is that they show no affection in public and that is BS bc these boys are in love and Andrew is weak and just wants to hold his bfs hand and see him smile kill me

oh man you’re TOO fucking sweet for noticing & not like rolling ur eyes at my obvious andreil hangup like. infiltrating every fic

also I really…… can’t help it lmao I feel like as soon as you step outside of neil’s biased disaster zone of a head you can see all these little affectionate moments in HD

so all those ‘he was unmovable’ ‘he grazed his fingers over neil’s back’ ‘they made eye contact until the heat death of the universe’ become really obvious and helpless stepping stones in their relationship through like matt’s eyes or w/e

I gotta write them being gently.. all over each other…. bc that’s who they are as people… oblivious and handsy….. glaring adoringly.. delivering emotionless backhanded compliments…. the works

kent is a people-pleaser kind of like bitty but also really not.

bitty likes to please others by disappearing and helping and being helpful and useful and invisible. he wants to give you what you needed before you even knew you needed it. he wants to figure people out and he wants to make them feel safe and listened to and understood and cared for. he’s supportive in one of the best ways, just doing his best for everyone because he doesn’t want anyone to ever feel alone the ways that he sometimes did growing up. but he also doesn’t want to draw too much attention to it and he gets embarrassed if you give him too much credit for how much he does for others. but he does so much.

kent wants to make himself pleasing. he likes crowds and he likes entertaining people and every second of his life he is trying to make sure everyone around him is having good time and feels cool and fun and funny. kent pays attention to you and remembers your major and gives you his full attention, always, because that makes people happy, and he wants people to be happy because they are around him. he wants you to feel amazing when you spend time with him, because then you will like him and you will like being around him. kent parson is great at parties.

and like. the thing is. people-pleasing is a trait usually adopted by socially anxious people who are really really really worried about being disliked. it’s a defense mechanism. it’s “i am afraid everyone hates me so i am going to do everything i can to be the most Likeable person possible so that maybe marginally fewer people will hate me.” it can be a great, lovely trait, but it’s also one that can be indicative of some deeper self-esteem issues. and bitty and kent absolutely both have those in spades.

which is one reason why i love bittyparse. because bitty and parse’s people-pleasing traits are so different but they actually complement each other so well. these two dudes are legitimately good for each other.

kent’s version of people-pleasing makes the other person feel like they are cool and interesting and awesome, which is something bitty absolutely is but doesn’t quite believe he is. but kent parson is great at making people feel like they are great. being around him would make bitty feel sexy and fun and likeable, to the point that bitty would really start to believe it. i think being around kent would inspire bitty to some confidence he doesn’t quite have yet, which he really really deserves and needs. because bitty would try to deflect and say, “aw, thanks, but it’s no big deal,” and kent would stare him down and say, “no, it’s awesome, you’re awesome, i can’t believe how thoughtful you are.” kent parson would not let bitty disappear. he wouldn’t take for granted all that bitty does.

AND THEN KENT. kent needs someone to watch him and care about him and help. quietly. because if someone helps him too loudly kent is just gonna get embarrassed and shut down (at first; he gets better about it over time). but making a scene is not bitty’s style. instead, bitty is just. there. noticing and observing and helping. making kent feel like he is worth the effort and time and care. bitty would make kent feel like there is always someone noticing him and paying attention to him and. just. kent needs that. he needs to know that someone cares about him for him, because part of him is afraid that people only like him because he makes them feel good, that it’s all fake, that if he turns it off for one fucking moment everyone’s going to leave him. but bitty would never make him feel like that. bitty is just. steady. always, always steady.

anyway i love them and they’re great together.

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3, 4 and 37

3:Do you smoke?

nope, I’m scared as hell to become addicted.

4:Do you drink?

Rarely, I don’t like beer, so I only drink alcohol when I’m interested in trying new mixtures with friends. 

Besides that, I drink way too much soda.

37:One of my insecurities

I don’t like people copying me, my drawing style, or ideas. Unless you’re making something completely new and I can’t see the reference. 

Part of it is because I feel once they learn what I do best, they’ll make it better than I could ever do. 

I know it’s stupid, and I’m calling myself short by thinking that I couldn’t improve whatever I do in order to make it my own all over again. tbh that shouldn’t matter at all, truly.

But every time I notice things that are too similar to artistic choices my brain just get in alert mode, and it’s all “you’re not trying hard enough” from that moment on.

Hey so you guys
I wanna take a moment
To talk to y'all about this thing
You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been doing it, along w my lovely boyfriend.
We’ve been doing a podcast
A thing where we take a prompt from a story generator and we spend 15 minutes fleshing it out into the basis of a story.
It’s a lot of fun to do tbh, and it’s good on like 5 levels because a) it gives the both of us something to do together, something we get to share with all you lovely people, b) it gives him something to focus in on (when editing) which is something he enjoys, c) it gives me websites and blogs I can design and manage (which for the most part I enjoy) and d) (and I know this isn’t 5 things but Shh) it makes us both laugh a lot.
So yknow I’d really appreciate it if y'all could give it a chance? Listen to at least one episode? (episode 7 is a good one, it also includes a friend of mine, and episode 2 I think is my personal favorite so far).
You can find all the episodes on the blog ( @writinginthelab ) or on soubdcloud (I cant link cause I’m on mobile but the username is writerimprov).
We also have a patreon (again, can’t link but it’s so if you wanna throw us a couple of bucks we’d really appreciate it. We’re really working towards a soundcloud pro account right now which will allow us an unlimited number of minutes on soundcloud, something that would definitely be handy because soundcloud is not a bad hosting site.

That’s a lot of ramble
But the gist of it is: please check out the podcast I’m making with my babe, we, and I especially, would really appreciate it.

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Hey there, I just wanted to know why you also ship kacchako? I love it a lot, I like hearing others reasons as to why they ship it too :)

ahhhhhh Kacchako really became my otp before I even realized tbh >//v//< 
I actually began to ship it because of the manga, after their fight during the sport festival////// Uraraka gaves everything for this fight, she shows a total different side of her at this moment, and it’s really impressed Bakugou.
HE EVEN REMEMBERS HER NAME AND CALLS HER BY HER NAME TOO THEN. This is big for him xDD but it’s all because he started noticing her and respect her strenght ;v;  Also, just after the fight, there are two things especially that made me conscious about the ship. Bakugou comes to see Deku to know if it’s him who gave Uraraka the idea of doing something that dangerous, and the way he sees it, he sounds really like HE WAS CONCERNED >////////< I was shocked lol and even better, when he came back to his friends, HE TAKES HER DEFENSE saying she isn’t a weak//////// that was definitely the trigger for me to ship them ahah but even from her, it was a positive moment, this fight permitted her to realize what she wanted to become and moved on further :))) Also, she often understands how Bakugou feels, like she can read well in him.
They don’t interact a lot I know (moslty in omakes), but for the few they have, I really think they have such a cute and funny dynamic >v<

Also, I just friggin love the “Beauty and the beast” dynamic type///// Seeing the grumpy Bakugou melting for the happy positive Uraraka, that just so sweet///// and fanarts/fanfics made me love the ship more and more/////

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have you ever fallen in love with someone?

tbh no.. i am weird. i don’t fall in love too quickly, because i am a type who overthinks too much idk. i have to spend a lot of time with him and notice the details about him before i catch feelings or something. and i think love comes with the time and all in it. with the ease and those beautiful moments you capture together, with bright eyes and a big smile. also with crying faces and sad nights in which you take each other in your arms. love comes with words you promise and actions you really mean. love comes with Rahma and when both do a mistake you forgive each other for the sake of Allah, but promise to never do this again because you love that person and you are afraid to lose your love. i am complicated, i think too much and i would need someone who tells me to stop thinking and just love unconditionally. i am afraid to fall in love because i think i’m not ready but who defines “ready”..? i wish to meet a man who knows his responsibilities, my rights as his wife and how to be someone who makes me smile all the time and gives me that special and warm feeling no one else could, because he knows how to make me happy even when i don’t feel like i deserve to be happy. when i’ll look into his eyes i want to see how happy he is to have me and if i ever fall in love, he will definitely feel loved because all the love i carry right now will flow all over him haha

watching the first episode of Leverage again is honestly such a treat okay, so good

  • “u can have the whole box”
  • age of the geek, baby, we run the world
  • them working together for the first time
  • elliot beating up a buncha guys and the fact that it was definitely to impress hardison
  • hardison being seriously impressed and also turned on okay lets be real
  • “one job no encore” “i already forgot your names” and hardison just wanting them to be a family
  • hardison holding a gun SIDEWAYS on elliot okay
  • elliot being completely nonplussed by a gun being held on him
  • the hospital scene
  • literally the entire hospital scene okay
  • i cant break it down it would fill this entire goddamn list
  • okay so maybe a couple moments
  • that glance between hardison and parker when shes walking around uncuffed and hes all like help me out here
  • “do u trust me?” “of course, youre an honest man”
  • “whos place is this?” “mine” 
  • deciding to work together one more time
  • payback, and if it goes right, a lot of money
  • a lot of money and, if it goes right, payback
  • hell yeah man lets kick it up!
  • he used my son /deadpan stare
  • the others all having sort of ‘ohhhh shit’ expressions at that
  • “what the hell’s a Sophie?”
  • the other three looking horrified
  • nate is fascinated and overjoyed and frankly awed to watch sophie onstage
  • hes in love 100%
  • sophie and nate in the alley okay
  • the amount of flirting in that scene, the pure sexual tension
  • it rivals hardison and elliot in the beat-em-up one earlier
  • the fact that the first time they met, they shot each other
  • sorry sorry okay moving on
  • “lets go break the law just one more time” lol okay nate sure
  • elliot sitting down with popcorn for hardison’s rundown
  • sophie and elliot are also flirting btw and they totes had a friends with benefits thing in the first season
  • everyone whipping out their talents and the others are like “?????”
  • parker eating the popcorn that elliot brought
  • (how much do u wanna bet elliot popped it himself on the stove and added like fuckin olive oil and special sea salt and shit)
  • “well he hasn’t changed a bit”
  • Sophie whipping out her grifting talent and the whole “she’s the best actress in the world… when shes lying”
  • sophie’s accents make their big start here
  • elliot being the tech guy
  • the klingon thing
  • hardison’s extremely offended reaction to the klingon thing
  • sophie and nate knowing weirdly obscure knowledge at random
  • parker’s grin when she breaks into the office
  • planting the ‘bug’ thats actually not the ‘bug’ but a decoy ‘bug’
  • “we gonna have a strong talk when you get back”
  • Sophie is a master manipulator and its a lil scary
  • hardison and nate having a lil awkward moment when the con starts off good
  • elliot trying to bond and nate being like “nope” and elliot being like “fine okay jfc chill”
  • “everybody knows. guy like you goes off the street, a lotta ppl notice”
  • that sophie and nate moment 
  • rushing to change the signs cause dubenich got there too early
  • nate going all HULK on the cars and for a hot second u think hes gonna go beat up dubenich
  • sophie’s horror at ziplining
  • parker pulling her in and the little gasp
  • when u think the con has been Found Out
  • the PLOT TWIST
  • the flash backs to show the lies to the audience
  • the actually beautiful way it all shakes out tbh
  • “the patriot act is at work here. sir, i can take your underpants”
  • the whole team walking out in fbi jackets with incredibly smug grins
  • the gloating phone call
  • “nothing on you, or your people”
  • “this particular project has a different revenue stream”
  • “u shouldve just paid us”
  • “sophie kept a little to buy a truly impressive number of shoes”
  • “next time we wont be so nice”
  • the incredibly large check provided by hardison who is just very good at what he does
  • age of the geek baby
  • “somebody kiss this man so i dont have to”
  • them pretending for a sec that theyre gonna retire and split up
  • “one show only, no encores” “i already forgot your names”
  • hardison first, then parker, elliot next, and sophie
  • all sophie has to do is smirk okay nate was sold from that very second
  • she didnt have to say shit after that he knew he was done for
  • “bad guys have money”
  • “black king, white knight”
  • s e x u a l t e n s i o n
  • it is dripping off this episode
  • the random crying parents we never see again
  • “we work on an alternative revenue stream” aka were already rich as fuck and we just wanna steal more money
  • “we provide… leverage”

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AOMG reaction to their girlfriend coming out to them as bisexual? If you don't feel comfortable writing this it's completely fine. I love you writing by the way!

I Have no problem writing this…Tbh i love writing all different types of reactions. And thank you <3………I Hope you enjoy :) 

Jay Park:*The moment when you would say that you like girls also* “Same babe me too for instance, you and Tinashe….(When jay just dreams for the day that Tinashe notices him)

Gray:*Low key thinks to him self….Than what am i…..I mean i also like Simon……But does that also make me bisexual….*

Simon D: *He would find this such a turn on tbh…..Like the fact that now he could see some live girl on girl action, and it might even turn in to a threesome. Hell Yeah*

Loco:* He would now find every girl a threat, And would try to fight them to make sure you stay his*

Enjoy!  If you have a request’s for a reaction or imagine or confession, feel free to let me know<3…

Today at the medical park I saw a young girl, a child. We both had appointments at the hospital that day, but for different reasons. As we rode the elevator together, I noticed that this child, holding her mothers hand, wore a shirt that proudly proclaimed that she fought cystic fibrosis. That though May was its awareness month, for her it was every day. 24/7. And that we need a cure. I wanted to hug this girl, this girl who is probably stronger than I ever could be, this girl who had fought harder and more terrible battles in her short life than most people ever will. And not because of pity, though of course I felt sorrow for her, but because I respected this sweet child who still had a huge smile on her face, and excitedly pressed the elevator buttons for us, because right there in such a little thing I saw such unbelievable, unbreakable strength and courage, and in that, in being happy and living and loving life, she has already won. But no child should ever have to suffer and fight like that. No child should have to face their own mortality. Get informed. Raise awareness. Fight for a cure. No one should have to go through a disease like that. No one. Fight for all of our warriors with sixty-five roses. You are all so fucking strong. Happy cystic fibrosis awareness month💜


I honestly don’t care if you see this or not. Honestly, I don’t care if you’re really on hiatus or if you’re skulking around hoping that your half-baked apology somehow inspired everyone to forgive you. I also personally don’t give a damn that you seem to have trouble telling fiction from reality, though to be perfectly frank, I think that’s something you should maybe consider getting checked out.

But, while reading your badger’s nutsack of an apology post, I did notice one or two things that kinda sorta managed to elevate you from “complete non-entity” to “wow actually kind of a dick” in my eyes, if only for a moment. 

If I may quote:

“but being told I’m like Opi and should [sorry I stopped reading there, I couldn’t be arsed tbh]”

You just couldn’t fucking stop yourself could you? Here you are, baring your soul to all of your followers, hell, to the tf fandom in general, and you just couldn’t help that last little act of sheer balls-to-the-wall cowardice. You couldn’t just apologise could you? You just had to remind everyone “HEY I MAY HAVE FUCKED UP BUT REMEMBER OPI, HUH? HUH?!” Even if Opi wasn’t my friend, I’d consider that despicable. That you can’t even fess up and take responsibility for your actions without drudging up drama that hasn’t been relevant for over a year and throwing someone else under the fucking bus.

I mean, yeah. Stay classy, pal.

But I’m also here, believe it or not, to put your mind at ease. Because I’m here to tell you that you’re absolutely right. You’re not like Opi. Not at all. When Opi caused shit, Opi tried to make amends. Opi stoically stood by while a pack of rabid halfwit baboons tried desperately to drag her into drama over and over again, and did nothing. Opi has worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known to recover and better herself, even though, as someone who’s been on the sidelines of this shit from the beginning, she was almost never actually in the wrong. And Opi sure as HELL never made an apology post that dragged another RPers name (ONE THAT WASN’T EVEN INVOLVED IN YOUR DUMBASS SHIT BTW) through the mud for no other reason than to make your fuck up look at little less idiotic by comparison.

You are not like Opi, Sib, because Opi is a better person than you are. Take your hiatus or stick around, I don’t care, but try and be a little less of a coward next time.
The Purity of White seems to be Red Chapter 15, a twin star exorcists/双星の陰陽師 fanfic | FanFiction

People, finally chapter 15 is out! I know, took me long enough. XD

Can’t wait for your reactions on this! Hope it will give you all the feels.^^

(And you might take notice of my other post. I have some private problems at the moment that aren’t very rosy tbh.)

sweet disposition

characters: yachi, tsukishima, shimizu, yamaguchi
pairings: tsukishima/yachi
summary: it doesn’t fit his image at all

The gangly blond in the far left corner of the shop was seated in her section, but Yachi took one look at the gruff, irritated scowl on his scary face, squeaked, and dived behind the counter.

Keep reading