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Shower Part 1: i am



alistairetheirin asked: mass effect + favorite platonic relationship

→ Commander Shepard x EDI

The Armed Detective Agency needs to lose

So I’ve been thinking about Bungou Stray Dogs a lot lately and it’s recent rapid decline into a series a baffling, shitty contrivances. And I’ve been thinking about what it would take, for me, for the series to fix itself.

The Armed Detective Agency needs to lose.

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Please, seriously, stop being casually supportive of antisemitism. I beg of you. Stop calling Jewish women “white” in the name of fighting for other forms of diversity (even if it comes with legitimate criticism of those Jewish women). Stop using “zionism” as code. Stop equating Jewishness with greediness or white supremacy. Just stop. I see these things daily, and I’m so tired.

Welp. This is it, guys, Time to move to a remote uninhabited island, become a cave lady and slowly go mad scratching gay comics into the sand until I return to some degree of sanity. It was a good run, guys.


in the stories you’ve read as a child, there is a girl and there is a monster and the girl always falls in love with the monster. the girl’s love for her monster is so pure it becomes his salvation. 

your story is different. you fall in love with a boy who has so much good in him and he loves you so much. you think your story is over and this is your happy ending but you forgot that your story isn’t a fairytale,

it’s a tragedy.  

you fell in love with a boy and your love couldn’t save him. you fell in love with a boy and your love drove him mad. you fell in love with a boy and turned him into a monster.

Guys, never be afraid to tag any snk related thing I do as eruri
there’s 10/10 chance it is eruri even if you can’t see it

  • HBO, calling Michelle Fairley: heyyy we need you for season 6 of GoT!! ;)
  • Michelle Fairley: So, you're finally smart and you continue Catelyn's story as Lady Stoneheart?
  • HBO: nahhh we just want a picture of your face to show people that we haven't totally forgotten your existence and how dead you are lmao
  • Michelle Fairley: ...
  • Michelle Fairley: ...
  • Michelle Fairley: ...
  • HBO: selfie is fine, just close your eyes 'kay?

Ragnar x Athelstan | Wherever You Go

I have accepted the fact that making these is just becoming part of my grieving process…


the crystal gems go to check up on the cluster, because power of friendship or no, that’s a hella unstable situation and they need to make sure everything is okay, especially with a homeworld agent unaccounted for

luckily, when they get there, it’s still bubbled

(those who haven’t seen it before may remark on how beautiful it is, congratulate steven, marvel at its impossibility, etc.)

but there’s one gem loose, resting on top of the bubble, unconnected to the rest of the cluster, supported by surface tension alone

and it’s not just tiny shards, it’s a full gem- badly fractured but still, miraculously, intact.

and it doesn’t take long before they realize.

that lone, broken gem?

is jasper.