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Could you make a full list of what the hell we learned about kashy today

sure  ! today we learned tha she

  • used 2 b a granola gorl
  • she got a lot of votes when she ran for president of the debates team in high schoo,l
  • she was the very first vergetarian in the history of the world apapretntly or jus ireland idkf
  • she was a hot btihc everyone wanted a piece of ha
  • she started bein dark sided at the end of high school she got piercings and a tongue stud 
  • shes no longer a vegetarian apaprently idk i dont understand her
  • uh there wsa a pic of ha wearin a purple dress and suckin on somethin .. probably somethin dark sided
  • uh there was the uh gothic bdsm orgy thing
  • she sed fuck flick
  • Horny
  • .. i think thas all?

Syd Tha Kyd dropped her new single titled “All About Me” yesterday afternoon (01/11/17) . Her album, “Fin”, is set to be released next month. It will be her first as a solo artist. 

Syd is the front runner and lead vocalist for alternative R&B group The Internet. Check out their stuff here!


turn off the lights // panic! at the disco




Milla Jovovich on working with Lee Joon Gi 

me thinkin about all tha kara has lost and all the trauma she’s been through and still she’s one of the kindest most selfless people in the world that just loves everything and everyone too much even when they dont deserve it:

dgraymanweek  || Day 5: Message

↳ Option A: Innocence Appreciation - Crown Clown (クラウン・クラウン)

Stream doodles!

1 - Moonlight and his fluffy tail!

2 - My idea that at first Moonlight didn’t liked Muffin, but as the time passed Moonie started loving him

2 - Muffin ””accidentally”” stepping into Moonie’s tail. Get dunked on Moonlight!

Moonlight belongs to @reyindee ( me )

Muffin belons to @mkitkat

AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge