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happy 20th birthday devin!!!! 💙💙
i’m so proud of him and everything he’s accomplished so far in his career. the 5th teenager to have 6 30-point games in a single season?? all-rookie first team? i know his career is only going to get better from now, and i’m so excited to watch 😭😭 i loved and supported him during his days at kentucky and i will love and support him until the end of his career. even though he’s one of the messiest, dirtiest, and hoeish niggas i know, i still love him unconditionally. however, i do hope by him turning 20, he’ll grow out of being a whore (probably not 💀💀💀) anyways, i hope he has a great day & i love him so much ❤️❤️❤️

The Chow Children:

Amelia and Andrea (born February 17th, 2018) Amelia loves volleyball, glitter, the color pink, and texting. Andrea loves the color green, baseball, learning new languages from all of Papa’s friends, and helping to take care of her younger siblings. Despite being twins, they’re about as different as can possibly be.

Christopher Jr (born May 29th, 2019) Chris is amazed by his uncle Bitty, and wants to be just like him one day. No, not the videos of him playing hockey with Papa and all his uncles. The videos of him at the Junior National Championships for figure skating. He loves the color teal, skating, doing math, and playing with his Mama’s makeup.

Aleksander (born June 18th, 2019 - adopted October 4th, 2021) Alex was born in Moscow, Russia. He was born with spina bifida, and because of the surgeries he had to undergo as a baby, is paralyzed from the waist down. His idol is Tatiana McFadden, and his goal in life is to be able to race like she does. He also plays sled hockey, and wants to represent Team USA in the Paralympics for both sports.

Michael and Marisa (born March 2nd, 2022) Mike is the smartest person in the family. He’s one of those whiz kids who competes on Jeopardy (and wins!) at age 13 and graduates high school with a perfect GPA at 16. Marisa loves hockey. She takes after her Papa and loves the thrill of putting on her goalie gear. She wants to play for the New York Riveters in the NWHL and Team USA.

Christina (born March 18th, 2019 - adopted March 17th, 2024) Christina wants to be the President of the United States of America. She has high ambitions for the future.

Liliana (born October 8th, 2013 - adopted October 11th, 2025) Lili is trans. She loves cooking and helping to take care of her younger siblings, but she also loves to work out and wants to be a personal trainer when she grows up.

Jennifer, Jillian, and Jacob (born September 11th, 2026 - adopted November 22th, 2029) Jen signs her first modeling contract at age 17, and her poor Papa has to scare away all the rookies on his team when she’s around (it helps that he’s the GM and can threaten to end their careers). As Jen’s identical sister, Jill has always had the offers to start her own modeling career. But she prefers to be behind a camera rather than in front of one. She wins a Nobel Prize at the age of 22 for her series of photos of endangered species. Jacob is the baby of the family. He doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life when he grows up. He’s really good with words, so maybe he’ll become a writer.

ardenkai  asked:

Game room - Golly (10 points if you make the game FIFA 15) 😋

I saved this for some sort of last for the groupie I suppose. Woops.
I barely remember FIFA ‘13 Ary. And unless someone buys me FIFA ‘15 nope gonna wait for 16. Plus it’s been ages since I played.

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133rd Overall in the 1994 Draft
1246 Regular Season Appearances
124 Playoff Appearances
Ottawa Senators Captain from 1999-2013
6 Time NHL All-Star
NHL All-Rookie Team 1996
1996 Calder Trophy Recipient
2012 King Clancy Memorial Award Recipient
2013 Mark Messier Leadership Award Recipient
2006 Olympic Gold Medal
2014 Olympic Silver Medal
NHL All-Rookie Team 1996 
Thank you Alfie!

He was a natural athlete. I remember him demonstrating how to play hopscotch to me … until I messed up once too many times. Then he lost his patience and scuffed out the outline of the game.

His adopted father bragged that if there was a competition for badminton, Jay would win it … until Jay brought home the trophy for a badminton competition.

He played Little League at age 9. He pitched left-handed and was a switch-hitter. He wanted to play football in high school, but his baseball coach prevented it.

The fledgling HOUSTON COLT .45s signed him right out of high school in June of 1963.

September, 1963 saw him in the starting lineup of a promotional scheme by the team to field an all rookie team consisting of (1) Sonny Jackson, SS; (2) Joe Morgan, 2B;  (3) Jimmy Wynn, CF; (4) Rusty Staub, 1B; (5) Aaron Pointer, RF; (6) Brock Davis, (LF); (7) Glen Vaughan, 3B; (8) Jerry Grote, C; & (9) Jay Dahl, P.

The New York Mets won 10 to 3, but Jay had his claim to fame. He participated in a major league game at the age of 17. Due to sports-related injuries, he was sent to to minor league teams, but his death at age 19 on June 23, 1965, bought his place in major league baseball as the youngest player to die.

Jay Dahl was bright, charasmatic, talented and danced like nobody’s business. He was sweet, impatient and a little girl’s hero.

#TBT: Sergei Fedorov was drafted in the 4th round, 74th overall, by the @DetroitRedWings in the 1989 #NHLDraft. An immediate star. He scored 31 goals in 1990 debut, and was named to the NHL All-Rookie Team. #FedorovHHOF

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