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Even one small rude comment can open the floodgates of darkness

Many so called “fans of bands and music” should take a second and look at how some “Fans” react at bands that try to grow as an artist by experimenting with music. We see it all the time. A band drops a new album and its sounds different to their older music and many of “these called fans” blast these band for changing. They call them names, they tell them they are over, That they lost all respect for them and many other fucked up things. Art is not meant to sound the same even if it the same band.

Imagine you’re an artist and you put everything you got in a new album for the fans that you have always treated well for years. When your album comes out these same fans pay you by calling you all sorts of names on social media. They call your band a hasbeen. They call your band shitty names. Can you imagine the pressure that may put in the mind of any man or woman. We are constantly promoting to NOT BULLY yet we never take that into consideration when shit calling with our harsh and sometimes unnecessary opinions to musicians. If you are a true fan or if you are one of the many people that over use the “Music is my life” start by showing some respect to those that make music because you never know what that artist is going thru in life and how that one rude thing may trigger some dark thoughts in them. Remember the music industry s a dark place and many of the best songs come from a place or pain.

This is my opinion and only an opinion.

Crossing Wires

Tuning in to the audio apocalypse.

Hello everyone!

I’m writing a podcast, and I’m going to need some voices for it! Quite a few, in fact.

It’s got something to do with an apocalypse and radio waves, and there’s going to be quite a large cast of characters - some reoccurring and some just one offs.

We have characters of all sorts. We’ve got a beauty blogger and an apocalyptic prepper, a garage band musician and a travelling radio repair person. And those are just a few examples.

How do you audition? It’s pretty simple. Record a short (around 30-60 seconds) audio clip of you reacting to an apocalyptic event. Maybe you’re at home, or at your favourite local hangout. Is it meteors? Is it Cthulu? You choose! We just want to hear you reacting to it in some way. Don’t do any editing to it, just send us a raw take. Have an accent? That’s totally fine! Although the podcast takes place in North America, we have characters from all over, and are more than willing to tweak a character to make your natural accent work for them.

If you have a reel, you can link us to that as well, but we would still like to hear your apocalyptic reaction.

We also have at least one character who sings, so if you sing, throw in a couple bars of yourself singing a favourite song (this can be separate from your apocalypse reaction). A link to a past performance or recording works as well.

Please record on the best quality mic you have at your disposal, but don’t think that not having a high quality mic disqualifies you from auditioning. If we fall in love with your audition, we’ll find a way to make it work.

Auditions can be sent to In the body of the email, please include the following info:

Are you okay playing a character a different gender than you? y/n
Any relevant experience:
Your favourite post-apocalyptic setting or media:

At the moment, this is unpaid.

Auditions will be open until the end of the month (May 31, 2017).

If you have any questions, feel free to email us, or send us an ask here! We also answered some questions we already got over here, as well as going into a bit more detail about what we’re looking for.

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So how'd you manage to get into OWCA, Heinz? I can't imagine they (read: Monogram) were very keen on the idea at first. And what does Perry think of this? What's it like working with him in such a different capacity?

I’m not really sure what Perry thinks, to be honest. He’s pretty quiet about the whole thing. I know he’s struggling not being a lone agent anymore, but he does seem to at least like his team. I’m mostly looking forward to when my probation’s up in a couple months and I can try for my Colors. So far it hasn’t really been too different from when Perry and I’ve teamed up before. Being a Good Guy’s pretty good so far, really. Thanks for the ask! -Heinz

My Soundgarden story.

Half of Soundgarden (Kim and Hiro) were from Park Forest Illinois, that’s just one town over from my little shit town. I can’t emphasize how mind blowing that was. Kim’s Mom taught elementary school in my town, her room was littered with Soundgarden stuff. The band would send her students all sorts of guitar picks, photos, and autographs. 

During the Superunknown tour (when they were fucking HUGE), Kim and Chris came to the Crete Elementary Fun Fair and just helped the parents carry food and boxes. They never said who they were, the parents just thought they were some older siblings helping out. So my memory of Chris Cornell is one of helping people doing mundane chores because his friend/bandmate’s Mom asked him to. A rock star, who I am sure had plenty of shit on his plate, carrying boxes of hot dogs to kids. That’s the kind of rock star I want to remember. 

I am a Wanderlust King! I stay on the run. Let me out! Let me be gone!

- Wonderlust King by Gogol Bordello 

Drunk old men dancing together.

Tyler Drabble 001

Title: N/A

Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader

Warnings: Physical/Emotional Abuse, Angst, Alcohol and drug use, Cursing, A bit of fluff near the end just for you guys <3

Rating: Mature

A/N: This was a really full & detailed request and I thought it would be interesting to write about! Lemme know what you think & send in more requests y'all!

Requested by: @panicatthefallout

Words: 1652

You had just finished your shift at the hospital downtown. Today was a very busy day in your ward so ultimately, you were forced to stay late and help administer vaccinations to the people who needed them the most. You didn’t often stay late because of your boyfriend, Vincent. He didn’t like it when you weren’t home on time to clean the house or do the washing up after he’d been drinking for seven hours straight. It really didn’t matter to him whether you were busy or not, all he cared about was having enough of your money to buy endless amounts of booze and weed with and using you for his own sleazy antics.

You kept your eyes focused on the road, anticipating what words Vince would give you when you returned home. Probably something along the lines of: “Why the fuck weren’t you home at 5:30?!”, “I told you I don’t want you out past 6!” , “Were you cheating on me with that Tyler prick or something? You filthy slut.” , “You’re honestly a worthless piece of shit.” , “I’m only staying with you because no one else would ever want you.” .

You never knew why you stayed with him so long, he wasn’t good for you and you knew it since he started getting physical two years ago. You remember it like it was yesterday, you were out late at the pub with your small circle of friends when he started spamming you with texts asking where you were and who you were with; it wasn’t like him. When you got home that night he was waiting in the living room on the sofa. You had approached him to give him a hug when he slapped you across the face harder than you had ever been hit before. It felt like a million bee stings to the side of your face, making your cheeks grow red and your eyes well up with tears. The next morning he apologized and swore he’d never do it again, but he did.

 You arrived at your house and parked your car in the driveway. When you stepped through the door, the first thing you could hear was the loud booming of your boyfriends speakers blaring ridiculous music and all you could smell was weed, alcohol and sweat.

Another one of Vincent’s parties. Great.

You dropped your work bag down on the floor and walked back outside, deciding to go visit your friend Tyler for the first time in about a week and a half.

You parked your car down the street from Tyler’s house so that if Vincent decided to come pay you and Tyler a visit, he wouldn’t know you were there unless he came inside.

You got out of the car and speed walked to Tyler’s front porch, smoothing out the wrinkles in your scrubs and knocking at the door with your frail and bruised hand.

Tyler came to answer the door almost immediately and greeted you with a warm welcoming smile. “Hey, stranger.” Tyler greeted with a grin, pulling you in for a hug and stepping aside so you could walk into his familiar house.

He gave you one of his t shirts and a pair of your shorts that you’d left at his house months ago to change into while he ordered a pizza for the two of you to eat while you caught up with each other later on.

Once you were changed and comfortable, you walked into the living room where Tyler was sitting with the pizza and drinks and sat down next to him on the couch.

The two of you talked about work and his band and all sorts of things, cracking jokes and having a good laugh until you noticed Tyler staring at your arms with a worried and confused expression on his face. “Tyler..” you said quietly, trying to pull down your sleeves so he couldn’t see your bruises and scratches while also mentally slapping yourself for not thinking to wear a sweater over your t shirt. “Do you wanna explain what these are?” Tyler said with a concerned look, motioning to your arms. You hesitated for a moment, thinking of what to say, “I fell off my motorbike the other day, it’s no big deal.” You shrugged. Tyler sighed, deciding not to push any further.

You made sure to get home after 5am the next day because Vince would be sleeping and he’d be too hungover to say anything to you about being out the previous night as well. You and Tyler had agreed to meet up again in a couple of days for lunch at the local boulangerie to just hang out like you used to and maybe even talk about Tyler’s next tour with his band.

You woke up at 11:42am to find that Vince wasn’t in the bed. You got up and walked out into the living room to see Vincent with your phone, scrolling through your text messages. “Vince..” you started. “Shut up.” He raised his hand as if he was silencing you and shot a glare your way. “Vincent what are you doing with my phone?” You asked, raising your voice slightly. “Have you been going out at night behind my back?” He asked in a low voice. “Vince, I-” you started once again. “I SAID HAVE YOU BEEN GOING OUT WITHOUT ASKING ME?!” He yelled at the top of his lungs, getting all up in your face in an attempt to intimidate you. “No I haven’t!” You whimpered, tears brimming your eyes. “Then what the fuck are these messages, huh?” He asked loudly, scrolling through messages Tyler had sent you:“Can’t wait for lunch today lol” , “it’s on me btw don’t worry” , “call me when ur leaving k?”.

“I was just going for lunch with an old friend, Vince.” You said shakily. “Did you ask me if you could fucking go out?!” He yelled. “Y’know what? I tried to be nice. I let you live in MY house, eat MY food and even after all the shit you do I still stay with you. That’s it, fuck you.” He ranted, balling his fist and punching you in the face. Hard. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. The punches kept coming harder and harder each time, with him yelling about how much of a “worthless skank.”you are and how “nobody will ever love you.” in your ears. He shoved you against the living room wall and spat in your face before walking out of the house, probably to go to the bar or something.

It felt like you had been lying on the floor for hours, the pain too much to even move. You had been crying off and on the entire time, heavy sobs wracking your entire body and making you quake with anger, fear and sadness.

You heard the door swing open and assumed it was Vincent because no one from your family ever visited your house. The reason for that being because Vince didn’t let you  talk to them often. You heard footsteps coming closer and closer so you shut your eyes tight, anticipating impact to your face. But instead of a blow to the head, you were picked up and brought outside to a car.

You woke up god knows how long after, your mind fuzzy and vision blurry. You blinked a few times and once your eyes adjusted, you realized you weren’t home ,but instead at Tyler’s house. It took a moment for the panic to settle in, your mind filling with so many thoughts and worse case scenarios; What will Vincent do to Tyler if he finds out I’m here? What will Tyler think of me for staying with Vince for so long? Am I gonna die? What the fuck?

Just as you were about to get up and make a break for it, Tyler came into the room with a cup of tea and a bag of frozen peas.

“So..” Tyler started hesitantly, after at least an hour of sitting next to you in an awkward yet comfortable silence on the bed and holding the bag of peas to the side of your head. “So..?”  you repeated, glancing over at him. “Why didn’t you tel-”, “I’m sorry.” You cut him off abruptly, wiping a small tear that had escaped your puffy red eyes. “I’m sorry for not telling you the first time, Tyler. I’m so sorry.” You apologized, sniffling every so often. “No, no, no. You don’t have to apologize, I’m sorry for not being there as much as I should’ve. I was a bad friend.” He said, using his free hand to rub his face. “You’re not a bad friend, shut up.” You replied in your raspy, cracking voice. “You’re an amazing friend and I’m so so grateful that you basically saved me back there.” You thanked him sincerely. “Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?” He chuckled lightly. “Right.” You agreed, laughing slightly.

You spent the rest of the day with Tyler’s arm gently wrapped around you, while his other hand was holding a bag of frozen veggies to your head. All while watching movies and eventually explaining everything that had happened before to him in full detail.

The two of you fell asleep in each other’s arms after the fourth movie and the day after, decided that you enjoyed each other’s company more than you both initially thought. That eventually led to the two of you hanging out and basically cuddling every night after.

Tyler sat by your side and comforted you as much as you needed that night, and for the first time in three years; you felt safe.

In the following two years after the ‘incident’, you had filed a restraining order against Vincent Martello and he had been sent to jail for ten months on charges of assault, mischief and assaulting a police officer. Also in that time frame, Tyler had told you that he loved you and the pair of you had decided to “take things slow” (even though you were already living and sleeping in the same bed together).

Love Divided: Intro (Peter Parker x reader)

Hey babes! I hope your day is going well. As I am writing this, I have three rubber bands stretched in all sorts of ways in my mouth, and it is very uncomfortable.. curse you, my not centered bite! On a better note, here’s the intro to Love Divided… The first chapter won’t be out for a couple more days, but here’s a little background for the story. I love you all, xoxo

Description:  The brewing conflict between Tony and Steve are finally surfacing, causing everyone to choose a side. The heat within the team is rising, and everyone is beginning to realize what is to come. What happens when your relationship with Peter is divided? Will you choose your love? Or your morals?

Warnings: Cursing


“Peter, you know what’s going to happen. An argument, or even worse, a fight might break out between Steve and Tony, and I-I can’t just sit here and watch.” You were sitting on the edge of the bed, pleading to your boyfriend as he paced in front of you. 

“Okay. Maybe there will be one, but then again, there might not be one! It might just die out, and the two of them will get over it, and agree.” He rubbed his hand on his chin; something he always did when he was in deep thought. 

“But what are they going to agree on? Don’t you see their differences in their views of the Accords?” You outstretched your arms to him, trying to make him understand. He was so stubborn sometimes, and half the time he didn’t listen to you till it was too late. He reminded you of Steve when it came to his firmness on what he believed, but also of Tony when he realized things a little too late. He stopped pacing, turning to you, a frustrated look on his face. 

“What are we supposed to do, F/N? We’re just two teenagers. What are we going to do? Fight?” He raised his voice at you, scoffing at his last question. You weren’t here to play games with him. Your face was serious, your voice stern. 

“If that is what it comes to, then yes. I will fight. And I will fight for who I agree with.” You looked up at him, the glimmer in your E/C eyes, gone. He knew you weren’t kidding, and at the realization of this, his jaw slacked. He let out a quick breath, and began smiling with disbelief. 

“F/N, you’re not fighting. I’m not going to let you.” He shook his head at you, running his hand down his face, placing the other on his hip. “Mr. Stark wouldn’t let you anyways. He probably won’t let me either, so we’re both stuck here.” 

“When did I say that I was siding with Tony?” A stoic, expressionless look washed over your face. This was where you began to disagree. He was so loyal to the man; he was like a lost puppy when it came to Stark. 

“Are you being serious right now? Are you really siding with Cap?” He was completely shocked. “After all that Mr. Stark has done for you, you aren’t going to take his side?” 

“I never said I wasn’t grateful for what Tony has done for me, because I am! But, just because he got me to where I am today, doesn’t mean I agree with his view on the Accords.” This time, it was your turn to raise your voice. “I can’t side with him if my morals lie with Steve’s!” Your face was getting warm, and your breathing deepened. 

“Don’t do this.” He turned away from you, not being able to look you in the eye. He loved you, and you knew that. You loved him, too. Maybe he was doing this out of love, because he wanted to protect you. 

“Peter, I-” You begged him to understand, but he cut you short. He whipped his head back towards you. His look was cold, and hard.

“If you do this, I won’t be able to forgive you.” 

I hoped you liked this intro to “Love Divided”! I’m super excited to write this for you guys, and I thank @spiderlingy for messaging me their fic idea, and giving me the opportunity to write this. Bless you, love. Have a wonderful day everyone, xoxo.


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looking back on the pairings that i used to like from the shows that i watched as a kid (before i even knew what an otp was) im realizing that i had it bad for the snarky, cool girl and the more serious/chipper leader ships
like, 1/5 (knd), taang (atla), aerrow/piper (storm hawks), robrae (teen titans), ect

In which Tuomas is a little piece of shit (x)

Spreading Christmas Spirit

A/N: Requested by anon, this is the first smut of Cisco Week! Hope you enjoy!

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Christmas with the Ramones were fun. His mother loved you, his father adored you, and his brother couldn’t stop flirting with you (much to Cisco’s dismay). But each time, you remind him that he has nothing to worry about because you love him and only him. 

And he’s always happy to see that and know your his. 

After dinner, Cisco took you on a tour around his childhood house while the rest of the family were in the living room, mingling with friends and family. Soft Christmas music played in the background and the room was lit with the fireplace and Christmas lights.  It was beautiful. 

“So this is my old room,” he said, opening the door. You walked in and looked around. The room was pretty big. The walls were covered in different comic book posters and band posters, there was a desk with all sorts of gadgets and science stuff, his bed sheets and blankets were blue and white. It really went well. Something Cisco would live in, you imagined. 

“So this is where the magic happens?” You joked, turning to look at him. He leaned on the threshold. He smirked with a shrug. “Eh, you’re the first girl to be in here, I used to have to hear Dante and his action going on down the hall when I was in high school.” 

You giggled and sat on his bed. “Well, we can have some action in here…..if you know what I mean,” 

Cisco raised his eyebrows in fake shock and closed the door behind him. “This is a house of the lord, y/n.” He joked, causing you to laugh out loud. “And I am a good catholic child, I do not do such blasphemy.” 

You shook your head, with a challenging smirk. “You didn’t say that when me and you had that moment at my cousins birthday party in Coast City,” 

“That’s different,” he retaliated, “you and your sexy seducing words and tight body got me into the devils playground.” 

“Come on, it’s not like they’ll hear,” You persuaded, getting up to pull him by the jacket. Cisco, already convinced, smirked lustfully at you. “Okay, but we gotta be quick, my mom is gonna notice that we’re gone,” 

“Lock the door,” you tell him quickly as he hurriedly ran to the door and locked it. You quickly took off your cardigan as Cisco took off his jacket and tossed it aside. Immediately kissing you, you started walking backwards until you tripped on the edge of the bed and the both of you fell on the bed. 

Cisco and you took a brief moment to laugh about your clumsy-ness before starting back at making out again. 

Cisco’s hands roamed around your body. From your chest to your thighs, sliding up the skirt of your mini dress as you started to pull at his shirt. 

He lifted himself up just enough to take off his shirt and toss it to the side 

As you two kissed, your tongues wrestled with each other slowly and sensually. The way he kissed you was always the sexiest thing to you. It got you so wet and ready for him, you really didn’t need foreplay. That was enough to get you hot and heavy. 

Cisco rubbed his hands up your dress, pulling down your lace red panties he loved so much. “Oh, you had this planned all along, didn’t you?” 

You smiled innocently and shrugged. “Maybe, maybe not,” 

Cisco chuckled. “My baby’s a bad girl.” He pulled off the panties and unbuckled his pants as you took off your dress, revealing a matching red lace bra. 

Pulling down his pants and boxers just enough for his member to come out, he got right back on top of you, placing bites and kisses on your neck, drawing circles on the top of your breasts with his long tongue, driving you super crazy. 

Then with a quickness, he shoved himself into you, causing you to gasp out loudly. But was quickly covered by Cisco’s hand. He quietly shhh-ed you, making sure no one was coming as he began to grind into you. 

It felt so good to him. The fact that you were so wet and tight, he could go all throughout this night and not care who hears. 

With you, your body was on fire. Not only because Cisco is huge and really good at sex but because the idea of you guys getting caught was a huge turn on for you. Especially in his parents house, where they were just down stairs?! Oh, you loved that idea. It was so bad boy of Cisco. So rebellious of him. You liked this side of him. The dominating, bad boy side of him. Which only comes out in bed. 

He was literally a gentleman in the streets but a freak in the sheets.

With every thrust, you moaned in his ear to go faster and faster and faster. Which he complied, loving the way you call him ‘daddy’ in his ear when he knows he’s fucking you good. 

“Shit” he moaned in your ear as his pace went faster and your moaning went louder, grabbing his long hair and leaving red scratch marks on his back. 

“Oooooh, God! Oooooh!” 

Nothing but the bed creaking and you groaning and crying out as the party went on downstairs. But no one heard due to the music and laughing. 

Soon the both of you were close. Your body shook and Cisco’s grip on you tighten. 

“"I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” You gasped out in his ear, feeling that feeling build up on you. 

“Let it go, baby!” He growled in your ear as you let out everything. 

You felt his hot cum fill you as his thrust grew sloppy and slow. 

Everything stopped and he was still on top of you, pulling himself out of you. 

He rolled off of you and yes next to you, breathing heavy. 

The both of you stared at the ceiling with grins on your face. “Damn,” he said with a slight chuckle. You giggled. “I know.” 

“Better than your cousins birthday party,”


5 seconds of silence later, Cisco smirks at you mischievously. “You wanna go for round two?”

“Hell yeah!” 

A/N: first smut in Cisco week and I had fun writing this. I should be working right now but screw it.

Hoped you loved it, let me know what everyone thinks of it! 

Happy Holidays!

I have a headcanon that sometimes when France is bored he’ll grab some drawing pens, take England’s arm and just go to fuckin town drawing on it. He’s perfected band logos and skulls and all sorts of things England used to love in his punk days (and still lowkey loves). He does it to make England happy because he knows England misses those days and loves his little “tattoos”. England let’s him because he knows that when he lets France do something to make him happy, France is therefore happy simply because his “Angleterre” is too

I want to expose people to the music I’ve been listening to. I just introduced someone to Ben & Ben and I’m so glad that that person liked their music. A lot of people don’t know them yet and I want to share their music because they’re really great. I also have a few more suggestions to offer. I don’t really have a favorite song and band since I listen to all sorts of music. And I don’t have a specific genre that I like. One day I’ll be listening to indie music, next day will be rnb and then comes next would be pop rock. It changes almost everyday depending on my mood. So to cut it all short, I just wanna say that you guys should listen to these songs and artists. Yup! It’s a must.

  1. Ben & Ben – Ride Home
  2. Vivir – Tom’s Story
  3. Cloud – Lions & Acrobats
  4. Maybe – Jensen Gomez and Reese Lansangan
  5. Different Kinds of Strangers – Ian Penn
  6. Fools – The Ransom Collective
  7. Moonstruck – The Strange Creatures
  8. Settled – The Ransom Collective
  9. Polygonal Graphs – Ang Bandang Shirley
  10. Run - The Ransom Collective

Hope you like them! :-) I’m also open to suggestions so feel free to comment your current favorite song or whatever music you like. Btw, these artists are on the indie scene. I really suggest that you listen to more indie artists and their awesome music. 

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I DONT UNDERSTAND MURDOCS CHARACTERIZATION. LIKE HE IS SAID TO BE THE UGLY ONE AND IS DESCRIBED AS AN ACTUAL ROTTING CARCASS BUT THEN HE IS ALSO A SEX GOD?!?! I need to clarify, do all the band members think he's some sort of sex idol as well?? Like do they acknowledge it or is he just delusional. Idk y this interests me sm bc it's so confusing imo but yea pls give me ur thoughts

okay pal listen… have you ,,seen .,, his tongue

You Have to Kiss Me - Phan

Summary: Dan had a random thought. It’d be really cool if there were any telepaths in this room. Cough if anyone can hear this. Dan nearly had a heart attack as someone coughed. His head shot up. Who did that?
Word count: 3000
Note: found this prompt on Phanfic a while back. It’s been sitting in my prompts folder for a while just begging to be written, but I only just now got the inspiration. Enjoy, Anon. I hope this is close to what you wanted.
Another Note: Gosh this is almost entirely dialogue (is it dialogue when it’s not spoken? I guess so) I’m sorry but I really like it the way it is so enjoy.

Dan smirked as he turned in his copy of the test packet and sat back down in his seat, making sure to put a little jaunt in his step. Of course he would finish first. He always had. Bad boy or no, Dan was smart. Smart enough to know that being a punk with a devil-may-care attitude wouldn’t score him any brownie points when applying for a college or a job. And also smart enough to memorize the information first time through.

He plopped back into his hard plastic chair and drummed his fingers on the desk obnoxiously. Sure, a devil-may-care attitude wouldn’t help him later, but it certainly wasn’t hurting him now, at least in this respect. He saw the person next to him bite the inside of their cheek to keep from saying anything, as talking was forbidden in the exam.

Unfortunately, being smart and a quick worker also meant that Dan would have to sit for the next hour in silence.

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Well that gives a new meaning to “bringing the house down”

Never stop blowing up hapless bystanders, NCIS!

It amuses me that the washed-up rocker in this episode looks eerily like Tom Petty, though. 

Interview translation: Tatsuro (MUCC) x Arimura Ryūtarō (Plastic Tree)

Hey guys,
Here I am with the translation, later then promised but later is better then never, right? The interview belongs to the Visulog site, I own nothing except the translation work. 
Please don’t use or repost my translation without my permission and credit.

COMMUNE Vol.2Special project: Tatsuro × Arimura Ryūtarō SPECIAL dialogue

[COMMUNE Vol. 2.] the event organized by Miya (Gt.) from MUCC will take place in Zepp Tokyo, on November 25 and 26.

The event will be held for the second time, this time the keyword is “alternative”.

MUCC, Plastic Tree and Lynch will perform both days. Plastic Tree was the first band greeted as a guest performer. Tatsuro from MUCC and Arimura Ryūtarō from Plastic Tree are old friends, who known each other long before the debut of MUCC.

In the dialogue of the two, whose friendship is still as strong as ever we will hear about the event and their secrets as a vocalist.

Interviewer: Yamamoto Hiroko

Tatsuro: I wonder how many times I chatted with you.
Arimura Ryūtarō: Around 30 times maybe? (laughs)
Tatsuro: In private, yes. (laughs) But it’s been several years since we had an interview together.

– You may already get this question several times, but would you talk about your friendship for the Visulog readers?

Tatsuro: If we have to talk ourselves hoarse, I would say that Plastic Tree is our great senior.
Arimura: If we have to talk ourselves hoarse, I would mention that we are from the same period, though. (laughs)
Tatsuro: If I have to talk myself hoarse, I am grateful for this friendship.

 – You first met through a battle of bands, right?

 Tatsuro: We never had a battle of bands; that still await us. I first saw him during ‘Tokyo Basement’ (event organized by cali≠gari) at the time when Shinjuku LOFT was in west Shinjuku. I was around 19 years old.

Arimura: How young! (laughs)

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