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So i tried out that owo chrome extension on sonic related pages and i feel like i’ve transcended to another plane

So within the past few weeks of WWE
  1. Neville walked out
  2. It’s rumored several others are unhappy and want to leave
  3. Nia is taking a leave of absence 
  4. Bo has a viral infection (first heard it was meningitis but now it’s being said he actually tested for mumps) 
  5. Bray and JoJo have been kept off the road because they are around him the most
  6. It seems Bray tested positive for the viral infection so he’s been pulled from TLC
  7. AJ had to miss the live event in Argentina due to illness
  8. Seems like AJ is better because he will replace Bray and face Finn at TLC
  9. Roman has been pulled from TLC due to medical reasons (probably whatever viral infection is going around)
  10. Kurt will replace Roman at TLC marking his first match in WWE in 11 years
  11.  Kevin left the South American tour due to personal reasons
  12. WWE confirmed a viral infection is going around the roster
  13. Several members of the RAW roster is being tested for the infection (results take around two weeks to come back so they won’t be allowed to perform until results come back)

I feel like there’s more but that’s all I can think of right now. Feel free to add more.


Sorry Sorry Team 2′s little rebel: eating snacks in vocal room instead of practicing


get to know me: [2/10] favourite tv series

➝ Black Mirror (favourite episodes)

“Ultimately the only thing you’re worried about is the transition from one state to another, and that can’t hurt you because it’s it’s just a state change.”


Some good Josuke faces

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Recently there has been some people saying that All Might is bisexual due to a translation in 126 when he says that he and "Sir Nighteye" broke up. I know it probably is fake, but since you know japanese, I thought I could ask you to see what really says in the original source.

I’m sorry to say that’s a mistranslation, and a rather egregious one. Here’s the original panel that is being used “proof”

Let’s break down the Japanese here word by word:

訳あって (wake atte) means “for some/a certain reason,” where the reason is ambiguous. This is used specifically if the reason is not readily apparent.

気 (ki) here means “feeling” or “mood”

And マズイ (mazui) is a widely-defined, negative word ranging in meaning from unpleasant, to ugly, to clumsy, to awkward. From the context, it’s clear that unappealing or awkward are the intended meaning.

Here’s how I would translate this panel.

So yeah. No references to the two of them breaking up here. As much as I love the idea of Bi!All Might, the evidence that’s been purported isn’t there. 

I would also like to say, the so-called quote from Horikoshi also seems very, very likely to be inaccurate as well. Even ignoring the fact that no one can provide the source, nowhere does the kanji for “breaking up,” (別れる – wakareru) appear in this scene, nor would it be an alternate reading for “left” if it did. Plus, it’s more than a little odd to suggest a Japanese man would go out of his way to explain alternate kanji readings to a Japanese audience. They know that already. It would be a bit like saying to an English speaker “In English, “date” can be a day on a calendar, or it can be going out on a date with someone, so there’s a double meaning there that I used to imply romance!” It’s just kind of a strange thing to explain so directly to people who speak the language themselves. To me, it sounds like someone trying to make up a quote that would explain the notion to an English speaking audience specifically to support this rumor. If someone can find the source, I’ll eat Dark Shadow, but until then, I can’t support this rumor at all.

the women of wwe as high school stereotypes

charlotte: that one girl who is so extra at everything. she gets straight A’s but still asks for extra credit. she’s on every sports team she can be on. she’s captain of the debate team and leads a chess club. no one knows how she can make time for everything but she does

becky: the quiet one who is secretly judging everyone and putting it on her blog. everyone thinks she’s weird and shy but she has like 10k followers 

naomi: captain of the cheer team, everyone is jealous of her and everyone wants to be her. literally the most popular girl in school 

alexa: thinks she’s the most popular girl in school, but secretly no one can really stand her. she only gets invited to parties because she has no regrets ruining someone’s life 

lana: foreign exchange student that basically everyone is in love with

sasha: she throws the most amazing parties of the entire school, she’s spoiled rotten and everyone wants her life 

natalya: no one actually knows what’s up with her. she has cool hair and always starts fights

carmella: the girl who flaunts her boyfriend to everyone and thinks they’re all jealous but they’re all actually grateful that she has him so he leaves them alone

bayley: goodie two shoes who has never gotten in trouble in her life. she’s probably had perfect attendance since she was born 

nia: everyone is afraid of her but she’s actually the sweetest person in the world

alicia: she’s probably been held back but no one knows anything about her. she’s at every social event possible and gets lit as hell 

dana: does she even go to this school 

nikki: the teachers pet who always gets good grades without studying bc the teachers love her. she isn’t really a teacher’s pet, she’s literally friends with all the teachers so they give her slack


a follow up piece to >this< piece from yesterday. i had no idea when i sat down today that i was at the end of this journey. i knew in my heart what would probably happen - so i wasn’t surprised - but to say i was “ready” would be a spectacular lie. thinking about the last few chapters through Prompto’s eyes makes it even harder to absorb. so… this is a consolation piece for my heart. 

  • Medusa: *Physically throws herself between literal Gods and murderous Monsters*
  • Aurora: *Casually commits extreme theft and ends up in gang shoot out every day*
  • Serena: *Doesnt think twice about jumping into crocodile infested waters*
  • Me a very fragile hearted and weak gay: ...Voltage...please let my wives rest...