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this is probably a dumb question but what's the difference between bronzer and contour? like i get the importance of bronzer for lighter skin tones, but i'm south asian with a tan complexion so i was just wondering if i even need bronzer? i hope that made any sense. thank you for your help!

Bronzer isn’t for just lighter skin tones. Bronzer is supposed to emulate when you get more tan. So the soft warm color the sun makes around your face and across your nose bridge when you’re more tan. That happens to people of all skin tones! :) 

Bronzer is always warmer in tone. Depending on your skin tone you might need something with a pink/red undertone or a golden/orange undertone. My overall skin tone runs more golden so I tend to pick bronzers that are golden undertone. Most of the time pink/red undertones look a bit fake looking.

Contour is used to “carve” and mimic shadows. Shadows are neutral to cool toned. So when you’re wearing a contour product and you turn your face from side to side it’s supposed to look like a natural shadow carving out your facial features.

Contour on your cheeks is usually placed under your cheekbone to further enhance the bone “popping” out. If you have a more flat/round face it can add more angular shapes to it. It is usually one or two shades darker than your skin tone. So when you look at makeup like Drag makeup, they often do more theatrical contouring. So they use shades that are sometimes 3-4 shades darker then their natural skin tone. Then they place it under their cheek bones, sides of the nose, under the jawline.

Contour and bronzer aren’t always treated as separate things though. Sometimes people interchange the actual product for how they use them. That’s usually when the bronzer or contour is more on the neutral side. You can kind of get away with switching it up! :) Personally, I don’t own a proper contouring product because everything I have is a bit on the warm side even though it’s labeled as “contour”. So I just kind of use the bronzer/contour stuff I have to warm up my face and add a little more depth- generally.

Often times if you’re wearing a super full coverage foundation and concealer all over your entire face it can really flatten your face out and make it look one dimensional. Thats why some people tend to load up on the contour/bronzer, to bring that dimension back. Usually, the perimeter of your face is a tad darker than the center so if you really work to sheer out your foundation as you get to the perimeter, you might not need to even go back in with bronzer/contour. This is because you will have maintained that natural darkness around your face.

I hope this helps! It’s kind of something that you’ll understand more, the more you practice and study the other way people do makeup! 


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Excuse me, but- Who cares if Jack’s skin tone changed? For one, I think it’s actually a LITTLE BIT of a good thing. Here’s the reasons why and how it’s logical for his skin to change.

Not all Asians are yellow.

Skin tones can change over time.

And are we forgetting the fact that Jack is mentally ill, and hallucinating? He’s been put through much stress, and pain over time and trying to keep his mind together after pretty much no longer knowing where he is or WHEN he is.

Pretty sure that’d make anyone’s skin look a little pale from dealing with that kind of shit.

ALSO! Let’s see these two images from the previous seasons here:

Here’s early Jack, back when he first met his Scot friend I think.

And here’s a later image of Jack.

But most importantly!

Why the fuck are we fighting about skin tones, when we really should just be happy and celebrating the fact that the show is back for its last season. And that everyone came together and worked SO HARD to keep the style of the animation, and even the original voice actors back together for the show. 

Seriously people, chill the fuck out.

I have to say if there is one thing Elena of Avalor that they absolutely got right it’s the skin tones of the people of “avalor”. If there is one thing more true about being latinx is that there are so many shades and colors and that you will find all kinds of skin tones heck some super varying even within one family (I know mine for sure)! 

Taehyung natural skin colour appreciation post !

You have a wonderful one here !

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Gorgeous he looks amazing !

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Instagram Has Been Waiting For This Very Palette For a Year Plus
By Devon Abelman

Founded by West African Chichi Eburu, Juvia’s Place creates eye shadow palettes inspired by Africa.

Their The Nubian and The Nubian 2 palettes, in particular, pay homage to the OG queen of beauty, Nefertiti, with her image on the cover and a combo of lush metallic and matte shades.

Beauty vloggers like Jackie Aina, Stephanie Nicole, and Bretman Rock have raved about the shadows’s creamy, butter-like texture that doesn’t leave any crumbly fall out under the eyes. Also, the color payoff is insane.

They are so intensely pigmented and opaque that they look pretty much the same on all skin-tones.

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How do you HC courts ethnicity/race/features wise?

Night court - mixed. They’re very diverse. White, tanned, darker brown, all skin tones you can find. And with different facial features also. Women dressed in crop tops and long skirts. But I HC Illyrians as Middle eastern or Latino or Polynesian. I haven’t decided yet. But definitely tanned. And they dress in leathers

Day court - dark skin. African tribal style clothing and makeup/body paint (idk how it’s called but you know what I mean)

Dawn court - Indian or Egyptian skin tone, features, clothing and makeup

Spring court - white with all hair and eye colours

Autumn court - white with also different hair colours but mostly ginger

Summer court - dark skin. And I HC that they wear light colours. White, light blue pink and yellow. And I HC them as super sophisticated for some reason idk how to explain

Winter court - East Asian features, super pale, all dressed in white and grey