all snakes day

Changed Felix’s substrate today and I was out of coco husk so he got aspen. Think he was a bit confused by the change. 



gots me weak spots!

Have you seen ‘em move? [x]

for every angry anon I get I’m gonna make another post “viciously attacking” and “shitting” on Hotch are you ready kids?

so i just hit 500 followers?? why do these things happen so fast hgadjfkglahladjf thank you all 💕💕 but special thanks to @mvlfxy@abrcxasmalfoy, and @swearwolflupin for the promos i loVE YOU SO MUCH

to celebrate i’ve decided to combine hogwarts aesthetic rates and personal moodboards to bring you → ✨hogwarts moodboards✨ since it’s the anniversary for the philosopher’s stone!

so the idea is that i will make you a moodboard based on the variables of a hogwarts aesthetic rate - e.g. a wing for ravenclaw, quidditch hoops for chaser, a lightning bolt for lightning-era, etc. etc. explanations for the images i’ve chosen will all be in the caption of the photos, so you can click to enlarge and read what it means!

here’s how to join:

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Super Smash Bros Brawl pasta headcanons

Because reasons, @cudvac and I are at it again with obscure pasta headcanons. Did you want thoughts on what characters your pasta faves would play in Super Smash Bros? Well now you know.

  • Manco (/ Joe / Blondie) - Favours Sonic and Snake, but is good at literally all the characters because he plays way too much Smash. Occassionally will play Fox to match Mortimer too
  • Mortimer - Plays as Wolf. Is respectfully good at Wolf. Is terrible at literally any other character.
  • Angel Eyes - Favours Zelda/Sheik and is one of those players good enough to switch constantly during battle as is needed. Is still not as good as Manco, but is better than anyone else who plays. 
  • Tuco - Wario. Nothing needs to be said here. 
  • Wallase- Pitt. This is because of the angel wings, not gonna explain further ahaha. Not even really that good at smash tbh, just plays it cause everyone else does
  • Chuncho - Plays Donkey Kong. Always wants to get Final Smash, because DRUMS. Also enjoys Captain Falcon. 
  • Nino- Doesn’t play. He’s a stick in the mud and thinks he’s too good for that.
  • Paco - Plays as Mario because he is both red and a plumber member of the noble proletariat. 
  • Polak - Plays as Pokemon Trainer, but prefers Melee and plays as Mewto for that. 
  • Columbia- Plays as Sheik and is actually quite good. Could give Angel a run for his money. 
  • Fernando (kid in FAFDM)- Plays as Ganondorf. Because he is Very Intimidating. (look I know this character is obscure but he’s important to me and Bec so deal with this :) ).
  • Adelita - Samus Aran. Is so good at this character she can beat Manco if he plays as Samus (but no one can beat him as Sonic or Snake). 
  • Pepito - Pikachu. He’s not very good. But he likes being cute.  

anonymous asked:

You think Kid Cobra would get hypnotized by a snake charmer if he heard one

Because snakes aren’t charmed by the sound of the flute, they’re charmed by the movement. Snakes aren’t known for their hearing, they rely on vision and their tongue to figure out and manoeuvre around their surroundings.

I think snake charming wouldn’t work on Kid Cobra, he doesn’t act exactly like a wild animal. Cobras change to that upright position and spread their hood to appear large and dangerous, to strike at the snake charmer (or the flute), but this is a defensive action. They’re not aggressive animals.

Considering Kid Cobra is far more intelligent than your average cobra, he would have no need to react to a snake charmer like that.

- Mod Kid Cobra