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So many tomatoes in this strip

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1. Well to be honest it doesn’t really count part of the main series, it wasn’t very personal to the players after all.

2. He would exactly look like Gogo just with green eyes with no glasses.

3. Possibly

4. If that was true, i can imagine all of that happening

1. If Spark finds his tickle spots, which he will, Go can’t win at all

2. Away from all the leaders and assistants antics, especially the war between Valor and Mystic… Well its just Gogo and Beta. Yeah he probably would hang out

3. Go will be tanned forever because of Gogo’s mixture lotion she used

4. Beta: W-what? WHY!? WHAT DID I DO!?

5. Sure in a way

1. Yeah I draw other stuff, it just Pokemon is taking over my life right now

2. Yeah ,Go got Rowlet, Gogo got Poppilo, and Beta got Litten

3. Nope not one bit. Not a single chance

Maybe watching a no commentary playthrough of PT Allison Road at 12am and then sleeping at past 3am wasn’t one of my best ideas. Because of that, my sleep was riddled with nightmare sequences. Waking up in an unfamiliar environment, reaching the end of the place, only to restart at the beginning. Rinse, repeat, start over. But the catch was that I always become aware at either the 2nd or 3rd cycle and as helpful as it sounded, that wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Once I become aware so do the characters of my nightmare. I’d find myself at the beginning of the hallway, clutching at myself and desperately chanting, “Wake up! Wake up! This is a dream! A nightmare! You need to wake up! WAKE UP!!”, and then suddenly I’d be surrounded by people mocking me with, “Are you really?”, “How sure are you that this is a dream?”, “This is no dream.”, “Maybe it is.”, “Do you think you can get out that easily?”, “You can’t wake up.”

But I do wake up… Eventually. But then I fall asleep almost instantaneously. And the nightmare sequence would begin again. Rinse, repeat, start over. In hindsight, it’s hard to tell if I actually did wake up during those times or perhaps those were part of my nightmare too. A false sense of safety. Fleeting. Fake. No matter how many times I woke myself up, it didn’t matter because they’d drag me right back in. They’d greet me with smug smiles as if they were still self-aware. I had even become familiar with the eerie environment and maybe some small part of me had accepted whatever this was. A seemingly never ending nightmare. I was in that darkness for so long… Until finally, I wasn’t.

I woke up, restless.

ok just a warning that i’m going to be rambling a little but. i don’t buy boone’s story of “i only had one bullet in my gun when i went to find carla”. first, he blames everyone but himself for his wife’s death. he blames jeannie may. he blames the legion. but they were only catalysts. he was the one who ultimately pulled the trigger. 

now, not only was boone smart enough to follow a legionary party undetected, but we’re talking about a guy who’s first of his class, is a town guard where his job is to literally stand there with a rifle, and u expect me to believe the only ammo he had/brought is one bullet? where if something went wrong and he could have a) missed (mistakes happen like why else would manny have been his spotter) or b) got caught and had no way to at least try to fight his way out?

mercy kills are supposed to be a last resort. he saw it as his only option. and tbh i,,,, think the “only bullet” story is something he tells himself to cope with the guilt for literally murdering his wife lmfao. cons himself into really believing he had no other way.

Hey guys this is my first ever follow forever, it’s not for any reason I just wanted to show my appreciation. I’ve been using tumblr for about 4 years now I think, and as much as I complain about everything on this website I really do enjoy all the blogs I follow. I’m also really thankful for all of y’all that follow me, especially my mutuals. I’ve never really been consistent in my blog content so thanks for sticking around for all of it ahahaha.
Anyway I just wanted to show my appreciation for some of the blogs I follow that I really enjoy. If you think any would pique your interest you should check them out, I would recommend them!

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It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.


Even + New Found Friendships in S3


I guarantee your safe passage. Though you’re always welcome to take your chances down there.

To everyone saying that Victor and Yuuri pair skating is impossible: That’s enough.

Yes, competitive same-sex pair skating is impossible.

But I’m pretty sure most of us just want to see an intimate moment between Victor and Yuuri back in Ice Castle Hasetsu, where they play Stammi Vicino/Stay Close to Me and skate out their feelings for each other together, perhaps holding hands/each other’s waists and trusting the other to lead them with closed eyes or something along those lines.

We don’t want them to compete in pair skating. We want to see a moment that is only their own, shared and expressed through their mutual passion and the thing that brought them together.

That is all.



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  • Jess: Why did you drop out of Yale?!
  • Rory: *goes back to Yale*
  • Jess: You should write a book!
  • Rory: *starts writing immediately*
  • Me: *incoherent sobbing*

Mean Girls, Seventeen edition: Who are the plastics? They’re teen royalty. If Pledis was Ceci Magazine, they would always be on the cover. Plan V + My Angel


#malia has gone from being so desperate to turn back to a coyote  #to slowly learning to control the shift #but struggling so much at the balance of human and coyote especially with the full moon #so she’s worked and worked at keeping control #and now look at her: she can shift perfectly from a coyote into herself #and not only has she mastered such a difficult skill #but after getting her coyote form back she chose to stay with her pack


okay so this got out of hand but anyway