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mccree being like a cat and bring reyes all sorts of weird shit as ‘presents’ and reyes is like ?? why??? 

“hey boss look it says 420” “IS THAT A LICENSE PLATE” 

“yo boss, check this out” “WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET A TRAFFIC LIGHT”

hell also grab expensive pens from the important people they go to meetings with or like expensive shit from hotels, watches and rings and reyes just has no idea what the hell to do with this petty criminal he’s somehow tamed

reyes usually silently puts them back or pawns them except the really nice solid gold plated lighter he still uses to this day. 

IT’S SO FLUFFY! Chapter 1

My contribution to #mlflufffiction



Chapter 1: Gimme Kiss

Adrien thought that once he and Ladybug finally revealed their identities to each other, that he’d be the one with his head in her lap, getting pats and scratches and all sorts of affection. He was a lap cat, after all. What he didn’t expect was Marinette– Marinette who sat right behind him in class god he was so blind!–to be the lap cat. He also didn’t expect to enjoy showering his lady with love and adoration and…

Okay, he totally expected that.

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Y'all cant stop making galra keith some sort of cat-like-boy. But…..imagine if galras act like DOGS. Imagine how the pALADINS ACT WHEN THEY DISCOVER IT!!! The thrill, the dog jokes, the nERVE!
Lance: (appears with a ball) look what ive got keithy boy :))))
Keith: lance this is the sixth time today i’m not gonna….
Lance (throws the ball) CATCH IT BUDDY!!!!!!!
Keith: *sprints half the castle behind it , knocks over several chairs, a weird altean flotaing table, half of pidge’s equipment and a confused coran in the process*
He finally catches it with his mouth and Lance can’t stop weeping about how a good boy he is. He meant to mock Keith but now he’s crying somehow.

Needless to say, Allura is #done. She never met a dog in her life, she doesn’t get what all this fuss is about, no, she doesn’t know what dogue is pidge, she was in a cryopod for ten thousand years for fuck’s sake

headcanon that El absolutely loves stuffed animals - like sure, she’s a little old for them, but they comfort her, and they are soft and fluffy, and really for a little girl who grew up in a lab training to be a weapon, that’s what she needs. so she FILLS her bed (the fort?) with all sorts of stuffies - cats, monkeys, pigs, fantasy animals too. is it cute? SHE HAS IT. she says doesn’t have favorites, of course, she loves each one equally, but when she sleeps, she cuddles up to the one Mike gave her because really, anything from Mike is her favorite. 


Happy birthday, Vivien Leigh! ♡ 5th November 1913 - 8th July 1967

‘…the recollection of her evokes all sorts of images; quicksilver; elegance and composure, like a small Siamese cat; and the tinkling charm of a Chinese wind lantern.’ - Olivia de Havilland

‘I’ll never forget her arrangements. Nor her love of Alex Korda. Nor all those cats. Her ridiculous laughter, her fabulous generosity of heart and her guts in adversity.’ - David Niven

‘She was often underrated because she was so beautiful.’ - George Cukor


My Top 10 Strangest Anime

1. Unko-san
I think this should be an obvious choice for top spot. It’s a freaking piece of crap. A literal piece of crap, living on his crap-shaped island with his crap friends. Not really any place to go from there.

2. Welcome to Irabu’s Office
I know that most people would probably consider this a psychological anime and excuse its quirkiness under that title, but I just can’t do that. I couldn’t even give this the 3-episode test. I barely lasted through one. I could feel my brain rebelling against the fragmented plot and characters and overly-bright colors.

3. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
The title alone almost earns it this spot on the list. But then there’s the premise. The characters command magic power through their hair. Not even kidding. There are people who steal hair for its magic power and absurdly long wiggly mustaches and all sorts of weirdness.

4. Samurai Pizza Cats
The title pretty much tells you what you need to know about this show, and why it’s on this list. They’re samurai cats who use a pizza place as a cover for their operations base.

5. Akikan!
So in Japan, there are vending machines for pretty much everything, and that’s kind of the focus of this series; juice machines. Specifically, the materials the cans are made of. The cans transform into magical girls when their owners drink from them. Their powers can only be replenished by refills or by eating the fruits that their juices come from. They use these powers to duke it out and prove which can material is the best. My favorite part was when before fights, the cans would trash talk about the other can’s materials.

6. Cat Soup
I can’t even describe how badly I was mind-fucked by this anime. Luckily, it was just a short movie. Again, falls into the category of psychological, but mostly to cover up its weirdness. The cat girl has her soul partially taken, and her brother embarks on a journey to recover it. Along the way, he eats parts of a pig alive, drinks an elephant made of water, and generally does fucked-up things.

7. Apocalypse Zero
This thankfully only had 2 episodes. It focuses on a father who trains his son and daughter to protect the rest of the human race in some post-apocalyptic future. The girl decides to use these abilities to kill off all humans instead, pitting her against her brother in a struggle for the earth’s future. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? WRONG. Everything is WAAAAAY over acted, and that’s probably the best thing I can say about it. The demons are what really puts this anime on the list. There’s one very large, fat female demon who is pretty much naked, gnarly pubic mane and all, who preys on young men and sucks their skins off. It was just so wrong.

8. Kyousougiga
This is one of those shows that makes more sense once you see the end, but it was still weird. The story starts with a monk whose drawings come to life, and one of those drawings, a rabbit named Koto, falls in love with him and uses a buddha’s body to approach him. They adopt a boy, and the monk draws two other siblings to complete the family, who then moves into a city that the monk drew. Again, colors way too bright, and a rushed, fragmented plot.

9. Kill la Kill
I know a lot of people like this, but just think about the plot for a minute: Clothes. Try. To take. Over. The. World. Fucking clothes! And then the plot just gets weirder from there, from motherly rape to ridiculous amounts of fan service. So weird.

10. Sleeping with Hinako
I think it’s a testament to the other animes on this list that an anime with 40 minutes of a sleeping girl is ranked last. But seriously, she talks for a bit, then sleeps. Obviously this is unashamedly for people who want fanservice. But it’s still ridiculously weird.

Stealth mode: Activated.


wow how unexpected


“Nozomi chan is sort of like a cat.
All alone under the full moon, a beautiful cat strolling around at night with her head held high.
But you know, even though cats always act on their own, don’t they also gather around during the full moon, and have a kitty party?
We’re like that sometimes.
Having fun singing and dancing like cats.
I’d love to sing with Nozomi-chan under falling stars, someday.”

Rin Hoshizora, Love Live! School idol diary. 

During my high school summers I worked at an animal hospital in Pasco, WA. Because of my love of animals, I had a keen interest in going into veterinary practice - I didn’t quite have the right wiring in my brain to master biology and chemistry exams in college but those summers at the animal hospital gave me a wonderful chance to observe all sorts of dogs, cats, and farm animals. I was also introduced to one of my all time favorite series of books by James Herriot! I don’t think I’ll be applying to vet school anytime soon, but I do look forward to getting a dog in the (hopefully) near future. Thursday ramblings over n out ;o)

When you dig deeper into North American Paleontology post dinosaurs it gets all sorts of cool to see that there were giant sloths, saber cats, dire wolves, armored tanks, huge ass bears but where it gets really interesting are with three species. The Horse, the Camel and the Pronghorn Antelope. The Horse and the Camel both originated in America then migrated through Beringia (Bering Straight) to Europe and Asia. The exchange was not just one way either Bears came over from Asia and so did Mammoths and many other animals. But the Horse and Camel are the two that died out due to the climate becoming hotter and dryer and possibly Human influence. However in Asia both of them survived and actually thrived there they ran wild until you had Humans tame both of them and use them as work animals. 

But the Pronghorn Antelope is the prime example of a completely different world. 

They’re smaller than deer, have incredible eyesight which is much better than deer or elk and are built for speed. They’ve been clocked at 55 miles per hour which is far faster than they need to be for any predators currently existing in North America. The reason they’re so fast and have such great eyesight is because they had predators during the last ice age and before that are extinct but they had to outrun. They retained this speed even though it’s been thousands of years since they last needed it and thousands of generations. They also tend to congregate in herds of 5-50 individuals and are amazingly agile at full run. They prefer open plains and deserts to woodland and high mountains. 

  • Me: (having just read yet another long, circuitous post about the evil that is Mary Watson) NOPE.
  • Sherlock: (on tarmac, HLV) "That's my girl."
  • Watson: (mind palace, TAB) Are you even in a fit state?
  • Holmes: (mind palace, TAB) For Mary, of course. Never doubt that, Watson. Never that.
  • Me: (reading yet another post about how Sherlock really despises Mary & secretly plans to undermine her) NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.

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Number of blankets I sleep with: One comforter and that’s about it.

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