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I love how everyone in this fandom is so talented. Like you’d be having a bad day and you can just come to tumblr and you’d see so many cool edits and badass drawings and read so many sweet fanfics and your day would become a lil bit better

Meanwhile….. my contribution to the fandom:

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.


if you need me i’ll just be crying happy tears of endless love for these RFA dorks

darksapphire8  asked:

Hi! Great blog, your thoughts are on point and I love the gifs you use! :) I think of Oikawa as a contradiction, the clever airhead. We've been exposed to so many aspects of his character (through himself but also his best friend, fellow 3rd years, teammates, nephew, all the ladies, and the quality rivals be it Ushijima or Kageyama). An amazing setter but his reckless training and jealous attitude give him extra depth. If you could, I'd love to see your list of Oikawa's Top 5 character traits :)

Hi! Thank you so much for the ask, and sorry it’s taken me a while to answer this. I really loved reading how you saw Oikawa’s character portrayal - I think in terms of Oikawa and his personality traits, it’s quite tough to decide when he is such a multifaceted character. But without further ado:

5. The fact that he still came to watch the shiratorizawa vs karasuno match despite his self-proclaimed ‘hatred’ of both teams

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In all honesty, he just really cares about volleyball and I think deep down he was rooting for kageyama and hinata despite being all tsuntsun about it (also megane oikawa)

4. His amazing leadership as captain of the aobajousai

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Not only does everyone in the team look up to him during the matches, they also place their complete trust and faith in him. He knows when to be serious and when to be an utter troll (esp with iwachan :P)

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but I really respect how he can go from above to below; what a legend.

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3. Despite being two years older, the fact that he is such a child with kageyama and hinata XD

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2. The fact that he is so hardworking and willing to push himself to improve so much even though he is already an amazing player 

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Despite his aloof demeanor that he likes to put up in front of people, he’s actually extremely serious when it comes to volleyball, and I think that’s what makes him such a brilliant player. This scene was one of my favourites of Oikawa because we see that moment when all his years of practicing and volleyball instinct that he’s built up as a result, allow him to make that perfect toss to his ace.


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OKOK so maybe you all expected this because of the nature of this blog, but I mean how can I not?? He is literally the grand king of dorks in this series!!

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Look at him

He’s just a gigantic alien-loving nerd at heart, and I love him for it. :D


Amazing Smaylor prank trivia! (+ Return of The Bloody Kleenex Heart) (x)

Preparing for cold winters by always staying warm  ♡



(Very flattering responses to the RWBY artist meme)

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Come play Broadchurch Bingo

Dear All:

There are many things to celebrate in my blogger’s life… the return of Broadchurch, the 2 year anniversary of this silly blog, and the fact that almost 600 (when did this happen?) of you amazing people are following my ramblings.

In order to celebrate I am kicking off the official “Chibbers Read The Fic” Bingo. Clearly, Chibbers has been spying on all of us fic writers and is attempting to put as many Broadchurch fanfic tropes into the show as possible (this is a scientifically proven fact - fight me on it). We shall use this splendid opportunity to play bingo. I created a set of bingo cards with common fic tropes which show up in actual fic (i.e. Ellie calls Hardy an insult, they hug etc.). We will be watching the show and marking all the tropes we find.

Here are the rules:

  • Players must be following this obsessive Alec Hardy enthusiast
  • To participate reblog this post and I’ll message you the image of your card
  • Watch Series 3 (all episodes including 1), enjoy, and mark all the fic tropes you find
  • I will be keeping track myself and make posts with the tropes identified after every episode
  • If you get 5 in a row, column, or diagonally, tell me (I will check your card) and you’ll win
  • THERE ARE PRIZES (Alec Hardy mugs from @jem-scribbles Redbubble store and/or a medium length prompt fic from me) (must be willing to give me your address to get the mug)
  • Alternatively you can use it as a drinking game if that’s your thing (lol)



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