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Darkness Manipulation, Tactical Analysis, and one hella smooth voice.

Better late than never! Introducing Jumin, the team’s financial support and dark magic guy. His powers come from that little purple cloak (or so he claims, but he probably just wears it to look cool)! He can manipulate shadows easily, making him a formidable enemy at night, and has extensive knowledge over all sorts of malicious and deadly spells. He also has a cat, because no proper wizard is ever without one, right?

Also, bread shoes is an inside joke between me and @omelette-douche-fromage. I grew so frustrated drawing his loafers that I screamed “i hate bread shoes” right at her face hahah rip me. She laughed so hard I think she almost died. 

Please for the love of god

Do not declaw your cats. Today my friend who works at a local rescue received an application for a cat adoption. There’s a section for “Do you plan on declawing your new cat?” and the person checked the box for yes and wrote “We have expensive furniture.”

ok then don’t get a cat

sorry but if you’re going to mutilate your animal to avoid ruining your expensive furniture then a cat is not the animal you need

So many reasons not to do this

-it’s EXTREMELY painful. they don’t just remove the claw, they remove the TOE up to the first joint.

-if your cat escapes your home, they have absolutely ZERO way of defending or feeding themselves (not that your cat should be allowed outside for any reason but that’s a whole separate rant)

-your cat will be in pain while walking. because they removed that actual bone, your cat’s weight is now balanced on that second bone in their toe, not the first as was designed. Painful.

-Your cat may even lose the desire to be touched. literally we adopted this adolescent cat whose owners abandoned him because he was an escape artist. they had already declawed him and for the longest time he wouldn’t even let us get near his feet. like we couldn’t touch him if it wasn’t his head or the base of his tail.

do. not. declaw. your. cat.


-buy little nail caps. they sell them at pet stores and they come in all sorts of cute colors

-buy furniture guards. figure out where your cat is most aggressive with scratching. buy a furniture guard and place a cat tree or scratching post nearby and use some catnip or treats to attract their attention to it

-literally just trim the nails with nail clippers. be careful not to quick them. if your cat starts fussing, take a break and come back later to avoid accidents due to them moving around

don’t declaw your cat

nekoma ANBU

Supervillains AU

Characters A, B, C, and D are a group of “supervillains” that started off as superheros – albeit slightly misbehaved ones that didn’t get along with the city’s other heroes – but they didn’t live up to the “family friendly” image standards that are required to maintain a hero status, so Characters A, B, C, and D now live a life of petty revenge or slightly illegal whims.

  • Character A however is an honest to goodness eldritch being who was accidentally summoned by Character B and is now bound to do their bidding.
  • Character B used to be a harmless magic user, but now they’re the caretaker of Character A.
  • Character C is convinced they’re the sole voice of reason in the group and leads most of the missions.
  • Character D quit their hated part time retail job for a life of villainy and now works as the group’s secretary. Their paycheck doesn’t always come on time – depending on how good of a week the villain’s had – but it pays better than minimum wage.

The group is actually pretty harmless in real life and are all the sorts of people to give people directions or rescue a stray cat or help out a confused old lady, but when the city’s superheroes start acting up and using their hero status for devious deeds, it’s up to the supervillains to save the city.

Be with Me

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Supercat

Rating: T

Author’s Note: This is a prompt fill for @onegoodframe who asked for prompt #20, “Do you ever think about it? Us? Married?” Thanks to @zennie-fic for looking it over. Hope you like it!


“Do you ever think about it? Us? Married?”

Alex took a deep breath and glanced up from the chart she was reviewing, shooting a worried look at Cat Grant. Much to her surprise, the Queen of All Media didn’t look ruffled by Kara’s question in the least, but she did smirk slightly.

“Do you?” Cat asked nonchalantly, leaning forward in her chair as Kara stared at her from her bed in the medical bay of the DEO.

Biting her lip, Alex barely refrained from interjecting. Her sister had always had some weird… thing… for this woman, and, for the first time, Alex was witnessing it firsthand. She had to admit, the two women had chemistry, but with Kara powerless and drugged to the hilt on pain medication, now might not be the best time to let a former reporter interrogate her sister.

“Do I what?” Kara asked, sounding so light and airy Alex wondered if she’d float out of the bed if she’d been able to.

“Think about us being married?” Cat’s smirk became more pronounced.

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grumpyfoxes  asked:

Part 2 witch!au!!! I wanna know more about their deal and why Neil's not Andrews familiar!

Neil is not Andrew’s familiar because he is not a spirit. Familiars are essentially the essence of a witch’s spirit and inner self taking the form of an animal. Gaining a familiar is a complicated process and requires blood magic, and Neil wasn’t summoned to Andrew’s side. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you know *jazz hands* magic.

As for the deal, it went something like this:

  • it’s the beginning of summer and andrew is tired
  • being around annoyances for nine months was exhausting and the only reason andrew is letting kevin inside his car is because of their promise
  • kevin stays in the car when andrew goes out
  • not too far but far enough that andrew can pretend to be alone
  • except there’s a cat in the tree above him that’s practically suffocating in binding magic
  • really, it’s a surprise that the cat’s even keeping himself upright
  • andrew… well, he’s not about to let a cat suffer so he takes the cat and does some magic to dispel the bind
    • side note: binding magic isn’t bad in any way
    • it’s usually used to make teammates/partners stronger
    • it can also be used as a sort of marriage ceremony
    • typically, binding magic isn’t permanent and requires the consent of all parties
    • however, the deal with the cat was that a taboo sort of binding spell was used so that he wouldn’t be able to escape his master without causing pain unto himself
    • that spell is not public knowledge–only the influential are meant to know about it
    • back to the story

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Hey folks, Paul here with THUNDER THURSDAY… and yet more cat pictures!

These are busy times for all sorts of reasons, and I’m thankful for support from some truly great people. I fly to California in less than a month, and there’s a lot I’m going to miss. I’ll try not to be too much of a stranger!

For now, there’s a lot of work I should be doing… but first I might pet a cat instead.


mccree being like a cat and bring reyes all sorts of weird shit as ‘presents’ and reyes is like ?? why??? 

“hey boss look it says 420” “IS THAT A LICENSE PLATE” 

“yo boss, check this out” “WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET A TRAFFIC LIGHT”

hell also grab expensive pens from the important people they go to meetings with or like expensive shit from hotels, watches and rings and reyes just has no idea what the hell to do with this petty criminal he’s somehow tamed

reyes usually silently puts them back or pawns them except the really nice solid gold plated lighter he still uses to this day. 

Perfect Pair




“Why are you squinting?”

“I’m not.”

“Bullshit. You look like Cas does when he’s confused. Which is all the time.”

Both you and the angel glared at Dean. But Cas’ anger diminished first, turning to concern for you. “Do you have a headache?”

“Only a little one. I always get one when I read one of these ancient books for too long.”

“I’ve also noticed you do it when you’re on your phone,” Sam noted. “And you tend to have the brightness turned up to blinding levels.”

Cas cocked his head to the side. “Are you having problems seeing?”


“No need to get defensive,” Dean said at your tone. “Lots of people wear glasses.”

“Not hunters. I’d turn into Velma from Scooby-Doo; constantly losing them and then running right into the creature I was supposed to be tracking. Except in our world, the monsters are a lot more violent.” You paused. “But my eyesight is fine!”

“Maybe you should go to the eye doctor,” Sam said.

“I don’t need to.”

The brothers shared a look. Dean picked up a pencil from beside him and called your name. When you looked up, he tossed it at you. The pencil bounced off your forehead (eraser-side, thankfully).

“Dammit, Dean! What if the point of that had gone into my eye?”

“Then you definitely wouldn’t be able to argue your way out of a visit to the eye doctor.”

“I don’t need to go!”

“You completely missed the pencil!”

“No. I just didn’t try to stop it. I’m not used to people throwing things at me while I’m trying to research.”

“You’ve been here for almost four years. How are you not used to that?”


You could feel Dean’s anger from the backseat.

“We’re going to take you back to the bunker and stitch you up. And then first thing tomorrow, you’re going to the eye doctor.”

“I’m fine,” you said, pulling back the rag you’d pressed against the cut on your forehead. It may have been dark and your vision may have been blurry, but you could still see it was soaked with blood.

“You should go,” Cas said in his gentle-yet-firm tone. “You’re severely hurt and it could have been a lot worse.”


“If nothing’s wrong with your eyesight, then the appointment will be simple,” Sam pointed out.

You scowled at him in the dark, knowing that he was right (and that he knew he was right). Cas gently took the rag from you and pressed it against the gash in your forehead, earning a slight hiss from you.


The diagnosis was exactly what you’d figured.

Well, not exactly. You weren’t, after all, an optometrist.

But you did need glasses.

You and Cas looked at the wall of frames, the daunting choice weighing on you. He was the only one there with you; the Winchesters weren’t there, having given you the choice of ‘pick a chaperone or we all go’.

“I don’t even know where to start,” you said.

“There are many choices,” Cas agreed. “Maybe we start with color?”

“Black. At least that way, they won’t clash with my clothes.”

The angel nodded and the two of you stepped over to a small section of black frames. There were all sorts over here: large, small, oval, circle, square, cat-eye. Thick plastic, thin wire.

Too much.

“I… I don’t…”

“What about these?” Cas reached forward and carefully took a pair from the display, handing them to you. You slipped them on and looked in the mirror.

“No,” you said, taking them off. “Too large. They make my face look squished.”

Cas replaced them and pulled another pair off.

“Circles don’t work with my facial shape,” you said, taking the new pair off.

You went through a few more pairs, the angel ever resilient to help you find the perfect pair. He pulled one off and carefully slipped them on you.

“Why are you smiling like that?”

Cas shook his head. “You look… cute.”

You felt yourself blushing at his compliment, so you turned to the mirror. This pair actually wasn’t too bad; rectangular, fitting your face. The frames weren’t too large or small. There was even a small sky-blue (same color as Cas’ eyes, actually) accent on the inside of the frame that could only be seen when you turned your head.

“What do you think?” the angel asked after a moment or two.

“These will work,” you said, giving him a small smile. “I’m still not happy about having to wear glasses, but… these aren’t horrible.”

A Beautiful Little Nod to Witchcraft

Warning: There will be spoilers below regarding the live-action Beauty and the Beast. If you wish to avoid such spoilers, please keep scrolling.

Okay, so everyone who doesn’t mind spoilers still with me? Great!

Now, I don’t often write about movies per se on this blog. I do make mention regarding witchcraft in the media, but usually such moments reference witches in the same vein as Harry Potter or the Wicked Witch of the West. But there are moments in media when witchcraft is both subtle and meant to be portrayed in a rather positive manner.

But still, it’s rare to find a film that will take a witch and make her be ever-present and in the same role that a woman likely had during the film’s respective period.

Tonight, my boyfriend and I took a trip to a local theater and watched Beauty and the Beast. Not only are we fans of Disney, but we are avid lovers of art. The opportunity to see French Rococo couldn’t be missed by my beeb, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see what they’d do with both the writing and the music.

We all know the story: a prince, self-absorbed, surrounded himself only with beauty, and denied an ugly hag shelter from a storm. She warns him against making the same mistake, and he denies her yet again. She then reveals herself to be a beautiful enchantress and curses him to look like a beast, trapped in his castle, until the last petal of an enchanted rose fell and forces him to be a beast for eternity, or until he falls in a love which is returned… whichever came first.

Now, if I recall correctly, this enchantress doesn’t feature much in the animated film beyond the exposition. In the live-action remake, however, she is a character all to her own, present from the start of the film to the very end.

Agathe is mentioned in the film at several points, as the spinster beggar asking for change in the streets of the village. In town, she’s portrayed as the outcast not due to being a bookworm like Belle, but because she’s an older, unmarried woman who doesn’t have money.

Josh, why are you pointing her out in this manner?

Let’s take a look at the setting of the film. It’s established later on that Belle’s mother died of plague when it had spread to Paris. The doctor’s mask that the Prince notices is of the same design as that which was used during the time of the Black Death - the bubonic plague. This places the film at taking place roughly twenty years after the plague had struck - 1368, give or take a couple of years. At the time of the plague, all sorts of scapegoats were targeted as reasons for the plague: cats, witches, demons, and even putrid smells.

The qualifications for what made someone a witch varied from region to region, time period to time period. However, a common theme was a woman who was single and middle-aged (at the time, this was believed to mean that she’d been denied the blessings of a husband and children from God), who might not fit in with the crowd (for a variety of reasons, ranging from mental illness to introverted tendencies), who has knowledge of herbal remedies (not only did this imply that she was educated, it was also a threat to the medical field at the time, and was cause for accusation by the male-dominated field), and who may own a pet (though people have had pets for much of human history, it was sometimes believed that to own an animal that wasn’t livestock simply for the pleasure of companionship was an indicator of having a familiar - especially if the animal was one that was generally considered wild, such as a bird, cat, or reptile).

Agathe certainly fits the bill for many of these qualities. She’s roughly middle-aged, and a beggar. Later in the film, she rescues Maurice and takes him into her home - a small lean-to in the woods - where she provides some tea (it’s implied here, too that the tea was made from wild herbs) to help him recover, and where it’s revealed that she also has an owl to keep her company.

She’s treated with disdain by many in the village, but as the film goes on, the viewer begins to realize that she is, in fact, the enchantress from the start of the film. By the time of the climax - the conflict between the townsfolk and the servants/furniture at the castle - she is seen calmly walking through the battle and toward the west wing where the rose is kept.

She watches as Belle and the Prince confess their love for each other before reversing the curse for the happy ever after that comes with such fairy tales.

So why are you so excited about this?

It’s the gentle treatment and subtle nod to historical witchcraft that surprised me. The film is exquisite, but as a pagan member of the audience who has studied European history, this was a treat to see incorporated into the movie.

In other renditions, Agathe could easily be turned into the villain for the sole purpose of being a witch, but since the story focuses on Belle and the Prince, and their conflict with Gaston, it gave her room to be more of a guardian. And as such, she fulfills her role as an indirect teacher in the situation. Her curse was meant to be a lesson for the Prince to learn from, and a reminder that actions have consequences. There is an expression of relief on her face as she breaks the curse, showing that though she placed it in the first place, she desperately hoped that the Prince would learn and grow.

In Conclusion…

Beauty and the Beast features many positive aspects - an openly gay character portrayed in positive sense, a strong female lead, respect for the source material, and masterful artwork. But as a pagan, seeing witchcraft treated subtly and respectfully in the film, with a nod toward the historical side to it rather than making Agathe overtly witchy during the course of the story, was uplifting and encouraging. She’s not dressed in black and constantly muttering over a cauldron. And while - like any fairy tale - she does have some serious moments of cinematic magic, what makes her a witch in the film is not her magic but her place in society.

All of this is my opinion based on what I understand of history and the story. It could be that the way they treated witchcraft was unintentional because they wanted to keep the story focused on the main characters. However, it’s treated with such delicacy that it makes me wonder if it was truly intentional on Disney’s part. Whether it was or not, it’s a pleasant surprise for me, and I’m happy to see such a subtle witch in the media!

Keep an eye out for where witches may be in the movies and books you read! Sometimes, you may be surprised as to where they hide and what roles they play! And of course, learn! Had I not known about the historical context and its link to witchcraft, I likely would have missed out on these details! As witches, it is important for us to know our history, and to understand how far we’ve come!

Blessed Be! )O(


My Top 10 Strangest Anime

1. Unko-san
I think this should be an obvious choice for top spot. It’s a freaking piece of crap. A literal piece of crap, living on his crap-shaped island with his crap friends. Not really any place to go from there.

2. Welcome to Irabu’s Office
I know that most people would probably consider this a psychological anime and excuse its quirkiness under that title, but I just can’t do that. I couldn’t even give this the 3-episode test. I barely lasted through one. I could feel my brain rebelling against the fragmented plot and characters and overly-bright colors.

3. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
The title alone almost earns it this spot on the list. But then there’s the premise. The characters command magic power through their hair. Not even kidding. There are people who steal hair for its magic power and absurdly long wiggly mustaches and all sorts of weirdness.

4. Samurai Pizza Cats
The title pretty much tells you what you need to know about this show, and why it’s on this list. They’re samurai cats who use a pizza place as a cover for their operations base.

5. Akikan!
So in Japan, there are vending machines for pretty much everything, and that’s kind of the focus of this series; juice machines. Specifically, the materials the cans are made of. The cans transform into magical girls when their owners drink from them. Their powers can only be replenished by refills or by eating the fruits that their juices come from. They use these powers to duke it out and prove which can material is the best. My favorite part was when before fights, the cans would trash talk about the other can’s materials.

6. Cat Soup
I can’t even describe how badly I was mind-fucked by this anime. Luckily, it was just a short movie. Again, falls into the category of psychological, but mostly to cover up its weirdness. The cat girl has her soul partially taken, and her brother embarks on a journey to recover it. Along the way, he eats parts of a pig alive, drinks an elephant made of water, and generally does fucked-up things.

7. Apocalypse Zero
This thankfully only had 2 episodes. It focuses on a father who trains his son and daughter to protect the rest of the human race in some post-apocalyptic future. The girl decides to use these abilities to kill off all humans instead, pitting her against her brother in a struggle for the earth’s future. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? WRONG. Everything is WAAAAAY over acted, and that’s probably the best thing I can say about it. The demons are what really puts this anime on the list. There’s one very large, fat female demon who is pretty much naked, gnarly pubic mane and all, who preys on young men and sucks their skins off. It was just so wrong.

8. Kyousougiga
This is one of those shows that makes more sense once you see the end, but it was still weird. The story starts with a monk whose drawings come to life, and one of those drawings, a rabbit named Koto, falls in love with him and uses a buddha’s body to approach him. They adopt a boy, and the monk draws two other siblings to complete the family, who then moves into a city that the monk drew. Again, colors way too bright, and a rushed, fragmented plot.

9. Kill la Kill
I know a lot of people like this, but just think about the plot for a minute: Clothes. Try. To take. Over. The. World. Fucking clothes! And then the plot just gets weirder from there, from motherly rape to ridiculous amounts of fan service. So weird.

10. Sleeping with Hinako
I think it’s a testament to the other animes on this list that an anime with 40 minutes of a sleeping girl is ranked last. But seriously, she talks for a bit, then sleeps. Obviously this is unashamedly for people who want fanservice. But it’s still ridiculously weird.

Memories Remain

Day Five of Adrinette Month is Coffee Shop AU!!  This drabble takes place when our heros are in university. It assumes that Adrien never went to school with Marinette and her friends. While writing this, I listened to Coffee Shop by BAP, which I think fits pretty well. I hope you enjoy!

Also on AO3

Adrien didn’t mind the night shift. It was quiet. Generally only one or two customers came in during the late hours, and Adrien spent his spare time reading behind the counter. 

Tonight was no different. It was about midnight, and the only other person in the shop was one of his daytime shift regulars. She was a very pretty university student who lived nearby. Normally, she came by in the mornings for a caramel macchiato before class. They rarely spoke more than a few words to one another, but he always remembered her. She had long, black hair and big, bright blue eyes that reminded him of another girl that used to make his heart pound. 

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anonymous asked:

why is pumpkin an indoor cat? Is it because of the breed or any other reasons?

Fun fact: outdoor housecats are an invasive species!

The domesticated cat is not a native predator to many environments.  The kinds of prey animals that we get in areas where cats don’t naturally occur in the wild aren’t used to being hunted by cats.  And cats kill a LOT.

Outdoor cats, whether owned or stray, tend to engage in overhunting – they kill for fun, without even eating their prey.  This can result in endangerment of surrounding species.

I know this may sound weird considering how common it is in some areas to keep cats as outdoor barn animals for pest control… but the reason they’re so GOOD at pest control is because they’re looking to hunt those pests for fun, not just to eat them.

Let loose in the wild, they do this to all sorts of species.

Not to mention, keeping a cat indoors is also for its own safety – it may know how to hunt, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it can take care of itself in the wild.  Temperatures up here frequently drop to below freezing, which makes the area a big icy deathtrap for kitties who get stuck outside or try to hide under the hoods of cars.  To boot, stray cats can get VERY territorial.  It’s not uncommon for strays to be brought into shelters missing ears, eyes, limbs… etcetera.  Oftentimes, these are lost in brawls between cats.  Other times, they’re lost to machinery or hazards in a human environment.

Pet cats should be indoor animals!  Don’t raise ‘em and let ‘em run loose!

The woman walked around the world. She had been here for quite some time and met all sorts of individuals. She had made friends with cats and dragons, idealists from older times, even those from outer space and from things that should not exist.

She walked the alleys of this magical world, seeing others of her profession advertise their works and barter off their completed portraits. Criers in the square told fanciful stories of distant lands and heartbreak. She smiled as she recognized one of the criers shouting a story of one of her creations. It warmed her heart to see that she had inspired someone to make something.

               She continued to walk down the alley and stared in astonishment as one of her creations stood before her. The Dragon looked down to the crowd, regal and immense. He smiled in the way dragons do and leaned down to his master.

               Peace be upon you, mother of dragons and wyrms.

Her heart fluttered as she smiled dumbly to the dragon and began petting its snout. “Snoots are for petting.” She said, eliciting a rumble of amusement from the dragon.

She continued down the way and waved to some of her fans as they recognized her in the street. Several people had dressed up as their characters from her created world, their feathered wings alight with a torrent of colors. They ran up to her and smiled, thanking her for the opportunity to have such an amazing world. She blushed and gave her acceptance to the thanks. They all went on their way, giddy with the knowledge that they had the chance to meet one of their idols.

               The Woman continued down to the edge of the city, through an old abandoned shanty town towards the edge of the city. Those in the shanty town looked hostile, even resentful at the woman. They held their tongues as officers patrolled the perimeter of the town, but would likely cut her down and see her hurt with their sharpened words. She made haste through the section, trying to ignore them.

Finally, the woman made it to the edge of town. Her friend stood there, weaving his spells. The Skeleton had often done such intricate feats for her and never had he faltered in his attempts to aid her. She watched in wonder as his latest spell grew, yet faltered. He sighed and sat upon the edge of the world. He gazed into the sky where his spell used to be with hollow sockets.

               “Is something the matter?” The woman asked. “Is there a problem?”

The skeleton simply chuckled and flexed his bone wings. “No. There is no problem with an experiment gone awry. I will simply pick up the pieces, record the information I was given, and try again. But first…” he sprang up, flying into the sky. He began speaking a series of spells, each benign in nature. The picture came into focus after he landed beside the woman.

The picture contained the face of every follower, friend, and family member the woman had. Each seemed to smile and look towards the woman with hopeful expressions.

               The skeleton appeared amused and bowed to the woman. “Happy birthday, Sai. I hope that you enjoy the day with family and friends.”

Sai turned to the skeleton only to see him suddenly vanish. Except… she had vanished. She blinked her eyes a couple of times to see that she was standing in front of her home. She raised an eyebrow and shrugged before opening the door. She was taken aback and nearly cried when she saw all of her friends and family standing in the room. She laughed as Lightning smirked slightly and offered her a tea.

The party was phenomenal.

Happy Birthday @sai-shou!

Also @lightning-cross cause i had to include you. ;P

anonymous asked:

Hit me with all them thihv vampire facts~

can do, my dudes. BONUS CODEX ENTRIES:

Vampire Fact #1: Vampire sires use scent marking as a means to comfort mates and close family members. It is considered a very intimate act and requires deep trust between the sire and the one being marked, since it requires sires to expose their necks, where their scents are the strongest.

Non-sires do not have scents that are powerful enough to calm others, however all vampires can make a low sort of purring sound which, like a cat, promotes comfort and even healing both in the purring vampire and the other individual.

Vampire Fact #2: Vampires are beings ruled by instinct over all else. While they are capable of logic and emotion, in the end their instincts rule them. A truly starving vampire is one of the most dangerous creatures on earth, because they are ruled by nothing but instinct, and become more like animals – extremely intelligent, specialized, and successful predators. It is both dangerous and inadvisable for humans to let their guard down around a vampire or place their trust in one, because they may seem perfectly civil one moment and turn on you the next.

Some warning signs that vampires are losing control of themselves and may lapse into a more feral state are: inhuman dilation of pupils, fully yellow eyes, lengthening of ears and fangs, bared teeth, unsheathing of claws, and overly possessive behavior. A feral state, also referred to as “bloodlust,” can be triggered by a large amount of blood, especially if the vampire is younger or has not fed recently.

Vampire Fact #3: Although vampires have evolved to be more active at night to avoid detection by humans and take full advantage of their sensitivity to light, they are technically crepuscular, not nocturnal. Like housecats, jaguars, bears, deer, hyenas, and lemurs, vampires exhibit their highest levels of activity during the twilight hours – just before dusk and right after dawn.

Vampires tend to sleep throughout the day and remain awake throughout the night, but their circadian rhythms are more irregular and flexible than humans’. This allows them to be versatile in their sleeping habits; so many vampires may sleep after hunting at night and awake just after dawn, or sleep throughout the better part of the day but wake in late afternoon. Vampires have slower metabolisms than humans and thus require less sleep – the exact numbers are unknown since very few people are foolish enough to hang around at a vampire’s bedside with a stopwatch.