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Please for the love of god

Do not declaw your cats. Today my friend who works at a local rescue received an application for a cat adoption. There’s a section for “Do you plan on declawing your new cat?” and the person checked the box for yes and wrote “We have expensive furniture.”

ok then don’t get a cat

sorry but if you’re going to mutilate your animal to avoid ruining your expensive furniture then a cat is not the animal you need

So many reasons not to do this

-it’s EXTREMELY painful. they don’t just remove the claw, they remove the TOE up to the first joint.

-if your cat escapes your home, they have absolutely ZERO way of defending or feeding themselves (not that your cat should be allowed outside for any reason but that’s a whole separate rant)

-your cat will be in pain while walking. because they removed that actual bone, your cat’s weight is now balanced on that second bone in their toe, not the first as was designed. Painful.

-Your cat may even lose the desire to be touched. literally we adopted this adolescent cat whose owners abandoned him because he was an escape artist. they had already declawed him and for the longest time he wouldn’t even let us get near his feet. like we couldn’t touch him if it wasn’t his head or the base of his tail.

do. not. declaw. your. cat.


-buy little nail caps. they sell them at pet stores and they come in all sorts of cute colors

-buy furniture guards. figure out where your cat is most aggressive with scratching. buy a furniture guard and place a cat tree or scratching post nearby and use some catnip or treats to attract their attention to it

-literally just trim the nails with nail clippers. be careful not to quick them. if your cat starts fussing, take a break and come back later to avoid accidents due to them moving around

don’t declaw your cat

Darkness Manipulation, Tactical Analysis, and one hella smooth voice.

Better late than never! Introducing Jumin, the team’s financial support and dark magic guy. His powers come from that little purple cloak (or so he claims, but he probably just wears it to look cool)! He can manipulate shadows easily, making him a formidable enemy at night, and has extensive knowledge over all sorts of malicious and deadly spells. He also has a cat, because no proper wizard is ever without one, right?

Also, bread shoes is an inside joke between me and @omelette-douche-fromage. I grew so frustrated drawing his loafers that I screamed “i hate bread shoes” right at her face hahah rip me. She laughed so hard I think she almost died. 


anyone else notice that moment when Seth was super vague about how the Shield ended, and he and Roman had a Moment and it was the worst (but also the best)?

it’s a shame they dont got “pet cats, but bigger”

like they got dogs in all sorts of cool sizes but we cant make cats bigger than cats because “ooh they’ll kill us” or whatever

bullhockey, i say. if human beings can make the species Canis lupis familiaris in to different shit like the Mastiff and the Pomeranian and have it still be the same animal, we can make cats that are dog sized and have them not be dangerous 

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Any updates on your former biology teacher's cat? Thank you.

He apparently threw up a snake skull last week which is worrying Mrs. A. Tiggy had stuck to strictly warm-blooded critters before and she’s deathly afraid of snakes.  So apparently she’s been lecturing him in Estonian about how if he brings a snake into the house she will turn him into a hat.

Tobasco is part malamute and refuses to leave the bathtub in this weather.


WELL! The amazingly talented @outlandishchridhe saw a quilt pattern and decided to make me a wee giftie. She made me pick out a few different options of sets of colors, and wouldn’t even tell me what she picked! Rude, right!? (I LOVE YOU ISH!)

Anyway, she teased me endlessly about what it looked like and all sorts of torture. But. IT’S CATS!!! AND ISN’T IT PRETTY!?

I put it on my bed and Wes was the first one to jump up there. And he laid down just like that. (I think he was posing for you @widchadidcha) Ish even made me record a video of myself opening the box so she could get my super squeaky voice. I’m so blown away that she would take the time and make me something so beautiful. I’m glad we’re friends, Ish! My life would be much duller without you in it!!

Supervillains AU

Characters A, B, C, and D are a group of “supervillains” that started off as superheros – albeit slightly misbehaved ones that didn’t get along with the city’s other heroes – but they didn’t live up to the “family friendly” image standards that are required to maintain a hero status, so Characters A, B, C, and D now live a life of petty revenge or slightly illegal whims.

  • Character A however is an honest to goodness eldritch being who was accidentally summoned by Character B and is now bound to do their bidding.
  • Character B used to be a harmless magic user, but now they’re the caretaker of Character A.
  • Character C is convinced they’re the sole voice of reason in the group and leads most of the missions.
  • Character D quit their hated part time retail job for a life of villainy and now works as the group’s secretary. Their paycheck doesn’t always come on time – depending on how good of a week the villain’s had – but it pays better than minimum wage.

The group is actually pretty harmless in real life and are all the sorts of people to give people directions or rescue a stray cat or help out a confused old lady, but when the city’s superheroes start acting up and using their hero status for devious deeds, it’s up to the supervillains to save the city.

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Hab grad eine Polizeirechtsklausur geschrieben. Jura ist an sich gemein, aber die Klausur hatte ein witzigen Sachverhalt, es ging um pfeifende Murmeltierjunge. Kann ich was mit Tony und einem pummeligen Murmeltier bekommen? Bitte bitte?

Du hast mein volles Mitgefühl. Ich hab Jura nur ein Jahr durchgehalten, und selbst das nur im Nebenfach. Respekt, dass du es durchziehst! Und vielen Dank für dein Ask! Ganz ehrlich, das ist das erste Mal, dass ich mir Gedanken um Tony und Murmeltiere gemacht habe, aber ich habs probiert :) [Die Sachverhalte, die zum Teil behandelt werden, hab ich zugeben auch als das Kurioseste am ganzen Fach in Erinnerung] Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Glück bei deinen Klausuren!

Random silliness lies ahead, consider yourself warned!

Alright lovelies, let’s talk about that time Tony met a pudgy, little groundhog. See, it’s not all that well-known. Maybe because it’s too obvious, too into-people’s-faces to be deemed of importance.

But Tony lives in a tower full of glass and glamour and metal and hidden scanners. Because everything about Tony is glamour and shine. He’s too vibrant, too futuristic, too technology-obsessed for anyone to expect something different.

Never mind that he could live anywhere he wanted. Could have tiny house in the middle of nowhere, where at least he wouldn’t be bothered by people and villains and other pesky annoyances. But he hasn’t. Instead he’s built a tower with his name lit up in bright, shining lights in the middle of New York City because that’s the way Tony Stark does things.

It’s not because he doesn’t like the outdoors. Or small, moving…things. Not at all.

It’s just nice to be surrounded by–not so alive things, you know? Tony doesn’t hate being in direct contact with nature, he’s just more comfortable surrounded by the soothing hum of his tech.

JARVIS might disagree, but who listens to JARVIS anyways? Besides he’s exaggerating. It’s not like Tony wants to erase nature or for all animals to drop dead or anything. Except maybe spiders. And mosquitos. And anything that crawls.

But contrary to popular belief, Tony is not a crazy super villain in the making. He’s not gonna start burning down a forest, even though the midges had it out for him specifically. No matter how tempting it may be. 

Instead he’s dealing with his–dislike like a responsible adult: by hiring the best cleaning crew, improving his roombas, and working a decontamination bottom into the standard safety design of every floor of his tower.

So when, on an ordinary Tuesday mid-morning, Tony stumbles into his kitchen and finds a–a thing furry enough to definitely not be a robot waiting for him, staring at him with blank, black eyes that hold an abyss of soulless nothingness, he can be forgiven for screaming.

Loudly and heartfelt.

Neither JARVIS nor the devil in fur are impressed.

Tony presses the decontamination button.

JARVIS reminds him that protocol commands the process can only start once there are no humans in the room in question.

Tony presses the decontamination button again. (He presses the decontamination button a lot, that morning.)

A lot of arguing follows because JARVIS is too damn soft-hearted for his own good and refuses to call the suit in to deal with this threat to national security (not to forget Tony’s sanity). Until they eventually compromise on calling the closest animal shelter and asking on the best procedure.

Only when Tony turns around–and really, he can’t believe he turned his back on the Intruder for even a moment–the furry monster is gone

He spends the next ten hours combing over every room of his floor in search for the damn thing, but it’s nowhere to be found.

The next morning the Evil That Knows Nothing But How To Evade Tony’s Excellent Security System once again awaits him in the kitchen.

Tony once again screams.

JARVIS sighs a very human sigh.


two months later

“Yo, Stark! Why is there’s a fat groundhog in your kitchen?!”

“Leave Sith Lord alone, Barton, what the hell? He’s not fat, maybe a little pudgy but there’s nothing wrong with that! Hey J, does Patty-Patter still hold those body positivity seminars?”

“I believe Miss Perrington does indeed, Sir. She is also petitioning to hold a seminar called ‘Why Tony Stark Should Not Be Allowed To Nickname His Employers’ if you are interested.”

“Very funny, J. Why don’t you sign Barton up to one of those, hm? And you, Sith Lord, better get out of here before–where did he go?”

Kiss Me Not -Part 10-

Find Part One Here! 

tags: drarry, hogwarts eighth year, soulmates au

Harry stared down at his hands, “How’s your mother?”

“You’re asking me about my mother? Really, Potter?” Draco asked in dismay.

Harry glared at him, “I thought it might be a safe subject to talk about.”

“Between us?” Malfoy said, “Nothing is a safe subject.”

“Only because you won’t stop being a tit,” Harry snapped.

“Says the one who just called me a tit,” Draco sneered.

Harry returned the expression mockingly, “Says the one who won’t just tell me how his mum’s doing.”

Draco was looking tense as a puffed cat, torn between hexing Harry or just leaving altogether.

Harry leaned back and then took a step back, before looking away from Draco altogether. For a bit there, they had been close enough that Harry could feel that faint buzz skating across his skin that made him want to shiver. He sighed and looked up at the stars wondering if the original Princess had this much trouble, then mentally cursed himself for thinking of himself as the Princess.

“Mother is doing quite well, all things considered. She’s been re-doing the Manor,” Draco said begrudgingly.

Harry glanced over at him in surprise, quickly dragging his gaze back to the sky before attempting to keep the conversation going, “She’s redecorating?”

There was an interminable pause, which Harry was afraid wouldn’t be filled, before Draco answered, “No, re-doing. Moving the walls, replacing everything not nailed down, shoving heirlooms in the attic, all the furniture transfigured, new floors, new paint, wallpaper,” he said the last like a bad taste in his mouth. “As if the last few years are a stain she can scrub out if she just tries hard enough.”

“Well,” Harry hazarded, “if it helps then… no reason not to.”

Wallpaper,” Draco muttered then took a deep breath, “She asks after you in her letters. She won’t tell me why, just something about what happened in the forest and now she-” he stopped abruptly.

“Well, I’ve been alright. Certainly a lot better than-” he paused, uncertain about finishing his own sentence. “…Erm, before,” he finished lamely.

Draco said stiffly, “I would imagine that anything would be an improvement over being hunted by a mass-murdering megalomaniac.”

Harry looked over at Draco in surprise.

Draco rolled his eyes at Harry’s expression, “I’m not made of glass.”

“Alright,” Harry said and nodded, “Yeah, better than that.”

Draco’s brow furrowed faintly as he looked away from Harry and back at his hands, “What do you want, Potter?”

“What?” Harry asked in confusion.

“We’re not friends but this is the second time you’ve done-” Draco waved a hand absently, “-whatever it is you’re trying to do here. You either want something from me or it’s pity. I won’t be pitied, Potter.”

Harry snorted, ignoring Draco’s frown, “I can’t imagine pitying you.”

Draco’s eyes narrowed, “Bollocks. That’s utter fucking bollocks.”

Harry found himself looking at Draco’s hands, long elegant fingers as they gripped at the stone, slowly dragging into loose fists.

Harry said carefully,“…The way I look at it. I can’t imagine many people could survive what you went through.”

“What I-?!”

“Do you?” Harry interrupted to ask, “Do you think many people could survive having Voldemort in their home, holding their parents hostage, threatening to kill them?”

What little colour was left in Draco’s face disappeared and he swallowed hard, squeezing his eyes shut, “You could have. You could have done more than just survive,” he said bitterly.

“If I had my parents, if he had my parents-” Harry bit his bottom lip and shook his head, “I don’t know. I’m not sure I could.”

Draco took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Harry forced himself not to stare at Draco’s face, glancing sidelong at his hands again and feeling relieved when Draco relaxed them again. Harry could hear him breathing; he felt like his own breathing was far too loud.

Draco slid his hands over the stone, curling his finger over the edge, “So you don’t pity me. Fine. I still don’t understand what you want.”

Harry dropped his head, ruffling his hand through his hair as he mentally ran through possible answers, most of which were entirely certain to make Draco angry. He spoke slowly, making sure every word was in place before saying the next, “I want to get to know you.”

“Fuck off, does this look like sharing time to you?” Draco said with a sneer, whipping away from the parapet to leave.

Harry grabbed Draco’s arm, “Wait! I- um- please just-”

“Let go of me or I’ll hex your bollocks off!” Draco stepped back, jerking his arm free. His eyes blazed, looking about ready to do just that when he whirled away. The swirl of his cloak would have made Snape proud.

Harry leaned back against the parapet with a sigh.

Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7 ~ Part 8 ~ Part 9 ~ Part 10 (you are here!)~ Part 11  ~  Part 12 ~

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also something that never made sense to me was forcing jayfeather into being a medicine cat? like, i mean, gross ableism aside it just doesn’t make sense. it’s noted multiple times throughout the series that starclan had no control over the power of three, that if anything they had control over starclan, surely they would want to take all precautionary measures to make sure they can’t abuse their powers? like, having jayfeather become a medicine cat, it just puts him in a position that’s begging to abuse his powers for his own desires, something starclan can’t prevent, and the same goes for lionblaze, being as he can’t be injured in battle having him become a warrior sort of puts the other clans at a disadvantage, because he can keep fighting and keep fighting with no repercussions, something no other cat can do. from starclan’s perspective, it would make more sense for them to urge jayfeather into being a warrior and lionblaze into being a medicine cat, as jayfeather would still be in a position where, if need be starclan could speak with him, and lionblaze would be bound by both his own morals as a medicine cat as well as the medicine cat code to help cats of all clans, becoming a sort of infallible healer. plus, i think out of hollyleaf, jayfeather, and lionblaze, lionblaze is most suited to be a medicine cat. as much as i love the medicine cat hollyleaf headcanons, lionblaze sees himself as the protector of his siblings, has the ability to be sympathetic towards others, and is able to see past clan boundaries as shown with the whole heathertail thing, qualities that would be great for a medicine cat to possess. literally all i want is clan leader hollyleaf, warrior jayfeather, and medicine cat lionblaze @erins is that too much to ask 

If you were a cat... pt.2

or an astrological guide to the mystery of your cat; I mean how else are we supposed to understand this creatures


The Libran cat thinks it has star quality and it demands a lot. A high standard of living and elegant surroundings are vitally important. As it has loads of charm and usually looks entrancing, it gets its own way quite easily but, even when things go wrong, it seldom loses its temper. Venus rules these cats, making them the romantics of the zodiac. The Libra is a flirty cat, chatting up the other neighborhood cats any chance they get. But though these cats are multitalented, Libras often need help making a decision. This is the cat who will meow at the door to be let outside only to return a few minutes later to be let back in. A favourite pastime of the Libran cat is watching humans at work. It can sit glued to the spot for hours, observing your every move, trying to make sense of what your doing. You’ll quite often see a Libran cat following its favourite human like a dog. It loves sleeping on a nice soft bed and however often you shoo it away, it will be back next moment, whether you’re in bed or not. Think yourself lucky if you can at least train it to prefer the end of the bed and not take up the whole pillow.


The Scorpio cat likes investigate its surrounding and is constantly exploring every nook and cranny of your home. With its inventive mind, it can think up all sorts of new uses for household furnishings and other items. Many Scorpio cats for example settle down for a siesta in the drum of the washing machine. Whatever you may think, your Scorpio cat know you are really its slave and, if you haven’t noticed - well, that’s a tribute to your cats intelligence. The Scorpio is also extremely intuitive and can sense when the mood has shifted in the room before anyone has the chance to say anything. Scorpio cats are happiest living on a farm where they can roam freely and have adventures. They are good hunters and can survive for days in the open country without human help. It will love to crawl into bed whit you in the morning to try and distract you from getting on with the business of your day. A bit of an aggressive egoist, it likes to prove itself the better cat in a fight; of course it does - it’s programmed to be a champ. Despite their brazenness these are some of the sweetest, most catlike cats of the zodiac.  


The adventurous Sagittarian cat is a free spirit and real high flyer - which means if may also come a cropper. Always optimistic, it never learns from its mistakes. In fact, nothing will shake its belief in itself and its own capabilities. The Sagittarian cat is definitely the outdoor type and can’t bear to be confined in small spaces. These cats seem to possess the best of both worlds. They are both athletic and brilliant, and require a lot of mental stimulation to keep their brains fresh and sharp. With its adaptable and restless nature, the Sagittarian cat enjoys going on holiday with you. It prefers four-star hotels, but will make do with something more modest: the opportunity to go out exploring is what really matters. The Sagittarius will not want to much. Making life comfortable for these cats shouldn’t be a challenge - that is the beauty of owning one of these low-maintenance felines, but don’t forget to give these cats the adventurous life they deserve! The Sagittarius is intuitive and will read your emotions carefully. It is also known as the cuddliest in the zodiac, but it can, and will show affection in its own way.


Capricorn cats are ambitious. Once they start something they don’t give up easily - whether it’s fishing a hairpin out of a crack in the floorboards or making friends with the dog next door. But the Capricorn cat is always quick to spot any danger and will take steps to avoid it, so it runs little risk of getting hurt. Although generally well balanced, the Capricorn needs a lot of human and animal contact and is likely to get depressed and melancholy without it. Rest is more important than food to this cat, and it needs plenty of time to mediate. Despite its need for contact, it is inclined to be reclusive and will indulge this tendency frequently. You’ll probably find that if you sleep past the time your Capricorn eats, it will gently remind you with a paw to the nose or a decent meow in your sleeping ear to help remind you. Feed it on time, offer it lots of space and love (when requested) and reap the benefits of befriending these felines. Because loyalty is the strongest facet of this cat, you can depend on to the Capricorn to sense when you need it most. Let the Capricorn know when your day is rough and it’ll most likely close the eyes and soothingly purr. You’ll start to feel you blood pressure lower and your pulse begin to even out.


An Aquarian cat is a complicated creature, often at odds with itself. Part of it wants to be loving and affectionate, another part feels duty bound to show its claws. It begs for milk and then sits irresolutely in front of its bowl. It’s ingenuity gets into the most unlikely places and it will happily stay hidden away for hours, but arouse its curiosity or its appetite and it will come out, playful as ever, as if nothing had happened. The Aquarius cat can be extremely idealistic and dreamy, but only because it wants the best for the world. These are the cats you see on the news caring for abandoned baby chicks or other helpless creatures. You will see the Aquarius cat starring off into space frequently. This is because it is busy having big thoughts about the world around it and it is much more in tune with the world than people give it credit for. In spite of its contrary behavior towards you, the Aquarian cat has great admiration for everything human. You may not have noticed but it is doing its best to be just like you. So if you want to know more about yourself, watch your cat. With so many happy traits, it’s hard to see why a person would turn down the chance to love and care for an Aquarius. Perhaps the hardest part of being with an Aquarius is sharing him with all of its admirers.


A Pisces cat makes its own rules and lives by them. Once it’s decided to spend the day out of doors, nothing and no one can lure it back in. If it thinks it is time for a nap, it will pick a dustbin or mixing bowl of its choice an settle down, never mind what you say. This cat is loved by all, but understood by few. This is perhaps her best charm: mystery. Some day it will be the most gregarious cat you have ever met, and the next day she will be elusive and hard to find. Since it has difficulty following anyone else’s rules, a Pisces cat fits best into a relaxed household where everyone does their own thing. With unerring instinct, the Pisces cat picks up human moods and react to them. If you need comforting, it will rub gently round your legs. If you want entertaining, it will lay on a show. Pisces cats love all things soft and fluffy, so be prepared to give up a pillow or two to this cat. It’s probably not surprising that the Pisces loves food from the sea, after all she is both a cat and a water sign. A little tuna and a little imaginative play is all it takes to keep these funny cats happy.

sources: Astrology For Cats (Traudl and Walter Reiner); Cat Zodiac (Maeva Considine)

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Part 2 witch!au!!! I wanna know more about their deal and why Neil's not Andrews familiar!

Neil is not Andrew’s familiar because he is not a spirit. Familiars are essentially the essence of a witch’s spirit and inner self taking the form of an animal. Gaining a familiar is a complicated process and requires blood magic, and Neil wasn’t summoned to Andrew’s side. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you know *jazz hands* magic.

As for the deal, it went something like this:

  • it’s the beginning of summer and andrew is tired
  • being around annoyances for nine months was exhausting and the only reason andrew is letting kevin inside his car is because of their promise
  • kevin stays in the car when andrew goes out
  • not too far but far enough that andrew can pretend to be alone
  • except there’s a cat in the tree above him that’s practically suffocating in binding magic
  • really, it’s a surprise that the cat’s even keeping himself upright
  • andrew… well, he’s not about to let a cat suffer so he takes the cat and does some magic to dispel the bind
    • side note: binding magic isn’t bad in any way
    • it’s usually used to make teammates/partners stronger
    • it can also be used as a sort of marriage ceremony
    • typically, binding magic isn’t permanent and requires the consent of all parties
    • however, the deal with the cat was that a taboo sort of binding spell was used so that he wouldn’t be able to escape his master without causing pain unto himself
    • that spell is not public knowledge–only the influential are meant to know about it
    • back to the story

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Be with Me

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Supercat

Rating: T

Author’s Note: This is a prompt fill for @onegoodframe who asked for prompt #20, “Do you ever think about it? Us? Married?” Thanks to @zennie-fic for looking it over. Hope you like it!


“Do you ever think about it? Us? Married?”

Alex took a deep breath and glanced up from the chart she was reviewing, shooting a worried look at Cat Grant. Much to her surprise, the Queen of All Media didn’t look ruffled by Kara’s question in the least, but she did smirk slightly.

“Do you?” Cat asked nonchalantly, leaning forward in her chair as Kara stared at her from her bed in the medical bay of the DEO.

Biting her lip, Alex barely refrained from interjecting. Her sister had always had some weird… thing… for this woman, and, for the first time, Alex was witnessing it firsthand. She had to admit, the two women had chemistry, but with Kara powerless and drugged to the hilt on pain medication, now might not be the best time to let a former reporter interrogate her sister.

“Do I what?” Kara asked, sounding so light and airy Alex wondered if she’d float out of the bed if she’d been able to.

“Think about us being married?” Cat’s smirk became more pronounced.

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