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the most memorable thing you ever did was get captured by your smoked-out ex. that’s not true! i’m sorry, and fucking half of stilwater. go team! — for @theillusivewoman. happy birthday, sam!


There is going to be a war. A war against Lagertha, who killed my mother in order to be Queen and of course a war between brothers. You have a choice, fight alongside me or I will kill you. ~Ivar in the new Vikings teaser

GM: Unrest spread through your kingdom, and the citizen needs a hope to hold on to. Some suggest killing humans to collect their souls.
Asgore: I persuade them otherwise

Asgore rolls 1

GM: …well, they misunderstood you and issue an royal decree to attack any human on sight.
Asgore: what

GM: Your wife is still unstable from grief, and when she finds out about this she snapped. You find her standing on the doorway, caressing a knife.
Asgore: Sounds like trouble. I run away. No, I retreated to lose the battle but win the war

Asgore rolls 4

GM: Yep, that’s a fail. You tried to run away, but your body won’t  move. You’re too scared to move. When your eyes meet hers, your legs gave away. You feel on your butt. Usually she will joke about your silly gesture, but she just smiled coldly. She said something about atoning your sins with pain and approach you. She grabbed your ears and-


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Hey if anyone can take a half blind kitten that’d be great. We’ve had her for weeks and are not suited or able to care for her 100% and get her all she needs. We have to keep her outside cause of other cats, she’s possibly sick, and the inability and stubbornness of others in the house not allowing us to keep her indoors will definitly make her condition worse. Not to mention its fall and its getting colder and started raining tonight.

All the places I called a few weeks back pulled “we take dogs” when I asked if they accepted cats into their shelters, a lot of people had expressed wanted but fell through immediatly, and we CANNOT keep her. There just isn’t space or the full ability to get her the medical help and proper space she needs.

So if you are in California (at least around the Modesto area – its the closest large city near us rip) and willing to take a little drive to own thr literally most affectionate kitten I’ve ever known, please message me, or @origamiscyclone , off anon. If you can’t, just spread this the best you can. We don’t need more people saying “I would but–” ; its not helpful for getting Karina (the kitten) a home, or for us to find her a safe place to stay.

We can show you pictures of her, tell you about her, whatever you need. She needs a good home and a steady home where she will get all she needs more than now.

“I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine. It’s just a scratch. I’ll live.”

A kiss to make it better. ;) They sparred for a couple of hours and Keith got distracted causing Shiro to land a hit. Shiro apologized profusely. Keith thought he was being dramatic. So, I’m back drawing these two idiots. :D | Redbubble

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what about if matt or nicky or someone calls neil pretty and neil gestures to his face burns and says 'not anymore'. like hoooow do you think andrew would react to that?

  • Kevin complains about how long Allison held up the team while she did her hair and makeup
  • Allison responds with “Whatever, pretty boy.”
  • Kevin scowls at her
  • Matt says “Kevin isn’t pretty, Neil is pretty.”
  • Neil gestures to his face and says “Not anymore.”
  • Nicky just barely thinks better in time to stop himself from telling Neil his burns are because he’s too hot
  • But Andrew is sitting right there, so Nicky musters up a verbal filter
  • Andrew glares Neil down and his voice is all judgment as he says “You can’t fucking stop, can you?”
  • Neil asks “Stop what?”
  • Andrew still looks annoyed as he responds “Lying.”
  • Neil fucking melts and Andrew looks away in disinterest