all respect to the dead

can ace attorney lay off like this. One really specific character trope for all their young female characters who aren’t in the main cast, where she’s introduced as being really sexy / cute and flirty and innocent and helpless and the judge is completely weak for her and the gallery yells at you for being mean to her but then you pick her testimony apart and her personality does a 180 and she’s abrasive and angry and snaps at you and the judge says something like “miss ___! you….your demeanor completely changed! you’re much less cute” and the gallery turns against her and she usually gets completely humiliated before being revealed to be the murderer/an accomplice to the murderer/ a minor antagonist.

like off the top of my head, i can think of april may, dahlia hawthorne, mimi/ini miney, betty de famme, and wocky kitakis gf all who fit exactly into this trope. and that’s just off the top of my head, if i looked for them i would probably find more. like aside from being annoying, it’s just boring and predictable like im playing through spirit of justice blind and geiru was just introduced as being sexy and ditzy with painful boob jiggle animation and im waiting for it to turn out that she’s a sadistic horrible person

also like every brown and black person in the ace attorney series is either the murderer or dead, im not even kidding like the only brown people i can think of are juan corrida, marlon from dual destinies, puh'ray zehlot, gant, and tah'rust inmee. maaaaybe the gavin brothers too. and they are all, respectively: dead, a murderer, dead AND a murderer, a murderer, dead, and a murderer. the only exception is klavier. the series is soooo predictable and terrible when it comes to women and brown/black men

the raven cycle masterlist of quotes/scenes (bold is faves)
  • it was a young man in slacks and a sweater, hair rumpled. he was not quite transparent, but he wasn’t quite there, either. his figure was as murky as dirty water, his face indistinct. there was no identifying feature to him apart from his youth. he was so young-that was the hardest part to get used to. 
  • is this how we make our way to death? blue wondered. a stumbling fade out instead of a self-aware finale?
  • She asked, “Will you tell me your name?” He faced her and she realized with shock that he wore an Aglionby sweater. “Gansey,” he said. Though his voice was quiet, it wasn’t a whisper. It was a real voice spoken from someplace almost too far away to hear. Blue couldn’t stop staring at his mussed hair, the suggestion of staring eyes, the raven on his sweater. His shoulders were soaked, she saw, and the rest of his clothing rain spattered, from a storm that hadn’t happened yet. This close, she could smell something minty that she wasn’t sure was unqiue to him or unique to spirits. He was so real. When it finally happened, when she finally saw him, it didn’t feel like magic at all. It felt like looking into the grave and seeing it look back at her. “is that all?” she whispered. Gansey closed his eyes. “That’s all there is.” He fell to his knees, a soundless gesture for a boy with no real body. One hand splayed in the dirt, fingers pressed to the ground. 
  • “You missed World Hist. I thought you were dead in a ditch.”
  • His heart hurt with the wanting of it, the hurt no less painful for being difficult to explain. 
  • Some secrets only gave themselves up to those who’d proven themselves worthy. The way Gansey saw it was this: If you had a special knack for finding things, it meant you owed the world to look. 
  • “Fate,” Blue replied, glowering at her mother, “is a very weighty word to throw around before breakfast.”
  • Gansey had once told Adam that he was afraid most people didnt know how to handle Ronan. What he meant by this was that he was worried that one day someone would fall on Ronan and cut themselves.
  • Gansey’s invented apartment was a dreamer’s laboratory…and everywhere, everywhere, there were books. Not the tidy stacks of an intellectual attempting to impress, but the slumping piles of a scholar obsessed. 

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Turf Wars part 2

Jughead couldn’t even eat, staring absently at the cold pizza on his lunch tray. He couldn’t keep his mind on anything except those sharp green eyes and all of that long blonde hair, there was something in her eyes that seemed to pull her to him, and what was with the look she had given him? Did she know him? Had they met before?

He was snapped out of his daze when a plastic tray was slammed on the table across from him, Kevin slid in beside him, handing Jughead his chips. “I’m on a diet” the flamboyant teen mumbled over a mouth full of salad.

Veronica pulled out her phone and dropped to the bench next to Archie.
“Okay so here’s the news.” She cleared her throat preparing to tell her uninterested friends the gossip. Well minus Kevin who was leaning forward his fingers drumming in anticipation.

“The blonde named Betty, she’s kind of a big deal.” Jughead instantly perked up at the sound of her name, something Veronica noticed and smirked wickedly “oh so now you’re interested?” She joked. Jughead rolled his eyes and glanced away, still listening intently. Veronica continued

“So, she’s the only girl the Southside Serpents allow in the gang, she’s actually a pretty prominent member, her friend, long hair and piercing eyes? His name is Joaquin. He’s in the Serpents too. Pretty much what I’ve gathered is they’re both pretty dangerous. Betty Cooper being the most dangerous, she takes care of the kids in her school, that’s why they all respect her so much.”

Suddenly the courtyard went dead silent and the topic of conversation was currently standing before the picnic tables, scanning the area and looking for an empty table. Her blonde hair swinging around as she turned to talk to Reggie Mantle. He nodded and threw an arm around her shoulder which she nudged off with a lopsided smile.

“Oh god” he heard Kevin whisper from beside him. The entire table stiffened.

Reggie, Joaquin and Betty were all making their way to the abandoned table beside theirs. This set the whole Southside in motion, everyone playing a game of follow the leader and searching for an empty table.

Betty was sitting at the table directly beside Jughead and he could almost smell her sugary sweet perfume, something he was not expecting. Was that.. strawberries?

“So what’s the verdict?” He heard Reggie ask

The blonde grinned bringing her burger to her mouth
“We’ll see.” She giggled before taking a huge bite of her burger, ketchup landing on her chin.

Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Kevin all seemed to be mesmerized by the scene in front of them, this behavior was most definitely not what they expected from the young gang members, it wasn’t threatening, it wasn’t scary or bitter, it was… goofy and …childish?

Joaquin rolled his eyes leaning over the table and wiping his best friends chin with a napkin.
“Ya know Betty? I’m pretty sure you’re the reason I’m gay.”

She just crossed her eyes and stuck her tongue out, turning to look directly into Jugheads eyes again. This time she spoke. At first he didn’t hear her, only saw her lips moving. She raised a brow and smiled

“Well?” He finally heard.

The bulky dark haired boy named Reggie was chuckling “maybe he’s deaf?”

Jughead shook his head
“I’m not deaf, I wasn’t paying attention, sorry what was the question?”

Veronica laughed as well “she asked how the pizza was jug” she leaned over, grabbing Betty’s hand “I’m Veronica. Veronica Lodge, it’s great to meet you.”

Kevin jumped in as well “I’m Kevin, designated GAY, best friend”. He fluttered his eyes to Joaquin who was grinning shyly.

Betty laughed, shaking his hand
“I’ve already got one of those, but it’s great to meet you guys. This is Joaquin and that’s..”

“Reggie. Reggie Mantle. I know who you are” Reggie cut her off, his eyes trained on Archie.

Archie narrowed his eyes “I know who you are too. Mantle the menace, constantly causing fights on the field.”

Reggie put his hands up and raised a brow

“Me? Oh no buddy, you’ve got the wrong guy, you might wanna talk to your captain Clayton. I don’t believe in using force on the field unless it’s for the sport.” He shrugged lazily as Archie snorted
“Yeah right.”
Reggie threw a handful of fries off of Betty’s tray into his mouth. “Think what you want dude, I’ve got no reason to hate on any of you, none of us do.”

Betty leaned closer to Jughead
“You never answered my question, hows the pizza?” She smiled softly at him, her long blonde hair brushing his arm

He couldn’t help the grin that broke out on his face
“It’s pretty horrible” he whispered

She laughed out loud, a musical sound that seemed to be contagious for both tables.
“Well I think the burgers pretty good!”

Kevin snorted “these are nothing! You should try pops. His burgers are the best.”

A brief flicker of sadness flashed in her eyes and Joaquin placed a hand to her knee, she covered it up quickly with an uncomfortable laugh

“Oh we’re not allowed there, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t be very welcome.”

Reggie nodded “doesn’t matter though, greasy Steve makes the best burgers in the Southside, his barbecues are the shit.” The muscular boy, reached over and grabbed the soda off of Veronica’s tray taking a sip.

Jughead shook his head “I’ll bring you a burger tomorrow for lunch.” He whispered by Betty’s ear

Her eyes lit up and she smiled
“Really? You don’t have to!”

He shrugged and smiled shyly

“I know.”

Suddenly Betty’s spine stiffened and Reggie dropped his handful of chips. Joaquin rolled his neck as the familiar voice of Chuck Clayton came into ear shot, followed closely by the shrill laugh of Cheryl Blossom. Their tiny group had built as some Southside students came to stand by Betty and Reggie.

Betty stood from the table, straightening her jacket as Reggie growled lowly

“Let the games begin”


I hate all kind of fandom drama and I feel truly sorry for the people whose ships didn’t become canon, but I will also defend Thomas Hamilton with my life and will literally punch the next person that says something bad about him.

Shoutout to Pirates of the Caribbean for being the only film with a love triangle where the guys fight more over some undead dude’s heart than over the girl.

  • Morticia: Why are you wearing sunglasses in an autopsy?
  • Pugsley: Mother, if I may, Father spoke to us all about a week ago about wearing sunglasses to all autopsies moving forward to show respect for the dead. I simply forgot. Wednesday refused because she has no value for human life.

Hi yes Keith had two pet chickens back at his shack yea it’s canon sry I don’t make the rules :///

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#7 Shimada brothers' Ohaka-mairi with Mercy, Mcree, and Zenyatta joining them

I’m just gonna double these up because this was probably gonna be a Shimada pairing anyway. 

I title this ficlet: Tfw your feelings toward your criminal empire family are super complicated but you’re still trying to be chill and grow as a person.

The Shimada family plot had a decent view of the city, and even of Shimada castle, where the trees in the courtyard were in full bloom. The Shimada plot itself was shaded by an ume tree whose own petals littered the ground and still drifted down on Hanzo’s shoulders even as he and Genji weeded around the gravesite, sponged dirt and moss off the gravestone, then ladled water over the grave. It was Genji who set the flowers out, tweaking the bouquets slightly so that the flowers weren’t crushing each other and stood out prettily in their vase. Hanzo lit incense and both paid their respects, first Hanzo, then Genji. Once Genji rose to his feet they stood in silence for a long time, and Hanzo found himself frequently glancing over at his brother. He didn’t know exactly what he was looking for every time he glanced over. Genji had drawn his visor up and removed his faceplate, yet somehow his face was just as expressionless as if he had left both on.

“Are you ready to rejoin the others?” Hanzo said, glancing over.

“You can go on ahead,” said Genji. Hanzo tilted his head slightly in some confusion. Genji gave a soft huff and itched at one of his scars. “I have… uh…I just need to talk to them.”

Hanzo’s brow furrowed slightly. “Talk to them?”

“The first time I visited here with my Master, it helped greatly,” said Genji.

“Do you want me to leave?” said Hanzo.

 “I do not mind your presence,” he said, “You can speak to them too, if you wish.”

Hanzo folded his arms. “Just… do as you see fit. Proceed as if I am not here.”

Something almost like a smile tugged at Genji’s scars and he faced the grave. “Did you hear that, Father? Hanzo’s finally given me his blessing to do something.”

Hanzo scoffed. 

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I forgot which settlement I sent Piper to and now I can’t find her anywhere ;_;

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I recently had a fight that's probably permanent with my friend who was actually very rude to me but i still cared about. I was wondering if it's not too much trouble, could have a cuddle with boofy boy? Seeing him makes my day :V

unfortunately i think that permanent is probably for the best- its hard to lose friensd, but i have learned that relationships that are all give and no take/where you arent respected are better off dead, yknow?

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Evolution has more scientific proof compared to god.

With all due respect, I disagree. And I think you’re maybe beating a dead horse here.

But since you were the one to begin this conversation, I’d say the burden of proof rests with you. Evolutuon is an idealogy, not science. The scientific proof has very little to do with this. There is also overwhelming scientific proof for creation. But before you demand concrete evidence, allow me to point out that this is exactly the same sweeping generalization you just made. You are arguing for an idealogy, not a science.

And what you have just said only strengthens my point.

  • George Lucas: I need to make a movie that appeals to young girls. Daughters! What does your kind want?
  • Katie Lucas: Well daddy I'm in my late 20's now. But, if pressed, I'd say singing, magic, and cute monster boys
  • Amanda "Powerhouse" Lucas: And fighting. Throw in some sword duels or something
  • George Lucas: Brilliant my darlings! Brilliant!

as dramatic and edgy and painful the panels of jason crawling out of his grave were all im thinking abt is someone choosing that exact moment to visit the cemetery and pay their respects to some dead relative or something and all of a sudden they just see a hand sticking out of the ground and theyre like oh fuck no im fucking OUTTA HERE fucking crazy ass gotham and it’s NONSENSE i am OUT

So I was talking to a girl at my school today and it turns out we both watch The walking dead and you know we talked about it for like an hour, but as soon as I said that I didn’t ship Caryl, she felt “disrespected” and left.

I didn’t think I had to say this, but I RESPECT YOU. Just because I don’t like a ship, doesn’t mean I don’t like the shippers. And since I’m here, I wanna explain briefly the reason why I don’t like Caryl: I have nothing against Carol, I don’t always understand her choices, but she’s a very complex character, so I guess it’s alright. But the reason I don’t ship Caryl it’s not because I hate Carol or because of my love for Beth, it’s just that I never felt that spark.

My best friend is a HUGE Caryl shipper and when I was watching season 2, one night he came over and he was so excited because I was about to watch the “Cherokee rose” scene and that’s what brought him into the Caryl fandom, so he was waiting for me to watch it and join your fandom. I really liked that scene, and I remember telling my friend: “Oh my God, these two are gonna be an amazing brotp”. Because that’s just how I always saw them, but I know that 90% of the fandom completely adore them and I RESPECT that and I respect you, so I just hope you can respect me as a person. I’m not the best individual out there, but I’m not the worst and I don’t think it’s fair to be insulted constantly just because we don’t feel the same way about a fictional couple.