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Listen, if you are struggling with feeling bad about your weight or loving your body or feeling good about how you look, here’s what’s up: you are worthy of all the love in the world. You are not the sum of your physical parts. Your body doesn’t define you. Anyone who would make you believe different is lying to you. And that voice in your head that tells you that you’re only deserving of love or that you’ll only be happy if you lose that weight or if your skin clears up or if you fix your hair is lying most of all. You deserve happiness and love and the excitement of life NOW. If you can’t hear over all those voices, I’ll remind you. You are so worth everything. I love you.

So I weighed myself for the first time in forever yesterday and the number was higher than anything I’m used to seeing and my first thought was “look at me adulting and growing a butt and whatnot.” Then I went out to my favorite restaurant with my friends and came home, jammed to some music, and prepared for my trip.

Which may not seem like a big deal. But a few years back I would’ve panicked and stayed home to eat a bowl of zero fat out of season watermelon and spent the evening mostly paralyzed with self-deprecating thoughts. Appreciating and listening to your body is ALWAYS worth it okay?

Control - Chapter One

Starting Line 

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Izuku pinched his lip in thought, nervously twirling his pencil in his other hand. His attention not on his finished quiz lying on his desk but on the classroom door.

All Might…

Four days and Izuku hadn’t been able to visit him once. School work, training, and Aizawa-sensei’s cautionary warning to not bring undue attention to Recovery Girl’s infirmary prevented him.

“All Might needs his rest, and you need to focus on your studies,” the erasing hero stated, keeping Izuku after class on Monday, “All Might will bounce back just fine without students’ hovering.”

Despite Aizawa’s own brand of reassurance, Izuku could not help worrying.

His gaze slid from the door to Bakugou’s back in front of him. Izuku furrowed his brows thoughtfully.

Hands in his pockets, Bakugou leaned back in his seat. His shoulders were stiff, irritation and unspoken frustration boiling under the surface. He knew, of course…

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Catalyst - Chapter One

The Return

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Five hundred meters.

The fall morning was bright, crisp, and quiet. Wind whipped through Izuku Midoriya’s hair, cool but not cold enough to sting his lungs as he picked up speed. His feet pounded against the track and arms pumped at his sides. His muscles burned but nowhere near their limit. Izuku grinned.

Four hundred meters.

The spark in his chest flared, and he activated One for All: Full Cowl. Power darted across his skin and warmed him from the inside out. He felt lighter, the ground softer, the distance shorter, his mind at ease. He ran.  

Two hundred meters.

Izuku pushed himself. Seven percent. Eight percent. Nine -

He hissed at the pull at his tendons. One for All fizzled out as he slowed to a jog, then a walk. His legs throbbed, just on the edge of strain. Nothing he couldn’t shake off.

Not quite sturdy enough for nine percent yet, Izuku thought with a thoughtful frown. He shook his head, One hundred meters cool down. Then stretch. Maybe tomorrow…

Izuku walked the rest of the loop. The pounding of his heart and breathing slowed as he turned along the last curve toward his belongings. He glanced up and halted midstep.

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