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My November TBR! I’m not actually sure how this will go, cause on the one hand I don’t have a lot of free time this month (again) but on the other, I feel like I can breeze through a few of these pretty easily, so I guess we’ll just have to see!! What books are on your lists this month?


Inej woke with a start. Kaz shifted in his sleep and murmured the word again. She stared at him. The sound of it sounded alien - a holy term on a sinner’s lips. 

For a brief moment, Inej wondered if he was asking guidance from one of her own saints. The thought was so preposterous she rejected it immediately; Kaz never begged forgiveness for anything he did. If anything, it was the rest of Ketterdam that constantly went on its knees to grovel at Kaz’s feet.

She was about to fall asleep again when Kaz spoke once more. 

“Sankta,” He whispered like he was praying. “Sankta Inej.”

Some Facts About Nov 1
  • it is sometimes called all saints day, or allhallows and is traditionally celebrated with a feast dedicated to all of catholicism’s many saints
  • its el dia de los  innnocentes/angelitos, one of the “days of the dead.” it honors children and proceeds dia de los muertos, known in english tradition as all souls day (nov 2).
  • its international tim burton day, his classic “nightmare before christmas” takes place on this day and is intended for use in treating “halloween hangover,” which is a condition marked by residual “spookiness” following then end of the month-long holiday
  • its inexcusably cold 

Woohoo two posts in one day - here’s my October wrap up! I didn’t get to finish all the books I would have liked but the ones tied together are ones I finished all the way through, ATCS and TNC I got partway through and TATWD was on my tbr but I didn’t even get to start it - overall I’m fine with this considering it was a really busy month and I know that in November I’ll be able to catch up! How did your tbrs go this month? Any stand out books or ones you have to push to next month?

Dear Harriet, 

I send in my demand notes with the brutal regularity of the income-tax commissioners; and probably you say when you see the envelopes, ‘Oh, God! I know what this is.’ The only difference is that, some time or other, one has to take notice of the income-tax. 

Will you marry me?—It’s beginning to look like one of those lines in a farce—merely boring till it’s said often enough; and after that, you get a bigger laugh every time it comes.

I should like to write you the kind of words that burn the paper they are written on—but words like that have a way of being not only unforgettable but unforgivable. You will burn the paper in any case; and I would rather there should be nothing in it that you cannot forget if you want to. 

Well, that’s over. Don’t worry about it.

My nephew (whom you seem, by the way, to have stimulated to the most extraordinary diligence) is cheering my exile by dark hints that you are involved in some disagreeable and dangerous job of work at Oxford about which he is in honor bound to say nothing. I hope he is mistaken. But I know that, if you have put anything in hand, disagreeableness and danger will not turn you back, and God forbid they should. Whatever it is, you have my best wishes for it. 

I am not my own master at the moment, and do not know where I shall be sent next or when I shall be back—soon, I trust. In the meantime may I hope to hear from time to time that all is well with you? 

Yours, more than my own, 


–Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night, Chapter XI, 1935.

What kinda aesthetic is ur boss into? Are they flower crowns and sakrua trees? Are they dirty gritty, grunge kings/queens? Do they partake in the night life neon aesthetic? Or are they more of a black and white gangster aesthetic?


The lights dim, a long hallway creaks, and a trio of old crones somewhere argue over where they misplaced their eye of newt. A faint voice floats through the air, a whisper in the breeze, “What a terrible night for a curse.”

The fourth C&L All Saints Wake Celebration, and second Friends and Family night of Voidsent (IC Werewolf/Mafia)!

Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful night! 

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(Special shout out to Seya who actually went to the party dressed as Keldorin xD)

  • english: so..Halloween is a Scottish shortening of Allhallow-even "Eve of All Saints, last night of October" (1550s), the last night of the year in the old Celtic calendar, where it was Old Year's Night, a night for witches. A pagan holiday given a cursory baptism. See hallow (n.) + even (n.); also see hallows. Hallow-day for "All-Saints Day" is from 1590s; earlier was halwemesse day. O:')
  • turkish: witches day?
  • english: wait..let me re-
  • turkish: w i t c h e s d a y !

The Sable Tree Company and Thaliak’s Embrace join hands in a collaborative event to celebrate the upcoming All Saints Wake! Before a night of celebration, accompanied with drinks and games, accompany us for a play of murder mystery - can you catch the killer?

Join us in our:

1. Murder Manor: Come join us and see if you can figure out our murder mystery! Due to the nature of this game, our Manor will be opening at 10 am PDT and closing at 10 pm PDT in order to let as many people as possible experience our Murder Manor!

2. Snack Booth: Come indulge in our tasty menu! From various of savory and sweet flavors, we hope our limited edition All Saints Wake Menu will give you some thrills and chills! (Snack Booth will only be open during party hours)

3. Games: Join us for some lighthearted games featuring some of the holiday’s decor! Throw some darts at our various pumpkin, ghost, and bat themed balloons in Pumpkin Pop or take on our security’s new weightlifting game of Troll’s Challenge!   (Game rules will be explained my booth runner at event. Games will only be open during party hours)

4. Raffle: Do you dream of owning a small Lakshmi? How about having a tiny Susano that rejoices in the glory of your combats? Or maybe you wish for a odd little Otter to toddle besides you, lighting the paths in your adventures? Now is your chance! Enter our raffle and see what you win! (Raffle entry fee is 15k - more details on raffle such as prizes and rules are HERE. Raffle entries will only be taken during party hours until raffle drawing time.)

5. Costume Contest: Interested in showing off your spooky glamour skills? Now is your chance! With NO ENTRY FEES, prizes of Pumpkin Butler Minions, and a grand prize of a Blackblossom attire- you’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain by just having a bit of fun! ( More details on raffle such as prizes and rules are HERE.Contest entries will only be taken during party hours until judging time. ) 

Location: The Lavender Beds, Ward 12, Plot 35

Murder Manor: 10 am PDT - 10 pm PDT

Party at the Manor: 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific - 12 am Eastern / 8 pm Pacific

Date: 10/28/2017


MMFD fic: “I Wipe My Brow And I Sweat My Rust”

Hi all! 
Here are some v. important author’s notes:
1. This is the second part in my apocalypse-AU. First part can be read right here.
2. This is a dark one, my friends. The angst levels are Code Dragon… Therefore, some trigger warnings to mind:
- Vague descriptions of numerous character deaths.
- Vague references to sexual assault (no descriptions).

3. Story titles are from lyrics by R.E.M and Imagine Dragons.

So much love and appreciation to @madfatty, beta reader to the stars! Thank you, babe, for all your support and patience and for caring just as much (if not more!) than I do. ♡

It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Part 2 - “ I Wipe My Brow And I Sweat My Rust

It’s a strange old world. Outside, the sun is setting over the broken landscape of a ghost city, rotting slowly into the ground. If there’s a living soul out there right now, it’s only the users and the killers. Man-Eaters who pry in all the abandoned places, looking for the ones still walking, to strip them of everything they have left.

And inside, Rae Earl is being held by Finn Nelson, and somehow that’s stranger and more surreal than any of those other things.  

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This is a photo of a cementary. The view from my window.
Today in Poland we celebrate the day of all saints and most people had gone to the cementary to remember the dead, closer relatives or not so close. It’s the day when we pray for all those who are yet to go to heaven, even though the day for it should be tomorrow, it always is that way.
In memory of our ancestors we lit up lights and the view after the night has begun is breathtaking.
We don’t celebrate Halloween, not usually, I believe it’s only in the capitol city? And it’s not so popular too. But although its late, I wish all of you happy Halloween, and for those, who don’t celebrate it I wish to never forget about your past and people who were before you.

I’m sorry it turned out to be so long 😅

Memento mori.