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Kalinka, Malinka…

Given the bright and colorful palette of JJBA, I found it only fitting to make a Matryoshka themed set of our favorite SBR heroes (and antihero!)

Bonus combo pic:


Finally got some free time today to sketch some of my boys! Thanks to some hard work and overtime, I managed to get some free days, so I might post some more art I’ll be drawing this week.

Last drawing is a collaboration between me and my best friend’s art. He was looking trough some old art and I asked him if i can just take some creative liberty on his drawing :P


Our assignment for art was a white charcoal piece, and I wanted to do a cat, so I decided to draw Gavin’s cat, Smee!! The fur was very time consuming but I am very proud of the way it turned out!! I even got artist of the week for the class!

click image for full size!

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how about the boys seeing how the fandom portrays certain characters?? (Like fanon ushijima vs canon ushijima and stuff like that) hope this is clear!!

Sen: I hope @hassans-love sees this lmao. The boys looking at themselves in fanon portrayals or something, right? I admit that not all of our headcanons will be completely 100% the way that Furudate would’ve had them, obviously, but this is and always will be a headcanon blog.


He’s hurt. Really hurt. He knows that he’d never intentionally harm anyone and he’s constantly being made fun of for being socially inept which he knows himself. It’s not as if he’s obsessed with Oikawa because he only vaguely remembers saying it when they were in middle school and that he respected him. This isn’t how he wanted to be.


He swears that he’s more than just some angsty pretty face. Even at school, nobody dares to make jokes about how he’s become second to Shirabu so to think that this is what people take him for isn’t just sad but downright frustrating. Never mind saying that he can’t dress himself (which is all Tendou’s opinion), it’s just annoying to think that nobody treats him seriously.


Sometimes, he wishes that he could be seen as someone who isn’t just Wakatoshi’s friend or that rare token coloured person. He’s pretty lowkey so of course nobody really notices him, but he’s lacking in appreciation and he knows it really shouldn’t bother  him but it just does. Though, he’s actually more annoyed at the fact that his best friends are mischaracterised so horriblly.


It’s a pretty mixed reaction. While he’s appreciative of people looking into his backstory, he knows that he honestly shouldn’t be excused for his occasional rudeness and infantilized by people who are probably younger than him anyways. But at the end of the day, at least people are at least giving him some form of positive attention.


Another mixed reaction. He’s very grateful of the fact that people see him as strong, but underneath that, he’s slightly conscious of how people treat him like a child. He may be only a first year, but he’s someone who’s had to compete against others to be a starting player and to be just called people’s “little mushroom child” feels like all his hard work to grow up is being ignored.


He knows he isn’t a slave to anyone, whether it be to his studies or some obsession with Ushijima’s strength. There’s no way he’s just some short angry guy, he knows this himself; he’ll get briefly annoyed by it but it’s not something that would make him furious, as people tend to show him to be. He respects his teammates and is honestly offended when people say that he’d be outright rude to his upperclassmen, especially Semi after he took his place.


Nobody actually takes him seriously, at least from his own perception. They just think of him as that one serious blocker with a pretty face but never actually realise how much work he puts into it at all. He knows he’s quiet enough as it is, but for people to say that it’s all that there is to his character makes him very annoyed.


He’s pretty sure the only reason that everyone knows his name is because his birthday’s on valentine’s day. And half of the fanart that he’s seen of himself is just him losing his phone, and while it was funny at first, it just got annoying because he couldn’t see anymore humour in an overused joke. Though, he’s lucky that he’s not as popular as the others are, otherwise he might have gotten worse characterisation and he’s not one to complain about that.


alpha vs. maxis-match challenge

rules: use the same sim for both sides, try to do the same type of hairstyles and make up styles on both sides, if u know what I mean (please refrain from using clarified hair, as it’s a mixture of both alpha and mm), try to make everything different, not just hair; things like skin overlay, make up, eyebrows, and eyes (clothing doesn’t really need to be changed, unless you’re doing a full body thing), and tag #alphavsmm

i was tagged by this cutie: @inquisitive-simmer <33

and idk who to tag because i feel like everyone has already done this??? but if you want to do this, let’s say you’re tagged now by me :)

For the past 2 years I’ve read more fanfiction than I have real books. I don’t regret a single fic

  • Some fan comments: Afterbirth+ sucks! It's super buggy and difficult! Antibirth is better! I hate the game now!!!!!
  • Me, a major fan since the Newgrounds days: ...It's only been out a few days... Edmund and the team are working on fixes now... Antibirth is good, yes, but PLEASE don't trash the last DLC the game is gonna get because of it... I came into the tags to see people who enjoy it... Also does NO ONE remember Wrath of the Lamb's release and how it was difficult at first but it got patched like GIVE THEM A CHANCE PLEASE-
Rick and Morty: The Experience

What you think you’re getting when you start watching Rick and Morty:

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What you actually get:

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just for you, sweet anon


the evolution of enjolras’s hair, from high school through college (because i’m a lazy asshole who can’t be bothered to try to figure out france’s weird as hell school system)

edit: i am aware america’s school system is weird too, but omg forgive me for not doing research for one ridiculous piece of fanart, is it completely necessary to comment on that instead of, oh i don’t know, the art itself? (and at least our system makes numerical sense ok)

Can we just talk about Tim in S2Ep8 of Young Justice when Jaime and Bart are talking down by the memorials. How Tim just stands there looking at Jasons hologram?

Cause I’m having major YoungJustice+Batfamily feels tonight. Look how timmy just stands there looking at him, (and this takes place a few episodes after dick told him “just dont die” right before a mission). This little puppy obviously looks up to his predecessor alot. Also can we talk about how Jason looks pretty late in his teens from this shot of his memorial we usually see around tumblr

But then if you look closely

Look how teeny tiny he is

I just really need more seasons of this show, preferably with a live and kicking jason todd

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What if Dally voice cracked in front of the whole gang XD how would they react lol

- First off, embarrassed Dally is extremely important

- He`d try to play it off, but the tips of his ears are bright red and you can tell it was an accident even though Dally has a stone cold expression 

- Two-Bit keeps cracking jokes about Dally being pubescent and this hood is ready to kick some ass

- Dallas “Drama Queen” Winston

- Steve COULD NOT stop laughing

- Eventually he`d be like “okay guys STOP” but he`d say it through snorts and giggles and it`d get the guys goin’ again 

- Ponyboy ( the poor poetic soul ) tries to be somewhat comforting by quoting a famous poet on embarrassment , needless to say he gets shut down pretty quick 

- “Don`t you go startin` on me kid, I`m ‘bout ready to bust some heads.”

- Dally starts getting violent and Darry makes him take it outside 

- All in all, Two-Bit was lucky he left with only a couple of bruises  

The results are in...

The votes have been counted, and we’re thrilled to announce the themes for this year’s Stormpilot Week!

Day 1: Feb. 13th - Modern AU / Historical AU
Day 2: Feb. 14th - Finnpoe+ pride / Domestic Fluff
Day 3: Feb. 15th - Finn teaching Poe something / Meeting the family
Day 4: Feb. 16th - Favourite quote / Favourite scene
Day 5: Feb. 17th - Hopes for episode VIII
Day 6: Feb. 18th - Any AU
Day 7: Feb. 19th - Fanwork appreciation day

A few quick notes about the week:

1) The slashes

On a few of the days where themes were more specific, we’ve included two themes. On these days you can choose one or the other, or both if you feel like it, to inspire your work. In addition, we’re aware that, for some content creators, some themes may be more challenging to fill, so we’ve tried to ensure that each day includes an option for everyone! 

2) Fanwork appreciation day!

This idea was suggested a prompt, and we absolutely loved it! The final day of the week is devoted to the celebration of other fanworks, whether that’s creating art for a fic, writing a fic for a gifset you love, or even just quoting your favourite fic, reblogging art with a heartfelt comment, or tagging your favourite creators in an appreciation post. Whatever it is, spread love!

3) Content creation

Now that themes have been announced, it’s your turn! We want all of you to  get creating and make gifsets, fanfics, art, and whatever else you can think of! We do, however, ask that you make sure all of your content is stormpilot-centric, and does not focus on one character at the expense of the other! We want to explore their relationship, and we don’t want either of them to become two-dimensional to further the plot of the other! Aside from that, go wild!

4) Tagging

Make sure you use the tag ‘stormpilotweek2017′ or ‘stormpilotweek’ or tag us when you post so that we can find your content and reblog it! Also make sure to tag your works with ‘stormpilot’ and ‘finnpoe’ to ensure that the tags see the same boost. The goal here is to create a surge of content in the tags to revive this fandom!

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If you have anything you’d like us to tag, let us know in an ask, or message one of our mods, and we’ll ensure that we tag all relevant content! 

We look forward to seeing what you create, and don’t forget, if in doubt, send one of our mods an ask!


tangential to the tag, but here’s a really neat documentary about “manège”, or horse ballet - a foundation of modern dressage.

something to keep us all from being super bored while training up horses. also lucy worsley’s adorable and a great historian and you get to giggle at her flailing at horses.

IT WAS THE TAIL END OF THE SEVENTIES when the Raging Rebels trail blazed through the City of Angels. The newly established charter was young, vibrant and most of all carefree. But their carefree attitude left behind a trail of bodies and recklessness in their wake. The Rebels called Maverick, California, a small town right on the southern edge of Los Angeles County, their home. Very few residents of Maverick can tell you what life was like before the Rebels came to town. While the Rebels didn’t cause total destruction when they settled into the Maverick, the unrest caused many to flee and call new places around the city their home. Those who stayed, saw their town transform right before their eyes as the effects of the Rebels illegal activity began to pour onto their streets.

FOR THE NEXT COUPLE DECADES, the small crew slowly became larger and they made sure everyone knew who they were. The Rebels have established themselves among the residents of Maverick–the members of the club are the people you see at the local market, the diner, riding along the streets besides you on their bikes. When a president with a connection to the German gun trade, the Rebels turned to illegal means to up their capital. With guns came more money and power and with the introduction to drugs in the 90′s it also brought along problems with the law and violence. By beginning to import and sell their guns and drugs to various gangs across the Los Angeles area,  the Rebels reach grew outside of their small town. With reach all across the Los Angeles county, the Rebels gained enemies and formed formidable alliances.

NO CHURCH IN THE WILD is a group verse inspired by the television Sons of Anarchy. Literally it is inspired by the show in every way possible. It’s set in modern day Los Angeles California. The main club in the verse is the rebels but there will be other club(s) that are introduced as the plot develops. There can and will be many NPCs that are killed for the sake of furthering the plot. If you have any major plot ideas, please feel free to message the admins and we’ll get back to you soon!

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  • Warrior cats tag: Welcome to the warrior cats tag! Feel free to like whatever characters you want!
  • Warrior cats tag: Except those ones. You’re not allowed to even talk about them without explicitly mocking, insulting, or referring to them in a negative fashion with every other breath because they’re awful! If you don’t, it means that you’re an apologist, and that’s problematic!
  • Warrior cats tag: And you have to love these other characters! They’re absolutely perfect in every way, and if you don’t love them, then you’re a victim blaming piece of scum!
  • Warrior cats tag: Make sure to spam your headcanons so that the tag gets oversaturated! If you don’t have any queer headcanons, then you're queerphobic, but in the meantime you can have a good laugh at people who complain about the overabundance of headcanons by "conceding" that the awful characters (and exclusively them!) are cishet, even if they weren't talking about queer headcanons!
  • Warrior cats tag: Remember that there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this series at all, so don’t worry about anything you might find in the books or from the authors that contradicts you!
  • Warrior cats tag: Otherwise, have fun liking whatever characters you want!
  • Warrior cats tag: Unless you're over 18, because your choice to exist in the same area of a public space as minors is harmful and harassment and it's your responsibility to make sure that we never have to interact with you!
  • Warrior cats tag: :3c