all round good times

  • Some Damn Nerd: Eww, why are you choosing Rowlet as your starter? Historically speaking, Grass-type starters have often suffered throughout the gyms, and its final evolution typing leaves it open to a staggering FIVE weakness, not to mention...
  • Me, stroking a picture of Rowlet I keep in my wallet at all times: Friend... what a good, good round boy... nice spherical owl friend...
All-Round Reaction: When you call him daddy ;)

Thank @jihoonsmonsterwhale for your request, I took various approaches in this post since that’’s how the gif selection and my ideas worked out together in the end, sorry for taking forever to get it done but hope you enjoy!– Now please excuse me as I boil myself in holy water.


2AM - Jinwoon: Sorry you guys but that’s my cue! *Slams bedroom door*

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2PM - Taecyeon: I’ve missed you calling that. *Looks down* And apparently someone else has too.

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100% - Minwoo: Let’s play a new game baby, just lay down and daddy will show you the rules. *Wiggles eyebrows* 

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AA (Double A) - Aoora: Every time you call me daddy I just get this addictive shiver throughout my body!

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A-JAX - Seungjin: [Y-Y/n]! Did you really have to say it like that?! *Flustered*

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B.A.P - Jongup: Daddy has a surprise for you under the blankets, want to see what is it?~

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B1A4 - Sandeul: Put something less revealing on and go study! You wanted me to be your daddy so that’s what I’m going to be!

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Beast - Yoseob: *Shakes head* Now isn’t the time for that honey. Just wait until we get home, then, daddy will give you what you want.

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BIGBANG - T.O.P: Daddy isn’t in a good mood right now baby so this isn’t a good idea. I’d have you screaming our safe word in just a few minutes.

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BIGFLO - Yuseong: Of course I’m a daddy, how else would raise my children??? *Referring to hamsters*–!!! Why are you taking your clothes off!?

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BIGSTAR - Sunghak: *Jaw drops* And here I thought you were innocent!!

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Block B - P.O: It looks to me like someone’s been being naughty lately, and you know what daddy does to naughty babies…don’t you?

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Boyfriend - Donghyun: *Bites lip* Damn that was sexy!… Does this mean I have a daddy kink?

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Boys Republic - Minsu: *Looks in the mirror* Hmm, I wonder why [Y/n] would called me that?…. Well, I suppose I do have the responsible, caring, and protective fatherly aspects that everyone loves. *Smirks* I would make a good daddy!

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BtoB - Hyunsik: *Gulps* I’m…. your… what? Maybe these are one of those smile and nod moments? Yeah, I’ll go with that.

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BTS - V: Yes I am you’re daddy, and if you don’t listen to him he’s going to give you a spanking tonight~ 

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CNBLUE - Yonghwa: *Shocked* Oh man that ended up sounding a lot hotter then I thought it would, now what should I do?!

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Cross Gene - Yongseok: Oh so we’re going for a kinky concept this time?… Sexy~♥

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DAY6 - Wonpil: Why did you have call me that right before getting on stage!?–Oh man I gotta stop thinking before these thoughts start showing down there!

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EXO - Lay: *Confused* Wait… Your dad came over to visit and you didn’t tell me?! Where is he???

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FT Island - Jonghun: I can’t tell if [Y/n]’s talking to me or talking in their sleep… *Stares at ceiling* Is it possible to be disturbed and turned on at the same time?

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GOT7 - JB: Daddy had a long day sweetie, can you make him feel better?–Ah yeah, just like that baby!

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HIGH4 - Youngjun: Come here in daddy’s lap and prove to him what a good baby you are. 

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History - Yijeong: *Flustered* Um–Uh–Daddy?… Does that mean… You’re mommy? 

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iKON - Junhoe: Shhh not now babe, wait till later…. Once everyone is gone. *Winks*

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INFINITE - L: *Looks at the text* Of course you’d try to tease me while I’m at work. *Shakes head* I won’t be letting them get away this!

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JJCC - Simba: There’s two things that you could be hinting at but I can’t tell which one and that both scares and excites me.

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JYJ - Jaejoong: Not now honey, daddy’s busy… *Bites thumb* How in the hell can I focus with that on my mind now?

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LU:KUS - Kyungjin: Let’s take this to daddy’s room so we can have some… fun.

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M.I.B - Young Cream: Is this going to become a thing between us or are you just calling me that to get a reaction?

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MBLAQ - Mir: *Overthinks about it* Daddy?… Am I really ready for this kind of responsibility so soon?

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Monsta X - Hyungwon: *Internally screaming* Did they you… call me… daddy?!–But how is that possible?!–We never–Or did we?Could it have been that night when…. *Eyes widen* Oh god.

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MYNAME - Gunwoo: *Fidgets* Heh, is it… weird that I liked that? 

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N.Flying - Kwangjin: I don’t know how you do it but you always know just what to say to get me excited! *Bites lip*

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NU’EST - Ren: You know there’s no going back once you call me that don’t you? 

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Royal Pirates - Moon: -At a filming set- *Looks at you* You’re taking a pretty big chance by calling me that out here… And it just makes it all the more tempting.

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Seventeen - S.Coups: *Cuts you off*–HONEY SAY HELLO TO MY MEMBERS!!! They wanted to say hi and surprise you! Sorry, I know we had plans but they wouldn’t listen to me no matter how many times I said no!

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SHINee - Jonghyun: So I’m you’re daddy now? Hm, this could be interesting!~ 

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Shinhwa - Junjin: Is this just some kinky way of calling me old?! 

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SPEED - Jongkook: Oh?~ Does my baby want something? Come on you know you can tell me, daddy’s always here to listen!

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Super Junior - Heechul: Go to bed and wait for daddy and he’ll be there in just a second. *Winks*

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Teen Top - Changjo: Did you seriously just call me–Ugh why am I even asking when I know you did? *Face palms* I’m starting to hate the internet.

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Topp Dogg - Xero: Since you’ve been such a good baby lately daddy got some new toys for us to play with, I’m sure you’re going to love them~

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TVXQ - Yunho: You have no idea how much I waited for you to you call me that since going to the military. So I’m going to make sure to enjoy every bit of it before I have to go back.

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U-Kiss - Hoon: *Gets text and the whole group sees it* O-Oh, [Y/n] must have sent this to me on accident!–Haha, their father and I have similar numbers so I’ll let them know they texted the wrong one! 

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UNIQ - Yixuan: Awe~ And daddy loves you very much! *Kisses your nose then forehead* That’s all you’re getting until we get home.

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UP10TION - Kuhn: I’m the coolyest daddy that their is! No one can reach my level of hip! This might not be the daddy that you wanted but it’s the best I got!

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VIXX - Leo: W-Why do you keep calling me that? *Gets shown urban dictionary definition* … Oh. 

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WINNER - Jinwoo: I probably shouldn’t like that as much as I did but… But a daddy’s gotta do what a daddy’s gotta do.

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ZE:A - Siwan: *Crosses leg* That’s cute but you’re going to have to try harder than that to get daddies attention sweetie.

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Note: Epik High will not be included in this ARR as they are all married.

answer 8 tag 8 meme

tagged by @koala-biscuits :) thank you! idk how interesting this’ll be tho - all these questions are ones i don’t have rlly specific answers for…

Last movie I watched: Um… Dragon Age has made me exceedingly bad at watching movies. The last one I watched… probably the Polar Express (for the 3rd/4th time bc Christmas). I think.

Last song I listened to: Last piece of music’s an instrumental mix on youtube, last song-with-lyrics is probably Ugly Truth by Lauren Aquilina. 

Last book I read: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson. (Love it <3) Started the Aeneid like one minute ago bc Latin class but i’m only a page in so idk if that counts?

Last thing I ate: Chocolate + popping candy (the only question i’m actually sure about lol)

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Idk buddy, I have a lot of places I fancy visiting. But probably the UK. 

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Cassandra Pentaghast. Or Jasnah Kholin. Or the whole squad from the Raven Cycle?  I have no one answer for this and the more i think the more characters my brain adds to the list…

THE CHOSEN SACRIFICES- even tho i don’t really know many people on here… uh… why am i so nervous about tagging people in anything

you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but it seems a little bit of fun? idk


VITS 2016

Since the last post, Poncho has been repaired and cured of all battery charging issues, he’s never run better!

I managed to get him interstate for the first time ever to the annual VITS (Volkswagens in the Square) event in Albury! It was awesome to get Poncho to his first VW show and meet so many other enthusiasts. 

The drive up consisted of many fuel stops, impatient drivers who didn’t like being stuck behind us and all round laughs and good times. Our free camp was huge and there was a few other campers there too.

One of the best parts about going away in the van is that I’m almost always up to see both the sunset and the sunrise each day. Seeing the sun come up over the hills across the lake was magical and is certainly a very pure way to kick off the day.

Heres some scourgey junk. The tumbl crushed it. ah well. 

Story Telling Time: Villains- Tezzeret

Hello everyone! It’s Thursday, Villains day. Today I’m going to talk about Tezzeret. It seems appropriate to get this post up before we finish with Kaladesh, after all, who know if he’ll still be around after that. This one is REALLY long. But really detailed, I like to think.

Anyway, we’ll be covering his history, his personality, his motives, his powers, all of that good stuff. So `gather round. It’s Story Telling Time!

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Out of the top Art Ross candidates, Jamie Benn is the only one who was not a top 10 draft pick.

i love seungri ok and its not even “omg hes so hot” love its more like “look at him he is my son look how well he is doing i am happy he is happy the world is going round all is good what a time to be alive”

Today was just SO epic-

Saw ten minutes of UNSEEN Star Wars footage

Was sworn to secrecy by none other than Harrison Ford

Enjoyed the sun outside the opera house with hundreds of likeminded fans

Harrison Ford. He touched me. I swore in shock. He laughed. And signed my ticket. Life made.

Impromptu tumblr meet up, drinks, all round good times.