all seniors wear black

Warframe but like in high school

Atlas: Senior. Workout buddies with Rhino. Has a rock collection. Surprisingly good at cooking.

Ash: Senior. Bros with Excalibur. Closet weeb. Thinks Banshee is attractive.

Banshee: Junior. Loves listening to dubstep. Headphones never come off…NEVER. Very quiet and shy.

Chroma: Senior. Has a large pet lizard that he feeds live chickens named “Draco”. Plays Dragonborn in Dungeons & Dragons. Has multiple dragon posters.

Excalibur: Senior. Plays Quarterback on the football team. Has high grades. Also closet weeb. Has a crush on Mag.

Ember: Junior. Has a thing for Valkyr. Throws lit firecrackers at people. Smokes weed.

Equinox: Freshmen. Creepy twins. Finish each other’s sentences. One wears black, the other wears white. ALWAYS together.

Frost: Junior. Has a thing for Ember. Is always wearing a hoodie because he’s cold…all the time.

Harrow: Sophomore. Really into occult stuff. Has Demonic pentagrams on his notebooks and lockers. “Do you have time to talk about our Lord and savior, Satan?” is the line he uses to break the ice. Taken a liking to Nekros. History teacher’s favorite. Scares the hell outta Mag. (Poor girl.)

Hydroid: Sophomore. Likes pirates of the Caribbean. Wears a pirate hat everywhere. Perverted. Tells terrible pirate related puns.

Inaros: Sophomore. Has a beetle collection. Timid. When threatened throws pocket sand. Nekros’ younger brother.

Ivara: Freshman. Loves Archery. Reads comics. Green Arrow and Hawkeye are favorite heroes. Pro Hanzo in Overwatch. Always falls asleep in class.

Limbo: Junior. Wears a Tux everywhere. Thinks he’s good with the ladies. Not very good with the ladies. Terrible at Math.

Loki: Sophomore. Ash’s younger brother. Plays pranks with Mirage. Has a criminal record for Vandalism and Public indecency. Also smokes weed.

Lotus: Principal. Knows everything about the students. Chooses to do nothing about it. Inexplicably always drinking coffee. Plays handheld games (like DS and PSP) during work hours.

Mag: Freshman. Trusted by Lotus to keep everyone in check. Never acts out. Straight A’s. Makes Nyx jealous because her boobs are bigger. Loves Astrology and Physics. Has science blog. Smallest in school

Mirage: Senior. Teases Loki with “Perverted acts”. Loves playing pranks. Blew up Principal’s bathroom and didn’t get caught. Rarely shows up for class. Likes to dress Mag up in outfits.

Mesa: Junior. Plays Overwatch with Ivara, mains McCree. Loves to tell you what time it is (you know damn well what I mean) Has a bunch of old Cowboy movies. Remembers every scene of Walker Texas Ranger.

Nyx: Senior. Small boobs, big brain. Everyone listens to her, Sorta the disciplinarian.

Nekros: Senior. Always wears all black. Never smiles. Childhood friendswith Saryn. Unaware that almost every girl and Limbo (excluding Nyx, Saryn, Ember, and Mirage) is afraid of him.

Nezha: Sophomore. Only Transgender in school, loves to tell everyone about it. Burned down the gym one time and didn’t get caught. Wrote his name in fire in the school courtyard.

Nidus: Junior. Owns every zombie movie ever. Likes to wear zombie makeup to school. Jumpscares Mag all of the time.

Nova: Freshman. Best at astrophysics…beats Mag actually. Has a weird thing for blowing shit up. Respected by Ember. Tutors Rhino and Valkyr.

Oberon: Junior. President of Nature club. Loves butterflies. Extremely dense but has an A in biology.

Octavia: Junior. Banshee and her are the female equivalent of bros for life. Made Banshee’s Spotify playlist. Makes her own mixtapes. Plays said mixtapes on morning announcements. Lotus would do something about it if she didn’t really like the music.

Rhino: Senior. Jacked! Pretty dumb. Great football player.

Saryn: Senior. Owns a Katana for God knows why. Pretty chill. Student Council president. Smokes weed and drinks. Developed feelings for Nekros. Created the dogmatic teaching of “Biggest boobs makes the rules”. Also not very liked by Nyx.

Stalker: Sophomore. Emo. Probably planning school shooting. Hates everyone but Nekros. Has a really creepy crush on Mirage.

Titania: Freshman. VP of nature club Huge crush on Oberon but will never say it. Even dressed up as a butterfly to get him to notice her only to be outshined by his butterfly costume.

Teshin: Gym teacher. Doesn’t give a fuck.

Trinity: Junior. Goody two shoes. Helps out the school nurse. Wants to be a doctor. Asked Volt to play Doctor. Volt thought she wanted to like practice medicine which they did…sorta.

Vauban: Senior. Engineer. In robotics. A’s in physics. Heard of sports at most. Always in charge of fixing everyone’s….everything. Lotus even bribed him to fix the computersin the lab rather than paying for an actual professional. Worked out in the end.

Volt: Junior. On track team. Listens to Sonic the hedgehog soundtrack while jogging. Crush on Saryn. Avoids Trinity actively.

Valkyr: Sophomore. Good at gym but not much else. Anger issues. Pummeled Hydroid to a pulp for looking at her butt too long. Rhino’s younger cousin.

Zephyr: Junior. Owns a pet hawk that creeps out everyone considering it follows her every command. Does parkour and hanglides.

Wukong: Freshman. Practices gymnastics. Practices martial arts with the Bo staff just to say he can. Showed up to practice drunk one time. Has a pet monkey named Pyjak that he puts sunglasses on and takes selfies with.

Clem & Darvo: College kids that hang out near the school. The suppliers of all of the contraband that goes around the school.

Amaryn (New Loka Lady): Vice Principal. Lotus’ advisory and all-around babysitter. Struggling to find a way to hide Lotus’ video games from her.

Cressa Tal (Steel Meridian Lady): English Teacher. Claims she hates men yet has a new boyfriend every few weeks. Every class is like a sad romance novel.

Arbiters of Hexis: Mean teachers I forgot to cover.

Ergo Glast (Perrin Sequence guy): Math Teacher. So boring he sometimes puts himself to sleep while he’s at the board teaching.

Red Veil dude: History Teacher. During class he makes random Conspiracy theories. Everyone thinks he’s crazy.

Killing Scott McCall (Reader X Scott)



Prompt Request:

Y/N shows up on her first day of school and tries to kill Scott cause she’s a hunter but before she kills him he tells her that he’s a true alpha and she stops. Maybe a little romance idk.

Character Request:

Girl named Jaymie, 5'5, green eyes, straight black hair, bisexual, 17, wears black combat boots/leather jacket/skinny jeans, (very badass lol), rides a motorcycle, human but fights really well, Hunter.


Everyone was turning heads when I arrived at Beacon Hills High School. I couldn’t tell if it was because I was the new girl, or because I rode a motorcycle to school while wearing all black.
Senior year of high school was going to be a breeze. My grades were always at an A+ average, I always made friends easily at a new school, and I’d have a little extra money from killing yet another alpha.

Scott McCall.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with werewolves. Not the yellow-eyed betas anyway. I did have a problem with blue-eyed betas and red-eyed alphas. Also known as killers. Murderers. Scott McCall was the next alpha on my list, just another killer. Today was the day I’d get it over with, and soon enough I would move on to another school.

“Hey, nice bike,” a voice from behind me said. I smiled, turning around to face the person I predicted it was. Scott.

“Thanks, just got it last month. My old one was trash.” I told him, taking off my helmet and running my hand through my hair.


I looked at him with confusion. “What?”

“Sorry,” he laughed, shaking his head. “You just have really pretty eyes.”

Isn’t that cute. A killer pretending to be a nice guy.

“Anyway, what’s your name?” He asked. “I’m Scott.”

“Jaymie…” I said, about to walk away. Then the perfect idea hit me. “Hey, do you mind showing me around the school? I’m new.”

Scott nodded enthusiastically. “Sure, I’d love to.”

We walked down each hall, talking and laughing, both of us missing our first class. Things were going well so far. I’d have him dead in no time.

“You’re really funny,” he said, looking at me. He totally had a crush on me. Cute.

I giggled. “Hey, don’t fall in love with me just yet.” We both laughed, but I stopped when we were next to an empty classroom. “Can we go in there?” I asked. “I wanna look around.”

Scott shrugged. “Yeah, why not.”

We walked into the empty classroom, and I closed the door behind me. Then I leaned in for a kiss. Scott leaned in for the kiss, only to be stabbed in the back with a Chinese ring dagger that I had up my sleeve. He fell to his knees, blood coming from his mouth. His eyes turned red. The color of a killers eyes.

“Wh..why are you doing this?” Scott pleaded, trying to pull the dagger out of his back.

I narrowed my eyes. “Because you’re a killer. How else would you have became an alpha?”

His eyes widened. “I’ve n-never killed anyone… I’m a true.. Alpha.”

For a moment I thought my heart stopped. A true alpha. My first love.. The first person I had ever loved was a true alpha. She was killed by a blue-eyed beta that wanted her power.. It’s the reason I got into the business of hunting. Now here I was, about to kill a true alpha.

“Oh my god..” I whispered. “I’m so sorry dude, I didn’t know.”

“Could you possibly.. Pull your d-dagger..”

“Yeah.. Sorry.. I forgot.”

I grabbed the dagger by its handle and pulled it out of Scott’s back. He let out a sigh of relief and wiped some of the blood off his face with the back of his hand. I was overcome with guilt.

“Can we start over?” I asked. It had been awhile since I made a friend. This seemed like a weird time to start being a normal teenager again, but I needed to.

“I don’t know. You kind of just tried to kill me,” Scott said, staring at me.

“Then let me make it up to you,” I offered, helping him up. “I think we could be friends. Or more. You’re kinda cute.“

Homecoming | Thursday  Calum Imagine

Summary:  It’s the week of homecoming at your high school, and Calum Hood - the star soccer player - is looking for someone to wear his jersey


Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Thursday was class color day, and being a senior that meant you got to wear all black which was perfect for you since most of what you owned was black. You had on a pair of black skinny jeans, your black vans, and a worn out black Ramones shirt that had always been one of your favorites. 

When you got to school you met up with Joslyn in the parking lot, and just walking in to the school it felt like something was different. You felt like everyone you passed stared you down as you walked by, and as soon as you were past them the whispering would start. “Jos, why is everyone looking at me weird?”

Without even glancing up from her phone she replied, “Well, obviously the whole school knows that you’re the ‘special someone’ Calum let wear his jersey.”

“But..what?! How did they…It just happened last night. How did everyone find out already??” You spluttered out. Joslyn just shrugged in reply, “Real helpful Jos, I’ll just deal with the pack of angry girls by myself then.”

She must have heard the panic in your voice because she finally looked at you, “It’s going to be okay, just don’t let them get to you! I mean you are the one with the jersey after all.” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively, while opening the door to the school for you.

You were about to reply, when suddenly arms were wrapped around your waist and picking you up off the ground. After a moment to get your bearings you recognized the tanned arms that were wrapped around your waist, and you started to lightly hit them in an attempt to be let down. “Okay, you big buffoon you can put me down now.” You said while beginning to twist your body around.

Calum just laughed before spinning you around while setting you down, and planting a quick kiss on the tip of your nose, causing you to giggle and Joslyn to groan, “Alright lovebirds, I’m out of here before this gets anymore disgusting.” Calum started making kissy noises just to bother her even more, but she just kept walking and threw her hand up flipping you both off.

When you looked back over at Calum you realized that the two of you were wearing almost the exact same outfit. He had on the same black vans, similar black skinny jeans, and while he wasn’t wearing a black Ramones shirt he was wearing an all black Nirvana shirt. The only truly different thing was the black snapback that was resting backwards on Cal’s head, “While, one of us is going to have to change.” You said motioning between the two of you.

Calum looked down at his outfit, then looked back at yours before laughing and digging in his bag before pulling out a black snapback that looked almost identical to the one he was wearing. He placed it on your head where it fell right down, and covered your eyes, “Well, this certainly shows that you’ve got quite the ego, because we both know that I’m the one with the bigger brains here.

Calum ignored your insult before throwing an arm around your shoulders, “Well, it must be true what they say. Couples who spend a lot of time together, begin to look similar.”

“Oh so we’re a couple now.” You meant for it to be a joke, because you had only been on one date of course you weren’t a couple.

Calum however had a different idea, “Of course we are a couple now! I don’t let just anyone in on the secret recipe to my ice cream.” His arm dropping from around your shoulders, but picking up your hand.

“Considering you forgot one of four ingredients to the ice cream, I don’t think you even let me in on this oh so secret recipe.” You replied, raising your eyebrows at him.

He just looked down at you before lowering his voice, “Well then I don’t let just anyone get caught by my sister while making out on the couch.” When he saw that you were blushing, he smirked at you before squeezing your hand with his rough, calloused one. Making you remember what it felt like with those fingertips caressing your bare skin last night, and causing a shiver to run down your spine. 

Calum just raised his eyebrows at you, but before he could open his mouth to say whatever was on his mind, one of his teammates came up to him to remind him of the meeting they had in the coach’s office first hour. You tried to let go of Cal’s hand so he could leave for his meeting, but he held on tight and pulled you in for a kiss before breaking it off and leaving with his friend.

You heard his teammate ask when the two of you became a thing, but Calum shook his head and looked back at you one more time before disappearing around the corner.

The first half of the school day, had been just like the rest of the week. Calum walked you to and from each class, joking and laughing with you and just being his general cheery self, but then the entire soccer team was let out of the second half of the school day to have one last hard practice before the game tomorrow, and that’s when everything really went downhill.

Besides the staring and whispering at the beginning of the day, everyone had been completely civil with you for the whole day and even just let you keep to yourself like usual, but now that Calum was gone everything was different.

The staring and whispering was back, but the senior girls had upped their game. They weren’t even whispering any more, just saying whatever they thought about you out loud as you walked by. The reoccurring theme that you kept hearing was that Calum would only go for you because you obviously had slept with him. They even went so far as to say that you had been sleeping with everyone you could for the past three years to practice while you waited for your shot with Calum.

The whispers of ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ and many other words that high school words were creative enough to think of were constant as you walked through the hallways, until finally you couldn’t take it anymore. You walked to the far side of the school to find the most secluded bathroom, and you locked yourself in one of the stalls as an escape from the torture.

You had never known that a jersey could cause this much drama, but apparently Calum was a bigger deal around this school then you thought. You were just starting to calm down, when you heard the bathroom door open, “Ohh, poor little Y/N. Having to seek solace in a bathroom stall, because of a few people whispering.”

You knew that voice, it was Reina, you knew that she had been the one to start those rumors. Whenever she felt threatened by another girl she made it her mission to take them down. “Why don’t you come out of there Y/N? Or are you too afraid?” You couldn’t give Reina the satisfaction of knowing that she had a part in scaring you into a bathroom stall, so you took a deep breath and walked out.

“Well, well, look what we have here,” Reina wasn’t alone, she was with her two bestfriends and they flanked her like she was the alpha of the pack, “You know I really don’t see what Calum sees in you. You’re even plainer up close than you are from far away.” She paused as if she was actually thinking over what Calum could possibly see in me, “Although, I guess I probably wouldn’t find your services quite as pleasing as Calum does. I heard your usual prices are $20 for a hand job and $30 for a blow job, seems pretty low, doesn’t it girls?”

Her two croonies nodded along, looking bored, “Although, you’re obviously trading something else with Calum. What is it? Making him pretend to be your boyfriend, and in exchange you’ll get him off?” She was starting to get closer to you, and it made it seem like the whole room was closing in, “I’ll have you know Y/N, that just because a slut like you somehow got the school’s golden boy to pretend to like you, you will not get the crown of homecoming queen from me.”

She was towering over you, and had you backed against the stall door, with a perfectly manicured finger poking into your chest. You wanted so badly to tell her she was wrong, and that none of what she was saying was true, but your throat had gone dry and was closing up the longer you were stuck in this situation.

“Trust me Y/N, if you don’t back off of Calum I’ll make your life a hell of a lot worse than it is right now.” She then whipped around, smacking you in the face with her long hair and walking out of the bathroom, her two lackeys following on her heels.

You slid down the door, and sat down on the bathroom floor and cried. How had this happened? Not only four days ago, nobody in the school even knew your name and now they thought you were essentially a prostitute, who had somehow bribed Calum into faking being interested in you. You just wanted to go back to before, when nobody knew your name and you still thought Calum was just another jock. You knew exactly what you had to do.

You faked sick, and got out of school for the rest of the day. You went home, and cried until you were all cried out of tears. You knew Calum would be done with soccer practice around 6:30, so when 6 o’clock rolled around, you got out of bed, grabbed his jersey off of your bedside table and made your way to the soccer fields not even caring what you looked like.

You got there a few minutes early, so you sat on a ledge that was right across from the locker room doors that you knew the boys always came out of. You were fiddling with Cal’s jersey, when you heard the doors bang open and the following chatter that signified the boys were done with practice and had finished showering. You looked up and noticed that Calum was in the middle of a group of his friends laughing and bantering back and forth. His famous grin in place, with the matching crinkles around his eyes. 

You were about to call out to him, when one of his teammates noticed you and pointed you out to Calum. He quickly said goodbye to his teammates before running over to you. When he got over to you he tried to lean in for a kiss, but you moved your head to the side so he could only kiss your cheek. When you looked back up at him, the grin had been replaced by a frown and turned to worry when he saw your tear-stained cheeks, “Y/N have you been crying? What’s wrong?”

You ignored his questions, before hopping down from the ledge, “Calum, I can’t do this anymore. We are too different.” You said it as quickly as you could, before the sadness could creep in to your voice. You thrust the jersey in to his chest, before turning around and walking away from him as fast as you could, while the tears welled up in your eyes.

You couldn’t turn back around, because you knew he would be standing there with that lost puppy look on his face, confused and clutching the jersey to his chest exactly where you had pushed it against him.

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