all she ever talks about


I love this teasing tone Peggy uses with Angie sometimes (◡‿◡✿)

Not ready.

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From the moment she entered high school all everyone ever talked about was sex. Riley could clearly remember the first time she ever heard it be so casually discussed. She was sitting in the girl’s locker room, lacing up her gym shoes when two other 9th graders walk in. They were not so subtly discussing what they did over the weekend and the smaller of the two, a red head she recognized from her English class, was ecstatic that she had finally “lost hers.”

Once the two girls are out of sight she looks over to Maya and raises her eyebrows, “what did she lose?”

“I’m guessing her virginity.” Maya answers with a nonchalant shrug.

Nothing else was said about it. No further explanations or clarifications. Still, Riley had a hard time believing girls in her grade were already having sex. She was still getting over the fact that her boobs had come in and suddenly she was thrown into this new world where her classmates were having sex and drinking alcohol and she couldn’t help but wonder if her own circle of friends were worrying about the same things too. Better yet, if they were engaging in those activities and just keeping her out of the loop.

That night she couldn’t stop thinking about the overheard conversation from the locker room. So while her mother was stirring the pot of whatever stu she was making, Riley got up the courage to finally ask the question that had been burning a hole in her mind.

“Mom?” She hesitates, staring down at her homework. “Can I ask you something…personal?”

“Sure honey.” Topanga replies, not really giving it much thought. “Feel free to ask me anything you want.”

There’s a bit of silence between them until Riley decides its best to just get it over with. Rip it off like a band aid. “When did you lose your virginity?”

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it was nice to actually talk about my problems with somebody & not break down crying like I used to do

I finally got a chance to just speak & explain shit

last time I tried talking about my problems or how I was feeling with a friend of mine in real life I just cried, I couldn’t handle explaining how I felt


Okay so I’m not good at making graphics or gifs or anything like that, so I’m just gonna post my favorite pictures of her as of recently to go along with this but that aside, the point!

Everyone, listen up! This is Kat Blaque and as you may know, she’s my favorite Youtuber ever. Kat talks about all the real issues and covers her topics in a way that’s super educational, super entertaining, and easy to understand! She’s helped me to better understand so many things and I always refer people to her videos when trying to help educate them. Not only is Kat great at educational and social issues, she’s one of the nicest people ever! I frequent her livestreams when she has them and she’ll talk to her fans and she even remembers them! Basically, Kat is an angel.

What I’m getting to here is she posted earlier that she’s close to 30k on her youtube, so guys go check her out!! You know I wouldn’t have taken the time out of my day to make this post if she wasn’t an amazing person. Go subscribe to her, you won’t be disappointed!!! <3

(ps. Kat if you see this, you’re the best! Thanks for always being so great! <3)


This imagine is for @reagan40868 hope you like it! Requests are always open!

Tumblr Nash imagine

(Nash P.O.V) I sat on my phone scrolling through Instagram looking at the comments on my latest picture saying “otp” or “why are they even dating” All I posted was a picture of me and my friend Y/N, obviously I really liked her and wish she wasn’t just my friend, but I’m sure she doesn’t feel the same.

“Dude if you like her so much then why don’t you just ask her out already?” Cameron said looking over my shoulder. “I haven’t asked her out yet because I know she doesn’t feel the same about me.” I replied. “Doesn’t feel the same? Dude she is crazy in love you with you, your all she ever talks about.” He said. “What?!” I was shocked. He talks about it like I should have known all this time “You didn’t know? She has a major crush on you!” He said walking around the apartment. Maybe this was my chance to finally make her my own.

Today was playlist live, and today was the day that I was going to ask Y/N out. “Nash Grier!” They said and I ran out onto stage as fans screamed. I looked into the audience where I saw Y/N looking at me smiling. God she was so beautiful.

Cameron and Matt came out and we talked and answered a bunch of fan questions. “Okay Nash this question goes for you.” The announcer began. “Are you and Y/N dating?” I laughed. “No, we are not dating. We’re friends. But there are sometimes O wish we could be more than friends.” The crowd gasped. “So Y/N, can you come up here please?” The spotlight searched around the crowd until it landed on Y/N. Everyone and turned and looked at her. A guard searched through the crowd and guided her to the stage.

“Y/N, I just want people to know before he rumors get crazy, that I like you, I really do. A lot. And I just wanted to ask you a question.. Will you be my girlfriend?” She smiled as the crowd screamed. “Of course.” She said giving me a hug everyone was screaming and I was so happy.

Okay I hope you like it, I’m currently writing this on one of those bike things in gym class. Request are always open and when you request I promise I will have it out! Thank you for reading Ily!

He’s Sound, Part 1

a/n: this isn’t really finished but it’s been so long since I posted anything so this is lets say a part one.
thanks for reading! sorry the other guy isn’t anywhere near being done…. we’ll see….

“He’s sound, so I don’t want you lot judging him.” Rae stated rather shortly to the gang sitting around their table in the back of the dinning room of the pub they frequented. She glanced over at Finn with a pleading look.

“What?” He say as if she’s accused him of murder.

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So back in about middle school I was just sitting in English Class, doodling away, when suddenly my teacher called me to meet her out in the hall. Slowly, I got up from my seat and went outside with her.
Long story short, she thought I was depressed. Even back then, I rarely if ever talked and did all my assignments individually. She explained about how that year she would make an effort to have me socialze more.
I was, and still am, so pissed.


part three of my occupation!seventeen series ( here )

  • joshua is a kindergarten teacher in a small town!!
  • he LOVES kids. he loves them so much he treats them the best and all the kids love him, every single child he has ever taught loved him
  • he’s just amazing at dealing with the kids, he’s a pro at making excuses for things that the kids question that aren’t age appropriate
  • all the teachers fawn over him because hey, new attractive young teacher?? what a blessing
  • your little sister is in his kindergarten class, and all she ever does is talk about her “amazing teacher” whenever you’re home
  • you’re a college student, but you live at home so you don’t have to pay for dorms ( and because who would say no to home cooked meals )
  • your parents work a lot, and they go on tons of trips for work, so most of the time you are taking care of your little sister and listening to her talks about how school went
  • it’s about halfway through the school year, so guess what time it is? parent teacher conference time! 
  • but your parent’s are on a trip for the whole month, so they ask you to go talk to her teacher, and pretend to be your little sister’s mom for the time being
  • without even asking you, she writes your name on the slip for who’s coming to talk to her teacher and tells you the time that she chose
  • she’s a smart 6 year old, okay
  • so now you’re stuck going to a kindergartner’s parent teacher conference when you don’t even have a kid 
  • obviously you spend at least an hour trying to look like an adult
  • spoiler: you fail at trying to look like an adult
  • you have to bring your sister with you because you arent about to waste money on a babysitter, you’ll just ask her to sit outside while the two of you are talking
  • this small little child has to practically push you through the door because god, you were bad at pretending to be anything, let alone your own mother
  • and bam. you step in the door and you see joshua, sitting with his button up shirt and tie in his rolley chair, reading a book and not noticing you, standing by the door with your jaw practically at the floor because he is even prettier than you predicted
  • so when you finally get yourself together you cough and cross the room to sit across from him
  • when he finally looks up it takes him a minute to regain himself because holy moley, why is this mom so attractive? and why is she so young? she looks younger than him, what kind of sorcery is this? but he finally pulls himself together as well when you sit down
  • he stumbles over the entire review of your sister’s year so far but you don’t notice because you’re distracted by the pretty boy in front of you
  • so you barely comprehend it when he asks you how old you are, and when you had your little sister
  • “my little sister is like 6, my mom had her when i was in high school-”
  • “your little sister?”
  • your secret was let out within three seconds of meeting him why must he be so distractedly beautiful
  • he was lowkey sad that you didnt have a kid because he loves children, but god you were so pretty that he got over it within 3 seconds
  • you spent the rest of the hour conference talking to each other and questioning each other, and your sister had to drag you out when the time was up
  • but you got his number!!
  • cut to months later, and he’s asking you out through a song with a bouquet of your favorite flowers
  • joshua is so happy that he has a partner that’s more beautiful than the sun and all he ever does is brag about you
  • practically every teacher in the school knows you, and exactly what you look like, even though none of them have met you, just because joshua won’t shut up and he shows everyone pictures of you
  • “look at my partner!! aren’t they so pretty?? i love them.”
  • you absolutely love your dorky kindergarten teacher of a boyfriend
  • every time you see him interact with children you fall in love all over again because he’s just so kind
  • your sister updates you on everything he does in school each day because she obviously knows that you two are dating, he’s over practically every night
  • you two are the most in love that two people could ever be, and you’re both completely content with that

So I’m watching Mary Poppins and my 16 year old daughter comes in during the lullaby scene. After watching Julie Andrews for a few moments she said, “You know, it’s sad to see how pretty she was and nowadays all people ever talk about is Kim Kardashian being pretty.”

I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of my kid.

*me hearing the news talking about someone who died last year*
  • Me: Who died?
  • My grandpa: Maya Angelou
  • Me: Aww
  • My grandpa: She was awful. You know, she was a prostitute when she was younger.
  • Me: So?
  • My grandpa: All she ever did was complain and talk about her oppression.
  • Me: Ah yes, I totally forgot.
  • My grandpa: Forgot what?
  • Me: That you're a sexist and a racist who likes to judge women based off of what they chose to do to make money and survive. That you like to pretend that all she's doing is complaining, when in reality, she's just speaking out about all of the bullshit that people of color have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • Arrow Writers: You know what we need?
  • Us: Stop reducing women to romantic plot devices, retconning, and dramatically changing characters for the sake of the plot you want to use for your dramatic manchild. Right?
  • Arrow Writers: More dead women, right? Doesn't seem like we've killed enough.