all rap is not hip hop

I feel like hip hop culture is destroying our community. I love rap/hip hop music as much as the next person, but y'all have to admit, mainstream rap is incredibly toxic. It’s all about degrading/disrespecting women, violence, drugs, hyper masculinity, and teaching people especially black youth that being “gangsta” is cool. I know not all rap music is bad, and we have some conscious rappers today such as J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. However, most rappers are the Lil Uzi/Future/21 Savage types. Not only is their music trash (in my opinion), but it continues to convince people that all the things I mentioned above are okay because many black kids look up to them. Why can’t we have more positive rap songs like Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac? Why do they all have to have the same tiring themes? A lot of these young black men/boys think its okay to go around calling women “bitches” and “hoes” and acting a fool because their favorite rappers do it and preach about it. I’m so tired of it.


These people are making money mocking black American culture and creating the next generation of racists… There is too much history of white folks making $ from black ideas/culture while still punishing black people for that very same culture. But black culture is not American culture. Black people aren’t included in traditional American narratives, but when someone wants to make money, “We’re all Americans.”…

I’m just embarrassed and ashamed like -

Every time someone from Bangtan drops a mixtape or track, like for example Agust D or Change, you have people coming out of the woodworks spewing some ignorant garbage like “American rappers should learn from this!! There’s no chains!! Or half naked women!! Or money!!! Just real feelings!”

Like, do you even know how fucking dumb you sound? The whole fucking basis of hip-hop culture was created out of rebellion and fighting against oppression. Hip-hop was literally created in America by Black Ameicans so no, American rappers don’t need to learn nothing from anyone.

Also, literally what rock have you been living under to say shit like this like??? Chance the Rapper, an independent, CHRISTIAN, rapper, just won 3 Grammys and is using his money to fund schools in Chicago. Kendrick Lamar, literally famously known for rapping about growing up in Compton and police brutality won Grammys the year before. So yeah, socially aware hip hop is alive and well.

It also exposes y'alls anti-Blackness that you’ll just easily believe any and all stereotypes that hip-hop is just “”“dumb black ppl music all about money and disrespecting women”“”. Some of you only listen to idol rappers, and that’s fine. But don’t sit there, completely obvious to American hip-hop and point ya racist fingers