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Simon Snow’s shampoo smells like apples and he blushes when people pay attention to him and he’s loyal and dedicated and he stammers when he speaks and Simon fucking Snow is such an angel why do make him suffer



Here’s a road trip doodle dump brought to you from a motel somewhere in America!!

My dad and I recently went on a trip across the states and I did some draws along the way!

I got to play around with shading and some other stuff I learned from different (an prolly much better) artists such as @jayjaydrawz, @cinderus, and @impossiblycleverdreamer!!! (Thanks a ton!)

These doodls aren’t really in order but feature some of the things I’m more proud of!! I’ll be sure to post more things I drew over the summer later!

Luv ya guys~~ bai!!!

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oh lmao, i knew that, i mean i’d still do shownu but okay.

um with shownu it’s like, he’s finally letting his personality shine through, properly. when they first debuted and until recently, the robot stigma obviously stuck with him, but he clearly was just naturally quiet/awkward. now that he’s getting more comfortable (bless lipstick prince) we can now see him away from the robotnu thing, which i love. with shownu though, i feel like even though he’s clearly more out there now, off camera, he still probably retains that quietness, he seems to be the type that likes to have long deep thoughts by himself and just likes his own space.

Shoutout Post for the "Overlooked" Fannibal Creators

Gif-Makers: Your work is so spectacular and important, you let us re-live little snippets of our favorite moments by bringing images to life.

Edit-Makers: Your command of image editing software lets us see some of our favorite shots in a different light and your artistry is absolutely stunning.

Playlist-Makers and Musicians: You add another dimension to our experience via the gift of music, telling a story through lyrics and sound that we might not otherwise be able to dream up.

Meta/Researchers: Your devotion to facts, the subtle references you are able to decipher, help us go deeper into the show so we might fully enjoy and understand our experience.

RP’s/Cosplayers: You breathe life into our favorite characters, so we might interact with them and see new stories come alive.

Crafters: The things you make, from earrings to dolls to every bit and bauble in between, are not only beautiful, but well-thought-out and wonderfully made as well!

Chefs:  Your recreations of iconic Hannibal dishes are so cool to look at and definitely appetite-inspiring.

Video-Makers:  Whether you’re making fanvids or music videos, your editing skills are always on-point.

Photographers:  Setting up a photoshoot is never easy, whether it be with figurines or people or even a still life, but you always manage to get the perfect shot.

It must be understood that while the majority of Zoon cannot lie they have great respect for any Zoon who can say that the world is other than it is, and the Liar holds a position of considerable eminence. He represents the tribe in all his dealings with the outside world, which the average Zoon long ago gave up trying to understand. Zoon tribes are very proud of their Liars.
Other races get very annoyed about all this. They feel that the Zoon ought to have adopted more suitable titles, like “diplomat” or “public relations officer.” They feel they are poking fun at the whole thing.
—  Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett