all she was worth

I thought I wanted Aelin to save herself in ToG6 but now I’m changing my mind.

At the end of EoS Rowan thinks that he knows Aelin expects them to all make the rational, safe choice and leave her with Maeve while they go save the world. Aelin STILL thinks she’s expendable. She STILL thinks she isnt worthy of love. She STILL thinks that she should die for her friends without letting them die for her. She doesn’t think she’s necessary. She doesnt think she matters to anyone as much as they matter to her.

So i hope that Gavriel, Lorcan, Elide, and Rowan, blessed Rowan, show up at Maeve’s doorstep and fuck her shit up. I hope Fenrys and Conall find a way to fight for Aelin too. I hope that they all prove to her that she IS worth fighting and dying for, and that they love her as much as she has loved them.

I hope that Rowan saves her and that for once, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius lets someone else fight for her instead of her having to fight for herself, alone.

A huge part of the tog story is trust. and how she doesn’t really trust anyone, perhaps even Rowan. So I think that Aelin needs to be saved, because she’s already had to do so much on her own. And she needs to know that her friends love her, and that she can trust them because they love her, and that she is worth saving, and that is necessary to so many people. 

The Elements Aesthetics

She glows like sunshine, her red hair is iridescent, her freckles inviting. The deep red of her lips promises passion, her temper is attractive and frightening at the same time. She is the happiness in the daylight and the danger of the night. Her eyes colour is changing just like her mood. Stubborn but generous, she’s impossible to control, impossible to get close to, impossible to stamp out. Run and save yourself or stay and suffer. She will keep you warm or burn you to ashes. She promises to be worth it all. Tame her and she will be yours forever, but will she still be herself?

FIRE is her name.

Look into her deep brown eyes, look into them precisely, what is she worth? What did she go through? She is older than everything around you, knows more than a prophet and has suffered more than God’s Son. She seems cold and rocklike, unapproachable, but the deeper you look into her, the warmer and richer her soul gets. Reach the deepest corners of her heart and you will see something so admirable, something so loving and passionate that you will never let her go again. Just a flutter of her long eyelashes will make your heart stop. Her movements are slow and elegant, she has the grace of a Queen and the kindness of a maid. She will make herself unforgettable, wanting her once, you will want her forever. Your bitter sweetest dreams will be about the scent of her dark hair. Her strength is limitless, protective, anyone by her side is invincible.

EARTH is her name.

She is invisible, impossible to catch, her unpredictability is dangerous. She can be soft and cooling or strong and destructive. Don’t play with her. She controls the rest, she can make them greater or blow them out, dry them. Don’t play with her, but you won’t even get a chance to. It’s her, everything is about her, she’s in control, her bright eyes will hypnotise you, her fatal lips will talk you into anything, you will be hers if she wants you to. That dangerously intelligent mind of hers can’t stay in one place, she needs to travel, to see new things, she’s never repetitive, she gets bored of routine and flies away. Don’t even try to tame her, you will make her disappear once and for all. 

AIR is her name.

She is all about change, seems easy to adjust at first, she takes the form of anything around her. She is soft and freshening, she is impossible to live without. You can see and hear her from far away if she wants you to, or she will be as silent as the darkness, you won’t even know she’s there. Her blonde hair is luminous as the sun, her blue eyes as innocent as her soul. She is easy to cry, as tears is what she’s made of. Her compassion knows no limits, her love is unconditional. You can scoop her up for a while, but still, she will leak through the tiniest flaws. Do not anger her, then even she can get dangerous. She can apply her red lipstick and the appearance of an angel will fade, you won’t have time to escape as you’ll know you provoked the tsunami. She will drown you and everything around you, she won’t stop until she’s all alone.

WATER is her name.


This is the only thing I have ever wanted in my life G O O D B Y E

With an added bonus extra of this E X T I N G U I S H ME

“A lot of artists only have one toe with a bit of string around it tied to the ground. Some artists are so ethereal that they can’t really function, they’re not fully downloaded on to the physical plane,” she says quickly. “I’m not that way inclined at all. I’m very much physically present. If you’re not going to pursue your life somewhere in the trees up there then you have to understand how things work. I was a bit late in understanding how things work because I was mostly on tour.” Are you talking about practical things, like laundry? “Not laundry because I love laundry!” – Laura Marling photographed by Ed Mason for Q Magazine, April 2017.

so the Imposters tv show looks really great and promising:

  • we have a bisexual female con artist who seduces men and women, makes them fall in love with her, then takes them for all they’re worth
  • she is played by an israeli-american actress
  • three of her ex-spouses: two men and one woman, all decide to team up, track their mutual ex-wife down and get some payback. but in a non-threatening, this is a black comedy about con artists kind of way. all of them are still adorably hung up on her
  • one of the two men is Jewish, from a traditional Jewish family, and he’s at the center-stage of the trio
  • and the con artist girl is not painted as the dreaded Depraved Bisexual trope, but is a very likeable human being who is just doing her job, is a part of a larger scheme, and circumstances are more than they seem
  • and i got the sense that instead of her mark she is about to actually fall in love, for real, with a handsome MOC
  • also, Uma Thurman is there


See You Next Summer

A super-quick Finaleversary fic. Thanks to Scribe for being willing to beta fics I toss at her with zero warning at the spur of the moment. Love to her, and to everyone I’ve met through Gravity Falls.


The end of summer. 2012.

Candy and Grenda go back to Grenda’s place after seeing Mabel off. They’d planned a sleepover in advance, knowing that they’d need several hours of cuddling, cookie dough and playing dress up with Grenda’s lizard to ease the sting of saying goodbye. Candy sits up on Grenda’s shoulders, because they need Grendy to help themselves feel big and tough right now, and Grenda makes howling and roaring sounds for all she’s worth, but it’s still a sad day.

They pass Pacifica sitting out on the curb. She looks like she might be waiting for someone. Actually, by the way she’s sitting with her face in her hands, she looks like she might have been waiting for a while. Candy glances down at Grenda, and a look passes between them. Should they ask if something’s wrong? Somehow even after living through the end of the world, after seeing all social order turned upside down, it would still feel weird to go up to the most popular girl in school (the same girl who’s cut them up with cruel words more times than they can count) and ask if she’s all right.

Mabel would have done it. But Mabel isn’t there, and Candy and Grenda both badly want to get home to the blanket nest and stack of videos they know is waiting for them, so they walk on and leave Pacifica alone.

2013. The end of summer.

Pacifica isn’t exactly friends with Candy and Grenda. No, no, she’d never call them that. But, you know. Hanging out with them makes her look good by comparison.

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“We know that night was 24 years of constant joy.” — Steven Moffat of the Doctor and River’s last night 

 "What a night that was.“  Indeed. The night the Doctor managed to show River Song she was loved and worth it, and pushed away all her demons and insecurities. 

done chasing ;;

Summary: How do you chase after someone who’s chasing someone else? 

Word Count: 3,192

Tags: Bridgette/Felix ; Identity Reveal

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There was never a doubt Bridgette loved Felix.

She loved him more than anything; he had been kind to her when no one else had, made her feel welcomed and to an extent, loved. She wanted nothing more than to return the favor; let him know he was wanted, had someone he could depend on.

Sure, she came on strong but Bridgette wasn’t one to back down easily.

Not when he rejected her offer to go to the park; or the library; or the music festival; or the café down the street. Not when she got doused with water from that puddle; when she burned her tongue on the tea she had gotten to impress him.

She kept going on; telling herself that it was all worth it if he ever said yes. And Bridgette believed he would; as long as there was even a chance he’d say yes to her - just once, if only to get her out of his hair - she would keep charging on.

That’s what she did; leapt into action and let her heart guide her.

So why was she hiding behind a column, listening to her mind for once?

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ACOWAR Characters on Valentine's Day

Feysand: Rhys literally decorates all of Velaris with pink streamers and red balloons and hires musicians to wake her up playing their song and she thinks it’s way too much but he’s so excited and she let’s it happen because she knows it will all be worth it once they get better acquainted with the walls of the townhouse later at night

Nessian: Nesta walks into her room only to find Cassian sprawled across her bed surrounded by rose petals grinning like the devil.

“Roses are red, I’m built like a rock, let’s roll in the sheets while you worship my…”

*Nesta slams the door*

Elucian: Quiet walk through a garden, Lucian is content to watch the joy on Elain’s face as she points out each different type of bud and what it means. Cute candle lit dinner at the restaurant from ACOMAF.

Moriel: They say nothing to each other all day, building up tension with deep innuendos and then as soon as the sun sets they are freaking on each other. Best night of the year.

Tamlin: Sits alone in a motherfucking corner like the bitch he is while Rhysand occasionally winnows to him and scatters rose petals before instantly vanishing again

For all she’s worth, Swift might owe us many things—a new record for her fans, a break from the spotlight for her haters—but the last thing she owes us is an explanation.
—  Bobby Box. (how ironic that a magazine that sexualizes women is the one article that gets it right. This is what the world had come to.)

So, let’s talk about something. In light of this song and the confirmation of the person Adam / Catpuke Hominygrits was , I think we should review Hiddleswift summer. You know at the beginning of a new relationship after such a man is in your life; you have that conversation with your new man. You get honest. Maybe not in details. At the very least, you say, my ex was not a good guy and let them know that you are waiting for the shoe to drop and this new guy to go off.

Think about the fact and the activity of the summer. Concerts, meeting families, Romantic Italian vacations, etc. Tom was trying to let her know the man he was.

And what was that statement someone said at their dinner with Holly Williams? He was very protective of her. He was always communicating with bodyguards and putting protective arms around her.

He did all of the things he did to show her that she was worth it. Every dinner. Every trip.

I don’t care if you find Tom Hiddleston attractive or not. He is a good guy.

If I ever hear the words PR stunt again in context with them, I will likely go sideways on somebody.

Worried Infidelities

I trusted you.
I gave you my all and you just back stab me like I was nothing.
Did the hours I put in trying to fix us not help?
I stayed up for nights wondering when you were gonna be home.
What’s your excuse this time?
You had a little too much to drink and stayed at a friends house?
You and your friends were too high off of god knows what and you didn’t want to come home?
Or maybe it’s that you lost track of time?
I’m done with the bullshit lies.
I can smell the perfume on your neck that isn’t mine,
And those faint lipstick marks on your body don’t help your case either.
Your pupils are dilated so far you could see past all the stars in the goddamn galaxy,
And your hair all messed up like someone was playing with it.
Was she worth it?
Was she better than me? 

Am I not good enough for you?

we all should have voted for jill but we forsake her and now she is back, with all the power of $40000 worth of charged crystals and she is going to kill hillary and trump