all she had to do was this and i was already in tears

Adele Wins Album of the Year, Gives All Credit to Beyoncé

By the time superstar vocalist Adele took the stage at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards to accept the most coveted award of the night, Album of the Year (for her release 25), the singer had already accepted four other awards honoring her work. Still, despite being so richly lauded, the singer had definite ideas about where to dedicate her final thank-you speech.

After making a few notes about her difficulties adjusting to motherhood (” I struggled and I still do struggle being a mom. It’s really hard”), Adele took an unexpected turn — offering her win up to whom she felt should have received it, namely fellow pop diva Beyoncé.

“I can’t possibly accept this award,” she brokenly noted, her voice choked with tears. “I’m very humbled and very grateful and gracious, but my artist of my life is Beyoncé…the Lemonade album was so monumental, and so well thought out, and so beautiful and soul bearing.

“We all got to see another side of you that you don’t always let us see, and we appreciate that,” she continued. “And all us artists [expletive] adore you. You are our light. And the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel is empowering, and you make them stand up for themselves. And I love you. I always have. And I always will.”

Both Beyoncé and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, looked on and clapped in the audience, with moved expressions on their faces.

Adele was the big winner of the night, taking five awards, including album, song, and record of the year.  Beyoncé, who was the most-nominated artist of the night, took home two. The 2017 Grammy Awards were aired live from Los Angeles on Feb. 12.

I’m gonna’ write my own SC wedding. 

The twins walk Caroline down the aisle, each of them holding onto her with a chubby little hand; everyone is already crying. The air is redolent with orchids. The live orchestra softly strikes up Bryan Adams’ ‘Everything I Do’. Damon enters, cradling a frail Stefan in his arms. He smiles beatifically, despite his weakness: through his eyes we see that a slant of light falls through the church window just perfectly, casting a halo over Caroline. Elena, taking both their hands, gives them her tearful blessing; she exchanges a loving smile with Damon, whose own smile wavers just a bit as Stefan coughs pitifully in his arms. He takes a deep breath and pulls himself together. 

Elena performs the ceremony; Stefan, barely able to lift his head, conjures the strength to say his vows in a firm, clear voice, so all the church rings with them: “If I had to do it all over again, every moment of pain, regret, loneliness–I’d repeat them all, because I know what’s waiting for me at the end. It will always be you, Caroline Salvatore-Forbes. In every life, in every eternity.”

Special guest star Mandy Moore begins to sing ‘Cry’:  “I’ll always remember;
it was late afternoon.”

Stefan and Caroline exchange rings. 

 It lasted forever
And ended so soon

They kiss, deeply, magically. Damon shifts Stefan in his arms so he can wipe away a single, perfect tear. 

You were all by yourself
Staring up at a dark gray sky

“I love you, Caroline Salvatore-Forbes,” Stefan whispers for the last time, cradling her cheeks.

I was changed

He expires gently in Damon’s arms.

A Wedding (Lafayette x Reader)

I KNOW THIS IS REALLY SHORT BUT I ALREADY HAVE LIKE SIX MORE PARTS PLANNED. I’M SORRY. Also like I didn’t describe the dress because like every one has different preferences and it’s a wedding dress so like everyone has something they want and I didn’t want to mess up what the reader has in mind.

Words: 439

Warnings: Um none really

As you stepped out of the dressing room, a squeal immediately pierced your ears. Peggy, your best friend and maid of honor, ran up to you and hugged you, tears streaming down her face. She did this after every dress.

“Leave the dress alone,” Hercules sighed. You had been trying on wedding dresses all day and hadn’t found the right one. Herc had hated all of them and Peggy had loved all of them. Alex and John lay on the couch groaning about how much longer they had to stay. After flying in from London, Angelica only wanted to chat with Eliza.

“I don’t understand why I can’t make the dress for you and Laf’s wedding! You’re two of my best friends!” Hercules complained.

“Because wedding dresses are expensive and I can’t expect you to do that for me!” You scolded, Peggy still wrapped around your waist. You pushed her off of you and turned towards the others.

“Okay really, what do you think of this one?” You asked, giving them a spin. A groan from Hercules, and another squeal from Peggy. Suppressing an eye roll, you turned to Alex, John, Angelica and Eliza.

“White really suits you, Y/N,” Eliza complimented. Angelica nodded in agreement.

“I think you have looked hot in all of them, but don’t tell Laf that,” John Laurens, the bachelor of the group stated. You giggled and turned to Alex, who normally had an opinion on everything.

“I don’t know, they all look the same to me,” He said, causing a glare from Eliza.

“He means it’s beautiful Y/N, I think you should get that one.” Eliza said, reassuring you.

“I guess that one is okay,” Hercules whined.

“Okay if Herc likes it, it has to be amazing,” Angelica joked, causing John to laugh a little more than what was normal.

“Alright, I think this is the one,” You said, giving a little twirl. Your heart leaped as you looked in the mirror. A smile stretched across your face, you had never felt this beautiful. You saw Hercules walk up to you in the reflection, placing a warm hand on your shoulder.

“He’ll love it, you look gorgeous.”

“Boys, we have to get to the bachelorette party,” Peggy said, winking at them. You raised your eyebrows at her, knowing how crazy she could get at parties. You suppressed a laugh as you remembered a certain situation with Jello shots and a hot tub. 

“I bet it’ll be trash compared to what we have planned for Laf,” Alex said, shouldering John. Peggy and Alex stared each other down as you smacked a palm to your forehead. 

As fate would have it - Chapter 17

It´s been about twelve years since Hiyori last saw Yato. Twelve years since he cut ties with her. With tears in his eyes he explained that it was all for her sake so she could finally start to live a normal life.
What he didn´t know back then was that their ties could never be cut.

Hiyori remembered everything about him, Yukine and the far shore.
At the time Yato and she parted ways Hiyori was already pregnant with a baby girl that grew up knowing nothing about her father.

Chapter 17 - A day at the pool

Words: 2490

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Main characters:

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i. when i screamed at my father to let me go and let me end my own life i watched his eyes fill with tears and begged me not to leave him with the guilt that he couldn’t save me from the monsters in my head; but before i could grasp any sense of touch the police vans had already surrounded my house and i continued to shake in the corner with my father guarding over me like he did when it was my first week in a crib seventeen years ago, the paramedics rushed in to tell me i had one million reasons to survive but all i could do is find all the detachment i had from the world to scream at them that i didn’ t care and begged them to let me die.

ii. i watched my father cry into the palms of his hands outside the ambulance when they asked me what my pain scale was from one to ten and i told them it was enough to feel like i was already dead.

iii. i went to therapy in your clothes, she watched me cry into the sleeves of your sweatshirt as i begged her to help me get you back, i couldn’t help but glance at her arms that were full of 2 centimetre thick scars carved across her left arm once she opened the door to let me out. she asked me six times to give another example of safety which weren’t involved with anything to do with you.

iv. my nan gave me a bracelet that was red with a bell planted on it, i didn’t understand why until she said red stood for the blood i wanted to see across my wrists and the bell was to jingle whenever i needed her, i don’t think she quite realised how much it broke my heart until my eyes filled up and my head fell into her chest when she swore she wouldn’t let me lose myself the way i did that day.

v. there was a spare seat at the table which couldn’t help but remind me of you and that it should’ve been you sat there not a abundance of nothingness planted beside me. i guess thats the way it’s going to be now but i promise i’ll always keep that space free, i would rather have the nothingness than somebody else taking your place.

titled: things that have happened since the day you left one week ago
sun 15 mar 19:08

Twice Reaction to You Proposing (REQUESTED)


She would be so happy. You could see the tears forming in her eyes. You popped the question after you had surprised her with her family from Japan. She just stared at you ad broke into a smile. “So?” you encouraged, realizing she hadn’t answered yet. “Yes!”


You two had spent the whole day together, doing all the things she loves. At the end of the day, you met up with the rest of the girls. They already knew what was about to happen, but she had no clue. Nayeon was in deep conversation when you snuck up behind her. She turned and saw you with the ring. She was speechless. She looked at the girls and then just nodded at you.


You came out of the shower and saw Dahyun holding the ring. “You weren’t supposed to find that!” you’d whine. “I was gonna give it to you tomorrow.” She was grinning from ear to ear, wiping tears from her eyes. “Can I just say yes now?” she replied, giggling.


You already had asked her, but she hadn’t answered yet. In her mind she was imagining your lives together as a married couple. She couldn’t help but smile to herself. She looked into your eyes and kissed you, both of you knowing her answer.


You would be standing backstage at one of their performances. Jihyo was doing the best she done since SIXTEEN. Once it was over, she rushed over to you, leaping into your arms. “Marry me,” you said in between kisses. Without even hesitating, she said “yes.”


She would think very carefully before answering. After the whole flag debacle, she thinks very carefully about her decisions. However, one thing was clear to her. She loves and can’t live without you. “Yes,” she whispered.


“Okay,” she’d start. “Even though we’re breaking the dating ban and I’m gonna be traveling a lot and I kinda ruined your white tee and -” You kissed her and she stopped worrying. She knew she was meant to be with you.


She said yes immediately and you kissed her. “So,” she began, “does this mean we can hook up some more?” You both burst out laughing because although she was laughing, she was DEAD ASS SERIOUS.


She was so giddy. She started planning your wedding, what you’re going to wear, where it’ll be, and who you’re going to invite. The only problem was that she hadn’t given you an answer yet. When you told her that, she chuckled with a yes.

I was tagged by @streetcarnameddesire to shuffle my iTunes/Spotify/whatever ten times without skipping anything so!! I’m gonna do that!!

Rhode Island // the front bottoms
White blood // oh wonder
Jamie all over // Mayday Parade
I see fire // Ed Sheeran
She had the World // you fuckers should know who that one is by
Tear in my heart // twenty one pilots
At you window // once again you guys should already fuCKiNG knOW
Strange love // Halsey (I just wanna say that this song is throam as fuck okay it messes with my gay emotions™)
Lost in stereo // All Time Low (aka the loves of my life)
Scattered // Green Day

I’m too lazy to tag anyone so just do it if you want to lmao. I’d love it if you guys tagged me in it when you do it cause I’m curious to see what music y'all listen to

“I miss the person you never were.”

               You two had been together for years. Senior year went by in a blur, full of college applications and Audrey making her senior documentary to send to the college of her dreams. She was so sure of what she wanted to do, and you had never been more grateful that you convinced her to pick up her camera again after Piper had died. There were countless nights of talking her through her guilt and holding her through her screams and tears until you eased her back into doing what she loved the most. Now, she was doing what she was meant to.

               You, on the other hand, weren’t so sure what you wanted to do or where you wanted to go. You tried to be supportive of her dreams and her accomplishments, but the stress of uncertainty was getting to you and weighing on your mind. You were picking fights for no reason, taking out all of your anger on the one person who was closest to you. You already knew she was going to be accepted into whatever college she applied to, but what was going to happen to you when she left? You were already too familiar with the feeling of being alone and you had no desire to revisit that feeling ever again.

               “How are you doing today, babe?” Audrey stepped into your bedroom while you sat on your bed with your laptop on your lap. You grunted in response, not removing your eyes from the same screen you’d been staring at for the last hour. She chuckled to herself and hopped on the bed next to you. “How long have you been here? When did you last leave your room?”

               “I’d rather not say.” You buried your face in your hands while she moved your messy hair from your face.

               “You gotta get out of here. Come to the movies with Noah and I. We’re seeing that new horror movie that just came out; he’s really excited about it. He thinks it’s actually going to-“

               “Audrey, I don’t care. I can’t just leave and forget about college applications.” Facing her, your chin started quivering as the stress overwhelmed you.

               “Hey…babe take a breath. You’re going to be fine. You don’t have to decide what you want to do right now, you can take a year or go to college and have an undeclared major and just shop around for a while.” She started rubbing your back while she brushed some of her hair behind her ears. “You need to get out of here every once in a while to take a break.”

               “I don’t need you telling me what to do. This is the most stressful thing I’ve ever been through, and you have no idea how this feels because you already know what you’re going to do. You’re making your stupid documentary and you’ll get into your dream school and you’ll leave and Noah will follow and I’ll be stuck in this stupid town where everyone dies and work at the fucking grocery store or something.” You knew you were being mean and hurtful, but you couldn’t stop yourself. The stress was too much and you knew that as soon as she left, everything would change.

               “Why are you being like this, Y/N? You know I love you and I will help you in any way I can, but you can’t just talk to me like that and expect me to be okay with it.” She seemed to distance herself from you as your hands began to shake.

               “I’m not being like anything!”

               “You’re being rude. I’m trying to help you. I’m trying to get you out of this little bubble you’ve engulfed yourself in to help you get some air and maybe some food that doesn’t come in a bag from the dollar store. I miss you, Y/N. You’re never around anymore and I totally understand that. This is hard for you and I respect that, but you need to think about yourself and us too.” She was trying to be gentle with you while also making the point. The tears were streaming from your eyes at this point, your entire body shaking.

               “You don’t miss me. You miss me coddling you and having sex with you whenever you wanted to get your mind off of all the shit you did. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, you have your best friend helping you all the time and film schools coming after you like you’re the god damn messiah. Quite frankly, I miss you too. But I miss the person you never were.” You regretted everything you said as soon as your mouth closed. Your eyes widened and you stopped breathing as the realization of what you had just said hit you. Audrey was trying to hold strong but a single tear fell down her face. She started moving off the bed before you could say anything.

               “You know what, Y/N, you’re right. I don’t miss you. If this is who you really are, then I miss the you you never were as well. So if that girl decides to come back, have her give me a call. Until then, stay away from me and my stupid documentary.” She headed towards the door, not looking back.

               “Audrey, please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-“ You were pleading with her between sobs. She slammed the door, not giving it a second thought.

               Alone came a lot sooner than you expected it to.

More than Just a Valentine ((A very special starter for @im-not-a-cat))

Valentines day had gotten into full swing. Alto and Staff had already left to do their special things with their partners, whereas Bass was left alone, tearing apart his home in search of something very, very important.

… Which he may or may not have lost.

“Damn it, damn it, god f*ckin’ dammit,” he growled, throwing clothes from his drawers as he searched for the tiny little box he’d hidden away for this particular day. He’d spent all morning setting everything up, and yet the one thing that tied it all together had gone inexplicably missing! Even Viola had gone down easily for a nap, and he’d somehow managed to convince Sketch to go back home for the night.

“Gah! She’s gonna be here any minute! If I don’t find that stupid thing, it’s gonna ruin everything! Where the hell did I put it…?!”


Sacrifice. A word I didn’t truly understand until the moment Olivia told me.

“You…what?” I asked, shocked.

“I don’t love you,” Olivia answered quietly. “I had to tell you. You deserve better. Somebody who can reciprocate your feelings and not use you as a distraction from their shitty life.”

I took a deep breath, my eyes clenched shut. Tears still managed to pour down my cheeks, but they did so slowly, hesitantly. This had to be a dream. A nightmare, perhaps. If I pinched myself I’d wake in my bed.

“Olivia, you don’t mean it.”

“Yes, I do, Eliza.”

“Then can we pretend you never told me? Can’t we start from the beginning and fall in love like in the movies?” I pleaded desperately. I couldn’t lose her. She was all I had.


“You can’t do this to me. I–I’ve already given so much of my heart to you,” I whispered.

Slowly, she answered, “That’s the thing; you give people all of you expecting that that will make them love you. It doesn’t, though, Eliza. You can’t make them love you.”

I took in a deep breath. For the past year I’d given her everything: my attention, my thoughts, my heart. And it had been a waste.

“I love you,” I sobbed. “I love you so god damn much.”

It wasn’t until that moment that she left me that I understood what it meant to give a sacrifice. It wasn’t until she walked out of my room for the last time, leaving me in tears, that I realized I had sacrificed everything for her when she didn’t do the same for me. And maybe she thought it wasn’t true love. That it didn’t come from giving yourself to your lover. But she was wrong; I promised her I’d be there for forever and she was the one to break the promise.

I sacrificed myself so she would love me.

—  excerpt from a book ill never write//#9

my-arietta  asked:

Hi! I've just read the KTBB cheating headcanon and i having an emotional breakdown right now (not good for my soul). I just wondering if you could write a headcanon about the guys bring mc back. (And heal my soul, please)

a/n: Aw… *hug* sorry this might not be the most cheerful one since the break up was pretty bad and I took quite a while to do this. I lost all my gif-s so I had to alter it a bit. I’m combining the requests since they’re pretty similar (minus the part that she’s already over the bidders).

First part: If they cheat on you


Baba: You looked at the flutter of snow falling from the night sky. As drops of snowflakes melted on your palm, you started to feel cold. You remembered you made a promise with Baba that you would come back again to this place but now it was all in the past. Your heart tightened in pain then as the first tear fell from your brown eyes, you heard footsteps from behind you. You turned and saw Baba stood in front of you. He lost a lot of weight and looked haggard.
“Baba…,” you said it without thinking.
“Hey, you look beautiful as always,” he smiled faintly.
You steeled yourself, forcing yourself to walk away from him for the second time. The scar he left you was too deep. You gave yourself completely to him and that was why it hurt like hell.
“I never cheat on you,” Baba put his arms around your shoulders and buried his head on your neck.
Your whole body tensed and there was a silent filling your surrounding.
“Please don’t let me go,” he whispered.
You started to choke. His cologne reached you, triggered all the memories, filling your soul once again. You took a risk. You faced him, crying together in each other’s arms.

Eisuke: Eisuke was very cruel to you after you said you wanted to break up with him. After enduring it for awhile, the stress built up and you collapsed when you had another fight with him. The doctor told him that you were depressed and that you should never be put under more pressure or you’ll break down. Eisuke came by the side of your bed and hugged you tight. His eyes were glassy for awhile and when you wanted to see his face, he refused to do so.
“Don’t look at me, now.”
From the way he trembled when he was holding you, you knew that there was probably a sliver of hope to save your relationship.
“You broke my heart. You killed me, Eisuke,” you whispered on his ear, telling him how you felt for the past few months.
He didn’t answer and just squeezed you even tighter.

Mamoru: You left him after he told you he was no longer loving you as a woman. But now, he got you confused when he showed up in front of your door and asking you to get back together. His breath smelled like alcohol. You took him inside of your apartment reluctantly. You still had some feelings left for him despite of how cruel he was to you.
You went to grab him a glass of water.
“Why didn’t you fight harder for me?” he asked.
His voice was low but you could hear it.
You snapped and scoffed, “I didn’t? You’re drunk, Mamoru.”

Ota: Ota tried hard not to show his feeling but it was getting more and more difficult as he saw the light in your eyes dimmed. On your birthday, he decided to take you out and treated you with so much kindness. You became so anxious because the moment you started to become hopeful, he would change 180 degree again. As you both drove back to the hotel, he parked the car and turned off the engine. He didn’t get out and just looked straight while holding the wheel.
“I love you,” he said quietly.

Soryu: Soryu waited till the last minute but you won’t budge. Everytime he asked you what would make you forgive him, you simply gave him the divorce paper to sign. Today was like that too. As you were eating breakfast in silent like usual, you slid a paper in front of him. Soryu looked at it and sighed. He took your hand. You tried to pull away but he held it in his strong grip.
“Please… stay with me. You don’t have to be my wife but I can’t not see you,” his eyes fluttered as he looked at you.


More headcanons [x]

“You fucked her Jason! Are you fucking serious?” You screamed fuming with anger, his head snapped up quickly before he took a small step forward “I would never, ever, do that Savy, you know I fucking love you with everything.” His voice settled so it was barely above a whispered, a lump formed in your throat as you stared at him, contemplating if what he was saying was indeed true

“Why the fuck did she say you did? Better yet why is her bra in the bathroom!” A small tear outlined your cheek, slowly your world began to collapse around you and the energy to hold it all in was long gone “Baby I did-“You cut him off with a soft sob, not wanting him to see you like this you pushed passed him and continued to pack the suitcase you had already began on before he had walked through the door

“Sav stop, listen to me.” He urged quietly engulfing you in his strong grip from behind, he intertwined his large fingers with your shaky ones and places his chin on your shoulder “Why would I want to fuck that whore when I have a beautiful perfect goddess like you to call mine? I swear on my mother’s grave I did not touch her, not once Savannah, I love you.” His tone was so fragile, in the way he spoke you could tell he was struggling to keep it together especially at the mention of his mother

“Jason I-“He spun you around catching you slightly off guard “No, please don’t leave me Sav, your all I fucking have and I can’t lose you, not another person.” He whispered quietly refusing to lift his head from its position which was targeted down towards the floor, shielding his emotion from you

“I love you Jase, I won’t leave you I promise.” You whispered tilting his chin up so his eyes met yours “I’m sorry for being dumb and stupid I just don’t even know why I do that anymore I mean I trust you and I just thin-“You were cut off abruptly when his lips smashed against your own

“I love you babe but you talk too much.” He chuckled softly against your lips

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oh nooooooooo @killians-dimples keeps SAYING THINGS and now I’m having feels so I’m just going to do what I do best and inflict them on you all

prophecy fulfilled

It happened just as she said it would.

She’d told him one night after the tremor in her hand caused her to break her favorite mug, confessing the secret she’d been hiding amidst tears and broken ceramic on the floor, and he’d been at a loss for words. He’d held her and soothed her, his mind blank and his gaze vacant as he let the implications of prophecy sink in, letting her cry into his shirt until he realized she was apologizing.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m taking away your happy ending.”

She’d kept a secret from him – after all they’d been through – but she’d kept it to protect him.

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“But why are you so scared to lose me?”
I almost laughed through my tears. I almost let the giggle slip between my lips. But she already thinks I’m crazy, and that would have just confirmed it.
“You have never been a good friend,” I said. Her face twisted, but I had meant what I said. “Really you haven’t. You never ask me how I’m doing, and you always criticize me for caring too much. You keep complaining that you’re the one who’s abused here, but come on, we’ve both had our fair share.”
She wouldn’t look at me, she knotted her hands together and clicked her fingernails. It was the same thing she did the first time she got dumped, a douchebag who cheated on her. That’s when I really got to know her.
“Look, we argue all the time, we never have anything nice to say. God, I’m nicer to strangers than I am to you and you know damn well that’s how you act too.”
The longer she was silent, the more I knew I was right.
“Look, I can be a real selfish bitch, and you can be a real pretentious asshole. And maybe we aren’t the healthiest for each other, and maybe I’ll only call you when I’m drunk and you’ll only call me when your dad’s being a dick, but, doesn’t that count for something?”
She looked up, she was crying, stubbornly, of course, because she hated to cry, but the tears were real. She wouldn’t make eye contact, but I could see the ice in her stare breaking.
“We haven’t even really been friends for that long, but dammit, you know more about me than I think I even do. And I know more about you than everyone else on this Earth. And if we can figure that out in such short a time, and if we can change so much, but still be each other’s rock bottom calls, then doesn’t that mean anything?”
She bowed her head again, but this time I knew she knew I was right.
I waited for a minute, to see if she would speak, she didn’t. I began to head for the door, knowing there was nothing more I could say to keep her.
“Wait,” she said, just as I was reaching for the door. “Stay…” there was a pause in her voice, she finally met my gaze, “I don’t want to lose my only cushion at rock bottom.”

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Can i request a EITM a where the ayakashi has one of their family members die and MC comforts them? Like a fluff one😊 with them crying and stuff

Ok so all the wittle ayakashi’s are gonna cry bc you asked! Already apologizing for Chikage. The hate I will get on his oh man I can’t believe I wrote that….

Miyabi: The sudden news that his Grandfather had passed kill him. Rushing back to the Mononoke Village with you and seeing his lifeless body was enough to force him into reality. He was emotionless as they discussed the funeral preparations. As night fell as you both went to your room, he simply slipped into bed without a word. You shook his shoulder lightly, “Miyabi, do you want to talk?” But he gave no response. Curious, she peered into his face to see the faint trail of tears, “Idiot….” He muttered as he reached out to hold you, burring his face into your shoulder. Running your hands though his hair and holding him close, you let him show his weakness.

Chikage: It happened so fast. Koten jumped in front of Chikage as an ayakashi attacked from behind. He died to soon. Chikage had been quiet about Koten’s death. To him, although he would never admit it, he was like a son to him. The countless hours spent training the young tengu were not filled with him doing nothing. Siting outside staring into space, he didn’t know how to deal with the sudden loss. At nights he would hold you close, for comfort, a thing he didn’t realize he needed. He had no idea how much Koten’s death affected him. He didn’t realize when he  started to cry, but Ashley was there to wipe away the tears, to comfort him, even though she was hurting too.  

Shinra: Thunder. Thunder was all that could be heard as Shinra stormed around the Shrine. How could his brother die? He was so strong, so capable, so- His thoughts cut short with Ashley wrapping her arms around his back, “Shinra please come inside.” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper as he let her lead him to their room, where all the feelings he was expressing through anger now came out as tears as he held his face in his hands, “H-how could he…” He whispered as Ashley brought him in close. “I know Shinra, but it’ll be ok.” Somehow, he believed what she said.

Kyoga: Kyoga was furious as he wanted to track down the other ayakashi tribe that killed his right hand man- Aoi. Kyoga blamed himself. He was never at the village, never there to be the clan head, couldn’t protect the people he cared about. The initial shock now drove him to be more serious as he took it upon himself to stay at the village at all times and never letting you out of sight. You were worried. The once playful, relaxed okami was now a serious one. Never laughing, never smiling. As Kyoga did more and more work in your bedroom you quietly walked in and hugged him from behind, “Hmm?” Kyoga muttered, but never took his eyes off his work. You sighed and rested your head against his back, “Where did my sweet Kyoga go?” You whispered, causing him to tense up. After some time you felt drops of water on your hand. Starting to get up, Kyoga grabbed your hands, “P..please, just stay there.” You nodded and continued to hug him as he cried. 

Yukinojo: He was shocked when he heard the news. The woman he once loved, with all his heart, had passed. At first he felt that he would feel no emotion for the loss of the woman, but later that day as he was alone in his room, the tears fell. He could and couldn’t understand why he was crying, but the tears kept falling as he sat alone in his room. The quiet movement behind him caused him to turn around and be met by Ashley’s embrace. Strong and full of love, he melted into her arms as she listened to his every word.

One More Time - Pt. 2

As I stated before, this follows the Something Borrowed plot for the most part, but if you’re obsessed like me, you’ll notice some changes. (Parts skipped, expanded scenes, etc.) Thank you all for the lovely comments/likes/reblogs with the sneak peek, I’m so very happy to post this second part for you! I do hope you enjoy it. :)

I’ll add a warning for smut, but really it’s just a bit.


She tears the sheets from her bed, shoving them into her already overflowing laundry basket. He had left in a hurry after their second go that morning. Rae’s phone had been ringing off the hook, but when she was pinned under Finn’s body nothing was distracting them from their desire, their need. Rae thanked the heavens that her answering machine couldn’t be heard from the other room, lest they would hear Chloe’s voice and have that dampen the mood. Instead, Rae could focus on the way Finn’s eyes squeezed shut every time he thrust into her, springing back open as he pulled himself from her body. She could focus on the way his hand felt skimming up the length of her long legs, grasping the side of her thigh to tilt her pelvis up, allowing him to get that much deeper.

She bites her lip a bit too hard, pulling herself out of her thoughts. It’s been three hours since he left her flat and she can’t stop reverting back to this daydreaming mess. “Get a grip, Rae,” she mutters to herself and walks to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

She had shagged her best mate’s fiancé, proper shagged him…twice…sober. She knows she should feel worse about it, but she doesn’t. Sure she’d had a bit of a freak out earlier, but that was only because once they’d rolled out of bed everything seemed real. Everything was tinged with guilt, but Finn was strong, he had soothed her, told her everything was alright. No matter how many times she told him what a horrible person she is, he just held her, reassured her that he’d think of something, that she wasn’t a horrible person. By the 15th time the phone had rung, Rae’s nerves were getting the best of her. She had thrown Finn’s boxers at him, shouted at him to not be naked and wrapped herself in her fuzzy bathrobe. She had paced and paced and paced around her tiny flat. Her downstairs neighbors had finally taken a broom to their ceiling and she stopped herself. When the phone started to ring again Rae had looked to Finn, fear apparent in her eyes. Figuring that it was in their best interest, Finn had left with a lingering kiss to her temple and a whispered happy birthday.

The familiar whistle of the kettle calls her into the kitchen. Tea makes everything alright according to Finn. Her stomach tightens at the slightest thought of him. He better be right because they may have just fucked everything up. Tea in hand, she makes her way into her bedroom, but the shrill ring of her telephone sends her padding back into the kitchen.

“Hello?” her voice is raspy from lack of use.

“Mae, it’s Finn.”

The tightening in her belly feels like it might cause her to throw up. “H..hiya,” she finds her voice again. She clears her throat. “I thought I told you not to call me that, Finnley.” She can hear him chuckle.

“Mae…” his voice is firm. “I..I..just wanted ta make sure you’re OK.” He’s quieter now, the confidence in his voice somewhat waning. “You know, last night was…” He’s cut off and she can hear Chloe’s voice through the receiver.

“Hi Rae,” Chloe’s voice is bright and cheery as she takes the phone from Finn.

Rae rolls her eyes. “Everythin’ alright, Chlo?”

“Yes, fine.” Rae can hear her tell Finn she’ll be right back. “Right so…do you think Finn would cheat on me?” Before Rae can answer, she continues. “I mean…hot people get cheated on, right?” She pauses. “It’s just…Finn didn’t come home last night. He says he was with Chop at the pub, but he’s been acting all guilty. He says we need to talk.”

“Does he?” Rae hopes her voice doesn’t sound too expectant.

“Yeah, whatever that means.”

“I’m sure he hasn’t cheated,” Rae interjects before Chloe can continue. She swallows back the bile rising in her throat, her lust filled haze finally dissipating. “He loves you, Chlo.”

“I know I know. Anyway, gotta go. Bye bye bye.”

The line is dead. No happy birthday Rae. No sorry I bailed on your birthday dinner. Nothing.


Chloe takes her place on the pedestal, turning to look at her reflection in each of the mirrors surrounding her. The mermaid style dress fits her perfectly and she looks beautiful.

“That one, Chlo,” Rae makes her vote. “Definitely that one.”

Chloe’s mum is tilting her head to the side, she’s inspecting the dress for any possible flaw. When she can’t find anything wrong with the dress, her posture straightens and she sits back in her chair. “The best one, Chloe dear.”

Stacey’s hands are clasped in front of her chest, she’s grinning at her friend. “Gorgeous!”

Rae can’t help but roll her eyes. Every word out of Stacey’s mouth sounds exaggerated and fake. Rae looks back to Chloe, examining her best friend’s face in the mirror. Is that a tear? Why is her face scrunched like that? “Chlo, you OK?”

Chloe turns to her friends and mum, her hands firmly on her hips. “I want to see if my mascara runs, Rae,” her words come out clipped, as if she’s reprimanding her friend. “I can’t have my picture taken with black smudges under my eyes. I want to look good.”

Both Chloe’s mum and Stacey turn to look at Rae, their eyes narrowed. Rae’s eyes widen, her head pulling back on her neck. “OK OK, I get it.” But she doesn’t get it, for a moment there Rae thought her friend might actually be so in love with Finn that she was crying, crying because she couldn’t imagine spending her life with anyone else. No, she just wanted to make sure her bloody mascara wouldn’t run when she forced out tears on her wedding day.

“Rae, could you do me a favor, babes?” Chloe stares at Rae expectantly.


“There’s this 90s cover band playing next Tuesday.”

Rae groans. “Chloe, I have to work.”

“But Rae, you know Finn would love to have them at the wedding. You know more about music than me. I’d never pick right.” She’s pulling out all the stops. “Please please please?” Chloe bats her eyelashes at Rae, her bottom lip stuck out.

Rae sighs, resigned. She never can say no to her oldest friend. Rae can’t figure out whether it’s some twisted sense of loyalty or whether she really just wants to please her best mate of 15 years. “Fine. I’ll go with you.”

Chloe beams at her. “I can always count on you, Rae.”


“Archie, come on. Be nice.” Rae tugs on Archie’s hand, pulling him from her stoop.

“I can’t believe you’re making me go,” he groans.

She tries to sound chipper, she really doesn’t want to be in the same house as Chloe and Finn, especially not without the reinforcement of Archie and Izzy. “Come on, Arch. It’ll be fun.”

Archie lip curls up in distaste. “Really Rae?”

She doesn’t get a chance to answer as Finn’s car pulls down her street, backstreet boys blaring from its speakers. Chloe’s choice she surmises. She can see Chloe hanging from the passenger seat, waving. When they pull up to the curb, an unfamiliar man steps out from the backseat. He’s dressed in khakis and a button down shirt, a fedora perched high on his dark hair. Rae can feel him glance over her body, coming to rest on her face. He steps forward offering her his hand. “Hi, you must be Rae. I’m Steven.”

Rae offers him a small smile, instantly regretting it when he drags her hand to his mouth, placing a wet kiss against her knuckles. She quickly pulls her hand back, swiping it across the back of her jeans. “Hiya.”

“I feel like I’m in a bad Ralph Lauren commercial,” Archie grumbles from behind her.

Once they’re settled in the car, their luggage tucked safely in the boot of Finn’s car, they’re off to Chloe’s parent’s countryside home. Although lucky to have a place to get away with the gang, Rae couldn’t feel any less at ease. The ride is bumpy and uncomfortable, especially wedged between a grumpy Archie and a stranger. Chloe and Finn chat idly from the front seat, Finn has barely acknowledged Rae’s presence in the backseat. Steven actually makes the ride from Bristol to the country somewhat bearable. He’s loud and funny, keeping everyone entertained.

Rae turns to watch Archie as Steven tells a story about he and Finn when they were young. Archie mimics every word coming from Steven, his lips upturned in a sneer. Rae can’t tell if he’s jealous that Finn has another childhood best friend, but it’s amusing to watch. Archie’s mood fails to improve by the time they pull into the driveway and there on the deck is none other than Stacey Stringfellow.

“Mother of God what is she doing here?” Archie whispers urgently in Rae’s ear.

Rae can only shrug, she hadn’t known Stacey was coming. Rae watches as Chloe runs up the stairs, dancing into Stacey’s arms.


She’s touching him and it’s infuriating. Rae knows she has no right to feel this way, but she can’t take her eyes off Chloe’s hand on Finn’s arm. She’s stroking the skin of his bicep, trailing her fingers from his shoulder to his elbow. Rae’s hands ball into fists at her sides, her jagged fingernails pinching her palms. It wouldn’t be so mind numbingly irritating if they weren’t the same arms that were holding onto Rae 6 days earlier.

She’s thankful when Archie sidles up next to her. “You’ve got to stop staring.”

Rae turns to Archie. “Wha?”

Archie’s eyebrows furrow. “Not you. That freak over there.” He motions to Stacey, who is in fact staring at him quite openly. “She’s like a gremlin. I’m afraid someone might spill water on her and she’ll multiply.” He looks terrified at the possibility.

Rae chuckles, clasping his shoulder with her hand. “See what happens when you date people you don’t like?”

Archie scoffs. “I was 17, Rae. I wasn’t even sure if I was gay.” His eyes are downcast, his bottom lip caught between his teeth. “I do wish I hadn’t dated cuckoo bird over there though.” He cracks a smile. “Reckon I shouldn’t have listened to Chloe and should have gone after Lois instead.”

Stacey must take their laughter as an invitation to join them, but as soon as Archie spots her approaching he darts outside. Stacey changes course, following him outside. Rae turns back to the bar, gin in hand. She’s lost her distraction and has to keep her focus away from Chloe stroking Finn’s lower back now.


They’re all sufficiently drunk when they make their way back to the house, staggering up the driveway in pairs. Rae’s arm is looped through Steven’s as they traverse, he’s doing a fine job of keeping her upright. She can feel Finn glancing back at the pair every few minutes, but she doesn’t look up. If she has to watch Chloe kiss his neck one more time she’ll throw up.

Once inside, Steven grabs a beer and slides it across the counter to Rae. She nods in thanks. Rae notices a couple of awkward glances shared by Chloe and Steven and soon Chloe is sniggering. Rae’s eyebrows raise questioningly in Chloe’s direction.

“OK, bed time,” Chloe announces, tugging Finn towards the door. She catches Rae’s eye, wiggling her eyebrows and looking between Rae and Steven.

Finn must catch on because he’s pulling Chloe back into the kitchen. “But, I’m…I’m not tired.”

Rae looks up, meeting his eyes for the first time that night. He’s looking from Rae to Steven, his lips pursed.

“Well good, because I’m not tired either,” Chloe purrs from his side.

Rae imagines she must look like she’s been slapped across the face. She can feel her stomach churning, the bile rising again. Her head drops forward.  

Steven steps forward, patting Finn on the shoulder, motioning with his head towards the doorway. “Night buddy.”

Finn’s face falls and he allows himself to be pulled from the room, his hand in Chloe’s.

While the sounds that start to flow downstairs make Steven hopeful that Rae will get in the mood, Rae can feel her heart start to splinter. The loud crescendo of Chloe’s orgasm sends Rae to the bathroom where she empties the contents of her stomach.  


The only thing that gets Rae up in the morning is the knowledge that Chop and Izzy are arriving in a few hours. She drags herself out of bed and finds her way to the bathroom. The smell of alcohol is strong, it hangs heavy in the air. Rae can’t tell if it’s her or whether it’s creeping into the bathroom from Archie’s room. She props the door open to Archie’s room, standing in the doorway. She chuckles to herself. Archie is staying in a little girl’s room, a flowered duvet is wrapped tightly around him, a teddy bear snuggled against his chest. She wishes she could climb into bed with him and tell him everything, tell him about what happened between her and Finn. Surely her secrets back in college were bigger, scarier than her sleeping with Finn. Archie had always been understanding and offered sound advice. But, to tell the truth, she isn’t sure how Archie will react. He and Finn were best mates for so long, but haven’t been for a few years. Everyone felt the shift in Finn when he started to date Chloe, especially Archie. She’ll tell him another day, perhaps.

Rae decides that she needs a shower stat, so she let’s Archie sleep. She scrubs the sweat and grime from her body, hoping the water will help scour her brain free of the events of last night. Feeling refreshed, dressed in jeans and a jumper, she tiptoes downstairs. Chloe is sat at the table, a mug in her hand. “I’ve got to run to the store. Forgot my headphones,” Rae tells her.

“I can take you.” Rae turns to find Finn standing behind her.

“Yeah, let babe take you,” Chloe agrees.

Rae takes a deep breath, nodding her agreement. The ride to the store is jarringly quiet, no banter, no easy chatter between the pair. As they pull into a parking spot in front of the small general store, Finn turns to her, his brows furrowed in concern.

“Can we just forget this happened?” Rae speaks up before he can, motioning with her right hand between them.

He looks pained at her suggestion, the crease between his eyebrows deepening. He sucks his bottom lip into his mouth, turning his head from her.

“It’s just…why did it happen, Finn?” She wants to know, but what help will it be? “Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t need to know. We were both drunk.”

She watches his fingers flex against the steering wheel. She’s surprised by the words that come from his lips. “I wasn’t that drunk, Rae.” He won’t look at her and she’s rather glad, she can feel the tears start to sting her eyes.

If she were honest with him, she wasn’t drunk either. “It was a mistake, Finn.”

He takes a deep breath, his eyes closing. His grip on the steering wheel is tight. “Yeah, I guess it were a mistake.” Before he can continue, she bolts from the car.

The drive back to the house is even more uncomfortable and awkward. Rae keeps stealing glances at Finn. He’s chewing on the inside of his cheek and he looks like he has something to say, but every time he turns to Rae he loses the nerve to say the words he so desperately wants to say.

As Finn’s car pulls in the drive, Izzy runs out the door and down the steps. She throws her arms around Rae, a welcoming embrace. “I’m so excited Chop got the day off.” She’s beaming at Rae.

Rae can’t help but crack a smile, Izzy’s good mood is contagious. It allows Rae to forget the way Finn looked at her when she said it was a mistake, forget about his quick agreement. “You ready to go down to the water? I think everyone is having sandwiches down there.”

Izzy grins and takes Rae’s hand in hers, dragging her towards the water and her friends, an increasingly grumpy Finn trailing behind them.

“Hi Raemundo,” Chop runs up from the edge of the water to the girls. He kisses Rae on the cheek before grabbing ahold of Izzy, spinning her in his arms. Chop is quick to place Izzy on the ground when he catches sight of Finn approaching. “Why such a grumpy mug, Nelson?” Chop shouts. When Finn doesn’t answer he walks over towards him and Rae can hear him ask how he’s doing, but Finn waves him off. Chop slings his arm around Finn’s shoulders and the pair turn to walk down the path near the water, away from the group.

“Rae!” Archie hollers.

She turns to Archie. He’s wrapped in a blanket on the sand, a beer held out towards her. She grabs the beer. “Thanks, Arch.”

“I’ve only been shouting your name for the last few minutes,” Archie mutters.

“Sorry. Just off in la-la land. That gin last night did my head in.” It had nothing to do with the fact that she was busy watching Finn.


They find themselves at the same pub as the night before, but it’s much rowdier and everyone appears to be dancing tonight. Rae can’t pull herself away from the argument happening in front of her. She knows it’s rude to stare, but this is just too bleedin’ entertaining.

“No Stacey, I’m pretty sure I’ve always been gay. No wait, I know for a fact that I’ve always been gay. I was just confused.” Archie’s voice gets higher the more frustrated he becomes.

“But, you touched me, Archie. We snogged at least 15 times.” She still doesn’t understand.

“Archie looks to Rae for back up, but she holds her hands up in front of her. Not touching this. "I like men, Stacey.”

“But surely you like women too.”

Archie rolls his eyes, exasperated. Rae is surprised when he turns from Stacey and walks over to the dance floor, walking up behind Steven. To emphasis his point to Stacey, he wraps his hands around Steven’s hips, his nose nuzzling the back of Steven’s hair. Rae can’t hide her laughter when she notices Steven tense up and turn to Archie. Stacey doesn’t get a chance to see the rest of the interaction unfold because she turns on her heel and marches towards the bathroom.

It isn’t long before the laughter dies down and the distraction of Izzy, Chop and Archie wears thin. Rae’s eyes zero in on Finn on the dance floor. Chloe has her arms wrapped around his neck, her body pressed up against his, her hips swaying with the beat of the song. Rae’s jaw starts to ache from clenching it so tightly. “I’ll show him,” Rae doesn’t realize she’s said it out loud until she notices three sets of eyes on her. She looks at her friends, smiling around the straw between her lips. She sips the remainder of her drink down, she’ll need liquid courage for this. She sets her drink down, grabs ahold of Steven’s shirt and pulls him to the dance floor. He looks only too happy to join her. Rae barely notices Izzy, Chop and Archie watch her from the bar.

Chloe cheers as Rae and Steven join the pair on the floor, her arms still securely around Finn’s neck. Rae takes note of Chloe’s movements, mimicking them, using Steven’s body in the same manner that Chloe uses Finn’s. Rae can’t help but notice that Finn’s attention is directly on her, his hands are on Chloe’s hips, but his eyes are glued to Rae. More precisely, Finn’s eyes are glued to Steven’s hands on Rae’s hips. Chloe turns in Finn’s arms, shimmying her bum back against his crotch. Rae has to hide her look of disgust, turning in Steven’s arms, her bum pressed into him. Chloe is laughing while she rubs back against Finn, shouting for Rae to do as she’s doing. Finn’s eyes continue to follow Rae, his hands at his sides, his attention never leaving Rae.

The feel of Steven’s hands tight against her hips, his thumb barely grazing her lower back is starting to make Rae feel nauseous. When he places his lips against the back of her neck it’s too much. She has to get out of there. What is she doing? This isn’t her. She rushes off the floor, but can still hear Chloe behind her. “She’s fine, Finn. She’s fine, just leave her.”

She welcomes the cold air that hits her as she steps outside, it’s soothing.

Izzy comes barreling through the door, almost smacking into Rae, closely followed by Archie. "You OK, Rae?“ Izzy asks, moving to Rae and placing an arm around her waist.

Rae nods. "Just had a bit of a panic attack, I think.”

Archie’s arm moves around Rae’s shoulders, pulling her to him. “What was that really about, Rae?” He’s looking down at her, his eyebrows raised above his glasses and in that moment she’s aware that he knows. Of course Archie knows.


The band is surprisingly good and for a Tuesday night the pub is packed. Rae isn’t even that angry at Chloe for bailing on her last minute. Bailing on her own plans to see a band that she might want for her wedding. Rae sighs. At least she has good music and all the snakebites she can drink. As the singer starts to croon Wonderwall, Rae glances around the room. It appears that all the couples of Bristol must have thought to come to this pub tonight. Rae notices movement out of the corner of her eye, turning to see Finn weaving through the crowd towards her. Her breath hitches in her throat. What is he doing here? He looks so serious, too serious, but he takes the seat next to her.

“Hiya,” she squeaks out. She thought she’d sound bolder.


Rae wonders whether the awkwardness will always be there. “Why…" 

She’s quickly interrupted by Finn, he speaks over her, more confidently than normal. "Why didn’t you tell me how you felt back in College, Rae?”

“I told you…you had Chlo…”

He holds his hand up between them. “I only kissed Chloe because you kissed Archie.” He’s defensive.

“It wouldn’t have changed anything if I’d told ya.” She’s annoyed that he’s brought this up.

“How do you know, Rae? Huh?” His voice is raised and a few patrons have turned to look at them. He continues. “You’re all I wanted back in College, Rae. You’re all I ever thought about.” The confidence in his voice is wearing off.

She wants to run. She doesn’t want to hear this. Doesn’t want to hear it now, with his wedding three months away. “Why are you telling me this now, Finn?” She’s surprised by the harshness in her own voice.

“I…I can..can’t stop thinking about you. I…I need ta..ta know, Rae.” He’s struggling to get the words out. “Do you have feelings for me?”

Of course she has feelings for him she wants to shout, but she can’t. He and Chloe deserve to be happy. "It’s too late, Finn.” She shakes her head, she can’t look at him, he’ll know her heart is shattering with those words. How could he not? “It’s just too late.” Rae picks up her bag and pushes her way through the sea of bodies. She can’t breathe.

She’s barely a block away before she starts to feel too light headed to run. Her breath is coming in little gasps and she has to brace herself against a bench.


Her body tenses at the sound of his voice.

“Just listen ta me for a minute. Maybe if you hadn’t run away at the chippy the morning after the rave…maybe.” He doesn’t finish his thought. “Just please listen. You know I’m no…no good with speaking, but I have ta…have ta try.”

She turns to Finn. His eyes are focused on his boots and he’s wringing his hands in front of him. He’s nervous and all she wants to do is calm his hands, assure him that everything is fine, but she can’t. It’s not fine.

"Mae…I…I’ve always had feelings for ya. I’ve tried..tried to bury them as deep as I could.” He’s clutching the front of his t-shirt above his heart. “It’s just when…when I thought maybe you had them t-too, now they’re right here, right at the surface.” He takes a step towards her, his hand still resting against his chest. “If you don’t have feelings for me, I understand.” He’s biting down on his lip so hard that she thinks he might draw blood. “I just have ta know…if whatever this is..” He motions between them. “If it’s mutual and there’s a chance, I need to explore it. We need to explore it.”

She’s stunned. She hadn’t expected so many words to come pouring out of Finn’s mouth. Hadn’t expected him to be so honest. He looks so lost, so worried that she doesn’t feel the same, like if she tells him no he’ll crumple. 

She flings herself forward, but he’s caught off guard, causing them both to stumble back against the wall of a building. His laughter is quickly cut off when she presses into him, her lips finding his. The taste of tobacco and fosters is rapidly becoming one of her favorites. His right hand tangles in her hair, his left hand securely on her waist, pulling her closer to him. She’s taken by surprise when his tongue traces over her bottom lip, but she allows him access to the depths of her mouth. A groan escapes him and he’s thrusting his pelvis forward. Her fingers are clasping the sides of his trousers and she shifts back against him. They’ve forgotten where they are and they’re all hands fumbling over now familiar curves and valleys and tongues seeking out hidden spaces in the other’s mouth. What was meant to be a kiss of confirmation of her feelings for him has quickly evolved into a lustful union. The hollering coming from a group of teenage boys is the only thing that causes the pair to pull apart. Finn looks right grumpy, flipping the boys off.

Rae laughs and peppers kisses from Finn’s ear, down his jaw and to his lips. He tries to pull her closer, but her hand on his chest tells him she’s got something to say. “I do have feelings for you, Finn. I wish I didn’t, but I do.” She can’t bring herself to look at him, but he’s not allowing that.

His thumb and forefinger pinch the bottom of her chin, tilting her face up and forcing her to look at him. “Tell me again.”

For once, she’s lost for words. Thankfully Finn is happy to let her take a page out of the Nelson playbook and let her lips do the talking against his, affirming her feelings for him.



















I just want to talk about this moment.
Amanda had already taken a picture with me, but she came back over and I asked if I could tell her something. I told her “I just want to let you know how much this show and all of you mean to me.” At this point I was crying a ton and she cupped my face, wiping my tears away.

“It’s okay!” She said. “Calm down, I’m here. It’s okay, darling!”

I felt so stupid for crying and I was trying not to sob on her but she hugged me so tightly and asked if I followed her on twitter (of course I do!) then she asked if she followed me and I told her she did not. She then hugged me once more, and asked to take another picture. After the photo she grinned at me. “Now you post that on twitter, and tag me, and I will follow you. We can then have a chat and you can tell me everything you want to tell me.” I nodded, stunned. Someone then tapped her and told her she needed to go back to work. She laughed and turned back to me. “Have I got to go back to work? Oh dear!” I laughed and she hugged me once more. “I’ll speak to you, promise!” Then she had to film another take.

This was so incredible. The fact that she took the time to even take a picture but then proceeded to comfort me the way she did.

Thank you. 💕

I love how everyone’s like taylor’s #exposed and how can people not see she’s petty and i’m like WHAT DID SHE DO??? like please inform me?? because she’s been absent from all social media for MONTHS we’ve literally heard nothing from her in months all her rep did was confirm she wrote a song when an article had already been written and the rumours were out like there was no point in denying it?? also she wrote it she has every right to say that????? how is that petty how is she #exposed how is that trying to “tear you down” she LITERALLY DIDN’T DO ANYTHING??? what was #exposed? what did she do???????

Brett: Finding An Anchor

Bright by Echosmith came on shuffle and I was already planning about doing a Brett something something when it hit me. I’m also super into the blog right now because its brand new so I’m just throwing them out. Thank yoou

“Deaton, I can’t do it!” You screamed, the screech ending in a roar as your eyes burned flame blue and your fangs bit into your lips.

“Y/N! Calm down!” He shouted but you couldn’t hear him, not anymore. All you could hear were the screams of the woman as you fell upon her, tearing at her flesh with your claws, watching the life drain from her weakened body. In that moment, you had never felt more alive. Until you blinked.

Then it all came crashing down on you. The fear, the screams, the tears, her feeble attempts to make you stop before she simply gave in and let you.

“Noo!” You roared, scratching at your body, your claws digging into your flesh and leaving broken marks behind. “I can’t li- I can’t- It’s too much!”

“Deaton, help her!” Brett shouted, watching as you cut deeper and deeper, crisscrossing the claw marks. “She’s going too far!”

Brett took a step toward you and your head snapped up, adjusting to the movement and twisting expertly into a defensive position. You growled low, claws still digging deeply into your legs, before swiping down your neck and deep into your shoulder.

He took another step forward and you growled again. The sound rumbling from deep in your chest, warning the werewolf off. Warning the one guy you’ve ever loved away.

Somewhere, deep in your head, you knew you couldn’t kill him. That he’d stop you before anything got out of hand but the wolf inside of you didn’t understand that, all it knew was this was yours and it needed to stay away in case you hurt it. And you would hurt him. And he’d hurt you to stop you. And then you’d both feel awful, unable to look at each other without seeing what you did to them.

Brett moved an inch forward and you inched backwards, growling deeply, claws still buried deep in your own body, the screams still echoing through your mind until you felt a pinch and spun around to see Deaton standing there, a needle in hand and a slightly nervous look on his face.

You let out a screeching roar and leapt for him, only to be grabbed from behind by Brett. You scrabbled against him, trying to get away without embedding your claws anywhere near him, until the dead mellow spread through your limbs.

Fog filled your mind and you heaved a sigh before running your claws deeply, one last time, down your chest and closing your eyes.

You whimpered, eyes blinking open in rhythm to the pounding in your head. You scanned what you could see, inhaling deeply to get an idea of the rest.

You were in your room, in bed, wrapped up in Brett. As you shifted, you felt a sharp pulling and the crinkling of plastic bandages.

What the hell happened?

Brett shifted behind you, his impossibly large shoulders shrugging into wakefulness. You rolled over, wincing, and took in his half-asleep half-awake face with glee. You couldn’t stop the secretive smile stealing across your face as you took in the soft set of his mouth and the slow blinking of his eyes. This was him. Him without any of the smirks or sharp looks he used to keep people at arm’s length. To keep the secret, to protect not only him or his sister, but his entire pack.

“You’re giving me the dopey look again aren’t you.” He mumbled, stretching into a yawn and you blushed, while eyeing his fantastic figure greedily.

“You know you love it.” You smirked and he smiled, eyes still shut. You leaned over him, tapping his nose with the tip of your finger, your bandages brushing him with a crinkle.

At the noise, he winced, his eyes opening quickly and scanning your face. Once he saw you were fine, other than a headache frown, he relaxed.

“Speaking of, what the heck are these?” You asked him, tapping the gauze delicately in case you were damaged underneath.

“Technically, we weren’t talking anything about you or the damages you’ve done to my favourite thing. The thing in question being your body.” He smirked and you punched him, hard, in the rib.

“I am not a thing and my body is not an object, jerk. And quiet down with your technicalities, I want to hear you explain how I did this.” You sniped, while he let out a clearly fake groan of pain, but you appreciated it all the same. It’s no fun trying to be big and powerful when they don’t react.

Brett sighed heavily, eyeing you from the corner of his eye before flopping an arm over his head and blocking his vision. Stopping you from seeing the ache in them- not that you really thought of that, not that you connected the action to his speech at all.

“Last night was a full moon and you lost it. I called Deaton, cause I had no idea what to do and Satomi was just as clueless as me. You know how the mantra doesn’t help you. You were scratching and clawing at yourself, screaming and howling for what, we had no idea. And the cuts were getting deeper, cutting into already deep cuts. So Deaton knocked you out and patched you up. I brought you here and eventually fell asleep once I was sure you were safe.” He ended in a mumble.

Your breath hitched before blowing out all at once.

Rising from the bed you walked over to the floor length mirror, peeling off your shirt and taking in all the bandages. Brett sat up and eyed you sadly, noticing that yes you were half naked but this time the impossible to look away factor had changed.

You peeled up the bandage on your left hip and sighed- scarlessly healed skin. You continued this with each piece of dressing, either wincing at the still unhealed and stitched skin or letting out a huff of calm breath at the restored bits. This went on until you reached the last one, the largest bandage covered in red spots that was most definitely unhealed and hurting.

“Maybe you should leave that one as it is.” Brett mumbled, his face solemn and sad. You didn’t reply, just shaking your head and you peeling it away, tears filling your eyes.

You hissed as the last of the adhesive came off your skin and you saw it in its entirety. The skin was angry and red, jagged and roughly stitched. It was obvious that some parts hadn’t fit together right afterwards and Deaton had had to make do with his on the go med kit. You looked at Brett in the mirror, his face ashen with worry and a small sob escaped you.

He was on his feet in an instant, arms wrapping around you carefully, not wanting to knock the bloody tear that went from collarbone to belly button.

“What am I going to do next month? Or when something happens? Brett… I can’t do this, I can’t forget her, I can’t…” You whimpered, tears tracking down your cheeks as he tucked your head under his chin, making soft soothing sounds.

You pressed into him, knowing he didn’t have the answer but that he wouldn’t stop thinking until he did.

“I love you. We are going to get you better, so don’t worry, okay? I’ve got you and I’ve got this.” He whispered into your hair and you closed your eyes.

All day you were twitchy. It was the full moon tonight and neither you nor anyone else, Brett, Satomi, Deaton, Derek or Scott had been able to come up with anything. The most prevalent idea, your own, was to knock you out in a ring of mountain ash. No one else was really into that, because what if you woke up and hurt yourself again, possibly going too far and too deep this time.

Teachers looked at you funny, the other students around you were giving you the side eye. It was as if they were waiting for you to lose it. To tear into their flesh and watch the blood leak out.

Brett nipped your ear and you jumped, feeling your eyes fade back to their human shade.

“People are acting weird because you’re acting weird, sunshine.” He whispered, reading your mind, and you pressed your face into his chest, clinging to him. He held you back just as tight.

“Of course I’m acting weird; I could claw their faces off before they even knew they were missing a face!” You hissed into his sweatshirt and he chuckled. His heart skipped a beat and you flinched. He was afraid. For you or of you- it didn’t matter. You were afraid too.

“Look, you’re perfect and you’re going to be fine. I have to practice after school but I called in a favour from Liam and he’s going to hang out with you, talk about how he controls it, considering he’s the king of insanity. I’ll be back long before night falls, okay?” He smiled down at you, eyes bouncing between your own earnestly. You could smell the lie but it was okay. You both needed a break for a few hours and as long as he would be back…

“Okay.” You nodded and he kissed you hard and fast before jogging out the double doors.

“Brett says you’re insane.” You start, eyeing the boy sitting across from you. His hair was fluffy and his eyes an earnest blue. He really looked like he wanted to help you, you even bet he knew about the scar, the long one that spanned down your chest because despite being a werewolf it hadn’t healed right.

“Brett also said a girl that killed her father and psychiatrist was cute.” He replied, the corner of his mouth tipping up a little. A smile he was trying to hide.

You flashed him with the baby blues of a killer and he grimaced.

“He thinks I’m cute too.” Your smile was more teeth than friendliness and he sighed.

“Look, I’m here to help. I know that you’ve tried it all and nothings getting through to you, but it’s not about the tool. It’s about you. You need to want to be better. We all know you regret her, and that this is some kind of way of paying for it but it’s not helping. You have to want to be better.”

“I do!” You snapped, clenching your claws into the skin of your hand. “I don’t want to hurt anymore- I don’t want to upset him or make him worry anymore but I just… I hear her, every time. Her screams. I watch her as she accepts it, watch as the life dies in her eyes. And I feel it, the rush that came when she died, it felt so good. How am I supposed to be okay if I like it? I’m not human anymore, if I ever was.

By the time you finish, you’re whispering harshly, your face raw and heartbroken. Liam flinches at your expression and your eyes shutter, closing him out.

“It’s getting late. I need to go.” You murmur and rise, walking slightly unsteadily for the door, leaving him sitting there.

You click open your front door, taking the stairs slowly and sadly. The plans for tonight were sketchy; and that was putting it kindly. All you really knew was that Brett wouldn’t be leaving you alone, despite your pleas.

Once you reached the landing you heard a thump from down the hall, and a slightly elevated heartbeat. Walking silently across the carpet, you eased open your bedroom door, coming face to knee with Brett.

“What are you doing!?” You snapped, your gaze sliding up his figure before tracking to where his hands held a paintbrush to your ceiling.

Your mouth fell open, taking in your now black-blue roof and the white gold sparks that dotted it. The stars.

“You…” You whispered, eyes still roving over the marks.

“It’s my last idea.” He sighed, stepping off the chair. “Your parents took your little brother to a basketball game out of town and won’t be back until tomorrow at the earliest. It’s just you and me, and I told them you were a bit upset lately- which they had noticed, and I wanted to surprise you.”

Tugging you against him, he eyed your face, looking for signs that he did the wrong thing.

“I figured we could spend the night watching the stars, picking constellations and stuff…” He trailed off, seeing the tears in your eyes. “I didn’t do it wrong, did I?”

His voice was slightly panicked and you pulled his face to yours, pressing your lips onto his own. You loved the stars any day and it was something you used to force him to do with you all the time, lay on a blanket picking out your own constellations. Before you were bitten. Now there was barely any time anymore.

“It’s perfect, you’re perfect. I love you. I hope it works.” You whispered against his mouth and his eyes lit up. Tugging you down, he pulled you against him on your bed as the sun set and the pair of you looked to your roof.

All through the night you talked and kissed. Your eyes roving over the multitude of golden dots, the lights dimmed to slightly visible darkness.

Somewhere through the night you felt your eyes change, but before you could panic Brett pointed out another shape and it was forgotten.

As the sun broke the horizon you blinked. You were fine. Brett was fine. No one was hurt.

Jumping against him, you climbed his body, pressing your lips against his sleepy ones manically. He hadn’t fallen asleep, although he looked like he needed it. He’d stayed awake with you.

“I- love- you” You whispered, breaking the sentence with kisses all over his face. “I- love- you- so- much!”

You kept kissing him, repeating the words until he was fully awake and kissing you back fiercely.

“Anything, anything for you.” He replied between the touches of his lips.

No Harm, No Foul *Liam Dunbar Request*

Hey can you do a liam imagine where the reader is Scott’s sister and she gets dumped by her bf and Liam comforts her??? Thanks :)

I had probably spent the last twenty minutes crying so walking into my kitchen, you could say it was a big surprise to see someone already there. Quickly wiping away any stray tears I attempted to gather myself. “Liam, how long have you been here?”

“Um, a while.” He stuttered. Getting up from his seat, he backed away looking slightly unsure of himself “I wasn’t sure if you wanted to be alone or not, and Scott said you liked to be alone. I can leave if you want?”

“Wait, Scott knows about,” not being sure how to explain it I pointed up “all of that?”

“No, it came up once, a few weeks ago.” Knowing immediately what he was talking about I nodded. “Another fight?” He began cautiously.

“Actually, this time we broke up. Well more like he dumped me, but you get the point.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t.” I grabbed a bottle of water, leaning against the counter “He’s a jerk.”

“Trust me I know.” Liam laughed. Then straightened as if he had made a mistake.

“No.” I couldn’t help but laugh “Don’t stop on my behalf.” I attempted to push myself up to sit on the cool counter. Liam making his way around the island lifting me up and placing me down gently. “Woah.” I breathed out as he stepped away leaning against the island his hands folded “You’re really strong.”

“Thank you.” He smiled, looking away from me.

“You know, this is the most I’ve ever heard you speak. Well to me at least.” I kicked my feet up a bit in attempt to get him to look at me. “So not that I mind, but why are you here?”

“I was supposed to meet Scott and Stiles here but they’re running a bit late.”

“When are they not.” I scoffed. “You mind keeping me company until they get back?”

“Uh, no problem. I mean sure.”

“You know I’m not going to bite. Loosen up a bit.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s just we’re the same age, we go to the same school, and you’re almost always here and you’re always so closed off around me. Kind of thought for a while you hated me.”

“Hated you. Not at all, just afraid.”

“Afraid, of me?” I pointed to myself.

“No, of your brother.”

I couldn’t help but laugh “Scott, you’re not serious. He’s harmless.”

“As far as you know.” Liam mumbled.

“So what, you’re not allowed to speak to me or something.”

“Speak to you, be friends with you, hell I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to breathe the same air as you.”

I nodded hopping down from the cool granite “Well you’re not speaking to me, you’re not friends with me, and you’re not breathing the same air as me.” I stepped closer to him “In actuality, I’m speaking to you, I’m breathing the same air as you and I’m the one trying to be friends with you-”

“Wait, you want to be friends with me?”

“Yeah, I’m the one trying so no harm no foul.”

“Okay so for conversation sake, do you want to talk about it?”

“Talk about what, being dumped?”

“I guess.”

“I mean, are you up for hearing about it?”

“Yeah, I’m learning that even though its good to be alone, it’s still nice to know someone is there for you every now and then.” His persona had seemed to change in those few seconds. No longer being my brother’s shy friend but this really confident guy.

“There’s really nothing to say about it.”

“But it must have been something to affect you the way it did.”

“It’s just that he was my first boyfriend. My first everything for that matter “ He flinched but I continued “I guess it just hurt to have him up and dump me. But I figured it would happen sooner or later.”

“So why didn’t you end it instead?” Liam’s hands moved to his side.

“I don’t know, just thought that it would be later rather than sooner.” I looked out the window, noticing the sun setting then back to Liam “The sad part is, I’m not even mad about the whole ordeal, it’s just that now I have to go back to school on Monday and face him and act like he totally didn’t rip my heart out.”

“I could help if you like.”

“And how would you do that?”

“I could rip his heart out.”

“As much as I would just love that, I don’t think that would do anything.”

“I mean, it’s either I do it, or Scott.”

“Oh good point.” I laughed. “You’re a really amazing guy Liam.” I hugged him, his hand moving to my waist stiffly. It took a few beats but he relaxed, his grip around her waist tightened. Still in his arms, I leaned away slightly to look at him, “Thank you.”