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Revolutionary Girl Utena: Complete Triggers Guide

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Shoujo Kakumei Utena) is a 1997 anime directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara.  Utena Tenjou is an eighth-grade girl who wishes to become a prince, and because of it gets caught up in a strange dueling game played by her fellow middle- and high-schoolers. As Utena fights to protect – and befriend – Anthy Himemiya, her shy classmate but also the mysterious Rose Bride at the center of the duels, the stakes become higher and the game more dangerous. 

Utena is an amazing and very worthwhile anime, but it is also an extremely intense and disturbing one. I love the show, but it is irresponsible to recommend it to people without a warning about the subject matter. I believe Utena has the potential to be be very cathartic and comforting for people, especially wlw, who’ve experienced trauma, but also very dangerous with regard to triggers. I’ve put together this guide so that people curious about the show can be forewarned and watch it in safety, or choose not to if they deem it too disturbing.

Many thanks to the volunteer editors/proofreaders who helped me complete this!

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Untitled Cafe AU by Amakura「あまくら」 on pixiv

I’m back with another half-summary/half-translation of a doujinshi written by Amakura, who’s also active on Tumblr as amakuraaaaa. It was originally drawn for the 5/4 SUPER COMIC CITY event, but she has since posted its entirety on pixiv. She also happens to be one of my favourite Harurin artists and having collected a good number of her works in the past, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share with you her latest: an adorable AU doujinshi involving the Sano trio as Cafe owners with Haru and Makoto as their customers.

I was all set to make this summary shorter than last time’s, but the Japanese was so conversational that everything just flowed right out. I’ve also tried to separate the narrative by page numbers (denoted at the bottom of each page) to make it easier for everyone to follow.

EDIT: “#(psst the pixiv links are broken but I fixed it in my reblog)”
Why didn’t anyone tell me earlier?? I’m such a dunce. This is fixed now.


Pg 3: Makoto hands over Haru’s half of the popsicle. He comments on how hot it’s been lately and wonders if Haru has any free time to check out a new cafe restaurant.

Pg 4: It’s a pretty popular hotspot opened by a bunch of guys their same age. Makoto says he’s already been there 4 times and highly recommends it. Kisumi greets them at the door and recognizes Makoto for being a regular customer.

Pg 5: Oh but is that a new face? Kisumi runs up, gets super touchy with Haru, and leads them to a table. He asks them what they’ll have today, and Haru being Haru responds with “water.”

Pg 6: Sousuke is also in the house, so Kisumi leaves him to handle the order with Sousuke being his low-tension self. Of course, Makoto orders a chocolate mocha and a chocolate croissant. Haru, on the other hand, wants a mackerel sandwich (which they don’t actually have). Rin shows up! And oh, it’s a face he hasn’t seen before!

Pg 7: Rin gets up-close and personal with Haru, remarks how pretty Haru’s eyes are, just like the ocean. He introduces himself as Matsuoka Rin, but just “Rin” is fine.

Pg 8: Kisumi runs himself behind Rin and teases him about how cool he is. Haru is spacing out, staring at Rin (like every swim meet in the series), and quickly turns away when Rin notices. After some time has passed, the two are now heading on home.

Pg 9: But then Rin calls out “Nanase!” from the door and hands him a points card, to come again. Haru tells to just call him “Haru” and they go separate ways. Makoto teases Haru about taking a liking to the place subtext to Rin. Haru waves him off.

Pg 10: Back at the cafe, Rin is zoning out all flushed and bothered about Haru’s pretty eyes. A customer has called for Rin, but Rin can’t hear Kisumi at all.

Pg 11: On his way home, Rin bumps into Haru. They must live nearby so they decide to walk home together. Rin mentions that Haru’s got such a cool attitude, that he’s doing all the talking. And Haru says he talks too much.

Pg 12: Rin is caught sideglancing at Haru. Rin says he thought he’d gotten sucked in…by Haru’s eyes, he really likes them, kbye! And runs off, leaving Haru a bit bewildered.

Pg 13: Haru and Makoto are hanging out again. They just watched a horror movie and Makoto’s freaking out. Haru suggests they go visit the cafe with the “loud annoying guys” and Makoto catches on to the implications. At the cafe, Kisumi is waiting their table, but Haru asks where “that guy is?”

Pg 14: Apparently today is Rin’s day off and Haru is disappointed he won’t get to see him. Beside him, Kisumi is shocked that Makoto doesn’t have a girlfriend, since he seems like the popular-type. Kisumi keeps lip-tight about his own relationship status, but says that Rin, for such a cool guy, has also never had a girlfriend. He wonders if Rin’s got some crazy high expectations.

Pg 15: Haru and Makoto are coming back from the cafe, and lo’ and behold they bump into Rin running some errands. So Makoto suggests they walk home together.

Pg 16: Both Haru and Rin are super quiet next to each other. Matchmaker!Makoto senses the situation so oh look there’s his station! And takes off.

Pg 17: Haru and Rin are left alone to walk home together. Rin wonders if Haru was at the cafe earlier, and Haru asks if Tuesday is Rin’s day off? Rin’s off days are apparently pretty random, but he asks why Haru would ask? And Haru of course, deflects.

Pg 18: Next time he has an off-day, Rin invites Haru to hang out. They bond over their love of water, the ocean, and swimming. Rin’s about to be on his way when Haru calls his name.

Pg 19: Haru asks…if Rin has a girlfriend (how obvious can you be son?). And Haru makes up some lame reason about it being troublesome if Rin brings a girl to their seaside adventure. But Rin laughs, he doesn’t. Is Rin currently courting anyone? Rin ain’t got no time for that, with work and all. Haru seems slightly disappointed by the response.

Pg 20: Haru being the proactive flirt that is he, asks if Rin will be at the cafe to tomorrow. Yep, Rin will be there in the morning so he’ll be waiting for Haru.

Pg 21: At home, Rin is super flushed at Haru’s line of questioning. Like a true shoujo heroine with a crush, he wonders if he should’ve dressed nicer and is frustrated by how he can’t read Haru at all. He’s so excited for tomorrow and smothers his face in his pillow.

Pg 22: Sousuke is surprised to see Haru show up alone again, says he can breathe easy since the loud annoying pink thing isn’t here today (poor Kisumi).

Pg 23: Rin and Haru make shy eye contact! And Sousuke is probably wondering how obvious can these two idiots be. Rin comes over and they talk about how Makoto has been having exams. Haru has quite a lot of points accumulated on his card, almost enough for a 500 yen discount. But Haru wants a year’s supply of mackerel.

Pg 24: Rin gets struck with a brilliant idea. Well if Haru gets enough points, then Rin will take him on a trip to the seaside. Just the two of them.

Pg 25: In the meantime, Rin invites Haru out on a date to hang out after work. They’re seen on a bench, talking about swimming. As is canon, Rin tells Haru to race him. Haru isn’t interested in lap times. Is Haru running away?

Pg 26: Haru gives Rin a defiant glare. Rin laughs about Haru being a mermaid, having ocean-blue eyes and loving swimming so much. I knew it, Rin, you’re a romanticist aren’t you? Sousuke apparently says the same thing.

Pg 27: Haru wonders if Rin hates his hair since it’s always tied up. Rin has sentimental attachment to his hair, so he can never bear to cut it and he can’t think of a hairstyle that would suit him. Haru says that he likes Rin’s hair and that it’s pretty (you saps!).

Pg 28: Haru goes on to say that he also likes how he can see Rin’s ear with that hairstyle…because they look like seashells (you two are so embarrasing). Haru then asks if he could play with his hair, so Rin tells him to make him look good.

Pg 29: While Haru is meticulously braiding Rin’s hair, Haru accidentally brushes his finger over Rin’s ear, making Rin jump with blushy-blushy-ness (as inspired by the Mook of course).

Pg 30: Rin gets all flustered, saying he looks like a girl, but that Haru did a pretty good job. “Rin, look over here a bit…”

Pg 31: “It suits you.” Rin can’t take it anymore and leans over to kiss Haru on the cheek.

Pg 32: “Baka Haru.” Haru in turns leans over to reciprocate and confesses his undying love that he likes him. Rin does the same.

Pg 33: Back at work, Kisumi is drilling Rin about not telling him that he has a girlfriend! When Rin denies, Kisumi calls him a liar and points to the hickey on his neck.

Pg 34: “Jeez Rin, introduce me sometime!” “You’re wrong!!”