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My top 11 after ep 10 eliminations

This weeks top 11 lineup is the one I agree with most so far, but I’m SHOOK at how much the rankings have changed in comparison to season one. So, the trainees who I want to be in BOI:

1. Kang Daniel - yes ma boy made it to first place! He’s one of the few who I can say is a shoe-in for the final 11. He just turns it ON when on stage while being an adorable fluff offstage.

2. Ong Seungwoo - he’s so funny and charming and handsome and talented he needs to be in this group! I think he’ll also most likely make it since his rank has been stable all season, but who knows maybe a Guanlin could happen to him (though I hope not and don’t think it will)

3. Kim Jonghyun - nation’s leader is no longer on top, but that’s ok because truthfully I couldn’t see him being Center and having the same influence as Somi did. However he would make a bomb ass leader, and can dance and rap. Also I want him to get popular enough so Nu'est can be revived, I wasn’t into them before but after watching this show I want them to succeed!

4. Lee Daehwi - his Never fancam was on point! Daehwi’s lines and expressions are so good while dancing, he just executes everything cleanly including his singing. Poor boy seems still so careful with his actions after the controversy, I hope he can bounce back to how he was before!

5. Park Woojin - he caught my eye since 10 out of 10, and has not disappointed since then. Looks cool but is actually a real cutie. At his rate of growth in popularity, I think he would be able to make top 11.

6. Kim Samuel - RISE SAMUEL! So happy he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves! However I’m not sure if he can keep being in the top 11. He’s so talented despite his young age and has gone through so much, I think he deserves to debut.

7. Park Jihoon - at first didn’t understand the hype for him, he’s just always been there in the top but I kinda got used to him so I’m not mad at it. I don’t think he’s outstanding talent wise, but he keeps up well with others and it’s a gift to be able to attract and maintain that kind of popularity in the first place. Also another shoe-in for final 11, at this point it would seem weird to me if BOI didn’t have him.

8. Hwang Minhyun - he’s got looks, dance, and vocal skills backing him. Minhyun is my second Nu'est pick, and as much as I also like Dongho, I prefer Minhyun. I feel like he fits the image with the other trainees more. Yes, it’s a very superficial reason but the industry is based very much on looks, and I feel like Dongho’s daddy sexy image doesn’t mesh well with the younger trainees. Also I think that there shouldn’t be more than 2 Nu'est members in BOI, otherwise it would be too much like Nu'est + hoobaes rather than a new group.

9. Ha Sungwoon - very, very shocked that he got third this week, I guess the viewers have a conscience and felt bad for the injustice he went through song rearrangement last week. I wanted him or Noh Taehyun to make it into the group. He’s very talented, but sadly I don’t think he has enough one-pick popularity to stay in the top 11.

10. Kim Jaehwan - this vocal powerhouse needs to be in BOI. He literally elevates each song he’s in to another level with his vocals! I really like his tone and style when he sings. Also he has shown us time and time again although he is not a strong dancer, he is able to keep up and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Really hope he makes the group!

11. Undecided- originally I would have wanted Kenta to take this spot, but sadly he has been eliminated :,(. I think I would be ok with anyone in this spot, except for Haknyeon. All the remaining trainees are decent in their own right but haven’t left as strong of an impression on me as the ones listed above during stage performance. For example, Jisung has great personality and Bae Jinyoung has great visuals, but I haven’t been really attracted to their performance on stage. I also think Im Youngmin makes a good member but his rap hasn’t wowed me. Sewoon has a good voice and can keep up with choreography, but doesn’t impact me as much as Jaehwan’s vocals. I guess we’ll see next week who the final 11 are! Can’t wait!!!


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