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Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Dazzling Décolletage in Sexy Sequin Leotard During Las Vegas Show

Don’t be fooled by the bling on her body suit — she’s still Jenny from the Block!

Jennifer Lopez returned to Las Vegas for her “All I Have” residency show at Planet Hollywood this week, and celebrated her Bronx, New York, roots in a white, sparkling leotard.

She debuted the dazzling number during the show this week, and graced her more than 58 million Instagram followers with a shot of her wearing look as part of a very-JLo stage outfit.

“TheBRONXXXX,” the 47-year-old captioned the photo of herself on stage wearing the sequin-covered white onesie underneath a flannel shirt, a bedazzled hat and a pair of custom Timberland boots.

She gave fans a closer look at the leotard in a follow-up post, calling the leotard, “soooo amaazzzzing!!”

Lopez is no stranger to envelope-pushing ensembles — or sparkles. When she kicked off the high-energy residency last year, the singer sported a feather-filled bedazzled number.

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Earlier this month, Lopez proved just how ready she is to dominate the Vegas stage again, posting a sultry, underboob-baring photo of herself during a rehearsal.

“Getting this mind and body ready for Vegas… #rehearsalflow #selfmotivate #AllIHave #February8 #jlovegas2017 #inalilpainrightnowcantlie #feelsgoodtho #letsgetit,” she captioned the shot, in which she sported a rolled up white tank top and low-slung sweatpants.

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my solar return chart for this coming year gonna have uranus + all my personal planets except mars in aries in the 8th what could that mean?? lol i feel like i'm gonna have lots of hot sex ;p or start a lot of new things

8th is the house of rebirth and transformation so you’ll probably change a lot this year!

In the first half of season three, Jemma went through hell.

She was alone on a planet for months, finally found someone and started to work on going home. And her plan went awry, stripping away her last connection to Earth and all hope of ever returning, while stranding her on a planet that she-presumably a woman not of faith, being a scientist but you never know-considered hell, with a creature that could manipulate and kill whenever.

Then she comes  home and she has to live with the guilt: she has to live with the guilt of lying to her friends, of abandoning Will, of lying to Fitz and putting him through so much pain. Then she learns Will died protecting her; Fitz almost died trying to bring Will back. And on top of that, you have the Inhumans Lash killed after helping Jemma escape.

And that’s a hell of a lot of guilt for one person to handle. 

Flash forward three months later. She’s doing better. She misses Will, of course she does, they were together for months, but she’s fighting for her relationship with Fitz. She acknowledges her guilt and she wants to be able to defend herself. She no longer wants anyone to have to help her.

The second half of season three is Jemma Simmons fighting for her agency, rather it be in the relationship department or in regular life department. 

She goes back to the lab, starts doing science again. She jokes, she smiles, she starts dressing up again. She does her hair, she wears makeup, she makes an effort to look nice again. 

She fights in the finale. She fights for her friends, she fights for Fitz, she fights for herself. She’s stern but kind. She’s a doctor, not a soldier. But you can be damn well sure she’ll fight for what she believes in.

She endures torture for hours, without breaking. She manipulates a thousand year old creature and shoots him three times and lives to tell the tale. She dragged her best friend up from the bottom of the ocean, risking her own life, so he wouldn’t die. She disobeys orders from Coulson because she has a duty of care and as a doctor.

She screws up sometimes, but she tries to make it right. She does her best to protect her friends, even if they don’t listen to her. She loses her agency and she fights to get it right back. She looks the man who almost killed her right in the eye and calls him a monster. She snarks at people while being held prisoner. She uses her smarts to escape life threatening situations.

Jemma Simmons fights and fights and fights. She’s not a damsel in distress, she never has been. She can hold her own, if not with her firsts, it’s with her wits. 

And that makes Jemma Simmons a hero.

video320 replied to your post “Also I’ve noticed that people who hate DB Minus tend to enjoy Super…”

That’s the one with Gine right? What’s not to like about minus?

You got it.

Typically it’s just nostalgia. The equivalent to genwunners in Pokemon insisting that all Pokemon introduced after Red/Blue/Yellow are bad, because they didn’t grow up on it.

Minus doesn’t have any violence in it because it’s just a simple, like 20-page comic (if even), so they insist it’s bad. When really it makes more sense than the Bardock special- it gives logic to Goku having the capacity to love, it makes the Saiyans more realistic because no one thinks that Bardock is crazy for implying that Frieza might be up to no good by insisting ALL Saiyans return to Planet Vegeta for seemingly no reason, it gives meaning to Raditz talking about their parents being dead when in the special it’s implied that Saiyans don’t give a shit about their family and wouldn’t even normally know their parents, etc.

as someone who spent a good little chunk of her teen years playing kirby games and looking at the wiki to find out more about all the weird and occasionally creepy late game bosses i’m so glad that the series is in the hands of someone who cares about the lore as much as me

this is like an exact opposite of the mario situation where miyamoto’s like “eh, the story doesn’t really matter.” kirby games may not need a story, and there usually isn’t much story until the endgame, but hoo boy are they going above and beyond these days

the modern kirby games are tying shit together in all sorts of wild ways now. return to dream land, triple deluxe, and planet robobot all have ties to each other and to earlier games (even ones that were previously inconsequential to the rest of the series, like amazing mirror). they’re going back and explaining things from older games. they’re adding legitimate lore and continuity to the kirby games where villains and magical objects from older games are tied to current adventures and i LOVE IT