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Oh dear god, carrier Obi-Wan isn't carrying triplets is he?


“I know love, I know.” Qui-Gon carefully rubbed Obi-Wan’s feet, the heated lotion doing wonders for the sore and swollen limbs since they didn’t have time for Obi-Wan to have a foot bath to ease the aches. “But once you come back from the council meeting, you can curl up on the couch, watch the viewscreen and I’ll heat up some of the food Cody came by with.”

Obi-Wan groaned a bit then sighed and nodded. “Yes, of course…but I got a healer appointment after the meeting, you know that.”

“…You do?” Qui-Gon blinked at him before grunting. “I’m sorry, I seem to have forgotten.”

“Have you something planned?” The council member teased before laughing when Qui-Gon teased the underside of his feet. “That tickles!”

“Good, punishment.” Qui-Gon smirked before pressing a kiss to Obi-Wan’s knee and cleaning away excess lotion with a small towel. “I’ll see you after the meeting and go with you to the appointment…if…that’s alright? That I come with you?”

Obi-Wan reached out and cupped the long haired master’s cheek, stroking the groomed beard hairs steadily. “I’d love it if you came with me.” He murmured quietly, smiling at the other man.

Qui-Gon broke into a relieved smile as they were navigating the relationship with a little one on the way.

He dropped a large hand to Obi-Wan’s stomach and caressed gently. “If you need me, call me, okay? No on in the council is going to call you out on needing some support.” He murmured while leaning into the hand.

“Oh fo-”

“You’re six months pregnant. Believe me, that takes a lot out of someone even though your body have adjusted to it. Don’t take this lightly Obi-Wan.” Qui-Gon twisted his head enough to kiss the palm of his hand.

“Oh fine. If I need you, I promise to call. But I think I can waddle myself to the council chambers and back down here to meet you for the doctor appointment.”

Qui-Gon raised a skeptical eyebrow but didn’t comment. Honestly he valued his eyebrows and Obi-Wan was liable to shave them off him in a hormone fit if he doubted him.

It still ended up being Master Yoda of all people who called him. “Hobbling and wobbling he is, looks like an arctic animal he does. Come fetch him and support him you should.” And with that he hung up.

Qui-Gon took a few moments to imagine Obi-Wan as a fat penguin.

And promptly promised himself to never tell Obi-Wan about either the fat or the penguin part.

He found Obi-Wan about three halls down from the elevator and didn’t even make a mention of how little distance the other had covered as he offered his arm to Obi-Wan, knowing the other was to proud to lean on the wall which was the reason he had not come further.

“Who called you? Was it Adi?” Obi-Wan grumbled.

“Yoda actually. He called you an arctic animal waddling.” Qui-Gon offered lightly, he had no issues giving up the grandmaster.

“…I see. Remind me to lace his tea. I’m thinking a rash would do him good.”

“That’s an act of crime against tea.”

“He called me a fat penguin. He’s going to pay.”

“Technically he called you a waddling arctic animal. He didn’t specify.”

Obi-Wan snorted and leaned on his lover, smiling a bit at the warm and supportive touch around him as they moved to the Halls of Healing together for his appointment.

Twins. Obi-Wan was carrying two little ones.

No wonder he was having trouble moving around and was huge.

Qui-Gon couldn’t stop staring at the holo image of the two little fetuses inside of the other, those two were his. His and Obi-Wan’s.

He didn’t care if they weren’t fathered from his loins.

He didn’t care as long as Obi-Wan allowed him in their lives and let him care and love all three.

‘Two to three months left to go…’ Qui-Gon took a deep breath and took Obi-Wan’s hand, holding the pale hand tightly in his as the two stared at the soft holo of their little ones.

Teneniel Djo, Dathomir Witch and Queen Mother of Hapes

Let me assure you that I am not a pacifist. In the past two days alone, I have killed several people, and if you ever try to harm me or mine, I will force you to confess publicly all your crimes, and then I will execute you. 

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Do you think Krell's attitude toward the clones started before or after he decided to switch allegiances?

From what we’ve gotten from Five’s conversation with Rex, it seems that his behavior has been ongoing for a long while. 

I feel that Krell has never been a warm nor approachable person and may have run a tight ship. Though never cruel and never needlessly pushing his troops towards certain death. At first.

And also early on, he feels the pressure of delivering results – perhaps he has always had that expectation put upon him even when he was raised with the Jedi. It is this attitude that he begins putting on his own troops.

The ones that are not able to adapt and learn quickly get broken and left behind. And General Pong Krell only gets worse after he gets the vision of the Jedi Order falling and nearly falls into despair after realizing everything has been for nothing.

Moar Tomco HC

so after BIG DANCE:

-Marco and Tom have a great time, but they don’t actually engage in anything sexual that night, surprising them both. simply hug and drop one another off at home
-Marco rehashes everything obsessively in bed
-he never cared before when they were just hanging out and having sex. like, sure, their first kiss at that concert was amazing and definitely special, something that Marco won’t soon forget. but then… the sex between them was mostly… like friendship sex. if that’s even a thing. is that a thing? but it didn’t feel like they were official, or in love, or anything that dramatic. but it definitely didn’t feel detached either. it was something… more grey
-tonight, going to the dance together it… it was supposed to be as friends, and everything they did looked like just friends…. but it wasn’t. somehow, it felt more like a real date
-more emotional
-more romantic
maybe it was because Tom was helping him have fun despite the whole Jackie thing? then why wasn’t he more upset seeing her with someone else? why did it feel like… he was supposed to be there with Tom?
-does Tom feel the same way?
-oh god what if he doesn’t??
-oh no
-i only worry about things like this when i-
-i can’t
-I don’t
-I don’t have a crush on-
-Tom, meanwhile, does his own thinking
-no use denying it anymore, you have it bad for Diaz
-dammit, Star was right
-but I’m also right. if I let him know, in any way, I could scare him away
-scare the only good thing in my life away
-and that just can’t happen
-but it shouldn’t be too hard to pretend like nothing’s changed. you still get to have sex with him, don’t you? and isn’t that kind of the end goal of a relationship anyways? what should it matter if he knows your feelings or not? feelings are just things to be controlled, like your anger. and look how well you’re doing with that. 
-because of him
no. shuddup. I can do this on my own too. I have the tools, I can handle this.
-I will handle this
-the next week was hard, neither of them acting any differently, yet somehow, something was off
by the end of it, Star was out of her mind with frustration at the both of them
-she needed reinforcements
-with Ponyhead and the Diaz’s help, she crafts her ultimate-actually-subtle-matchmaking plan
-because, as it just so happens, next weekend is
-Dia De Los Muertos
-the Diaz family usually goes all-out in their traditions, but this year was quickly proving unparalleled with plans to host a fancy celebration in their home for all of their friends and extended family
-which they were calling “Diaz de los Muertos” couldn’t help myself 
-Star was naturally very excited just to participate in another wondrous Earth ritual, but is even more so now because of her Great Plan
-Marco has no idea
-so after some coaxing and promises of never asking him to wear it again, Star convinces Marco to don his mask and suit from the Blood Moon Ball, while she dressed to match him in her own sugar skull themed outfit
-the party starts out normally enough, with just the weirdness of the Diaz clan and Star’s culture clashes to contend with, no big, actually a very fun time for all
-until Ponyhead shows up
-with Tom
-Tom, very confused, glances at Pony with a mix of curiosity and annoyance. he never usually interacts much with the princess, only knows her as well as he does because of his previous relationship with Star and, quite frankly, always thought she hated him even before they broke up. but then again, Pony seems to leave that impression on a lot of people. so when she told him to “hurry up and put this on, mephistop-uhhlease, don’t argue it’s for Star just dooo iiit uuuuugh why are you still wearing clothes??”, and tossed him an elaborately themed suit, he didn’t really have the option of saying no. she then whisked him out the portal and into the night without further explanation, taking him…. to an Earthling’s house?
-she better have a damned good reaso-
-oh no
Marco is staring. honestly, so is everyone else, but Marco’s doing that kind of staring and doesn’t seem too keen on hiding it either
-hard to blame him though, with Tom looking like he does. his suit a perfectly tailored, blood crimson version of a matador’s costume, it hugged his frame snugly, accentuating his shoulders and chest with the structured fit. the pants were cut longer than the usual mid-calf hem though, reaching his ankles to show off his short boots, decorated with the same gold design that accented his lapels, cuffs, and hemlines. his undershirt was a champagne cream color with a flattering amount of ruffles along the neck and sleeves. off one shoulder lay the matador’s cape, however it was a pitch black velvet instead of red, his outfit inverting the traditional color scheme. his hat was missing, but the horns more than made up for it, tipped with gold rather than their natural white. the look was made complete with a magic makeup bomb Star had provided, painting his face in an immaculate sugar skull design, highlighting his three eyes and blending on his skin more like a tattoo than paint, giving it a smoky, gothic tone that her own makeup didn’t have. he was simply
-s t u n n i n g
-Marco swallows hard and fights just to stand up like a regular person. the partygoers, seeming to have lost interest in the magical intrusion once they saw he wasn’t going to do anything exciting, resume their small talk and ignore the teenagers again
-Tom steps towards Marco, at first unsure of his place at a human function, but upon seeing Marco’s gaze, regained a sort of teasing confidence
-“Hey Marco Polo. Wanna pick up your jaw there, or do you need some help?”
-that seems to snap Marco back to life enough, now looking him over in a more mocking tone
-“Joke’s on you, my mask doesn’t even have a jaw. However, your whole deal is more concerning. Are you planning on fighting yourself… or…?”
-soon both were laughing like last week never happened
-after a bit more cajoling, Marco pulls Tom’s arm through the crowd to have him try some of the Diaz family’s prized cooking before his cousins eat it all up
-Star also has to be literally dragged away from spying by Ponyhead
-over the course of the evening, the two get on as well as ever, Marco seeming to have lost his awkward edge with a crowd of familiar people around him, and Tom realizing that, even though this was probably a set up, it was done with the best of intentions. not to mention, he was secretly grateful for an excuse to see Marco in that getup again
-close to midnight, once all the younger children have been put to sleep upstairs with Marco’s abuela watching over them, the tone of the party shifts to a more adult vibe, conversation mixing with music and the clinking of more drinks being passed around
-the backyard is quickly rearranged to make room for a patio dance floor
-soon most of the guests are tango and salsa-ing like pros, leaving the boys suddenly alone as the cushion of people around them fall away
-Marco rubs his arm with a nervous laugh, voice cracking a little in the process
-“We… we don’t have to do that… if you don’t want… it’s some dumb tradition my folks started way back whe-”
-he is stopped by a hand in his, leading him to the floor
-Tom had always been a great dancer, partly because he was bred to be one as a prince, and partly because when he was courting Star, he took an entire set of courses to impress her
-Marco had always been naturally gifted with rhythm, but being in the presence of the most attractive guy he’d ever known was quickly turning his legs to jelly
-“Nervous, Diaz?”
-“Psssh no! No I just… suddenly forgot how to salsa…”
-“How about a tango then?”
-“What?? No way, don’t be-”
-all he could see was Tom backlit by a starry sky, a lavender hand cradling the curve of his spine in a dip
-“… ridiculous….”
-the kiss came next, slightly clumsy thanks to Marco’s mask, but not unwelcome. his hand gripped Tom’s shoulder for balance as he kissed back, drawing it out as long as possible before any adults noticed the two boys making out among them
-just because his parents were cool didn’t mean everyone was
-they part and Tom stands Marco back up again, a familiar wicked look in all three of his eyes
-“Tom, I-”
-the look dissipates a little, as if realizing itself
-“Oh… right sorry… you’re with family and-”
-“No! …. No I meant…. we should go to my room”
-his grin comes back and Tom lets himself be led into the house by an eager human, a human that he’s sworn to be just friends with
-and yet…
-if he doesn’t do this now…
-“That’s good… because I have something to tell you anyway…”

-Star looks over as her boys kiss then run up to Marco’s room, sighing proudly as she leans against an indifferent Ponyhead
-she’s Done It, and it was Good

I’m a little perturbed by this card

“Happy Birthday! You’re now the same age Ezra was when both his parents were taken away and he started living on the street!”

you never forget the first time an inappropriate blog follows you, especially not when the entire bridge crew is there to witness it


What? You said you wanted something “old and romantic.”

There’s nothing old or romantic about 20th century open heart surgery, Bones!

It’s an outdated procedure for hearts. What more do you want, Jim?

day 47 part 2: for inaya, who requested mckirk cuddling but unfortunately got this instead

what do you mean neither of them would have a galaxy print blanket

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Would you mind doing 10 for NozoEli?? I love the way you write Nozomi!

10. “Goodbye” kiss

A/N: set in some AU from Dancing Stars on Me!

“Hmm~ I can’t believe I had to rely on pirates’ help… but you all did good!”

“Of course. I have faith in my crew,” Eli nonchalantly sheathed her cutlass and sent the buxom woman a dashing smile. “We’re rulers of the sea, so it’s natural that we’ll do everything to maintain that title.”

That and I’ve fallen for you the moment I saw you. The blonde pirate took a confident step closer to the giggling witch, whose long byzantium hair fluttered along the breeze by the docks. Now that they had successfully escorted Nozomi back to her island, Eli was ready for the next phase.

She had it all planned out: just before they part ways, she would swoop down and capture the witch’s lips in a heated kiss; then, she shall declare that pirates always take whatever they want. “I want you,” she’d say, and Nozomi would surely swoon. Lastly, as discussed beforehand, Umi and Honoka would fire the cannons and let confetti and flower petals shower the docks as she carries her lady aboard in bridal style.

Absolutely flawless. 10 harasho.

Her meticulously-planned scenario sank faster than a creaky old boat when the enigmatic witch tugged her by her frilly tie and gave her a thorough kiss. There was an odd crash in the background then some several muffled explosions, followed by Umi’s angry shouting and Honoka’s pleading whimpers. Eli could care less at the moment though, for all the could think of were those soft lips moving against her own and the sensual tongue inside her mouth.

“Well then, I guess this is goodbye yan~” Nozomi’s mystical emerald orbs shimmered in mirth, and her breath was still hot against Eli’s parted lips. The blonde pirate nodded dumbly and leaned in for another round, only to recoil from stinging pain near her head and by her feet.

Blinking, she looked down to find a black cat with pink paws biting her leg, and glanced up to see a crimson-eared bat clawing at her ponytail.

“Ara~ Nicocchi, Maki-chan~ Now now, settle down, I’m happy to see you two too~”

The witch lazily clapped her hands to recall her two minions but only managed the feat after several attempts. The scowling bat perched on the tip of her hat while the hissing cat hopped onto her shoulder and draped there. Eli childishly glared back at the two magical creatures, but chuckled sheepishly at Nozomi’s teasing smile.

“Alright then, until we meet again, Elicchi~”

The pirate felt a soft brush of supple lips against her cheek before a powerful gale blew past her. She watched in silent awe as the witch’s flowing cape and broom quickly disappeared beyond the canopy of the forest. She rested her hand on the hilt of her cutlass and smiled.

Things didn’t go as planned, but hey, there was always next time right?

  • Me: (having just read yet another long, circuitous post about the evil that is Mary Watson) NOPE.
  • Sherlock: (on tarmac, HLV) "That's my girl."
  • Watson: (mind palace, TAB) Are you even in a fit state?
  • Holmes: (mind palace, TAB) For Mary, of course. Never doubt that, Watson. Never that.
  • Me: (reading yet another post about how Sherlock really despises Mary & secretly plans to undermine her) NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.