all sunset

a moment of silence for the life rey could have led if she hadn’t been left to rot on a dead planet her whole life

Dgm ch 226 in a nutshell

I love how Tikky is rejected so coldly by the fourteenth then whines to ~~his boyfriend~~ allen like

He was ruuude and didn’t wanna eat with meee, you’ll join me though?

And allen just sends him home

Then ~art of~ Kanda pops up like no he’s coming with me meet my father and ride a carriage to ~~wherever the hell they are taking him~~ preferably a large mansion into the sunset

All the while allen just clings to jonny and is like ‘what the hell is going onn?? goodd timmm where are you come help meeee’


26 october 2016 - glendale, az

Just some fic recs...

I’ve read a lot of really good fic this year and I just thought the best of the best deserved some recognition.  I tried to weed out the super popular fics, but some still show up because I love them that much.  Also, the ships are numerous and varied.

Running on Air–eleventy7; Drarry
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
*I would murder people to protect this fic.  It’s beautifully written, well-plotted, original, and it reuses certain sentences, making them more poignant the later in the story they’re used.  Like, fuck me up*

the ghost of you–kissmesexybatman; Klance
When Keith goes missing without a trace, all his family and friends are able to do is move on with their lives. When he shows back up after a year, they have to convince him they still want him back.
*I may be slightly biased because the coolest person in the world wrote this, but let me tell you, it’s emotionally heartwrenching, wonderfully written, and gives you a happy ending without sacrificing the needs of the characters*

My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.–dawnstruck; Otayuri
Yuri grows up and grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.
*I’m demi and this fic described exactly what that experience has been like for me, as it features a demi!Yuri.  Beyond that, it was sweet and genuine and I adored it*

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okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher