all shall burn

Overwatch: words that it was forming

McCree/Hanzo preslash, T, ~3500 words


McCree and Hanzo get held hostage together and McCree does some exceptionally foolish things. 

Warnings for off-screen torture, discussion of injuries, and the loss of a prosthetic. 

Huge thanks to @goodluckdetective for being an enabler and cheering squad regarding these gays and letting me use her excellent “handsy” joke!

McCree strained to get a look at the door of the cell as he heard it slide open, swearing when the bindings proved too tight for him to turn fully.

“Shut up,” what sounded like the short guard snapped at him. There was the sound of Hanzo muttering something in Japanese, a boot striking flesh and chains rattling, and then a weight pressing against McCree’s back as Hanzo was strapped into the other chair.  

Footsteps, and the door slid shut again.

“Hanzo?” There was no response, so McCree tipped his head back to gently knock against Hanzo’s skull. “Hey, Hanzo. Hanzee. Han So—”

“Shut up.

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ithoughtyoumightcall  asked:


…you enjoy making me suffer don’t you? but if this is to end in fire we shall all burn together so here:

Goody has seen so much death and lost so much in life his relationship with you seemed to good to be true and some part of him always thought you would inevitably be torn away from him. But time passed and things were good, he was happy and in love and all was well, and a sense of security came, like maybe all the hard times were past.

Then it happened, out of the blue. He was in shock and utterly, miserably heartbroken when he found out you were gone. But the voice in the back of his head kept telling him he should have known it would happen, that the people he loves always leave him and he should never have let you into his heart.

The many walls around his heart that your love had broken down went back up, stronger than ever, and wearily he swore he would never let himself love that hard again.

Forget Spells

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Three White Candles
  • Three Red Candles

Light three white candles and three red ones.

Write this on paper than say it while burning the paper.

“Bit by bit ________________(name of person)’s shall fade, it shall disappear replaced by constant fear. Day by day this is as I say. All memories of me shall disappear into a forgotten bay. As this paper is consumed in flame, all memories of me shall burn with it, bit by bit.
So mote it be
So mote it be
So mote it be”

Let the candles burn themselves out and then you can relax.

Undertale Character Theme Songs

Frisk: Fireflies || Owl City (x)
“It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep ‘cause everything is never as it seems.”
Chara: I See Fire || Ed Sheeran (x)
“If this is to end in fire, then we shall all burn together.”
Flowey: Playing with the Big Boys Now || Steve Martin & Martin Short (x)
“Pick up your silly twig, boy.”
Toriel: In My Arms || Plumb (x)
“Storms will race in, but you will be safe in my arms.”
Sans: Mad World || Gary Jules (x)
“When people run in circles it’s a very, very mad world.”
Papyrus: You’ve got a Friend in me || Randy Newman (x)
“Our friendship will never die. You’re gonna see it’s our destiny.”
Undyne: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger || Daft Punk (x)
“Our work is never over.”
Alphys: The Geeks Will Inherit the World || I FIGHT DRAGONS (x)
“We need some sun, but I’m telling you honey that the geeks will inherit the world.”
Mettaton: I Want Fabulous || Ashley Tisdale (x)
“Give me fabulous hair, fabulous style, fabulous eyes, and that fabulous smile.”
Asgore: King || Lauren Aquilina (x)
“You’re too wrapped up in your own self-doubt.”
Asriel: I’m Still Here || John Rzeznik (x)
“They can’t break me, as long as I know who I am.”

The American flag is usually thought to have 13 stripes for the thirteen colonies, but texts by Betsy Ross suggest the 13 stripes stand for the 13 precepts of Lucifer.
  1. You shall not regret.
  2. You shall not forgive.
  3. You shall not worship.
  4. You shall avenge even the smallest offense.
  5. You shall torment all the faithful.
  6. You shall burn thy enemies.
  7. Place no man before thyself.
  8. Place no value upon superstition.
  9. Place the salad fork to the right of the dinner fork.
  10. Make no sacrifices.
  11. Make no apologies.
  12. Make love at the drop of a hat.
  13. Do all your homework the night before it is due.
I’m just gonna say it.

I’m not trying to cause any drama, this is just a funny scenario I thought up one day and have been dying to share. This scenario could work equally as well with Rosa but, for some reason, my brain went ‘but Rosa has Leigh’ and substituted Alexy. Some of you probably would have gone through this with a friend anyway so… Yep. Enjoy my brain leakage.

I believe and will stand by Alexy being gay. It’s canon, it has happened and that’s that.

However I can see him kissing Candy once and only once.

Like, he really cares about her and isn’t sure if it’s because they’re so close or because of something else. So he leans in, kisses her then like halfway through the video buffering circle starts going in his head…

Processing, processing, processing.

Then he backs up, looks at Candy and is just like ‘nope, sorry, I really do like dick’. And Candy just replies with ‘yeah, me too’. And they carry on like nothing happened.

Like, they both knew what was going down so they tried it and were like ‘nah, this aint right’ and just continued to be friends.


“If this should end in fire we shall all burn together”

Thorin Oakenshield sim made by @theperksofbeingasimmerxdI was honored to playtest these amazingly accurate LOTR and The Hobbit simmers made by @theperksofbeingasimmerxd in our upcoming LOTR world and promised to take some screenshots.

Here is Thorin in front of Thorins Halls :-)