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I was watching the new Drag Race All Stars episode last night, it was awesome, but my issue was with what Carson Cresley said when Roxy came out on stage.  She had a vague resemblance of “native” print on and he said “she puts the hoe back in Navajo”, which sounds benign, but it actually shows how deeply ingrained racism is in our society.  Native women are exploited far too easily in todays society, and it really hurts our people.  They are overly sexualized, raped, murdered, missing and forcefully captured and sold into the sex trade industry.  I know he didn’t mean what he said, but it was said regardless.  And by saying such a hurtful statement, he is absent mindedly giving permission for other white people to use such a phrase, which is dangerous in itself.  We all know how racist the gay community can be, there is no surprise there.  Every white guy boy truly believes the are a sassy black woman inside.  I’m just disappointed in him and the show for saying that and keeping it in the show for a laugh.  Its deplorable.  Justice for the thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women start with thwarting hateful sayings in our society.

Rant over.

Vivienne: Wynne, my dear, you are an incredible mage. Your form and control are enviable, and you’ve figured out how to use the rules of your Circle to your advantage.

Wynne: Thank you. I’ve worked hard to get where I am. And I’ve had a lot of time to work on my craft.

Vivienne: I do wonder where you might have ended up if you had put more effort into the Game, however.

Wynne: I’m Fereldan. Born and raised. The only game we play here is Wicked Grace.

Vivienne: Be careful with your words, my dear. Wicked Grace has many meanings, in certain circles that has an entirely different connotation in regards to the Game.

Wynne: Whoever said I meant the card game?

Vivienne: Oh very good! A woman after my own heart.




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