all rust everything


Of course I’m dangerous. I’m police. I can do terrible things to people with impunity. 

Only Ghosts
Gregory Alan Isakov
Only Ghosts

but you hide in your cellars
brewing thoughts to make you drunk and you wait
for your profits to come
well, for you, well,
I hope they do.


Hey look! My Star Wars watch from when I was little. And it was actually digital which made it very cool at the time! LOL

I know it doesn’t work because when I found it at the bottom of an old box our tin building I opened up the battery compartment. It’s all rusted in there. Everything rusts in this climate…..

Young as I was, this wasn’t my first watch. Back in those days before every kid carried around a phone to check the time kiddie watches were common. Maybe my Snoopy playing tennis was my first. But this chunky thing I just loved so much more. I’ve got warm fuzzies finding it again.