all terrain armored transport (at at)

edward-human16  asked:

@squad: Just asking, how would you counter a All-Terrain Armored-Transport? (Without airspeeders or harpoon and tow cables)

Nova: *raises the wand and makes the floor beneath it an ice sheet causing it to fall* Snow is great but not ice. and if that doesn’t work i’m just going to have Connor take it out

Connor: *holds up a wielding mask and blowtorch.

Jack: *holds up his burning hand but then just sticks a sword into it’s leg and chops it off*

Roman: *holds up a wrench and puts on  an Imperial Engineer uniform.

Missy:…*makes a railgun 

Viktor:…*holds up a great ax

Sol: *runs forward in a rebel pilot suit and riding ontop of rocky with a jump rope