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Ten Times Ben Told Leslie He Loved Her, Before He Told Her That He Loved Her

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Help, my wife wants to watch friends every night and we’ve been through all ten seasons three times already but it makes her so happy so I love it


GMM has reached 1000 episodes! What a milestone! Congratulations to @rhettandlink for making it this far!

I dedicate this Good Mythical Timeline that features their wardrobes from the first episodes of all ten seasons, and i included some important episodes, inside joke beginnings, and milestones (and also some episodes that I really enjoyed watching) in the events!

Here’s to another 1000 episodes!


Holy shit.

Guys, read this, I’m serious.

So, let me just say that I came to the Supernatural fandom right before season 11 started. I blazed through all ten seasons and during all of this, I was on tumblr. So, I seen Destiel and Wincest everywhere, mainly Destiel though. Now, at first, I didn’t ship anyone, just taking enjoyment from watching the show and the two brothers and all the fun side characters. But, as more time went on, I fell right into Destiel, with ease, as if that was the expected thing to do. Incest, for me, just wasn’t my thing, not that I’m judging or anything. Anyone, even blind people, could see that Sam was the most important person to Dean, no question.

Still, that did not sink my ship. I loved Destiel with all my being, like they were my main OTP. I read the fanfiction, watched the videos, saw the fanart, talked to people who also loved it. I never seen any of the bad in the fandom. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I even knew there was a whole bad side to the fandom. Shit, I thought we were all one big, huge family.

But, I’ve seen it now, guys. I tripped up on the bibro’s thing and the whole destiew and destihellars. And, I just-

I feel sick. Like completely sick. My stomach is pure rolling and churning. I had no idea there was this side to the fandom. It was like my rose colored glasses were being ripped from my eyes. I never hard core shipped Cockles but I was more than willing to accept that Misha and Jensen were great friends. Hell, I was sure, in fact, that Misha and Jensen and Jared all were amiable and happy in their friendships.

But this, this has ruined me. I feel chastised, like I’ve been hit over the head with a ruler. I feel dirty and wrong.

All because I love Destiel. I have an inclination to it and I’m weird about it. Yes, I love the idea of an angel falling for a human and I enjoy the romanticism of it. And yes, I go over their interactions and their words and their looks and I love it. But, that’s just me.

After finding this…this pure hate, I feel strange. I feel as if maybe I’m a hypocrite or something for loving the show and loving Destiel just as much. I feel kinda crazy for seeing Destiel and hoping for it to become canon. I feel uncertain and like the rug has been ripped out from under my feet.

I’ve never hated Sam and in fact, I care about where he ends up just as much as Dean, if not more. It’s obvious that Sam is Dean’s world and now, Dean is Sam’s. They are brothers and they care about each other. I’ve never denied it and I have never hated that. The show is literally about them. It’s what I came here for.

But, I’m questioning myself. I’m asking myself if I’m a true fan because of this preference I have for Destiel. I’m asking myself if Destiel is real or if I’m just making shit up. I’m asking myself if the fandom is what I thought it was.

But, one thing I’m sure of is that I love all these characters equally. (Except Crowley, he’s my bby) And, I love the cast all equally. (Except for Rob Benedict, he’s my fave) I might be confused right now and seriously upset but I’m positive I’ll never hate on this cast or their characters. And, if I have before, I’m going to stop that right now.

So please, someone restored my faith in this fandom. I need it.

A thank you to @hotladypants for producing Carmilla!

Gotta get some things off my chest...

Let me start off by telling you i am a 23 year old male and a comic book lover. I’ve been collecting and reading comic books ever since i was a kid. I didn’t know much about Green Arrow until the character made his first appearance in live-action form on the sixth season of Smallville. And after having watched all ten seasons of the show, the only impression i had of the character was that he was just some rip-off of Batman whose only other talent was being great at archery.

That all changed just 20 minutes into the pilot episode of Arrow. To cut things short, Arrow made me fall in love with the character and turned me into an absolute hardcore fan.

Yeap, that’s my stash of Green Arrow merchandise after watching three seasons of Arrow. And in case you’re wondering, yes that’s a miniature salmon ladder i made ;)

So here’s the thing. Arrow has been receiving a lot of flak recently for its third season. A lot of my buddies are comic book fans too and most of the complaints vary from Arrow getting a little too “soft” and being too much like Batman. Honestly, i think all of these complaints are absolute BULLSHIT. Pardon me.

The idea of Arrow being too much like Batman stems mostly from the League of Assassins story. Ra’s Al Ghul as we all know is mainly a villain of Batman. And having him being introduced into the Arrow universe would probably be a problem for some of the hardcore fans of Batman. Except, why should it even be a problem? Personally, i think of comic books as a world very much like ours except superpowers exist. There’s absolutely no reason why a particular villain should only be used against one particular hero. Should a terrorist organization from country ‘X’ only be attacking country ‘X’? No! The world doesn’t work that way! Ra’s Al Ghul could go up against Aquaman or Wonder Woman and i wouldn’t even have a problem with it. Oliver Queen marrying Nyssa Al Ghul in “This Is Your Sword” also was a problem for some of the fans due to its similarities to Batman’s relationship with Talia Al Ghul and storylines such as “Daughter of the Demon” and “I Now Pronounce You Batman and Wife!.” But those are just storylines INSPIRED by comic-book storylines. The Arrow writers didn’t take every single speech bubble from the comic books and pasted it into their script!

Now to address the problem of Arrow becoming too “soft”. Arrow started off as a show about a vigilante seeking to right the wrongs off his father. We all know Oliver was an absolute BAD-ASS in the first season. He was however very “moody broody” too. But for some reason, i actually LOVED it. Guy comes home after five years away, losing certain parts of his humanity, gaining a few bad-ass skills along the way. It made sense.

“You should always remember one thing Dig. I don’t need the bow.” - Oliver Queen to John Diggle

As the show went into its second season, i realized Arrow was much more than just a show about a bad-ass vigilante. It’s about a man’s journey from a spoilt, billionaire playboy to a full-blown superhero we could all look up to and be inspired by. Did some of you seriously expect Oliver Queen to be all “moody-broody” and dark throughout the series? C’mon… A character needs to have growth for it to be relevant. Let me quote what Stephen Amell said about his character during a panel at Paleyfest 2015;

“You can only shut people off for so long. It’s been almost three seasons. It’s been like 70 episodes of don’t talk to me. And, you can only stare broodingly at a window so long.”

Part of this process of character growth involves letting people into your life. Obviously, some parts of the fanbase are having a problem with Oliver and Felicity’s growing relationship in the show, or as most people dub it as “Olicity”. Some fans argue that the romantic pairing for Oliver Queen should and always be Dinah Laurel Lance due to the comic books. But you’re not even considering one thing. Oliver and Laurel’s relationship in the comic books has always been rather dysfunctional from my point of view. And i think this has already been addressed in the Arrow universe. Heck, even the Oliver Queen of Smallville didn’t end up with Laurel.

P.S. To the hardcore fans of Laurel, you should absolutely NOT regard someone who’s already slept with a ton of women while dating you as your romantic partner. That goes against every moral value which i know of.

For someone who’s already watched all ten seasons of Smallville, i have had my fair share of awful romance storylines. And i was VERY afraid that Arrow would have the same problem. But fortunately, it doesn’t.

For those who argue, that “Olicity” was rushed, it was only towards the end of season 2 where we actually saw their relationship moving towards the romance side. And even before that, we have seen plenty of growth between the two characters.

I personally like the fact that the writers decided to go in this direction, because the entire time that Oliver Queen has been going for Laurel, McKenna, Helena etc. he has this extremely attractive, really efficient, nerdy in all the right ways, smart and sexy female he’s working with everyday, and he’s not going after her? I mean is he stupid or something?

Call me mushy or whatever but i’m on board with the “Olicity” romance. I know right, all of this coming from a male comic book fan would probably surprise you.

To sum it up, Arrow has always been a fantastic show. I do agree that the show has its fair share of weaknesses. I’m just addressing some of the issues that people are having which i think are invalid. Plus, if not for Arrow, we wouldn’t be having all of these fantastic shows like The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. 

Thank you for reading all of this! Stay awesome!