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222.0 Monday –> 221.0 Tuesday –> 219.6 yesterday –> 219.6 today

Ahh, stalled weightloss, such a sight to detest/behold. “Detest” because it turns out I’m still really fat. “Behold” because I ate so much great stuff last night at dinner with some out-of-town friends and didn’t gain weight!

I had all or part of:

- raw diver scallops with grapefruit and lily bulbs (honestly, WTF)
- uni with some crunchy topping I probably shouldn’t have eaten
- shrimp chip with cheese and caviar
- pork chop with cauliflower and raisins
- flatiron steak with leek and black bean
- five different types of Prosciutto-like hams
- kimchi

I did not have any:

- pork buns
- spicy pork sausage with rice cakes

The latter two are my absolute favorite things at the restaurant, so I feel like a champ for not even having a bite.

I have a late work event tonight where they’ll try to feed me cute finger foods like buffalo chicken sliders and cookies with a shot of chocolate milk, so I’ve mapped out my MyFitnessPal diary for the day to have my lunch and dinner be the same deli chicken breast and pepperjack cheese I brought from home. It means all of my other calories need to come from fatty things like avocados and mayonnaise, but it’s so nice to feel like I can make a crappy situation work if I’m careful!


a follow up piece to >this< piece from yesterday. i had no idea when i sat down today that i was at the end of this journey. i knew in my heart what would probably happen - so i wasn’t surprised - but to say i was “ready” would be a spectacular lie. thinking about the last few chapters through Prompto’s eyes makes it even harder to absorb. so… this is a consolation piece for my heart. 

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Why do I like this kid so much

He’s very straight forward, and sometimes he’s a little irritating, even when meeting someone new, he will just put on his earphones and listen to music, he might be a little naive but I feel like he’s always staying beside silently looking at everything objectively, or you can say positively, without having any bad thoughts. He’s more of a soul person than a brain person. When I’m having a hard time, he’ll always just come over without saying anything then lie on the sofa and sleep. Once he wakes up he’ll say “I’m going now” and he’ll just leave. All my younger brothers are just like typical guys so we never do kisses to each other but you know what? I do it everyday to this kid that’s gonna turn 27 soon kekekeke I think I might be the biggest giri fan. Let’s all love our dog-cat Giriboy more.

@giriboy91 idiot beggar-boy

A guide to being a vocal citizen

For people wondering how to take action post-election of a racist demagogue (pulled from Twitter and cleaned up):

Make a spreadsheet or a file for your representatives with names, addresses to their offices, phone numbers, and contact forms. Put everyone there. Make a note in your calendar app to check in on issues once a month.

Pay attention to news. If you get angry, upset, or worried, seek support from friends but ALSO shoot these reps an email, too. Be courteous but firm and blunt. It’s a numbers game. Often we remain invisible because we don’t go to events and rallies and can’t be physically present. But we can attach our names to emails, we can write letters, we can be vocal. We don’t have to be invisible.

You can do this with your national reps, state reps, and local reps. If someone reps you anywhere, note them. Open a line and revisit it. It’s hard work and slow. One email at a time. One letter at a time. One call at a time. Emails are easy these days, so splurge every few months on a stamp and send a letter if you can. Put your humanity in front of these people. Flout it. Some won’t care, but others will. Change ONE mind and results can cascade.

Rural areas are bubbles full of bigotry and now it’s newly revealed. But we white people who live here have the clout and power! We can speak up when our reps say terrible things, and do terrible things, and vote terrible ways. We can go “I am disappointed in you.” It’s work, but as we’ve seen the last six months, it’s time for us to do that work. If someone goes “who are your reps” you gotta know. If you don’t know and you’re mad about this election, it’s time to create that file and keep it with you and use it.

The time for social media rants only is over. Or, do those, but maybe pull those threads out into a paragraph and send them to your reps. And don’t ONLY email or contact when things go badly. Also reach out when things go right. Even if they voted AGAINST something. Treat them like you would want to be treated if you were wrong or mistaken. But we’ve gotta reach out and let them know we’re here.

Anyway, I know this is hard work. If you need help collecting your reps, give me a ping via DM and I’ll help you get started.


wrestling moodboards –  bayley

“Long before she was a Raw Superstar, Bayley was a 10-year-old superfan in San Jose, Calif., watching her favorites like Lita and Eddie Guerrero on TV. So she decided then that she wanted to inspire fans the same way the Superstars of the ’90s and early ’00s did for her.”


minor season 2 spoilers! i used a few scenes from the trailer so, if you’re avoiding any spoilers at all costs, maybe don’t watch lmao

so ive been working on this since this song came out back in like??? october??? and i got quite a bit done when i first started working on it, but then i rly liked what i had so i stopped lol but then!! i realized that i could make this @dadliestwarrior‘s birthday gift so :D i finished it just for you, tori!! happy birthday!! :D i hope you get everything that you want and that you have a great day :D ilysm im so glad voltron brought us together!! ;w; lance bless (’: i hope you enjoy your video!! ♥


Who’s your favourite royal?

Happy 31st Birthday to our one and only lunatic fringe, DEAN AMBROOOOOSE (aka Jonathan Good)!

He is a man who likes to dance..

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A man who does whatever he can to make us laugh..

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A lunatic who is also an adorable human being..

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A man who will always be a lunatic to me…

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And one of the best wrestlers I’ve seen in my time. Always will be.

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Thank you Dean for existing.