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will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 

Imagine Tony going up and hanging with the Guardians for a while after Civil War and during his stay, he picks up a few of their,, like,, unusual alien mannerisms and stuff and so Rhodey and Peter are Super Freaked Out when he gets back home and starts greeting them by touching their noses and then sliding it up across their head like he was shown how to do on a planet he stayed at for a month, or how he had to be reminded that yes Tony you can eat your food warm that is how we do it on Earth remember, because for the past few weeks him and the guardians had had to eat their food icy cold.

And Tony can’t even be annoyed because holy fuck he’s literally been on other planets and overcome his worst fears and made some brilliant new friends and he’s just too fucking happy to care that he accidentally slapped Rhodey across the face in greeting yesterday because that’s just what you do on Morag, damn it, I’m sorry Rhodey-Bear please don’t hit me back your punches hurt-


In a surprising plot twist Syaoran has located Kingdom Hearts. 

It was in a library all along. 

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Okay, your anon was nice about them breaking up, there was no houie-vibe, but I'm still trying to understand how can people think they broke up. Louis social media activity pre-elk 2.0 was very very larry friendly. When he posted that pic wearing that rose shirt after he saw what we said about it. The "always you" thing. You have to think he's manipulating us if you think he and harry have broken up.

and louis’ not the type of person to queerbait fans he’s always so thankful and loving towards us it wouldn’t add up






jimin: *comes home to a big mess in his shared appartement with jungkook where no one else lives* jungkook why did you make such a mess??
jungkook: *cutely* hyung it wasn’t me
jimin: *defeated* u right….. it must’ve been me then