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Tbh, when I looked at her room and then looked back at my room, ugh “I think I need to clean my room.”

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GOT7 Hogwarts Moodboard AU Introductory Post

Jackson Wang : Gryffindor

Fifth Year | 10″ English Oak, Phoenix Feather, Solid | Quidditch Chaser |  Ferruginous Hawk (Patronus) | Pureblood | Animagus (special ability, takes on the same form as his patronus) | Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms (best subjects) | Mark Tuan (boyfriend) | Im Jaebum, Kim Yugyeom, Bambam (best friends) | Member of the Silver Spears

  • Okay, so let’s talk about Jackson for a minute.
  • Jackson Wang is one the one hand the most Gryffindory Gryffindor you will ever meet.
  • He is loud and rambunctious and you’ll know if he’s coming from like a mile away. Okay? Jackson has a fucking presence.
  • You just met him five minutes ago? Congratulations. You and him are BFFS now.
  • This is probably one of the kindest and most genuine souls you’ll ever meet in your life.
  • But he’s also a little Hufflepuffley. The Sorting Hat was rather torn on which house to stick him in.
  • “Hmm, interesting. Are you a badger or a lion?”
  • “Well, people say I’m more of a puppy? Where does that get me? OH! Do you want to be friends? Is it weird to be friends with a hat? I don’t care. We could be friends for a long time. How old are you? What do you do when you’re not sorting? Don’t tell me you just sit on the shelf, that would be TRAGIC. As your new best friend, I think we gotta get you –”
  • That’s pretty much how that happened.
  • Jackson is brave…sort of. He’s brave when it comes to big things, I suppose. In the face of danger Jackson would be the first to defend you. He isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone and he doesn’t give into peer pressures.
  • However, if you sneak up on him or if he realizes he’s rather high up in the air, he’s going to scream in terror until his voice gives out. He also doesn’t like the dark and he does not like horror movies.
  • Yes, he is afraid of heights.
  • Yes, his patronus and animagus form is a bird. He is aware of the irony, thank you very much.
  • When he first transformed into his animagus form he refused to fly to a good solid week until Mark finally helped him to think of it like when he’s playing Quidditch and he’s on a broom. He could fly after that, but he still tries not to look down.
  • Speaking of Quidditch, he’s a chaser on his team and one of the best the school’s ever seen. He could very well go pro if he really wanted to (and he’s considering it - he loves Quidditch). Also odd since he’s afraid of heights. But he’s also highly competitive, which kind of out weighs his fear. He’s got a game to win, okay!?
  • Speaking of Mark, Jackson is in love.
  • Like full on heart eyes every time Jackson so much as thinks about Mark or even glimpses at him. He is fairly certain that Mark hung all the stars in the sky just for him. And you can’t convince him otherwise.
  • He wants to marry Mark. He’s wanted to marry Mark since he became friends with him during his first year. He was pretty much enamored with him the second they met.
  • Jackson believes in true love and fate. He’s not sure what the hell he ever did to deserve Mark but as far as he’s concerned it’s true and it’s real and he’ll die defending him.
  • They’re a little obnoxious but Jackson doesn’t care. They work. Jackson is super loud and wants to be around everybody. Mark is on the quiet side and really just wants to be around Jackson…and maybe Jinyoung. Except Jinyoung gets all bitchy when Jackson can’t keep his hands to himself which is always because, let’s be honest, Jackson can NEVER keep his hands to himself.
  • As far as his animagus skill is concerned, he knew going INTO Hogwarts that he wanted to become one. So he kind of started teaching himself early on. He didn’t really get into it until he became a first year but he worked extremely hard at it and finally succeeded in the middle of his third year.
  • He is registered. At first he thought he might not register because it seemed kind of badass to be able to do this and have nobody know, but Jackson’s overall moral stance was like, “Nah bro, you gotta!”
  • So he registered like a good boy.
  • Jackson is also in love with magic. Like he is so amazed all the time of the world he lives in. He could have so easily been born a muggle and he would have known NOTHING of magic or this amazing world and he’s extremely grateful for it.
  • Jackson is an extremely lively fellow. He lives very loudly - it’s just who he is. It’s also why Mark loves him so much. Jackson is vibrant, the very definition of loyal, kind, genuine, and wears his heart on his sleeve.
  • This of course means that sometimes he gets hurt. Really hurt. He puts so much faith in people and those people (unfortunately) let him down and he’s left in a puddle of his own feelings and disappointment. Part of him is just upset at himself for expecting so much. The other part of him tells him to keep trying and to not give up hope. He just sees so much potential and goodness in everyone around him.
  • That’s one of the reasons why his best friend is a Slytherin. He’s aware that Jaebum comes off as your typical Slytherin but he can see the good man that Jaebum is. Even when Jaebum sometimes can’t see it. Jackson’s the kind of kid that is cherished by the people he’s close with.
  • So messing with him is pretty much a death sentence.
  • Jaebum has given plenty of bloody noses to people who try to hurt Jackson. And Mark will just flat out knock you on your ass. He won’t even use magic, I’m not kidding. Mark will kick your fucking ass. Jackson is his sun and stars and he will literally beat your ass into the ground if you hurt him.
  • For the most part people don’t mess with Jackson though. Partially because his friends are terrifying (the look Jinyoung gave to this one kid almost petrified him on the spot). But most people don’t mess with him simply because there’s no reason to. Everybody loves Jackson.
  • He’s got the biggest social circle of all of them. He’s friends with everybody. Even the professors. Even the freaking paintings, the ghosts, and EVEN PEEVES.
  • Like…Peeves LOVES Jackson! Mark is like what EVEN!? And Jackson is just like, “Yeah we’re friends!” And he’s not kidding. Peeves thinks Jackson is just SO MUCH FUN.
  • He’s super into eating healthy and only organic stuff. Mark is not amused. “Jackson if you put any of that shit on my plate ISTG I won’t touch you for a week.” “A WHOLE WEEK!? I just want you to LIVE FOREVER. Is that so wrong!?” “What is life without sugar and carbs?” “Carbs can make you unhealthy and fat….okay well they don’t make YOU fat. Nothing makes you fat.” “You saying you wouldn’t love me if I was fat?” “Mark, please. I would love you if you were the size of a barn. You seriously wouldn’t touch me for a week if I put this on your plate!?” “Not even a little.” “UGH. FINE.”
  • People make a lot of assumptions about his relationship with Mark. Jackson is so loud and rambunctious. He’s screams alpha male and he looks like one to. He must be on top, right? Jackson must always be in control, right? Wrong.
  • You’re so wrong. Mark makes Jackson so weak. And so very pliant.
  • Jackson will let Mark have his way with him whenever and wherever the fuck he wants. Jackson is very much in love with Mark but is also physically obsessed with him. He might top every once in a while when they’re both in the mood for it, but for the most part Jackson just wants Mark all over him. All the fucking time.
  • This is getting long. I should end this. BASICALLY Jackson is just…well, he’s Jackson.
  • Jackson is the life of the party. He’s a brave heart. A champion. Your best friend. The guy you wanna go to war with. He’s a social butterfly. His laugh is infectious and he makes it his personal mission to make people happy.
  • So he’s your best friend now, right!?
  • I hope you like organic tea.

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