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“Ovechkin, who missed out on the car Friday night after lobbying to be picked last in the 2015 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft Presented by DraftKings, was given the key to a new Honda after the game Sunday.

He is donating the new wheels to Nova Cool Cats Special Hockey Inc., which is based in Northern Virginia.

Ovechkin’s connection with the Cool Cats program includes his friendship with Ann Schaub, a 10-year-old girl with Down Syndrome who went on a sushi dinner date with Ovechkin in September.

"It means a lot,” Ovechkin told “Honda connected with my agent and they just gave me a car, so I’m going to donate to Cool Cats and that sweet little girl.”

Ovechkin’s quiet plan all along was to win the car Friday so he could donate it to Cool Cats. He told nobody and was going to announce it if he was indeed one of the last two picks in the draft. He was picked third to last in the draft.“


1/23/15 All-Star Fantasy Draft interview [X]

I think it’s pretty clear what Patrick Kane slyly arranged to send Jonathan Toews in between Kessel’s drafting and trade.

anonymous asked:

Why is everyone so excited that Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion? Why him specifically?

Pretty sure this started in Toronto which is kind of funny. Basically Phil Kessel was on the Toronto Maple Leafs during some pretty bad years. And since Phil Kessel ws their perennial all star a lot of the blame fell on him. He was their talent and their top scorer but the team wasn’t winning so of course, it was their only good players fault. The media speifically attacked him at every angle they could. He was anti-social, he was rude, he was lazy and fat, he was a “coach-killer” ect. ect. Basically everything bad with the Leafs was ultimately Phil Kessel’s fault in the eyes of the media. It was getting so bad, the mild manner Kessel had a few blow ups at the media towards the end of his time in Toronto. 

There were some issues with Phil, you know the old white guy types who know what they’re talking about but they’re all fucking idiots. And people were throwing Leafs jerseys onto the ice after particularly bad and frustrating losses…and there were a lot of those. 

But through all of this most fans and Phil’s teammates stayed loyal to him. Phil loved/loves toronto, considers it home. When he won the stanley cup he brought it back here for his cup day. So there was a lot of love and loyalty still ther e when he was traded to the Penguins during the Leafs rebuild and Leafs fans wanted the pens to win just because of Phil.

So when Phil won the stanley cup and played a huge part in the Penguins success, Maple Leafs fans felt like it was a big fuck you to the media that was so detached from the actual climate of leafs fans. The guy who was the reason for the leafs failure was put on a good team and helped contribute towards that teams success. It was proof it wasn’t Phil’s fault the Leafs were bad. Which is obvious to anyone with common sense but the media does not have that capability.

Throwback to win Jonathan Toews in the midst of all this controversy drafted Phil Kessel first over all in the fantasy draft during the All Star Game and said it was because Kessel was “such a coachable player.” LIke that’s how stupid the media was through all of this. Even players who had nothing to do with them or the team they were covering, were making fun of them.

I’ve seen a lot of people say “Phil Kessel is a stanley cup champion” is a fuck you to the city of Toronto. but it’s not. He was loved here. it’s a fuck you to the media tire fire they have surrounding the Maple Leafs.