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Tolkien Pressure 68/?


Uh, raise the mizzenmast, ship the topsails. That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn’t notice…but we did.

Alright just a quick PSA… I’m off to comic con tomorrow!!!

This means I may or may not be on tumblr at all this weekend (depending on the wifi situation) so if you send me an ask/message/tag/submission and I don’t respond, that’s why!

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- Shey

How terrifying it is to know that one day we will all cease to exist. One day, we’ll die and every trace of our soul will just disappear as if we were never alive. And the worst part of it all is that it probably won’t make a difference.
—  3 am thoughts // D.P
one day
i will be a story you tell the next person who falls in love with you
my name will come up in conversation
when he stumbles across the poetry
i wrote about you that you kept hidden in your closet.
he will ask you about me and
you will tell him that i had loved you more than i really should have
and you will tell him that we
‘hooked up’
instead of
‘made love’
and when he asks if you still think about me
you will say ‘i don’t know.
i dont think
i ever
—  a series of things i wish weren’t true at all #1 // by rb

k, Dani will probably make a more official post than this, but i just wanted to say it’s been a ton of fun watching what started as a little side project and a google doc of dumb jokes turn into this! It’s odd, the idea that 10,000 have decided to pay attention to what we’re saying is kind of amazing. seriously, we have more followers than certain churches. here’s hoping for more dumb basketball quotes from here on out!