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700 Followers Gift - 22 Toddler Items Recoloured

I was already working on another followers gift, then BOOM. Toddlers happened. So, instead of releasing everything one by one, I decided to release these in one go and make it a followers gift because I know how desperate y’all are for CC for these little cutiepies! 

A huge thank you for 700 followers, y’all are incredible and thank you for all the support and love! ♥

This includes a bunch of tops, bottoms, outfits, a pair of shoe and those cute little sun hats. Some of the recolours also come in different versions, hope you like them! The jeans come in my Denims Palette and everything else is recoloured in my Basics Palette.

I huge shout out to @citrontart for de-patterning the little dress and allowing people to use the texture, because it was a huge time saver and she is super amazeballs, so go check her out!

If there are any issues/problems, please let me know.

Please read my TOU before downloading! You can find it here


Custom Thumbnails

For now, there is no merged package. There’s a glitch in S4S with merging files where it corrupts the files and breaks the game. You can merge the files yourself if you want to, but do it at your own risk. I will add a merged file once S4S fixes this issue.

• EDIT: If you can’t access the file and it comes up with a page saying “Not Found”,  right click the link and select “Open in a new tab” or use the middle scroll wheel button to click the link. I’ve addressed this issue numerous times before, but still get questions about it. If you’re struggling to access any of my links then either use the method above, or check my answered asks and/or FAQ.


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Merged File

i’m the type of mommy who:

- cuts up her food in restaurants
- ties her shoes in department stores
- baby talks with her on the phone during lunch breaks
- buys little supplies even when i’m shopping with grown up friends
- pushes her on park swings
- waits for her at the bottom of the slide
- carries around a “diaper bag” if we’re out all day

i don’t mind when, where, or why my lemon drop is in little space, i will always protect & provide for her within her limits because she needs me. i am not embarrassed to make my baby happy.


Top left is Lilly, she’s constantly angry and detests Tom with every fibre of her being. She will hiss at him if he looks st her.
Top right is Fry, he’s the oldest at nearly 8 and is Tom’s best friend. He used to hate Meeko but has now decided he’ll tolerate her.
Bottom left is Meeko, she’s incredibly fluffy and if she gets any tangles in her fur she will rip them out and leave lumps of fur everywhere (even though we brush her all the time she still gets tangles!!). She also meows all the time and comes when you call her name.
Bottom right is Tom, aka Tommy Two Shoes, Tommy Tingle or Fromas. He’s the baby and I think is currently grooming Fry to be his sugar daddy. He has a double chin and purrs silently.


A huge thank you to all of the amazing CC creators that I have mentioned, all credit goes to them. This time I decided to show off just a few of my favorite male CC pieces I have in my game since I don’t see many male lookbooks. If you enjoy this let me know and I’ll make another Male lookbook with even more CC!

Outfit One - CC List

Top, Bottoms, (Shoes and socks are from the base game.)

Outfit Two - CC List

Top, Pants, (Boots are from Outdoor Retreat.) (Watch is from Spa Day.) (Glasses are from the base game.)

Outfit Three - CC List

Top, (Shorts are from the base game.) (Shoes and necklace are from Get To Work.)

Outfit Four - CC List 

Top, Shorts, Sneakers, (Socks are from the base game.)

Outfit Five - CC List

Shirt, (Pants are from the base game.) (Shoes are from Get To Work) (Watch is from Spa Day.)

Other Used CC 

SKIN, EYES, BODY HAIR, FACIAL HAIR, HAIR #1 (Outfit One), HAIR #2 (Outfit Two -Five)


Flannel Buddies

The girls spent the day at the Brooklyn Heights Ice Rink with their younger siblings and cannot wait to warm up by the fire with their hot cocoa and hot coffees.

Lindy LIPSON || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair

Malia CARMICHAEL || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair

Bela MORENO || Top (Pattern) | Bottom | Shoes | Hair

Claude Giroux Appreciation Post because I can

This dork here, in case you didn’t know, is Captain of the Philadelphia Flyers (how could you not thought).

This gif is important for reasons.

He used to have this super curly hair. Shame that he cut it, but he still looks hecking good with short hair. (see below)

Shoutout to Amanda Kurtz, whoever you are, for these pictures. We thank you.

Originally posted by flyersgif

He can hockey very well

Originally posted by bennyandthestars

He also wipes his hand on the refs and that’s something we all want to do so technically he’s our overlord

His laugh is adorable

He and Voracek might as well be sin bin twins (MY GOSH APPRECIATE THAT RHYME PEOPLE)

Also have him concentrating very hard on his cards. Guest appearance by Michael Raffl (10/10 on the hair)

Very sassy as well.

Master of facial expressions

Also this gif has nothing to do with it but he has a strange aversion to shoes.

G, bottom right, no shoes. He also likes thumbs ups. And smiling. Because he’s a dork.

He and his girlfriend have a dog that looks like fried chicken. He is carrying said fried chicken in a backpack. This is the best picture on the Internet.

G + Text Posts are incredible.

He produces Stall Talk for us. Thank you, good sir.

His smile is amazing and he managed to lose a tooth in the most attractive place. Guest appearances by Brayden Schenn, Steve Mason, and Jake Voracek.

Jake likes to poke the butt.

He also smol.

This has been a good post. Thank you, Claude Giroux, for existing.

Lookbook #1

Yes I know, the picture quality sucks, but this is my first time so please don’t hate (and maybe give me some tips? )


|| Hair ~ @primadonna-sims|| Bodysuit ~ @citrontart|| Skirt ~ @youn-zoey|| 


|| Hair ~ @chocolatemuffintop|| Glasses ~ @theslyd|| Choker ~ @leahlillith|| Jacket Top ~ @leeleesims1|| Acessory Top ~ @leeleesims1|| Jeans (literally my favorite jeans, I use it all the time ) ~ @bonehlda|| Boots ~ @puresims ||

That’s all folks, until next Friday :)

Now I want to see this as goody two shoes!Castiel getting really overwhelmed by hearing punk!dean praising him/confessing his love as they have sex for the first time. But of course, Dean being the fucker he is, has to go and ruin the moment by making fun of Cas. And Cas wants to be mad at him for being such an ass, but he also realizes that it’s just the dean he fell for and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just Dancer Things
  • You have a favourite floor
  • You keep a list of songs you want to choreograph to
  • You spend hours watching choreography videos online
  • You spend hours trying to learn that choreography 
  • You can’t stay still 
  • You can’t have just one favourite style
  • You could dance 3 hours non stop without a sweat but running up a flight of stairs leaves you out of breath
  • You can change into costumes in record speed
  • You find buying new leotards and dance shoes way too exciting 
  • All your socks have circular holes in the bottom from turning in them
  • Forever covered in bruises 
  • Pulled muscles are more annoying than painful 
  • If someone takes the square meter space of floor in the studio that is your stretching spot then world war 3 will start
  • Your legs are significantly stronger than your arms
  • Tap shoes and pointes are your chosen weapons in battle
  • ‘And’ is a number
  • You can only count to 8
  • You have a favourite leg
  • You open doors with your foot
  • You can dance without falling but walking down the street without tripping is a challenge 
  • You subconsciously ponche when bending down 
  • Every bone in your body will crack at some point during the day 
  • The sound of bones cracking doesn’t phase you
  • You’re proud of your bruises 
  • Bruises don’t hurt they’re just annoying and get in the way
  • You always write ‘point’ like ‘pointe’ 
  • You won’t stop tap dancing 
  • Messy buns upset you 
  • Getting your first pair of pointes is a bigger achievement than getting all A*s in your exams 
  • Your hips cracking is the most relieving feeling
  • You have to get new dance shoes because you got blood on your current ones
  • You have a draw specifically for leggings
  • Most of your leggings have holes in them 
  • Your constant tap dancing drives everyone insane
  • You spend more time dancing than not 
  • Taking forever in the loo because you’re wearing a leotard 
  • You envy all the naturally flexible people
  • You can remember loads of dance routines for months but you forgot what you had for breakfast yesterday 
  • You subconsciously spot when turning 
  • “One more time” means 5 more times 
  • Your most embarrassing moment was falling over during a performance or in dance class
  • You love it when routines make you feel sexy 
  • Kicking yourself in the head is something we’re proud of 
  • “Everything hurts.” 
  • You’re most confident when dancing
This ends here.

Most of you may not know what this is about, but if youve seen the post @lum1natrix made then you might have an idea.

This is an issue that has been going on for months, and if im honest, its reached a point of pettiness. I dont like making posts like this, trust me I dont, but im not gonna sit here and watch members of the community be dragged down to the ground.

As much as this community is a great place, I dont for one second expect every single person to get on. I fully expect theres going to be minds who think differently, peoples morals will differ, the line between what makes a good person or a bad person varies depending on the individual. People will have opinions. Which is all fine in reason, it what makes us individual.

But what I dont expect, is people to target others based on these differences. Dont be that person to make others feel like dirt at the bottom of your shoe.

Its clear, Lumi and the people in question DO NOT get on, and this was a matter that in my opinion, was closed ages ago. The fact its being brought back up is utterly ridiculous when the simple solution is just to cut all ties, stop communication, move on and stop throwing daggers.

Im not watching it happen anymore. It ends here. Right now. It fucking stops. I’ll draw the god damn line myself if i must.

If I see it happening in the future then im not gonna be anywhere near as calm as I am now and I WILL take action against it.


▪Models:by @timoni66 & me
▪Hair:@antosims / @newseasims
▪Shoes:@dominationkid / Ma$ims
▪X-Zara Marin Kitty Headphones:@dominationkid
▪Ice Cream:@jennisims
▪Poses:@toys-of-dukeness / @pipisims4​

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.



The realm of Kievan Rus was riddled with rivers that worked as superhighways for fast and easy travel: routes connecting the Rus to the Balts, Finns, Ugrians and Scandinavians to the north; ones leading east into the domains of the infamous steppe nomads and the rich Islamic world; south to the Black Sea which gave access to the Bulgarian Empire and the Byzantines. While land travel was possible it was made all the more difficult for large armies as the ground would become muddied in the spring and autumn due to rainfall and winter snows melting. However, in the winter it was actually easier to traverse on foot than it was during the warmer seasons as the rivers would freeze and the Rus would also employ the use of sleds, snowshoes, skis and ‘frost nails’ (spikes on the bottom of shoes or horseshoes for traction; think of cleats).

^ Frost Nails. 

The Rus that sailed these rivers had to avoid obstructions and shallow rapids so they (portaged) carried or pulled their ships onto land, dragged them over logs until they passed around these obstacles then pushed their ships back into the river at another location. This was also done to move boats from one river to another since the whole of their realm was a patchwork or web of waterways. This process of portaging could prove to be a dangerous one as the Rus would become susceptible to being ambushed or assaulted by various nomadic steppe peoples.

To combat this Rusians constructed ports, garrisons and forts along the rivers to give temporary refuge, shelter, aid and protection. Another safe refuge for the Rusians were the many islands that dotted the rivers they traversed. Since the Rus typically dominated rivers they used these islands as pit stops to keep the bandit horsemen of the steppes at bay. The Rus also hired and allied themselves with some steppe nomads to ward off other hostile invaders. The Druzhina (imperial guards) and these nomad allies rode on land alongside the vessels sailing these rivers and guarded them while they portaged.

Nor can the Russians come at this imperial city of the Romans, either for war or for trade, unless they are at peace with the Pechenegs, because when the Russians come with their ships to the barrages of the river and cannot pass through unless they lift their ships off the river and carry them past by portaging them on their shoulders, then the men of this nation of the Pechenegs set upon them, and, as they cannot do two things at once, they are easily routed and cut to pieces…” – De Administrando Imperio (“On the Administration of the Empire”) by Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus c.950.

Though the many rapids that peppered the great rivers of the Rus were a hassle, they were also just as much of a curse as they were a blessing. Enemies attempting to lead a naval invasion of Kievan Rus were constricted by the fact that they could only use smaller vessels capable of sailing shallow rivers and in effect, send less men up at a time. Enemy vessels were also equally at risk of being attacked while portaging as the Rus were. Another advantage of the previously mentioned portages was that these points, and the fortified structures often stationed near them, became advantageous for traders and merchants and boat repairmen. 

Osprey - ‘Men-at-Arms’ series, issue 491 - Armies of the Volga Bulgars
& Khanate of Kazan, 9th–16th Centuries.
 “Reconstruction of an ushkuy as used by the ushkuyniki river-pirates, and probably by many other peoples on the Volga and Kama river system. Clinker-built from pine planks, these craft had a length of 12–14m (39–46ft), a beam of perhaps one-fifth that length, a shallow draught of approximately 0.5m (20in) below the water, and about 1m (39in) of freeboard. This design gave the uskhuy considerable speed for a medieval vessel. (A.S. Sheps)

The Rus used a type of dugout boats called a monoxyla, (Greek “single-tree”) which were able to sail shallow waters. According to the ‘De Administrando Imperio’, written by Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus around c.950, the Slavic Krivichians and the Lenzanenes would go into the mountains during the winters where they would cut down trees for the crafting of monoxyla and by spring time they traverse down the now thawed Dnieper River and sell the monoxyla to the Rus. The Rus themselves added oars, rowlocks and tackle and when the Rus neared more easily traversable lakes and seas they made use of their masts, sails and rudders. Another ship used in the north was the easily portaged Finnish ushkui (uisk, “snake”) which was made famous by the Novgorodian pirates referred to as the Ushkuiniks who are seen as both heroes and villains depending on one’s perspective.

^ Osprey - ‘Men-at-Arms’ series, issue 491 - Armies of the Volga Bulgars
& Khanate of Kazan, 9th–16th Centuries. Plate E: THE USHKUYNIKI MENACE, 14th–15th CENTURIES - E2: Archer, 14th–15th centuries
: “This Volga Bulgar foot-soldier wears gear practically identical to his Russian ushkuyniki foes. The spired steel helmet has an aventail divided at both sides, covering his neck back and front but not the shoulders. The mail hauberk is short-hemmed but has sleeves to below the elbow. Note that the long-sleeved, quilted coat-armour is much shorter at the back than at the front, where it is divided from hem to belly. The slung shield and the archery equipment also resemble Russian styles, though the signalling whistle attached below his arrowhead may have been confined to the Mongols and their Volga Bulgar vassals.

If there are any errors please privately inbox me so I can update it. As always, if you’d like to read or learn about any specific historical subjects just let me know what they are and I will take note of them.

See Also:

  • KIEVAN RUS: PART 1 – NORTHERN ENIGMA OF THE MIDDLE AGES:  In this post I will be covering the early portion of the medieval realm known as Kievan Rus (pronounced ‘Roos’); a multiethnic and cultural realm incorporating the Norse, Slavs, Turks, Balts and Finno-Ugrians. A realm centered around the many rivers that were riddled throughout its domains and led them to the riches of the Byzantine Empire, Silverland (Islamic Middle East) and the Baltic Sea. The culture, battle tactics and armaments of the ancient Slavs are addressed as well as the Druzhina (personal bodyguards and standing army). Also mentioned are some of the conflicts the Rus had with one another, the Greeks (Byzantine Empire), Bulgarians and Turkish steppe nomads. 
  • KIEVAN RUS: PART 2 – DYING LIGHT IN A DARK AGE: In this post I will cover some of the civil wars, wars of succession and familicide that plagued Kievan Rus; their peak under leaders like Vladimir the Great (who unified the Rus and made Orthodox Christianity their official religion) and Yaroslav the Wise (while Europe was in a dark age, he made Kievan Rus a beacon of knowledge, literacy, trade and faith); Kievan Rus’ shattering into various feuding states, their clash against the Mongols and their rarely spoken of religion. The Chernye Klobuki (Turkish mercenaries) and the Varangian Guard (Norse, Slavic, Germanic, etc.) are also noted; the latter were warriors employed by the Byzantine Empire to act as the Emperor’s trusted personal guard and on occasion they acted as pirate hunters, policemen, jailers, prison guards, torturers and interrogators.
Clothing & Shoes Sims 4

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    Every time I watch This is us I’m a blubbering mess. Even though I itch to watch it every week, I also dread the water works. DAMN Jack OWNED THIS EPISODE!
    This episode was everything!
    From the whole hallucinating Jack and his interaction with Randall.
    The push-up scene ended me. I was reaching down the bottom of my tissue box.
    Those push-ups had my ovaries on fire!
    Apart from the hubby with the body bit my womb ached for the daddy bit. Wow this is embarrassing but what the hell!
    Jack just one upped his game.
    I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop…there HAS to be some flaw.
    Goddamn it.
    definitely gonna watch this show all over again after the season finale!
    I gotta hand it to Milo Ventimiglia he has Jack spot on. Every emotion. Everything.
    I’m in awe. Every time I watch this show I’m awestruck. The writers are brilliant!!!


    Artist With Synesthesia Puts Songs to Canvas - diymagazine

    Artist Melissa S. McCracken uses her synesthesia to create beautiful works of art based on some of her favorite songs.

    “The most wonderful “brain malfunction” of all is seeing the music I hear. It flows in a mixture of hues, textures, and movements, shifting as if it were a vital and intentional element of each song.”

    From top to bottom, these three are works inspired by Radiohead’s “Karma Police,” Glass Animals’ “Flip,” and John Lennon’s “Imagine.” 

    Once Upon the N Train

    CS Modern AU, Based partially on actual events…

    Words: 3,066 | Rating: Soft T (Adult themes, suggestive dialog) | Ao3: x

    Dedicated to all the lovelies in the Writer’s Hub, without whose encouragement and humor, I probably would have abandoned this days ago. ♥♥

    After a mad dash across the platform, Emma scooted her way onto the subway car just as the doors closed. It was nearly empty, the only other person was a man near the back leaning against the window with his eyes closed. He had the collar of his tan trench coat popped up, covering most of his face, but Emma could see the bottoms of his grey suit pants and his shiny black oxford shoes. He’d clearly been working late at one of the downtown offices, catching a nap on his ride home in the quiet lull between the evening rush hour and the last-call crowd. 

    Emma took her seat as the train lurched forward, setting her shopping bag on the spot next to her and pulling out her tablet to choose something to read. As a responsible and successful adult who was choosing to continue her professional education, she should probably have opened up the reading for her Advanced Topics in Criminology class, but it was Friday night and she wasn’t that responsible. Instead she tapped the cover of a cheesy romance novel about a time-traveling Viking with too many kids, and shifted in her seat to get comfortable for the ride home. 

    “So, is it a gift or for yourself?” the sudden sound of the man’s voice startled Emma.

    Keep reading