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I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)


jane sloan is the ultimate bff cause you can tell her you like girls and she’ll still get undressed/change in front of you without a second thought and won’t make any off hand comments that make you feel weird about your sexuality or like you’re being predatory and making her uncomfortable anyway guys watch the bold type

Sunday Brunch

Request: For sequel to The Alleyway Rescue. They’re related.  In this, Credence visits Reader for their weekly Sunday brunch and after the food, finds a way to fully relax via a story.

Word Count: 1,747

Pairing: Credence x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @gdmora

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The pan clatters onto the oven’s metal rack. Closing the heavy door, you crank the timer and set it aside. Turning away, you flick your wand, sending a pair of dinner dishes dancing onto your small dining table. The bowl of eggs lands in the center of it, right next to a plate of sausage and two cartons of jam.

Keeping one ear toward the door, you pull open the fridge as the timer ticks away. The turnovers’ warm strawberry smell wafts through your apartment, sending you stomach into a growling mess. Better a growling mess than the light, nervous mess it had been before.

The timer dings just as you hear what you’ve been waiting for: four light taps on the door. “Just a minute.” You shout, sliding on an oven mitt and pulling the pan of pastries from their spot on the rack. It crashes on top of the stove where you throw it, shaking the oven mitt from your hand and rushing toward the door.

Feeling silly, you pat your hair down before you click the locks open and pull the door open. “Credence!”

His smile is small, as always, but genuine. “I’m sorry.” He stops, as though he needs to recharge to finish his sentence. “For being late.”

You smile back at him. “It’s okay. You have perfect timing, actually! The turnovers just finished!”

Credence steps in and you shut the door behind him.

“Strawberry?” He questions, glancing around your apartment.

“Of course.” They’re his favorites, as you’d found out five weeks ago at your second weekly Sunday brunch. “You can sit. I’m just going to throw the turnovers on a plate.”

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Brief Summary: Your close friend Harry lets you in on a little secret, that your favorite awkward Gryffindor has a crush on you!

Words: 1239

Warnings: None I believe. Just cute innocent fluff.

Pairing: Neville Longbottom X Female!Reader

Note: I dunno. Thought it was cute. Maybe it is?

Originally posted by hogwartsisheretowelcomeyouhome

Another training session in the room of requirement began and completed as everyone was sneaking out to go back about their day.

“Hey! Y/n?” Your dear friend Harry called as you exited the room laughing lightly with Hermione about the latest homework. You paused and told Hermione to go on without you while you waited for Harry to caught up.

“What’s up, Harry?” You hum putting on your Hogwarts robe your Hufflepuff house symbol presented proudly.

“Was wondering if you had finished the potions homework. Not that I wanted to copy or anything. Just thought we could work on it together by the lake? Ron hasn’t down it either.” He smiled dorkily, working on homework with those two meant you teaching everything and helping them not fail. Which you didn’t mind at all. You looked out for the boys.

“Yeah sure. I don’t have much going on. Didn’t wanna go to Transfiguration anyway, then it was canceled.” You praised quietly mainly because you couldn’t stand changing innocent animals into objects. Not like it hurt them but you didn’t want to have to do it.

“Oh yeah. I never get the spells quite right. The things always have tails or a leg.” Harry snickered before Neville headed by waving to you both. His gaze lingering on you a little longer than it should of.

“Oh yeah, I know.” You smile thinking back to all the transfiguration classes you shared with Harry before smiling extra wide at Neville. “Where do you think he’s going?”

“Probably the library to get his homework down early. He’s a bit like Hermione that way.” Harry chuckled at the thought, Neville wasn’t as smart but he did get all of his work done.

“Man. You should start bugging Neville or Hermione about helping you with potions.” You kidded before grinning at Harry who just shook his head.

“And leave you all alone? Never.” He taunted before you two headed down the hallway.

“I like that you taught us about Patronus’s. I never knew they were so cool.” You whisper slowly.

“Oh yeah, no problem. It helped me a few times so you never know.” He took a delicate pause. “Your Patronus. The Dolphin. I just think it’s really cool. Haven’t seen that one before.” He smiles and shoves his hands in his pockets as he walked.

“Yours is cool too. Stags are really pretty.” You hum gently not fully understanding what your animal Patronus meant at this age.

“Neville’s was cool too. It’s a turtle. Makes sense though.” Harry giggled softly and so did you.

“Yeah but now he’s really come out of his shell. Brave little Gryffindor there.” You snicker, thinking back to when you first met Neville in Charms class 2nd year.

“Yeah. He’s really grown up. Even harboring a small crush on yo-” Harry promptly shut his mouth not believing he just said that. He promised Neville he wouldn’t say a word.

“Oh really? On… what wait.” You halted dead in your tracks and looked at your close friend Harry. “What do you mean on me. Neville has a crush on me.”

“Y/n I didn’t.” He whispered but his eyes told you another story.

“Neville? Neville Longbottom? Innocent little Neville? He has a crush, on me?” Your cheeks went red as you didn’t believe it. Neville and you were good friends. Having quite a few classes together and hanging out by the black lake to do homework. He never came across as nothing other than friendly. “Are you sure?” Your voice was a mere whisper, unsure if this was a joke or the truth.

“It’s true. But you cannot tell Neville I told you! He made me promise not too!” Harry blurted out before face palming as Ron walked up with a grin.

“Hey guys, how’s it goi-”

“Neville has a crush on me!?!?!” You squeaked looking at Ron who stared at Harry.

“You bloody told her?!?!?” Ron nearly shouted even though a few students were starting to look their way.

“I didn’t mean too! It spilled it!” Harry defended himself but you were beyond happy. You had started crushing on the awkward Gryffindor about a year ago, and to know he liked you back. Well, that was amazing.

“Oi! Y/n. You cannot tell Neville you know. Got it?” Ron tried to reason with you but you just nodded not hearing a word the redhead said.

“Neville’s going be so unhappy,” Harry muttered before you snapped your attention back to the boys.

“Why? I like him back.” You told them, even though you thought it was obvious. Guess not to these two, or Neville.

“Wait. What?” Ron and Harry spoke in unison before looking at each other.

“You’re joking right?” Harry asked before you shook your head no.

“I’m going to go find Neville and do something I’ve wanted to do since last year.” You chime before bouncing off down the halls.

“What’s that?” Ron called after you.

“Kiss him!” You yelled back before speeding off down the hall. Ron and Harry looked at each other before quickly running after you.

Thankfully you were faster than the two boys and quickly found the odd Gryffindor about to enter the library.

“Neville! Wait up!” You called as he stopped in front of the library and smiled to you.

“Hey, Y/n. What’s up-” his soft voice started but before he could finish you wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your lips softly to his.

The boys skid to a stop as they saw you kissing a rather clueless Neville. Both their jaws falling open as they watched you.

You pulled away after a second seeing the confused look on Neville’s face followed by his burning red cheeks.

“Y-y/n?” He stuttered completely confused before looking to Harry and Ron was this some kind of joke?

“I like you, Neville Longbottom, always have it seems. I never thought you would even look at a Hufflepuff like me that way until Harry told me I couldn’t stop myself.” You utter quickly hoping all this was okay.

Neville then glares to Harry who slips to hide behind Ron. But once his eyes fall back on you, he smiles and holds out his hand shyly. “C-care to join me for some reading?”

“I would love to.” You took his hand and beamed at the boys before heading into the library with Neville.

He made you tell him everything that Harry and Ron said. Which you did still not believing he was crushing on you this whole time. You both take a seat at a table inside and hold hands while you read two different books together. Content as always. Even though he didn’t ask you out officially you knew this was the origin of a divine relationship.

“What did I miss?” Hermione comes out of the library with a book in hand looking at the boys.

“Y/n liked Neville this whole time,” Harry muttered as Ron nodded wordlessly.

“Well, of course, she’s always staring at him all dreamy like. And he’s all she ever talks about.” Hermione laughs softly before heading towards the common room.

“Wait you knew?!?!” The boys yelled as they chased after her.

Electric Souls

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary : Peter Parker and (y/n) have been best friends since, well forever. And it’s no secret that (y/n) has been harboring the stupidest crush on him. And besides, he never really noticed her. Not like she wanted him to. Because he only seemed to have eyes for Liz Allen. 

A/N: I’ve been imaging this for a while so I hope to make it a series. Enjoy! Also, if there’s any flashbacks they’ll be in italics. And this will be in first person POV but will occasionally switch to third person

Warnings: light swearing, probably some angst, mentions of bullying, really long

    Chocolate eyes. Adorable curly hair. Faint freckles. The absolute cutest smile. Yep, that was Peter Parker. He was my best friend. And sadly, I’m sure that’s all he’d ever be to me. Honestly, I really needed to get over him. I just need to value the friendship we have, not ruin it because I have these dumb ass feelings. That’s what Michelle told me anyways. I should probably listen to her more often, she gives good advice. 

   “(Y/N)!” I turned my attention to Ned, who was running down the hall to me. He stopped for a moment once he reached me, catching his breath. “I got a new lego set! Doctor Who. 21,304 pieces.” I watched as he spoke excitedly, finding his smile contagious. 

    “Ned, I love Doctor Who, but you know I’m the absolute worst  at building these things.” He nodded with a sigh. 

   “I know, last time you got so frustrated you let yourself collapse onto the deathstar.” I scrunched my nose at the memory. Him and Peter had thought it was hilarious except for the fact that the deathstar we had spent hours putting together was now destroyed in a heap beneath me. I, on the other hand thought it was just painful. 

    “Oh no, her nose is scrunched. What are we talking about?” Peter seemed to have come up from nowhere. I jumped, my heart practically doing a somersault. “Aw,” he laughed, “Did I scare you?” I put my hand over my chest. 

    “Jesus Parker, I swear you come out of nowhere.” He just laughed, his face scrunching up in that adorable way that it always does. Then he turned back to Ned.

    “So what are we talking about?” 

    “The time (y/n) collapsed onto the deathstar,” I dragged a hand over my face as Ned excitedly went over the memory with Peter. Peter started laughing so much he almost snorted. I noted the looks our classmates gave us as they passed us down the hall. It’s not that it bothered me, at this point I was quite used to it. Our small friend group had never been popular, much less fit in. Most of the time I considered us the outcasts of Midtown. It only made sense with all the remarks and looks we received from everyone else in the school.

    “Pete it wasn’t that funny,” I rolled my eyes at his incessant giggling but couldn’t help but laugh myself. He gave me another bright-eyed smile. 

   “Oh it was that funny.” Ned gave a nod to support his statement. I rolled my eyes at the both of them before lightly punching each of their shoulders. 

    “I hate you guys.” Peter opened his mouth to reply, but the chime of the bell cut him off. I grabbed the books I needed from my locker and left waving and giving the boys a beautiful view of my middle finger. 

   The rest of the day wasn’t so bad. All I had to do was avoid people like Flash and Liz. It wasn’t that Liz was rude or anything like that. She was actually really nice. It was just that, well, she was all Peter ever seemed to talk or think about. And as selfish as this is, I just can’t bear to be around the girl who Peter dreams about loving. 

    “Earth to (y/n),” I shifted my gaze up to Michelle, who pulled me out of my reverie. She squinted her eyes at me, lowering her book. 

    “Sorry I-”

    “Was thinking about Peter again?” I froze as she finished my sentence. She raised her eyebrows at me. 

    “I- I was not-” She gave me another look and I sighed. “Alright. I was.” I let my head fall down onto the math book that I was supposed to be reading. Michelle sighed herself. She was probably disappointed in me. She probably saw me as a project. Something to work on and fix. Her goal was to get me completely over Peter. And I understood why too. 

    “Alright listen here. You’re going to focus now. No stupid boys. Just Math. Okay?” I gave her a nod, she was right after all. I really needed to focus on the important things. Like my schoolwork. And not like Peter Parker. 

    Peter blew a puff of air out as he looked up at the clock. Just fifteen minutes left. He tapped his pencil before lazily continuing to scribble notes of what his teacher was blabbing on about. He desperately wanted to get out of class. He couldn’t wait to talk to (y/n). She was always there to listen to him about anything. She was amazing really. Constantly there for him no matter what. She even listened to him go on and on about Liz. But he couldn’t help notice than whenever he did, her usual bright eyes seemed to sink into a sadder darker shade. But why would she be sad about it? Was she jealous of Liz? No, that’d make no sense. He let out another sigh, letting his gaze shift back to the clock. Five minutes left. 

    There was only five minutes left now before we were free to go home. And then once we got home we’d have another 3 hours worth of schoolwork to do. Fun. After those final painful minutes of note taking, the bell rang. I couldn’t have packed up my bag fast enough. 

     “Woah there (y/n) slow down,” I slowed my pace so Michelle could catch up with me. I shook my head and let out a breath that I didn’t know I had been holding. 

    “Sorry I just- I just needed to get out of there. I’ve had enough time in this prison for today.” Michelle raised her eyebrows into a surprised expression. 

    “I thought you loved school.” She was right, yet again. While most people complained, I never really minded school or having to sit in class to learn stuff. If there was anything that bothered me, it’d have to be the homework. Because when you have hours of work to do after school, there’s hardly any time to actually live

    “You’re right, It’s just been a long day I guess. I just need to-”

    “(y/n)!” Michelle and I turned at the sudden voice that interrupted my sentence. We were met by the sight of Peter running toward us frantically. Once he reached us he took one deep breath before speaking again. “Hey um I wanted to talk to (y/n) about some stuff.” He scratched the back of his neck with a nervous look. Michelle looked at Peter for a second, only making him fidget more. 

    “Yeah, alright.” She gave me a small pat on the shoulder before walking off in the other direction. Peter gave me a nervous smile. 

    “Sorry about her,” I shrugged and Peter just laughed. “So, what did you want to talk to me about, Pete?” 

    “Oh yeah, so I um…. Iaskedlizouttohomecomingandshesaidyes,” I blinked, trying to figure out what in the hell Peter had just said.

    “Alright, so let’s try saying that one more time. But this time, let’s try and say it so I can actually comprehend it.” He let out another nervous laugh. I couldn’t help but laugh along with him, leaning my head on his arm. 

   “So,” he took a deep breath, “I asked Liz out to homecoming and she said yes.” I froze then, unable to make my feet take any more steps. I could practically feel my heart tear again. It seemed like a new tear appeared each time he spoke of his affection for this girl to me. I lifted my head from his shoulder. He looked at me, awaiting any kind of response. I couldn’t help but notice how he bit his lip in anticipation, it only made the pit I was feeling inside me bigger and darker. 

    “That’s… great Peter. That’s really great. I’m happy for you.” I tried to pull my lips up into a smile for him. “Now I, I should get home.Goodbye Peter.”    


    Peter watched as she left. He couldn’t help but feel a sort of emptiness where she had her head resting on his shoulder. The sad smile that she had given him was replaying in his mind. Why was she so suddenly sad and broken looking? And why did she have such an unbelievably strong effect on him?  

    “What did you tell her?” He jumped at the sudden sound of Michelle’s voice. She was standing next to him. Now he understood what (y/n) meant whenever she jumped at his presence. 


    “What did you say to her? Se looked upset.” Michelle looked up at him with an eyebrow raised. 

    “I told her I’m taking Liz to homecoming. That’s all.” Michelle gave him a sad look before resting a hand on his shoulder. 

    “Poor Peter. You never see what’s right in front of you do you?” And with that, she walked off. He thought about that statement for a long time. He never saw what’s right in front of him? What did that have to do with anything? It probably didn’t occur to him until he was sitting on top of a rooftop, just finishing his run for the day as Queens’ one and only Spider-man. 

    “Hey Happy, It’s Peter,” He spoke into the phone, his legs dangling over the roof, “I stopped a robbery today. I also stopped a guy from getting mugged. And I- I realized I’ve been in love with the wrong girl this whole time..”

A/N: Well it’s not fantastic but I hope you guys like it. If it’s popular enough maybe I’ll write more :) Also, check out my Wattpad : @ sociopathhh 

Romeo and Juliet | Jeff Atkins

Requested by @xxchloegrayxx and @queensovereign. Sorry they might not be the way you imagined but this is what I came out with when writing for you guys so I hope you like it!

Originally posted by adayofballet

“What’s the big deal? I was just talking to her?”

“No, you were fucking flirting with her Jeff! Not to mention the fact that just yesterday I was complaining to you about the fact that she has been a bitch to me for the past month!”

“And I told you, you were overthinking that!”

“Just yesterday I heard her talking behind my back about the fact that she wanted to steal you away and make you her boyfriend, but now that I know that you don’t care, I think you should be with her” My voice slowed down and my tone dropped “You too seem perfect for each other”

“Fine! She’s prettier than you anyway!” He yelled making me feel my heart crack and the sadness hit me “I don’t need you y/n, trust me, it’s you that needs me”

I knew that wasn’t true but I didn’t have the heart to argue with him anymore, I wanted to leave with some of my dignity so I gave him a nod of acknowledge and left his house without another word.

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Honestly the show took so much from Clary’s character development like I am so pissed and mad that ALL FEMALE characters are treated this way. But what can I expect when the freaking targeted audience are 18-35 year old males … hence all the technology and unneeded hook ups and whatnot.

But the meeting. The downworlder meeting, they took a very important part of it. The red banners behind them? You remeber right? NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER ABOUT WHAT THEY MEAN AND WHO CREATED THEM. 
Only book fans know what they mean and what they stand for.

Now before I accidentally start a war, listen first. Alec is FUCKING GREAT, okay? He is amazing. But the one that made THE FIRST STEP into uniting Downworlders and Shadohunters was Clary.
She was the one who stood up in Alicante, in front of the Clave and Consul and she held a speech and used her rune powers to make them see, make them believe, make them open their eyes.

And later she sat down and thought carefully of the way she should draw the symbols for each and every Downworlder. She put a lot of thought and consideration. 

Cassie has AMAZING CHARACTERS and the female ones are always so exceptional and inspirational.

What the show did, was make Clary a cheater IN FRONT OF SIMON’S EYES.
Make her the unfaithful, lying girlfriend … and it didn’t start there. It was the moment they decided to make her fall in love with Simon. Simon, who knew she didn’t love him the way he wished she did. 

Isabelle is an addict and THAT IS THE ONLY THING that is being said about her ever since she took that drug (WHICH THEY ALSO GOT WRONG). And suddnely this badass need the help of NOTICE! male characters and their support in order to go through her addiction when it was them that got her into it in the first place. They took so much away from Izzy’s amazing fighting skills and her sass and her wit and her CAPABILITIES. She is super mega strong, but god forbid she gets too strong, because oh boy.

And Maia? They only include her in episodes where is either trying to kill Jace or swooning over Simon being all so sad and regretful that she didn’t make a move on him sooner only to have her take this frustration on Jace and hook up with him. So Maia is suddenly only there when a potential ‘‘love interest’‘ is there. Honestly the show didn’t display much to her story other then that. We never talk about what actually happened to her, instead she is mad at Clary and Simon for being together.

Maureen? Fucked Simon, got mad he called her Clary and disappeared forever.

Camile? Got captured in 0.2 seconds … like dafuq.

Lydia? Not even in the books, but even the show treated her like a pathetic weakling and shipped her back to Idris.

Oh and the attempted rape scene? Didn’t bother Clary at all as it seems, because she never talks about it. Does anybody ever talk about the real problems on the show ever? 

Dot is also kindo into Magnus hmm … I can recognize a pattern of ‘’ALL GIRLS HAVE BOY PROBLMES’’ 

Did you fucking even try reading the books and understand what the actual plot line was? 
Oh wait, no they didn’t because they killed Jocelyn in the STUPPIDEST WAY POSSIBLE?
say what? a demon? in the institute? IN A SHADOWHUNTER’S BODY …

Seriously this is the worst fanfiction I have ever watched and the worst attempt at an adaptation.

Thank the Angel for the books, every week I am proved that Cassie did an amazing job, so good that even a TV show can’t portray it in a proper way…

does anybody else ever get emotional bc like in btvs s1 we see cordy singing alone, no one seems to be around to support her and pretty much the only person paying attention to her is giles who is Forced to be there and shuts her down midway through her song.

and then, 4 years later

anonymous asked:

hi! may i request an rfa + v + saeran reacting to a young MC? like they've been talking on the app and fell for each other (just like it happens in the game lol) but when they meet they find out MC is not an adult yet (she's turning 18 in a few months tho (so that it's not a big age gap lmao)) love ur blog!! and also sorry if this is a bit difficult to write about 😅💜

Thank you for the kind words! ^^ Okay so this kind of made me realize that I’m kind of younger myself but age doesn’t matter with fictional characters! At least my birthday is in less than a month lol But anyway I hope that I wrote this right since I enjoyed writing it! I hope that you enjoy!!~


  • Yoosung’s not the baby of the RFA anymore!
  • But in all seriousness, Yoosung isn’t that surprised that you’re younger
  • He got the vibe from talking to you on the messenger that you were younger
  • Since the two of yours age gap isn’t that big, Yoosung is completely fine waiting until you’re 18 to become an official couple
  • But this boy doesn’t really have a lot of patience so he’ll take you out on simply, cute dates
  • Like going to an arcade or a walk in the park, something simply to ease you into dating with him
  • When you turn 18 Yoosung throws you a huge party and is so excited to finally give you a kiss from your now official boyfriend


  • Zen’s like um what?
  • Very surprised when he finds out how young you are
  • He’s super concerned since all he ever talked about was The Beast
  • Does she even know what The Beast means? Did she just go along with it because she didn’t want to embarrass him? Did he ruin your innocence?
  • You have to calm this poor man down and tell him that you’re almost 18 and the age gap between the two of you isn’t that far apart so it’s okay
  • Zen finally starts to calm down and accept the situation, realizing that it isn’t bad since you could have been a lot younger
  • Lots of dates to see musicals, he doesn’t want to come off as a creep so he plans simply fates like that
  • When you finally turn 18, Zen gives you a super passionate kiss, telling you that he’s wanted to do that for forever and hopes that there’s many more to come


  • Jaehee gets super flustered when she first finds out
  • You’re much younger than she expected so she constantly wants to make sure that you’re completely comfortable around her
  • She gives you hot chocolate instead of coffee since she thinks that coffee would be too strong for your young taste palate
  • You have to reassure Jaehee that you’re not that young, you can handle some coffee to which she apologizes profusely
  • When you finally turn 18, Jaehee breaths a sigh of relief like finally
  • She explains to you that she didn’t want to do or say anything awkward around you since she genuinely cares about you and didn’t want to lose you
  • Jaehee gives you a small kiss and shyly tells you how excited she is to spend the res of her life with the love of her life


  • Jumin’s definitely the most confused out of all the members when he learns about your age
  • What? Why? How? Huh? Are you sure?
  • It takes Jumin a while to calm himself down and process things
  • He’s a little concerned since he’s quite older than you and doesn’t want things to be awkward
  • But you explain to him that you’re fine around him and never feel awkward
  • Jumin still takes you on extravagant dates like fancy restaurants and garden parties
  • When you finally turn 18, Jumin throws the biggest birthday party ever since he loves spoiling you
  • After all of the guests leave, Jumin gives the longest, most passionate kiss that you could imagine
  • Jumin whispers to you how much he loves you and how he’ll always protect you since instead of being his princess, you’re his queen


  • Seven already knew before he met you that you were younger when he did the background check on you, he was a little surprised at first but realized that the age gap wasn’t too large
  • Tried his best for you to see him as your future boyfriend and not the big brother type
  • He tried to tone down his jokes so that they weren’t so inappropriate but usually failed
  • It feels like Seven has to wait forever until your birthday so he takes you out on little dates to pass the time
  • He takes you places like the movies and of course the planetarium for special little date nights
  • This boy is so hyped when you finally turn 18, you’re finally legal now!
  • But in all seriousness, Seven is super gentle with you, giving you lots of kisses all across your face as he tells you how much he loves you and how he’s going to cherish you for the rest of his life


  • V’s super concerned when he finds out that you’re younger than him
  • Especially since the two of you have one of the largest age gap in the RFA
  • He doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around him since he sincerely cares about you
  • V even starts avoiding you since he thinks that he’s way too old to be with someone as young and precious as you
  • Once you explain to him that your birthday is coming up, V slowly starts to calm himself down and start to fully accept his feelings for you
  • He takes you to dates like walks on the beach or to art galleries
  • When it finally is your 18th birthday, V has a small party with you, wanting to cherish your special day
  • At the end of the night, V gives you a small but loving kiss, telling you how sorry he is about how he acted before but he now promises to love you for and take you of you for forever


  • Saeran’s super concerned when he finds out that you’re much younger than he thought
  • Nope nope nope nope nope
  • He essentially kidnapped and forced an underage person to live in an apartment by herself
  • The feeling of guilt Saeran feels can be overwhelming but you tell him that it’s alright since you’ve already forgiven him plus your birthday is coming up
  • He starts feeling more comfortable enough to take you out on small but fun dates like the ice cream and sweets shoppe
  • When it finally is your birthday, Saeran puts together a tiny party for you and at the end of the night, gives you a small kiss
  • Saeran then hugs you and tells you how much he loves you and firmly believes that he found his soulmate whenever he met you

“So Gene, *ahem* describe what happened that one day at the park.”

one of the things I hate most is rewarding bad behavior. so yeah, I’m completely enraged to hear that kc has become a series regular on arrow again. 

first of all, she’s a diva who thinks she’s above everyone and a rude person in general. I can’t tell you how many personal accounts I’ve heard from staff and fans alike that have had bad encounters with her. 

while yes I know she’s been bullied too and I don’t support that, it doesn’t excuse the fact that she encourages her fans to bully as well. she had repeatedly liked tweets/articles/fans that have shit on the show and the cast, specifically a certain leading lady. she supports their behavior.

she’s also selfish. when she used to read scripts, she only cared about her parts. she never read the entire episode. who cares about context and continuity? she also said so herself this weekend that she has not been watching any of the episodes this year. way to support her supposed friends and castmates. 

and let’s not forget how she originally even got this job- connections up at the tippy top of the cw. her career was built on nepotism. the fashion blog probably wasn’t paying the bills so she had to come crawling back. she can’t even act well. no merit at all. seriously when she came back for the 100th it was clear her acting had gotten even worse.

also remember that she constantly reduces her character to a love interest. all she ever wants to talk about is how laurel and oliver are soulmates lmao. not only is she wrong, but really? you don’t care if your character has anything else to offer? you don’t care that she kept running back to a man that repeatedly left her and cheated on her? you don’t have any self respect?

all the while emily and willa are asking for more female friendships and range…

surprisingly I don’t think we can blame this one on marc, wendy and the other EPs and writers though. they are spectacular assholes, but they didn’t really like her either lmao. but what the network heads say goes. she must have amazing lawyers…

well I guess one thing I can look forward to is more scenes like this

and now that I’ve ranted, I’ll just chill knowing that my fave got her spot on the show by pure talent, charm, and a genuine personality. she was only supposed to be in one ep but she was so impressive, she’s now the female lead. 

Love Triangle 2 (Jensen x Reader)

(Credit to owner)

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Female Reader, DaughterOC!Gracely

Warnings: some angst

Word Count: 1,332

(The song listened to while writing was Please Don’t Leave Quite Yet - Adam Agin)

part 1

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Request ⇾ Can you do a Mike Hanlon imagine? Where he feels down & like an outsider until the reader comes into the losers club and they both get along well and end up liking each other; just some fluff please✨

Warnings ⇾ nothing, this is pure fluff!

A/N ⇾ listen y'all, writing for mike is so fun. He is literally so pure, y'all need to request more stuff w/ him! Also currently binging stranger things, on episode four atm! Ps I didn’t proof read this yikes!


Y/N was meeting the rest of the losers at the quarry and was slightly nervous. She was the latest member of their little friendship group and, despite getting along with them all well, she was worried she would disappoint them. Or that she wouldn’t fit it, she never really felt like she fit in anywhere, but she tried.

Bill had approached her in their physics class a few weeks prior and asked if she could help him with some poetry, he was planning on writing a poem for Beverly. Y/N, of course, said yes and the two became very good friends. Shortly after, he introduced her to the rest of the gang, and although she got a strange welcoming from Richie in particular, they were all very pleasant to her. She mostly spoke to Bill, Bev and Stan because she wasn’t as outspoken as Eddie or as Richie and she wasn’t as lovesick as Ben. She had tried talking to Ben, but all he ever really talked about was NKOTB and how much he liked Beverly which, as pleasing as it may have sounded, got boring after a little while. When she tried speaking to Richie and Eddie, she felt like she was just a third wheel and couldn’t really think of anything funny to say, so just came across as quiet and awkward. And Mike, she hadn’t really spoken to him as she had only met him once. Since he didn’t go to the same school as them, she met him when they all went to the town’s fair. He introduced himself and offered to shake her hand, which she gladly returned. The two smiled at one another and then parted ways. Still, he seemed nice enough. It wasn’t as if she didn’t want to speak to him, she just never really had much of an opportunity.


“Come on, Y/N! Jump in! Don’t be a pussy!” Richie shouted his not-so-encouraging words as she stood at the edge of the cliff.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s just as scared as you are.” Mike whispered in her ear, which she gave a giggle in return to.

“Alright, love birds. I might as well go since you’re both taking ages!” He said putting too much emphasis on the last word.

Richie jumped, then Mike and lastly Y/N.


“Hey, Y/N, can you go change the tape in the boom box for me?” Ben asked as she was heading over to the rocks where it stood.

“Sure!” She called back, climbing out of the water and getting her towel to dry off her hands.


She nearly jumped at the sound of her, unknown, guest sitting beside her. It was Mike.

“You scared me!” She said as they both began giggling, “but hey.”

“This might sound like I’m being too forward but, do you worry that you don’t fit in? With all of them, I mean?” He asked glancing at Y/N and at his hands which were currently tapping his knees as a distraction.

“Yeah… sometimes.” Finally! Someone who actually understood what she was feeling over the past couple of weeks! “I just feel like I’m not one of them and I worry I never will.”

Mike nodded in agreement, “Hey, if the exile you, you’ve always got me.” He joked.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She smiled back at him.

From the water, Bill and Bev were currently stopping Richie from shouting something crude over at the two of you. They could really see you both hitting it off and it was really quite sweet.


“I can’t believe you’ve never read one flew over the cuckoo’s nest! It’s a classic, and so good!” Mike said in surprise, “I’ve got a spare copy, on the farm, if you want to borrow it? We could go get it afterwards or I could bring it next time we see eachother?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure! Eithers fine, thank you though!”

The two sat smiling into their laps as both of their hands were slowly crawling over the rocks to hold one another. They met in the middle and intertwined fingers, sitting in harmony and a comfortable silence, knowing they’d finally found an outsider, like themselves.

Him - Jeff Atkins

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Word count: 1454

Hope you like it!

A/N: uploading a second time since tumblr didn’t let it show up under the tags. really tumblr?


It was Thursday, the day Clay tutored Jeff for History. Clay had helped him so much already, without Clay baseball wouldn’t have been an option anymore and Jeff felt like baseball was the only thing he was good at. He looked at his watch when he realised he was going to be late if he kept walking this slow. Jeff entered the library searching for Clay when he saw him sitting next to y/n. Y/N was the most beautiful creature Jeff had ever seen. She had everything. She was so smart, the girl always had straight A’s and on top of that she was top scorer at the liberty high’s soccer team. Things Jeff only could dream of. But above all that she also was the prettiest girl he had even seen. Her perfect y/h/c hair, the rare colour of y/e/c her eyes had, the cute freckles on her nose and only one next to her left eye. y/n was just perfect. Jeff always wanted to talk to her but most of the time he felt too scared. He tried to be around her as much as possible just so she would maybe notice him, hanging around her locker or being in the gym after her soccer practice. She always smiled with her beautiful white teeth but he never found the confidence to really talk to her. All the hanging around did had it’s good sides. One day y/n fell and he was the first with her to help her. That was the first time he really talked to her and that day made him fall ever harder for her. All she could talk about was how she was going to miss soccer, he never met a girl this passionate. But now there he was standing in front of her, probably staring like an idiot. That’s when she showed her beautiful smile again before looking back down. He sat down in front of Clay and tried to focus as much as he could on what Clay was saying. It was a short session since Jeff understood this part pretty good. Before he wanted to leave he saw Clay follow Hannah Baker walking out with his eyes.

“Dude you still didn’t ask her out?” He said, knowing pretty well he was as much as a chicken himself.

“Why would I? she doesn’t like me.”

“If you still believe that, you’re an idiot. I have an idea. There is this party  tomorrow at Jessica’s place. Just ask her if she’s coming too? That’s not really asking her out, but you can hang with the her the whole night.” Jeff said but then suddenly he saw y/n was leaving. He soon realised that the things he said to Clay maybe would work for himself so he started to pack and left quickly so he could catch y/n. He walked up to her watching her turn around before he could call her name.

“Hey y/n! I was wondering, there is this party tomorrow evening and you know Clay pretty good, right?” he said. Y/N nodded.  

“So I feel like we really need to make those two a thing. So I already told Clay to come to the party tomorrow. Maybe if you come too, we can try to make something work between them?” Jeff could punch himself in the face for the stupidity of his excuse, why would she want to come now.

“I’m not really into parties Jeff.”  y/n said. Jeff forgot how he never saw her at any party even tho she was pretty popular.

“Oh c’mon! I’ll stay with you the whole night if you help me.” Jeff said trying to convice her, he suddenly felt a little more confident.

“Okay, I’ll be there, but if you bail on me I’ll be home as fast as I get there!” Jeff felt happier than ever when those words left her mouth. She gave him that incredible smile again, making his heart melt for the 100th time. She turned around and walked towards her car letting Jeff admire her.

Fast forward Friday evening

Jeff dressed as nice as possible so he could make a good impression on y/n. Tonight was going to be the night, he felt it. He parked his car in front of Jessica’s house, looked in his car mirror and made his way inside. When he entered Bryce and some other jock’s shouted.

“Atkins arriveddddd!” he smiled and greeted them all before asking someone if they saw y/n entering. The second person he asked told him y/n  was in the kitchen so  he didn’t hesitate and made his way down there immediately. He didn’t want to leave her side for a second, making sure she wasn’t going to leave. When he entered he saw her standing there next to Clay, she was looking beautiful as ever. Luckily Hannah already arrived so this was  his chance to get alone tie with y/n.

“Clay dude, Hannah is here!” he said. “go talk to her.” to Jeff’s surprise Clay didn’t hesitate and walked out the kitchen pretty quick. Now it was his turn to try to make a move so he got a little closer to her. Before he could talk to y/n someone shouted.

“Jow atkins beerpong! You in?” he didn’t want to leave y/n and he needed a partner for the game eventually.

“Only if y/n is my partner!”

She smiled and followed him outside. He quickly reminded her that he had to drive so she had to do most of the drinking but she didn’t seem to mind it. We were a pretty good team. We were winning. Y/N started to loosen up, probably because of the alcohol. He never saw her like that, even tho y/n was so nice she always seemed stressed. She never got of her path to achieve her goals. That was something he really admired about her but he could imagine how stressed she felt. So maybe cutting loose for a night wasn’t a bad idea. She got closer to him and he felt like tonight was the moment to make his move. He first tried a small move to see how she would react. He threw his arm around her shoulder but she didn’t push him away. Jeff couldn’t help but feel like the happiest person alive. Was there a possibility y/n liked him too?  y/n threw the last ball in, out of excitement he picked her up turning her around, to celebrate they won. Jeff wished this moment would last forever. He already loved her everyday-smile but the one she was showing right now was even more beautiful, she seemed so  sincerely happy. It was a good idea to ask her with him to the party. Jeff putted her back on the ground but didn’t want to let go of her. He looked her in the eyes when he felt her pulling at his neck. This was his chance. Jeff leaned in to kiss her, before he knew it his lips were touching hers. The girl he has been in love with from the moment he saw her was kissing him. Her lips were so soft and her kisses were so gentle. He felt her hands travel down his back and holding him around his waist. y/n broke the kiss with the cutest giggle Jeff ever heard. He felt his heart almost bumping out of his chest.

“Do I have to drop you of?” he whispered in her ear. She looked up showing the blush that developed on her cheeks.

“That would be nice.” She said with a smile. Jeff took her hand and helped her to his car. on the way to her house he just kept replaying what happened in his head. It was just perfect. He laid his hand on her upper thigh which made her let out a cute giggle again. When he arrived at her place he acted quick because he wanted to be a real gentleman, so he walked around the car to help her out and walk her to the door. He knew this was the moment.

“Y/N I now this may be not the best moment but I really need to tell you something.” He saw y/n was getting scared.

“What is it?” she said on a scared tone.  Jeff took a deep breath and went for it.

“I know this sounds ridiculous since we don’t know each other for long but I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for so long and I just can’t hide it anymore. Just everything about you, I just-“ before he could finish his sentence y/n was kissing him deeply.

“I’ve been in love with you way longer Jeff.”

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