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Robyn’s drawing Pride Dragons<3 Not all of them will fit up there, so here’s the other four I’ve done :’3

21. Part 5

Robyn is completely naked and kneeling at my feet, her mouth inches away from my dick. Her saliva mixed in with my cum dripped down from the head of my length, I can feel her warm, rapid breath tickling my skin. After getting my way, well practically begging Robyn she obliged and let me tie her up, she is all mine. Robyn did agree to anything goes sex, so here I am reaping my reward. With her arms clasped behind her back and head tilted to the side, Robyn stared up into my eyes, my naked body towering over her. Stroking my full length just staring at Robyn, besides the sound of our rapid breathing, the room is silent. Silent and mostly dark. Moving my hand away from my length, grabbing Robyn’ chin “open” I demanded, watching her stick her tongue out before opening her mouth wide enough for me to slide the head of my dick back in.

She hummed out a moan as I filled her mouth, she used the smooth flat of her tongue to please me, lapping it around the head. I thrust my hips forward, slowly inching my dick deeper into her warm mouth. I let out a loud groan and almost imploded when Robyn hummed out another moan against my dick. The vibrations coming deep from the back of her throat and traveling to the centre of her mouth, tingling around my dick. Our eyes were still locked together while Robyn completely worshiped my dick with her mouth, her lips tugged on my dick while her tongue flickered along the tip right down to the base. She placed her tongue against the roof of her mouth before pushing it forward and gently sucking down “fuck” I mumbled, her mouth feels so good.

Slowly pulling back she allowed my dick to slip from her lips and dangle in front of her, moving her neck around she placed light kisses along my length until she reached the base. Her tongue briefly licked my base before her mouth claimed my balls. My breathing was becoming ragged, my heart was a beat away from exploding out of my chest. My blood is boiling at the feel of Robyn’ tongue pressed against my balls, Robyn’ mouth has so many talents. Digging my toes into the carpeted flooring I stood on, I groaned out her name again. Robyn ran the tip of her curled tongue along the underside of my dick until she reached the head and took him into her mouth again. Both of my hands cupped the side of her face, holding her head in place as I rocked forward, thrusting myself deeply into her mouth. I clenched my eyes shut and my mouth fell open in a daze, my head dropped forward and my knees went weak as I came into her mouth.

My dick pulsating in her mouth, she stretched open her jaw wider, allowing me in deeper. Thrusting myself towards the back of her throat at a faster speed “man, fuck! Ahhh shit” I froze at the action as every bit of my cum left me and into her mouth, breathing out slowly. I moved my hands away from Robyn’ face, I slowly pulled my dick out of her mouth. Robyn closed her mouth “come on now, swallow my babies” stepping back, she looks like she is about to spit. Robyn swallowed and opened her mouth “being a good girl for daddy” I grinned “always daddy” Robyn smiled saying before stretching her sore jaw.

Robyn is still on her knees with her legs spread open wide enough to give me a clear view of her smooth sex. The seductive grin on her swollen lips, clasping my hand around her arm, I yanked Robyn up, she stood with her nipples pressed against my chest. Pressing my lips against hers, I lifted her chin and placed my hands around her neck. Moving down as I kissed down to her jawline, running my tongue up the side of her neck, teasing her ear with my teeth. Nibbling on her lobe before taking her completely by surprise. Grasping my fingers around her waist, flipping her upside down. Robyn yelped as I held her mid-air, buried my face between her legs. With my arms wrapped tightly around her midsection, I slowly walked towards the bed, licking her from one end of her centre to the other. Careful not to fall or trip over an object on the floor, I slowed my steps down while teasing her opening with my tongue before setting her down on her stomach in the middle of my bed. I jerked her waist towards me so that her ass was now pointed and arched up in the air.

Robyn rested her head on the covers, running my fingers down the curve of her spine, I grazed her cheeks with my fingernails once I got to her ass. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, I moaned blissfully at the sight in front of me. Her pussy was purring for attention and the way her sex glistened from behind, waiting for my length to pound inside of her, it made my knees buckle. Running my fingers across her ass, I brought my hand up and smacked her left cheek before repeating the same action with her right. A slight whimper slipped from Robyn’ lips, I roughly pressed my hands over her sex, rubbing my fingers against her sensitive centre. Her whole body curved towards me when I slid two fingers inside of her tight, wet core. Stroking in and out of her “Ahhh” Robyn moaned, rotating her sex on my fingers. Her walls clenched around me and her juices spilled down my hand.

Running his hand across my ass one last time Chris stood up and grabbed my tied up arms, pulling me towards him “Chris!” I gasped when he picked me up, I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands clasped the bottom of my ass, my nipples grazed his bare chest and our lips pressed together, tongues flickering in each other’s mouths as he carried me out of the bedroom. Breaking the kiss “What you doing?” I said in a whisper, he ignored me and continued on licking my jaw line, I am stuck with tied up arms.

Chris set me down on my feet before bending me over against the kitchen table “anything goes, I locked Liana’ bedroom door for now” my eyes widened “you really did that!?” I spat “we are bad parents Chris” I can’t believe he locked her in the room “just don’t think” he shushed me and moved towards the freezer. Watching him open the freezer door, he pulled out the tray of ice cubes and set them on the counter. Emptying the tray in a bowl, he closed the freezer and walked back over to me. Watching his manhood swinging side to side, biting on my bottom lip.

I gripped my fingers together when he let the cold water drip down the crack of my ass, clenching my eyes shut feeling Chris caress the lips of my sex with the ice cube. Feeling him place an ice cube at my opening, my legs shook as I squealed and wobbled around the ice. Spreading my cheeks apart, Chris dipped his tongue in and licked me from the back of my ass to the front of my pussy. My juices running freely down his tongue “shit!” I shuddered, my legs went completely weak and I pressed the weight of my body on the table to hold me up. Still in ecstasy but hearing one of the kitchen chairs being moved, looking behind me Chris set it next to him. Finding balance on my feet again, I shook my ass back towards him.

“Christopher…!” I murmured, Chris smoothed the back side of his hand against me before gripping his dick and setting his foot down on the chair next to him. Using his hand to stroke his dick a few times, Chris angled himself above me and sunk deep into me. My walls gripped and snugged him tightly, I squeezed my warmth around his dick and Chris forcefully bucked inside of me “I always feel in heaven” he said thrusting into me, my moans urging him on. He began pounding into me like a jackhammer, running his hands all across my body. His right hand found its place around the back of my neck, his fingers forming around my nape, while his other hand smacked my cheeks, making my ass jiggle.

He rammed into me at full speed, one powerful toe curling, lip biting, eye rolling stroke after another. His balls slapped against my sex, I was experiencing the kind of pleasure I didn’t know existed. Every nerve inside of me was alive and I didn’t know how long my body could last, my yells and moans were beginning to falter, my voice slipping away from me as Chris slammed into me. Slowing down his strokes almost completely, Chris tiredly thrust into me at a slow pace. He spread my ass apart and then picked up a little speed, with one final stroke before catching me off guard and pounded into me fast and hard. One, two three slow strokes then boom one long hard thrust. He continued to fuck me like this until my muscles clenched and I let out an ear piercing scream, creaming around him. Chris jolted into me one last time before spilling into me, with a loud grunt Chris fell forward against the back of me, pressing his body against mine.

Breathing heavily as Chris’ movements came to a complete halt, that was so amazing but I feel so numb right now. Feeling Chris move back from me “untie me” I mumbled, Chris yanked me up which caused me to gasp. Resting my head back on his shoulder, breathing heavily still. Feeling Chris playing around with my tied up hands, feeling my arms become free “don’t move, I am so tired” I told him, Chris chuckled “I can tell” he said, attempting to move my legs I wobbled, my weak body fell against the table. Feeling Chris hold my waist “woah there, come on you” Chris swept me off my feet, placing my arms around his neck “thank you so much, this should tie me down. I know we did it a lot” Chris said, he is so sweet “oh I am just lazy Chris, I feel on cloud nine. Thank you for this wonderful night baby but please unlock Liana’ door” I said as we got upstairs “I’ll do it now” Chris laughed, he is so bad for doing that.

The feeling of being in bed “Oh Chris, I love this bed. Why is everything so nice here” sighing out, Chris got into bed next to me “you can buy this bed off me, I will sell it you” shuffling closer to him “whatever, you smell like sex" I told him while cuddling my face into his chest “you smell like sex” he retorted “I smell like you” lazily Chris ran his finger across my belly button while I laid content with my ear pressed against his chest, listening to the familiar rhythm of his heartbeat “I want to keep this smell forever so I can be close to you, so close to you” pressing a kiss lightly to his chest “I will miss you so much” Chris wrapped his arms around me “I will miss you too Robyn, those hotel rooms are the loneliest things to be in. Especially when I have my family here in LA but it was coming, I was due for this tour” Chris sighed out “be strong though, when you go home. When you look at your phone just don’t let them get to you, they are evil and will bring up everything I have done to you. Sucks I can’t be around but call me, if things get too much then please call me. Still worries me you had that little set back, you make me worry” closing my eyes slowly, I can’t help it “I won’t let them poison my mind” look at my baby worrying about me.


I still maintain this is one of the greatest pop songs of all time 

(I legit cried and sang when I saw it performed live) 

When you’re reading a book and your mind picks the face of someone you haven’t thought of in years to assign to a character.

When your mind picks a face that does not match character descriptions at all but it’s impossible to change.

When you picture a character as a real person and then when you see that person you have to remember that they are not the character.


Five stages of grief, five drabbles.
This, is for Robin.

Un: Denial


Never again.

One minute you’re here, and then… you’re gone.

Her hands cradle softly his face, stroking the shadow of beard she likes so much, and hot tears land quickly, she sobs.

No, not again, no.

Zelena’s hand finds hers, but her eyes never leave his body, a Camelot reminiscence, and her heart is beating fast – adrenaline pumping blood, even if there’s nothing to fear, Hades is a pile of ashes.


You can’t be gone. You promised.

But he’s there – and he isn’t moving –

She is sure, in one minute he’ll get up. He’ll call her Milady again.

Deux: Anger

When she sees him, all goes red.
Emma keeps avoiding her eyes, and she knows why.
They walk slowly towards her family, holding hands, and she remembers that time they did so as Dark Ones, except that Robin was alive in the diner and not erased by existence –


It’s a demand, and Emma meets her gaze, for a second, clears her throat.

“Zeus… rewarded him…”

“I can see.”
Her words are a cold, sharp cut in the rain. She feels Zelena squeezing her forearm. The world stills, awaiting her reaction. Darkness boils.

“It seems some ex-villains get happy endings.”

Trois: Depression

She hears the toasts in his honor. The clinking of the glasses fill the diner, and maybe someone is staring at her expectantly, but she doesn’t find a reason to lift her hand and cheer. Eyes fixed on a crack in the table’s wood, she waits.


Snow’s voice, and she turns her head – she and David linger sheepishly. She barely acknowledges their presence.

“You don’t have to go through this alone.”

Says the split-heart princess, she thinks bitterly. Then she kicks herself, they’re trying to help, she shouldn’t be so ungrateful. She realizes they’re still there.

She nods slowly.

Quatre: Bargaining

Déjà-vus are weird, she thinks. You’d believe two situations are equals – but the first time, her world wasn’t so shattered, she was just worried for him, for having left him and Roland with her sister.

And now he’s gone.

Emma is speeding the yellow bug up towards New York, again.
To Henry, not to Robin.
Threatened by Gold, again.

“It should have been me.”

Emma doesn’t answer.

She could scream to those unfair gods.

Bring him back, take me. Punish me. He didn’t deserve this. 

Bring him back, and I’ll do anything. Let me know he’s okay.

Only silence answers.

Cinq: Acceptance

“Robin was a good man, and a good father, and I loved him for this.”

One year later, they are all standing next to his grave, and she holds Roland’s hand, meets Henry’s proud gaze.

“I’m sure he would tell me Regina, I didn’t think you had such a great opinion of me,” she smiles fondly. “But it’s true.”

She watches as little Robyn climbs down from Zelena’s arms.

Her blue eyes flash towards her – and it’s like meeting his eyes again. Her niece takes two tentative steps and reaches the stone, places her chubby hand there.

Daddy, she whispers.

a poe dameron playlist

i. dreams come true - brandon flowers (i don’t stand in line and it’s treated me alright so far) ii. shot at the night - the killers (give me a shot at the night give me a moment, some kind of mysterious) iii. hang with me - robyn (just don’t fall recklessly, headlessly in love with me) iv. champion - kanye west (tell me what it takes to be number one) v. baby i’m a star - prince and the revolution (hey, I ain’t got no money but honey i’m rich on personality) vi. never give up on the good times - spice girls (never give up on the good times, living it up is a state of mind) vii. countdown - beyonce (do whatever that it takes, he got a winner’s mind give it all to him, meet him at the finish line) viii. escapade - janet jackson (come go with me we’ve got it made let me take you on an escapade)