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If you’re ever writing YOI fanfiction and, like me, are worried that, for convenience, you are not holding the characters’ habits and diet to proper, strict athlete standards, I’ll remind you that the current 3 world medalists’ interviews went like this:

“You moisturize?”

“Uh, no.”

“You ever watch what you eat?”

“Lmao, no.”

“What are your plans for later?”

“I just want to eat some instant noodles and sleep, tbh”

Flight Licenses Issued for the Broken Isles

By Sky Stoneseat

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It’s with great relief for many of us that rumors of flight licenses being granted to citizens fighting in the Broken Isles is true.

A wonderful network of flight paths exists, as well as the incredibly helpful gyphon hailing service, which raises the question: Do we really need licenses as well? The Isles are still an active war zone after all. Questions about allowing civilian flight at all recently dominated a small press conference.

In the end, it seems that a strict set of criteria must be met before obtaining a license. Anyone applying must be in good standing with groups that currently occupy the isles. They must also demonstrate a grasp of the local geography and be able to identify risks associated with the area. Perhaps the most controversial requirement is that anyone seeking to obtain a license must have assisted in the war effort. It seems this is to make sure that anyone with a license would have a working understanding of the war going on below.

This isn’t to say that things will not change in the coming months. We have historically seen leniency to flight licenses requirements over time.

So, if you are looking for faster travel throughout the Isles, bring proof of the criteria above to be granted permission to take to the skies. Safe flying to you all!


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How about some Daddy Kink fics where Stiles is debauched by one (or more!) Of the fine ass DILFs of Beacon Hills. Who needs a moral compass, anyway, amiright?

hellhouseaddicted said: First of all, thanks for being so awesome.  Second: do you know any nice Steter with sugar daddy!Peter and daddy kink and/or praise kink?  All the love <3

briellasophia said: hey loves! i was wondering if you could rec me some good peter fics, preferably steter? thank you in advance!(:

oh look, it’s Daddy O’Clock!  -Emmy

Ok ok, here we gooooooo

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While You Were Sleeping by TriDom

(1,632 I Explicit I Complete)  *poly ship, but primarily Chris/Stiles sexing

Stiles likes waking up being fucked and not knowing whose dick is in him.

Sometimes Life is Tragic by MadameCristal

(3,218 I Explicit I Complete)

“That should have been the end of it; he should have gone home, like he had planned. But he knew as he watched the flames dance over the two halves of Peter’s body, that he wouldn’t, couldn’t. Not because it would hurt; hurt you could heal from. No, he couldn’t go home because he felt nothing, and the people he had once loved didn’t deserve that in their lives.”

Welcome Distractions by Inell

(3,915 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles is having a rough few days, and getting sent to scout an area for the latest threat to Beacon Hills with Chris Argent isn’t going to make it any better. Or so he thinks.

Curiosity Killed the Cat (But, oh, The Satisfaction Brought Him Back) by MonsterTesk

(6,905 I Explicit I Complete)

Chris has an unusual request.

Every Touch Brings Me Closer To Loving You by DenaCeleste

(7,538 I Explicit I Complete)

Chris has been Stiles’ mentor in various martial arts for the last few years. In that time, Stiles developed a bit of a crush. Strike that, he’s head over heels in love. And now Chris knows. It’s the end of the world. Right?

Daddy Issues by SexySourAlpha

(33,684 I Explicit I WIP)  *other pairings besides Chris/Stiles as well

Stiles fucking likes sex. He loves sex. So sue him. And if he can get paid for it…why not? He sucks a cock or two…or five and makes a thousand bucks in a night.

Where Stiles is a prostitute and everyone see’s whats wrong with this except for him.

Rinse Cycle by MonsterTesk

(92,193 I Explicit I WIP)

There is something soothing in the urban decay of Laundromats. Especially late at night when it’s just Stiles, flickering fluorescents, and the occasional resigned resident.

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In Scott’s Room by grumpylankyandcrazy (apeskyhedgehog)

(1,130 I Explicit I Complete)

Peter and Stiles decide to get heated in Scott’s bedroom while a pack meeting is going on downstairs. Stiles decides to tease Peter to push him a little bit. What they don’t expect is a unexpected guest who doesn’t like fucking in his bedroom.

The Devil You Know by Twisted_Mind

(11,695 I Explicit I Complete)

He’s so tired, in every way it’s possible to be tired. He tried going for a walk tonight to prevent a panic attack, and ended up being rescued, dazed and bleeding, by Peter Hale. There are so many things wrong with that sentence he doesn’t even know where to start. Panic attacks. Being stuck inside his brain sucking so hard he needed to be alone and moving. The sense of relief that came with crashing into Peter.

He shouldn’t be okay with this. He didn’t give Peter permission to sleep in his bed. His dad will be home soon. Peter’s more than a decade older than him. Peter can’t be trusted.

 But he’s tired, and this feels so, so good.

Let Me Be Your Release by sociallyawkwardfangirl21

(14,687 I Explicit I Complete)

When Stiles meets Parker online he can’t believe his luck. They have amazing conversations and he fulfills a need Stiles hadn’t realized he needed. He has no clue who Parker really is but for Stiles that’s a good thing. The line separating them, that distant connection, can be severed whenever he wants. This illusion of control lets Stiles feel free to explore this new side of his sexuality. However little does he know that a poorly angled camera shot is going to give him away, and Peter isn’t quite as happy with the distance between him and his baby boy.

Do You Wanna Get High by taylorpotato

(17,082 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles smokes hella weed. As it turns out, so does Peter. It only makes sense that they start smoking together, right? Or maybe that’s weird. Eh. If free drugs are involved, Stiles isn’t gonna question it.

I Don’t Like You, But I Love You by sweetbutterbliss (our very own Anastasia!)

(23,816 I Explicit I Complete)

He smells him before he sees him, the scent competing over the sticky smell of stale beer and sweat.  It smells like burnt sugar, a little bitter mixed in with the sweetness.  He leaves the paperwork on the desk and steps out of his office, passing the bathrooms that he can tell Erica still hasn’t cleaned.  

A lithe, what Peter could only describe as a boy is standing in the middle of the empty bar, one hand gripping the dolly’s handle full of boxes of Hair of the Dog; one of the few werewolf beers that doesn’t taste of ass.  (And Peter would know.)  His mouth is slightly parted as he surveys the bar and Peter suppressed thoughts of what he could put in that mouth.

All’s Fair In Love and Videogames by taylorpotato

(22,516 I Explicit I Complete)

Neither of them is aware of it, but Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident.

Nova Baby by slashmyheartandhopetoporn

(29,484 I Explicit I Complete)

Someone drops a werecub on Stiles’ doorstep while he’s finishing his last semester in college. Peter’s the lucky pack member who’s sent out to help Stiles take care of the baby.

As You Are by veterization

(34,093 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles runs straight into a tree and suddenly, things are… different. Namely, he’s in a world where Peter Hale is his boyfriend.

Make You Swallow Your Pride by RebaK1tten

(36,165 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles uses his magic to be a surrogate for Peter’s baby. It’s supposed to be a business arrangement, but…

You Get What You Need by RebaK1tten

(51,873 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles and Peter are accidentally mated and eventually learn to make it work.

Baby Boy by SushiOwl

(74,554 I Explicit I Complete)

What the heck is FetLife?

Stiles is too curious for his own good, and he can’t help himself, so he joins a website advertising to be a good place for “kinksters.” He just wants to be nosy and see what total strangers are up to. Then he meets Peter, who wants to be called Daddy.

Could Stiles be his baby boy?

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Rafael McCall

Sweetie, You Had Me by Trundia

(2,047 I Explicit I Complete)

Rafael wanted a show. Something to remember. And that’s exactly what he’s going to give him.

Beg For It by whatthehalefire

(3,520 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles buys a new outfit for his Daddy. Based on this beautiful work by ninord.

What You Do In Those Deleted Scenes by bitchinachinashop

(4,250 I Explicit I WIP)

Scenes between Agent McCall and Stiles (and some made up) from an extremely badwrong and porny perspective.  Stiles starts off making a deal with Rafael and winds up enjoying it a little more than he’d intended to.  There will be no redeeming moral qualities to this story!

Maybe by ToAStranger

(7,164 I Explicit I WIP)

It’s a struggle.

It’s a Sickening Of The Heart by coffeeinallcaps

(12,139 I Explicit I Complete)

In which Stiles, struggling to cope with the aftermath of his possession, finds what he didn’t know he was looking for in his best friend’s dad. There’s no collision. No screeching tires, no crunch of metal folding in on itself. Stiles has to pull over to breathe through the overwhelming waves of disappointment and relief that crash through him, and that’s how Rafael McCall finds him, with his head clenched between his knees, fingers buried in his hair, trying and failing to suck air into his burning lungs.

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Down To Catch My Breath and Then by thatfire

(2,202 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles isn’t stupid, he knows he shouldn’t be near Deucalion, let alone speak to him, but there’s something about him that draws Stiles in, that makes him want to talk and talk and ask all the questions he hasn’t allowed himself to ask anyone else.

- Or -

The one where Stiles knows he should stay away from Deucalion, but instead finds himself in an interesting position on a desk.

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Aaaaaand here’s some threesomes and a gang bang to round out this smut party. 

Show ‘Em Who’s Boss by Spitshine

(5,839 I Explicit I Complete)  *Derek/Stiles and Stiles/OMCs

In which Derek proves his worth as an alpha by offering Stiles up for a gangbang. That’s it. That’s the plot.

Broke Str8 Boyz by taylorpotato

(6,540 I Explicit I Complete)  *pornstars Stiles/Theo with some Peter in the mix

Getting paid to have sex on on camera sounds like a great idea, until Stiles realizes that his scene partner is the asshole he argues with every week in Philosophy Seminar. Add in sleazy porn director Peter Hale, a lot of angry sex, and so much jizz. It’s a wild ride for everyone involved.

Mine and Yours and Ours by TheLastTactician

(8,378 I Explicit I Complete)  *Chris/Stiles/Peter

A hand gripped Stiles’ waist and, with a start, Stiles realized that they weren’t just fighting for him.  They were fighting over him.  Like, physically.   At any moment, one of them was going to snap and Stiles knew that it wouldn’t end well for him.  He had to, somehow, either get Chris to go cool off or shut Peter up.  And so, swallowing with a click, Stiles did the only thing that he could think of.

He kissed Peter.

How is Jack going? How close are the Falconers to clinching playoffs? How many games do they have left in the season? Is Jack doing well? Is he looking like he is going to be up for the Calder? What about the Aces? What place are they in their division? Is Kent in the running for the Art Ross? How did their games against each other go? Who won? Did they go out for dinner afterwards? Who is the favourite to win the Presidents Trophy? Do the SMH have plans to go to a playoff game? Did the Falconers make any dramatic trade deadline moves? How is Jack going?

Fushimi being like the legend of the kindergarten class, no one can make him happy. He started in the Red class where he was okay for a while because he kept clinging to Yata but then a bunch of new kids came in and Yata went to play in the sandbox with all his new friends while Fushimi sat in the corner and pouted. Caretaker Mikoto supposes he should at least make an attempt to get the sulky kid to play with everyone else and walks over to Fushimi and offers to let Fushimi play with his cigarette (who let Mikoto near children). Fushimi hides under a table until Mikoto leaves. I imagine Kusanagi being like in charge of the kindergarten somehow and he comes over to check on how Mikoto’s doing with the kids to find Mikoto leaning on the table half asleep while Fushimi cowers underneath a large book and meanwhile Yata is over in the sandbox making Kamamoto eat sand. Kusanagi facepalms and questions his hiring decisions.

So it’s decided that since Fushimi is scared of Mikoto he’ll have to go to another class. At first Fushimi cries about it because he wants to stay with Yata but then Yata goes to play with Kamamoto again and Fushimi decides he doesn’t want to play with Yata anyway and starts throwing mud at him instead. Munakata and Hisui both are very keen on getting Fushimi to join their kindergarten classes. Hisui attempts to woo Fushimi over by using balloon animals to convince him that the magic parrot will grant him candy if he goes over to the Green Kindergarten. He’s almost got Fushimi to join his group when Munakata steps in and lures Fushimi away with brightly colored puzzles. Hisui figures that well, once the sulky kid doesn’t work out in the Blue Kindergarten then Hisui can step in except of course Munakata has planned for this eventuality. Munakata probably spends the entire time just holding Fushimi’s hand and doting on him constantly, Fushimi is all grumpy and fussy so Munakata’s always giving him constant attention and candy and praise.

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Helloo dearies! So apparently I'm being a little shit and decided that some nice!Deucalion x Stiles would be hot and tried to search for some fanfiction but didn't really find that many. Soo, I decided to ask my favourite blog if you know any nice ones. I honestly like both angst, fluff, gore or whatever else there is, however I'm not really into rape or bad!Deucalion towards Stiles. Like I don't mind bad!Deucalion, but I want him to be nice to Stiles. Does that make sense? Anyway, thanks!! ❤️

Hellloooo @hollowmaterial. You’re not a little shit. We love you. And we are here to give you nice Duke. Also we didn’t have a tag for this. Now we do!- Anastasia

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Gift by Rrrowr

(1/1 I 1,960 I Mature I Stiles/Deucalion I PWP)

Prompt: Deucalion woos Stiles in a manner fit for a werewolf.

down to catch my breath and then by thatfire

(1/1 I 2,002 I Explicit I Stiles/Deucalion I Teacher/Student)

Stiles isn’t stupid, he knows he shouldn’t be near Deucalion, let alone speak to him, but there’s something about him that draws Stiles in, that makes him want to talk and talk and ask all the questions he hasn’t allowed himself to ask anyone else.

- Or -

The one where Stiles knows he should stay away from Deucalion, but instead finds himself in an interesting position on a desk.

Marriage (true love) Is What Brings Us Together Today by ToAStranger

(1/1 I 2,167 I Explicit I Stiles/Deucalion I ABO)

It isn’t true love, but it certainly is something.

Changes of Address by Arabwel

(1/1 I 4,480 I Teen I Stiles/Deucalion I Soulmates)

Your soulmate’s name is on your wrist from the day you both draw breath on this earth, only to burn away into blackness when death takes them.

In Beacon Hills, nothing is that easy.

Especially for Stiles.

Here, We Dwell Together by Rrrowr

(1/1 I 6,149 I Explicit I Stiles/Deucalion I Student!Stiles)

Stiles has been here a grand total of three days, aware of the sounds of life from the neighboring beach condo, before he actually sees his neighbor. Being a night owl by nature, Stiles has actually been awake going on thirty hours, blinking blearily at the sun rising over the watery horizon, and the sunlight bleeds yellow and orange around a figure moving slowly through different yoga poses on the porch.

don’t you know (he loves you so) by ToAStranger

(7/7 I 7,664 I Mature I Stiles/Deucalion I Fluff)

After setting a peace treaty with the Alpha Pack, Stiles finds himself on the receiving end of Deucalion’s attentions and affections.

To Form a More Perfect Union by Maledictum 

(2/? I 9,176 I Mature I Stiles/Deucalion I Fluff)

Stiles never expected that helping an injured dog would result in him living out the plot of one of his novels. Now he’s accidentally married himself to the alpha of the esteemed Blackwood pack and hoping that Deucalion isn’t too good to be real.

Confessions of a Gangly Ganymede by ChuckleVoodoos

(1/1 I  10,615 I Teen I Stiles/Deucalion I Fluff)

Stiles is used to werewolves gatecrashing his bedroom. He can handle that. What he’s not used to is a werewolf that uses the door.

Maybe You Can Change by AwkwardBabyGiraffe

(10/? I 12,122 I Teen I Stiles/Deucalion I Hurt!Stiles)

Set after Scott and Derek let Deucalion go. The stairs in the cellar never collapsed so everyone got out safe. Deucalion finds Stiles unconscious in his jeep. After getting him to safety, they begin to form a bond. Will Peter use this bond to get the power he craves?

Oh, This Ravenous Love by pibroch (littleblackdog)

(5/12 I  20,766 I Mature I Stiles/Deucalion I Wereraven!Stiles)

An alpha grieving a lost pack meets a curious raven.

A unconventional courtship, in blood, stone, and peanut butter cookies.