all star paris

I’m just saying a couple of ceiling bats or wall skeletons could really improve the atmosphere in here

Capulet girls + ssc modern au

Wait, so Damiano killed Benvolio’s Dad and had the NERVE to look at him like a stain on his favorite shirt?

Happy Holidays from the USS Voyager (insp:X)

so it’s been a few months, and i think i can look back on the gilmore girls revival with sage, dignified objectivity and proclaim that RORY & PARIS 100% SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN MARRIED

Fair Haven Patch Notes: Update 3.17
- leprechauns have been removed from the program
- all mentions of the ‘leprechaun event’ have been removed from holographic memory and databases
- programmers promise to do better research ahead of adding malicious creatures to public holoprograms

I missed that Simon Pegg confirmed that Commodore Paris is (probably) Tom Paris’s grandmother! 

Which doesn’t really add up time wise, since Tom is born about 80 years after the events in Beyond. So I’m going to go with her being his great grandmother.

She is played by Shohreh Aghdashloo.