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Any gang/mafia long-fics? Or just long-long-long fics with a great plot?

Hello lovely I’m a big fan of mafia!au but sadly there aren’t as many as I wish (let alone long good kaisoo ones!)  so I think you must you’ve read the majority listed below but I‘m throwing them here anyway because some of them are my go-to mafia!kaisoo favs C:

  • Amid Shadows ♥ -  hands down my all time favorite just holy ffF shit even if you’ve read it before go read it again because this fic is too quality and too good to be read only once ;v;  (i’m so happy for the author because even changvasion dropped her a fan letter on how much she loves this fic like wow senpai noticed! goals tbh) 

  • Silk Smile ♥ - AS‘ sequel. /copy and paste everything above here/ ugh more of this au juseyo ;;

  • Shape of My Heart ♥ - i’ve been rec’ing this everywhere lately pls stab with the plastic fork

  • Tiny Games – spy!au duh, sorry for the sudden twist but it’s changvasion

  • Night Lights  ♥ - gambling/underground!au set in Las Vegas, poker player!soo (damnit) and stripper!kai (goddamnit) 

  • thisismylastlie drabble – you wanted a long fic, i’m giving you a drabble i’m so terrible (but it’s so good pls forgive me)

  • the tea is all right  - hitman!au by changvasion

  • Say Good Bye Darling +  0.2 ♥ - yOO SERIOUSLY WHO DOESN’T KNOW THIS not as dark themed as mafia/hitman but you still get some illegal stuff going on here and the action!!!!1

  • The Bottom Line ♥ - THIS ONE OMG. GNARLY

  • Over The Edge – it’s 5k *hides* i tried ;;;;

  • Blood Scarcity – hitman!au (shame that the format is a bit messed up as there are question marks everywhere instead of apostrophes) really good too

  • Strife – cute fluffy mafia!jongin sobs

  • White Lies – it’s jongin-centric (and imo not enough of kaisoo) but still great af

  • EXO’S 11 – Ocean 11!au, if you know the movie you’ll probably know this, too (exo robs a casino) 

  • almost is never enough - hitman!jongin. ANGSTY

There are lots of long long quality fics (barely any long fic has a bad plot imo) but here’s a handful that I aggressively recommend

  • Edge of You and Me ♥ - 16k, mama!au. bury me with this fic pls   

  • When Our Bodies Finally Go (on AO3 & on LJ), 16k – curryramyeon is a queen of long fics k

  • And We’ll Sail for Ithaca – 70k +/-? slice of life. TELL CURRYRAMYEON I WANT TO MARRY HER

  • It’s Still A Feeling  ♥ - 93k, NYC!au. curryramyeon was at it again hh. i want this to be filmed this story is a magic ;A; (Danielle pls marry me)

  • Shine Like Stars – summer camp!au 12 long af chapters + loooots and looots of sequels. I pulled an allnighter for this (join the community first so you can read all the chaps!)

  • Worth it – from the same author of SLS above (join her community pls)  It’s in a pdf file because it’s 181k long shoot me in between the eyes

  • All Roads, They Lead Me Here – 36k+, slice of life. I ate so many oreos while reading this idk because this was so comfy and so nice to read??? A+++++

  • Tracks in the Snow – 84k, kyungsoo-centric. this one is new and i’m so tempted to read it but i can’t because of some certain triggers and pairings but i know i’ll miss out a lot lol (but it‘s 85k omg someone try this??) 

  • Comes and Goes – 14k, surfer!au. *weeps jesus tears*

  • unburials: towards the setting sun ♥ - 19k+, demon hunter!au. hold my weak body o<-<

  • These shatered words – 27k, pls read it you’ll have no regrets I guarantee you


You can check the exordium longfic challenge though not entirely kaisoo fics but all the stories are over 20k so if you don’t mind other exo pairings, here you are C:

Happy long reading!

- Admin J

i was showing my sister the Watch for Rolling Rocks meme when the upd8 hit

okay now time to read it

its papers!!!!!!


lets see how jade is doing


 CALLIOPE: we are here.
JADE: where?
CALLIOPE: our destination.
JADE: you mean
JADE: the green sun?
JADE: it feels like we have been approaching it for hours

“hours” i thought you were stuck for like a mental eternity O_O

i mean

good to know that wasnt how long it was ahahahahha

but jade still wants to see her friends

JADE: then… what do i have to do?
CALLIOPE: nothing.
CALLIOPE: you needed to accompany me on this journey, so that time could pass for you.
CALLIOPE: and now, that time has passed.
JADE: i… see
CALLIOPE: is there anything you would like to say, or ask, before we part ways for good?
JADE: uhhh
JADE: for good??
JADE: you mean i will never see you again after i wake up?
CALLIOPE: no one will ever see me again after you wake up.
JADE: :(

what the fuck???

are you going to destroy yourself???

CALLIOPE: you are still quite young, and your kind is soft.
CALLIOPE: the ability to absolutely dominate is better housed in a being designed for seclusion, singularity of purpose, and remorseless resolve.
CALLIOPE: it is too much for one like you.

im sorry buddy that sounds like a load of BS to me

is jade not going to fight? :(

JADE: actually, its
JADE: scary to think about sometimes
CALLIOPE: it won’t be a problem for much longer.
JADE: huh?
CALLIOPE: it’s not your concern.


yeah caliopes going caput :(

CALLIOPE: you are a child, belonging to a race for which that distinction is understood to correspond with experiences of “enjoyment.”
CALLIOPE: perhaps you should try to have,
CALLIOPE: “fun.”

what is this… this “fun”…


CALLIOPE: goodbye, jade.






JADE: d-
JADE: davesprite???


DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < guess i just decided to fly away up to the sun like a fucking piece of garbage after all
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < like i always said i would

this is so cute… jade finally has a reunion…

DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < jade i used to be fairly depressed
JADE: yeah…
JADE: well i DO remember that
JADE: you seem to be in pretty high spirits now though :)
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < yes im doing fucking phenomeownal

it was noticable that early?!

JADE: one of them is presumably back with our friends now
JADE: the other just… quite literally flew away up to the sun
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < like a fucking piece of garbage???
JADE: she is quite dignified and aloof as a matter of fact
JADE: i sincerely doubt she has ever done ANYTHING like a piece of garbage

are u sure

we all know calliope is homestuck trash

DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < except i dont know what he smells like
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but i guess i do know what some people who will be NEAR him smell like
JADE: like who?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < vwiskers, for one!


holy shit theres too much for me to paste, but jade is describing her lonliness :(

how space makes one lonely

JADE: like i get closer to my aspect, but further away from everyone i love, and further from…
JADE: feeling like a person?
JADE: its just a really empty feeling after a while
JADE: empty like…
JADE: space i guess
JADE: heh

jade is starting to talk like dirk and terezi shes been hanging round calliope for too long :(

DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < stuff like us dating and johns stupid birthday parties and playing shitty ghostbuster mmos
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < that stuff all happened to you, its just you dont have access to the memories
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < they didnt happen to shape this particular version of yourself
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but they all played a role in helping like “greater jade” grow if that makes sense
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < everything that ever happens to every version of you is an important part of your ultimate self… like a superceding bodyless and timeless persona that crosses the boundaries of paradox space and unlike god tiers or bubble ghosts or whatever, it really IS immortal


DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < but in your physical form there are all these partitions in your mind that prevent you from remembering any of that which makes your existence f33l totally linear
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < which is probably for the best!
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < in a regular body s33ing all that would be too overwhelming
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < in an advanced sprite form like mine tho its fine



DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < understanding heart is all about the nuances of a distributed self
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < nepeta never got to make much headway with her aspect but shes finally gettin the chance
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < the time aspect is all about running into different versions of yourself so you kinda get confronted with it in a really literal way that can be disturbing
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < obviously davesprite stuggled with that too, but now its fine
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < hes fr33 from worrying about it all and what it means for his place in reality
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < because he can s33 now all his selves have relevance in painting the full picture of who he truly is
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < im not COMPLETELY sure because im not like some sort of ASPECT MASTER but
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < my avian slash feline intuition tells me that all roads will lead you here eventually
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < gaining the d33pest possible understanding of any aspect will bring you to the same final conclusion about your ultimate self 


same jade… same

DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < maybe she was leaving it up to you in a myterious way
JADE: leaving what up to me?
JADE: the decision to wake up?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < sure why not
JADE: but i dont know how!
JADE: …..


O H   M Y    G O  D

relatable content

JADE: wuhh
JADE: :o
JADE: was that supposed to wake me up?
DAVEPETASPRITE^2: B33 < that was just goodbye





I want to see that note… whether its heartfelt or just plain silly