all that cheese omg

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(3) The stars he sees from his ship are everywhere, but somehow they're so different. They point out constellations and planets. "Look there's Jupiter" And then he starts describing Jupiter how he knows it, what a beautiful planet it is. And then the cliche 'oh my god they look so good in the moonlight' happens, and that point forward he's so much more willing to adapt. By the end of the two months he's sad to leave "Did you find anything worth existing?" "I found you"

It’s so cheesy, I love it! Omg. Give me all the cheese! 🧀 🧀 🧀

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I think they may still have milk protein, which you could still be allergic too if it’s not a lactose thing! But if Lactaid hasn’t bothered you then could be worth checking out :) All Kraft and Cabot blocks of cheese are lactose free :)

omg you’re like an angel these are things I didn’t know!!! Thank you!!!!!! You’re my hero

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Don't u mean a baked potato and not potato bake

no omg lmao

damn fuck i saved all these pictures from google images and i was gonna write a big long story with pictures about potato bake but it’s only letting me attach one photo

so this is potato bake omg

u can put so much stuff with it like chicken and bacon n all different other stuff omg

i think the basic recipe is just cheese and onion and potato slices but idk ive never made it so idk

its sO YUM THO like fuck

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waah hi there!! i just wanted to ask two questions if you don't mind! i was wondering how you come up with names for your squids,, cause all your ocs are super creative! i'm really unoriginal with names aa so i was wondering if you had any tips! also, why are all your squids' last names different cheeses?? i honestly couldn't believe it after you said they all were, and i actually went to some cheese website to check omg!! sorry for bothering you aaa !

Thank you. And all my squids have theme names. Each team has its own name theme.

Splat Jam : berries

Vitamin-Ink : (orange) fruits

Petal Splash : Flowers

Toxink : Poisons

Name themes are fun and can help you a lot with deciding names. Baby name sites are also your friends.

As for the cheese last names… Haha! I just love cheese so much. And I needed a theme for all the last names. So went with that.

mcu tagalog classics - pinoy marvel fans represent

Somebody reminded me of all the old cheese-tastic Tagalog films and I’m like OMG but what if the MCU characters said them.


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“Isang bala ka lang” - Bucky Barnes (You’re just one bullet.) 

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“I-pack up mo si Lucy Torres,  ilabas mo na si Gretchen Barretto, ako na ang bahala sa red stilletos mo.”  -  Natasha Romanoff giving romantic advice.  (Pack up your inner martyr; bring out your bitch and I’ll take care of your red stilletos.)

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“Sabihin mo na ang gusto mong sabihin, pero gusto kong malaman mo na huwag ka munang magpaikot, hindi pa tapos ang laban!”  - Steve Rogers quoting the King of Philippine Films Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) himself with a line that could probably fit comfortably in ANY Captain America movie.  (You can say all you want to say but don’t give me any bullshit, the fight ain’t over yet!)

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“Umpisahan mo, tatapusin ko.” - Look, Sam Wilson would also find plenty to quote from FPJ too.  (You start it; I’ll finish it.)

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“Ang mga tala… mataas, mahirap maabot. Pero ipinapangako ko, Inay… bukas, luluhod ang mga tala!” - Clint Barton, who I originally thought might say something else but this is the guy who said “You walk out that door; you’re an Avenger.”  Therefore this is ENTIRELY SUITABLE.  (The stars are high and difficult to reach.  But I promise you, Mother, tomorrow, the stars shall kneel!)



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“You’re nothing but a second rate. Trying hard. COPYCAT!!!” - Anthony Edward Stark, ladies and gentlebeings

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