all robots are cute


If anyone out there is having a bad day, here’s an adorable montage of Jonah and The Bots putting on goofy Christmas sweaters!

I will never forgive valve for making turrets so freaking cute!

Like how am I supposed to avoid getting shot when these adorable little robots sound so cute!

borderlands: the pre-sequel!
borderlands: the pre-sequel!

dialog TPS player characters yell about each other during combat!

i really love these because it gives a little insight on the team’s dynamics. i especially enjoy the nicknames some of them have for each other (jackie?? willy???) and everyone’s exasperation over claptrap…




Fort Max can’t handle the Rung.

engine-red and I recently found out that we both share the headcanon of Fort Max burying his face in his hands when getting called cute. I actually have two pages filled with robots reacting in different ways, maybe I’ll post them here one day, too.

I ship Rung with pretty much everybody (Skids, Rodimus, Megs, you name it), but Fort Max has to be my favorite for him. Also, the size kink is strong with this one.

Edit: I’m an idiot and don’t even know the eye color of my favorite character. They’re not blue, they’re the same color as the glasses. I apologize, I guess I shouldn’t color things at midnight for weeks.

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For the emoji meme- Hancock in D4, Deacon in B6, and Nick in C7 <3

oh boy my Fallout husbands faves 

send me a letter/number/character

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I would give my left kidney to see anyone make a fic based on the idea of yandere!kobd kidnapping/"adopting" Jack Darby. They would probably modify him into some sort of cyborg to be their perfect little creation, cooing over what features they could highlight. "Red eyes would be nice, but I awfully like the idea of him having your golden ones big guy~" "How Nice of you~ but what if we Just kept them blue and Just gave him some New upgrades? Our little bitlet" "aww, sweetspark~!" Jack: O~O

OH MY GOSH!!!  That’s so creepy!  XD XD XD  

While his new “dads” are gleefully going back and forth about all the potential new features they’d like to try out, Jack’s busy trying to look for a way to get the frag out of Doge!  It’s during one of these recon-type explorations that he ends up running smack into Starscream.  

The seeker is predictably annoyed at the idea of a human running around the ship, but can never resist a chance to pick on someone smaller than him.  It’s then that Jack mentions all of Knock Out’s talk of body augmentation and Starscream’s smile instantly drops.  He’s absolutely disgusted.  Not so much for Jack’s sake - he really couldn’t care less - but the fact that Knock Out and Breakdown would willing try to create a human/Cybertronian hybrid?  It’s beyond unnatural.

He picks up Jack with a sneer and tells him that he’s going to have to stay in the brig for a while until Knock Out comes to his senses.  It’s not out of any regard for his safety.  Why should he be concerned about one insignificant human?  This is just to stick it to that pretentious grounder.  Knock Out can  have his little “pet” back after he’s finished playing mad scientist.  Starcream vehemently try to ignore the way Jack seems to press himself against his talons for protection.