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The contest would be starting soon; Rosemary was currently backstage, an encouraging word tor two given to Lilly as they waited for the curtain to rise. It was both exciting and a little sad, her last one for now; but she’d have fun no matter what happened.

And, oh, hey, apart from Sera, she’d spotted that boy she’d met a while back, too. Kai, that was his name, wasn’t it?

She smiled, waved at the two of them – and then it was time to step out and get started.

August Book Photo Challenge (via books-cupcakes)

Day Thirty: Freebie

Book-related vacation purchases from this trip! Such a pretty bookmark from a cute little papershop, and a copy of one of my favorite books I had to read for school. Coronado, you have some neat shops. 


(I kind of failed at updating this being on vacation, so just going to add Read This Month: We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach. It was a slow reading month for me, got distracted watching some television shows on Netflix and Hulu plus work and then vacation.) 

DAY 1 | It’s the first couple of days after Japril get married, and Jackson finds April’s sexy underwear.




April lifts her head up then, pulling herself away from the cardboard box full of her books. She brushes her hands down the sides of her pants, steps into the hallway with a slight pout at his lack of reply.


She finds him stood in the bedroom, their bedroom, one hand tucked safely in his jeans’ pocket while the other is waving around a flimsy piece of white lace panties.


“Oh?” He flicks another look at the underwear in his hand before glancing back over at her with a smirk, “How long did you plan on keeping these from me?”

She sighs, chews on her bottom lip as she makes a move forward to grab them from him. He backs away. Of course.

“Please?” She holds out a hand, offers her nicest smile, does that cheeky with a dimple kind of thing that drives him crazy.

Jackson shakes his head, moves his finger around higher so she can’t reach. “No.”

“They’re not mine.”

“See, now, I doubt that.” His smirk grows, “Wait, how close are you and Robbins these days?”

“Very funny.” The trauma surgeon gives up, slouches and folds her arms over her chest, “They were a gift.”

He’s silently dreading what comes next, but he downplays it by keeping a faint teasing smile on his face.

“From who?”

“My sisters.” Pause. “For my wedding night.”


The panties drop then, slipping back into the box and he clasps his hands infront of him, eyeing the floor.

She nears him, approaches gently and runs her hands down his arms.

“I never wore them.” April informs him, like she needs to, like he has to hear it. Maybe it’ll ease him, them, maybe it’ll wipe her already clean conscience clear.

The green-eyed man nods, glances up at her with a smile, brows raised, “It doesn’t matter if-”

“It does.”

He can’t help but adore her, love her more. She treasures them and he cherishes her.

“Do you wanna wear them now?” He holds back a laugh as he asks.

She rolls her eyes, smacks his arm with her hand, palm grasping his flesh and avoiding his heavy watch. “Shut up. I’m already wearing some.”

April turns around to retrieve her box out of the office, but she gets pulled back when a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist and pull her into a body, back muscles to built chest and large hands gripping the skin beneath her top.

“Then I guess we’re just gonna have to get you out of those ones instead.”

She laughs at that, turns to face him when he starts kissing down the side of her neck. Her hands cup the sides of his face to stop him, draw his attention.

The redhead bites her lip for a second, ponders her thoughts as her eyes shift from his own to his mouth, watching as his tongue darts out to licks his lips, “Is this what being married is like?”

Jackson shrugs, pulls her tighter, slips his hands down the back pockets of her jeans’, does that stupid million-dollar grin kind of thing that drives her crazy, “I guess so.”