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Can we talk about Leslie Jones in the front row at Christian Siriano’s show for New York Fashion Week?

For anyone who may have forgotten, Leslie Jones met Siriano when he volunteered over twitter to dress her for the Ghostbusters 2016 premiere when she was struggling to find a dress as no designer had offered to work with her. This was also amid Leslie’s twitter harassment issues.

Siriano’s show included women of all sizes & skin tones as well as Avie Acosta, who is trans woman and the first trans person in any of Siriano’s NY fashion week shows. As well as being inclusive of gender identity, Siriano included two gender non conforming androgynous male models in the show.

Leslie has said of Siriano that “he’s so normal, he’s so down to earth, and he does love all women. That’s what I love about him. He loves all women.”

So in the words of Siriano himself, “people are people,” & “we all grow in the same garden.”


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This eyeshadow palette comes with 20 shades inspired by the amethyst stone and the Purple Palette by Kylie Cosmetics. The colors are stunning and look good on all skin tones!

  • base game compatible!
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can you give a run down on skintones?


In painting skin tones, a lot of the time I see people choose colors that are over-saturated or unbalanced. There isn’t really an exact art to this that I can explain—you just need to get a feel for what saturation balance you need for that particular skintone. Here are some examples of what I usually pick.

As you can see, I used different base colors (orange, reddish, yellow) for the skin shades in all three examples. The reason for this is because all skin tones have a different base color besides just Light, Medium, and dark. Some people divide them into categories of “warm” and “cool.” Pantone has some really good examples and references for this.


Another big part about drawing and painting skin tones that a lot of people forget is how skin thickness affects color variation. The presence of bone, blood, and muscle underneath the skin affects its colors. This is especially noticeable on the face.

The colors here are a little exaggerated to show my point, but with a little adjusting and blending…

Voila! Subtle, but more realistic.


Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and as our body’s first line of defense against the outside world, it’ll be covered with tiny details and imperfections. Things like sunburns, tans, freckles, scars, and facial hair all add character to your subject matter. Here are some examples!

TANS: Everyone tans differently, depending on your ethnicity and skin tone. Fair skinned folks tend to burn more than tan, which means you’ll need a more startling, eye-catching red. If you have a skin type that tends to tan more, the color will be more brown than red. For black skin tones, the tan is less red. (And while we’re on the subject: black people DO tan, so it’s important for you to put on sunscreen and be careful in the sun, too.)

Those are the areas that the sun tends to hit the most—and things like goggles, hats, and masks can change the shape of that area.

FRECKLES AND MOLES: Freckles are also products of the sun. Some people have freckles that stay year-round, while others have freckles that fade in the winter and return in the summer. Moles are skin cells that grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. When exposed to the sun, they tend to darken. (Another note on skin health: if you have any oddly-shaped/colored moles, moles that have changed color, size, or shape, or anything of the sort, please check with your doctor!)

Freckles like to cluster around each other, sort of like stars, and they vary greatly in size. You can have a few freckles in one place, or a lot of freckles in multiple places. Most commonly freckled areas are your face, shoulders and neck, back, and forearms. 

FACIAL HAIR: Facial hair also affects the colors of the face. For simplicity’s sake we’ll be using black hair, as it is the most noticeable. Facial hair usually grows in these areas, and can make the skin look blueish/grayish because of the darker hairs beneath the skin. If your hair is red, this also very noticeable. 


There you go! That’s about all I can think of at the moment for skin tones. As always, references and practice are your best friend (and so is this neat little trick that pheberoni has.) Good luck with your arting!

I was mad so I made this lovely chart for all y’all. McCree’s skin tones through comics, sprays, and models. Including his actual textures.

Only liberty I took was his cute spray, which I lowered the brightness so the black was true black (or close enough) to get the real colors, vs the glowing pastel colors the cute sprays have. 

TIP: If you plan on using overlays/screens, try using a middle color vs the lightest or darkest. Or, you can use another color over the skin tone to overlay, but it keeps the richness of the skin color. Or just simply erase the overlay on the skin (that’s generally what I’ll do since my overlays are very basic and more directive lighting). 

If you’d like more of these for other characters, I can hook you the fuck up. 

Others: Symmetra - Lucio - Sombra - Roadhog -  Ana - Hanzo

“We’re not up there in space just to joyride around. We’re up there to do things that are of value to everybody right here on Earth.” | John Glenn

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Annoying Halloween trope:

Male monsters are horrifying deformed creatures that instill fear, the females are all HAWWWTTTT with different skin tone and maybe a bit of blood in the corner of their mouth, clinging sexily to the horrifying male counterpart

  • *Molly's flat*
  • Molly: *in her bedroom* What time did you say it starts?
  • Sherlock: *having a staring contest with Toby* Four.
  • Molly: I can't believe she's already two. She's so much like Mary.
  • Sherlock: *waving in Toby's face, trying to get him to blink* Mmm.
  • Toby: *still staring*
  • Molly: *leaves her bedroom, putting in earrings* Did you get the present?
  • Sherlock: *gestures at a wrapped box* Yup. A collection of first edition... *turns to face her; buffers* books...
  • Molly: *looks down at her dress; confused* What?
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Nothing. Er, cab's waiting *gathers the box* Shall we?
  • Molly: *smiles* Okay.
  • *in the hallway*
  • Sherlock: *thoughtful* Should we hold hands?
  • Molly: *locking her flat* What?
  • Sherlock: Us. Hold hands. When we get there.
  • Molly: *frowns* What for?
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* So people know we're together.
  • Molly: *uncertain* But...we're not together.
  • Sherlock: Oh.
  • *in the cab*
  • Sherlock: Molly?
  • Molly: Yeah.
  • Sherlock: Do you want to be together?
  • Molly: *chuckles* Of course I do.
  • Sherlock: *smirks* So we can hold hands now?
  • Molly: *snuggles against him* Absolutely.
The Changeling's Lament

Have you ever heard of the uncanny valley? 

It’s a human thing that I don’t really understand. If something looks like an animal, they’re okay with it; if something looks perfectly like a human, they’re okay with it, but if it's not quite right, they’re repulsed. They can’t even say why, it’s just inherently wrong to them. One of the bio majors suggested that it kept early humans from interacting with sick humans, but I’ve seen them go and help humans they know are sick anyway. It’s very strange.

The worst part about it, though, is that it means there’s so much to keep track of! My mouth must have exactly 32 teeth, but no matter how wide I smile I can’t show them all. My skin tone must be exactly the same every day. My hair has to be thousands of thousands of independent strands, and yes, they notice if it’s not. The “whites” of my eyes can’t be pure white, there’s red and even a touch of yellow in there, and the irises have strange shadings over the muscles that they use to dilate their pupils. Knucklebones must be the right length, the bones of the hand must flex under the skin and around veins, the face must crease when I smile or frown, it’s all so much to remember, and then there’s behavior! I cannot speak of beauty, except the most superficial, and then only to woo another or compliment one portraying themselves. I must know which questions are not truly to be answered, when the only aid requested is a listening ear rather than advice. I cannot speak truth when a human bores me, nor when they speak falsehood, unless it harms another or myself but even then it is sometimes rude! My attention can never wander from their face, but my body must shift to match my reactions! It is all impenetrably, ludicrously opaque, and I cannot but wonder if the lot of you apes made it up to spite us! And THAT is why I am so glad that your friend has returned, because it means that I no longer have to try to imitate him!

…what do you MEAN, you knew on the first day?!


Rihanna Reveals The Inspiration Behind Her Makeup Line—And How She Gets Her Skin to Glow

Kahlana Barfield Brown | Nov 06, 2017 @ 9:00 am | source:

“Lipstick in Barbados? Not unless I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding,” recalls Rihanna with a laugh when asked about her teenage beauty routine. “My mom wasn’t flexible. I wore no makeup.” Though she wasn’t allowed to partake, Rihanna says her mom, who worked at a cosmetics counter back in the day, inspired her passion for makeup and perfume.

Now 29, and with a few credits of her own under her belt (pop icon, designer, actress), Rihanna has channeled her lifelong love of maquillage into Fenty Beauty, her hot new line that has earned raves from both the industry and the general public since it launched in September. Though she loathes the idea of promoting “perfection” (“everyone is beautiful in their own way,” she says), the most buzzed-about products are the ones that allow her fans to share in some of her glow. They include 40 shades of velvety matte foundations that cater to women of all skin tones. (Worth noting: The darker shades sold out almost immediately.)

Here, Rihanna discusses how beauty helped her evolve from shy Barbadian to global phenomenon.

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anonymous asked:

I don't want this to come as an attack because you're so kind but I wanted to point out that you're nymph Eliza looked a bit lighter than most Eliza's. Just something to look at love you ❤️

Hello! I understand your concern, I made her skin a lot greener than usual to make it fit the overall colour scheme. I made a quick comparison of her real skin tone and the one I used (by using colour picker) and as you can see mine is really a bit more ‘unnatural’. I think the background made her look a lot paler than I intended. 

I’ll make sure to keep it in mind in the future so this wont happen again! Thank you for your input!


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