all purpose cleaners



  • Dish soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Hand soap
  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Wash cloths / rags
  • Vacuum
  • Dustpan
  • Lint roller
  • Sponges


  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Spoons
  • Forks
  • Knives
  • Glasses
  • Mugs
  • Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Plastic wrap
  • Ziplock baggies
  • Garbage bags
  • Paper towel
  • Tupperware
  • Ice tray
  • Oven mitts
  • Potato peeler
  • Mixing bowls
  • Frying pan
  • Pot
  • Baking sheet
  • Whisk
  • Stirring spoons / ladels
  • Tea infuser ball
  • Measuring cups
  • Strainer
  • Cutting board
  • Coffee maker
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Magnets
  • Dry erase markers
  • Sticky notes
  • Microwave
  • Wire sponge
  • Trash bin
  • Recycling bin
  • Rubber gloves
  • Silverware organizer
  • Measuring spoons
  • Aluminum foil
  • Wax paper
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Containers for salt, sugar, flour, etc.


  • Sofa
  • Rocking chair (you know you want one)
  • Loveseat
  • Coasters
  • Blankets
  • Throw pillows
  • Coffee table
  • Book shelves
  • TV
  • TV stand
  • Floor lamp
  • End table
  • Stereo system / radio


  • Mattress
  • Box spring
  • Bedframe
  • Linens
  • Sheets
  • Comforter
  • Hangers
  • Laundry hamper
  • Trash bin
  • Curtains
  • Pillows
  • Pillow cases
  • Night table
  • Alarm clock
  • Lamp
  • Dresser
  • Coat rack
  • Desk / vanity
  • Comfy chairs


  • Dining table
  • Minimum of 2 chairs
  • Coasters
  • Placemat
  • Tablecloth
  • Tea lights /candles and candle holders


  • Face clothes
  • Towel
  • Soap bar
  • Body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Tissues
  • Toilet paper
  • Trash bin
  • Plunger
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Cold, flu, pain, and allergy meds
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Antibacterial ointment
  • First-Aid kit
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • Band-aids
  • Shower rod
  • Shower curtain
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Period products
  • Bathmat
  • Air freshener
  • Trash bin
  • Towel rod
  • Towels


  • Elastic bands
  • Stapler
  • Stables
  • Paper clips
  • Needles and thread
  • AA / AAA batteries
  • Light bulbs
  • Extension cords
  • Scotch tape
  • Duct tape
  • Shovel
  • Rake (if you have a yard)
  • Stain remover
  • Jar of courters for laundry mat
  • Screw drivers
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Sticky tack
  • Screws
  • Box cutter / X-acto
  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Welcome matt
  • Shoe rack
  • Coat rack
  • Flashlight
  • Flashlight batteries
  • Watch batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries and charger
  • Safe place to discard dead batteries
  • Candles
  • Matches
  • Lighter
  • Mini travel fans
  • Real fans
  • Emergency Survival kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Landline phone
  • Window air conditioner
  • Carbon monoxide alarm
  • Fire alarm


  • Mustard
  • Ketchup
  • Mayo
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Baking soda
  • Flour
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Olive oil
  • Tea
  • Jam
  • Peanut-butter
  • Coffee grounds
  • Cereal
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Vegetable soup
  • Tomato sauce
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Crackers
  • Chickpeas / lentils
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Granola bars
  • Juice
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Frozen meats

And since people are having a hard time figuring this out for themselves, let me just say: every single item on this list is OPTIONAL, just look for what you need personally and let others do the same.

anonymous asked:

Tips for keeping my apartment clean? Tips for motivating myself to finish unpacking?

Apartment Cleaning 101

1. Make a list. Start by making of list of everything that needs cleaning in your apartment. I like to let lists like these sit out for a day or two, to adjust and add to them as need be. Give yourself a couple days to brainstorm, and try to prioritize chores based off of how time consuming they are.

2. Chore frequency. You’ll notice that some chores become more time consuming the longer you wait to do them, while others do not. Dishes are a prime example- I try to get them done twice a day at least. Vacuuming my apartment, on the other hand, always takes around the same amount of time, so it doesn’t really matter when during the week I do it, just so long as I get it done! 

3. Chore schedule. Basing this next bit off your findings above, plan your “chore schedule”. If you live with roommates and will be dividing chores, you may find it easiest to actually create a hardcopy of a schedule. You’re looking to divide this into three categories:

  • Chores that need to be done every day: Dishes for example
  • Chores that need to be done once a week: Vacuuming or mopping for example
  • Chores that need to be done once a month: Cleaning your refrigerator or closet for example

If you are a pet owner or live with multiple people, you may need a fourth category called “chores that need to be done twice a week”. Things like changing the cat litter or doing a load of laundry.

 4. Divide and conquer. I’m adding this bit for those of you who live with roommates and/or significant others. You can look at doing chores two different ways:

  • Every man for himself (you do your own dishes, your own laundry, you’re responsible for vacuuming your room or living space)
  • Division of labor (my boyfriend cooks, so I do the dishes)

Find a happy medium for all parties concerned, especially if you’re splitting chores with someone you’re sleeping with. I do think it’s important to take into account each person’s business in terms of their work and school load. On days when my boyfriend works eleven hours, I don’t mind picking up the slack and vice versa.

5. Cleaning floors- the complete guide.

  • Wooden Floors
    • Vacuum
    • Mop
    • Allow to air-dry
    • Use a hardwood cleaner (like Bona) to get any difficult spots out
  • Tiled Floors
    • Vacuum
    • Mop
    • Allow to air-dry
    • Use a bleach-based cleaner (like Clorox) to get any difficult spots out.
  • Carpeted Floors
    • Vacuum (use the vacuum’s highest setting)
    • Use an all-purpose cleaner (like Meyer’s) to get any difficult spots out.

6. Mopping. Forget about mixing your own bleach-based chemicals and using one of those raggedy anne mops. Get yourself a Swiffer Wet Jet to save yourself some serious time and headache. Buy the generic brand pad refills for a fraction of the name brand price!

7. Vacuum. You’ll make your life 100x easier if you find yourself a semi-expensive vacuum that doesn’t require vacuum bags. This is my vacuum and I love it. 

8. Wood floors vs. Carpet floors. I personally prefer hardwood floors because they just have a nicer “foot feel” than their counterparts. However, they do require more upkeep than carpet floors, because you can actively feel them getting grotty as your week progresses. Thick carpet is more time-consuming to clean, but you can go two weeks without properly vacuuming and nobody will be any the wiser because the grime just blends in. Disgusting but true.

9. Scented garbage bags. Literally cost the same as regular garbage bags, but help you trash smell fresher for longer. I like to wrap any disregarded food bits (chicken bones, rotten vegetables, etc) in a plastic garbage bag before throwing them in my trash, and this really makes a difference.

10. Kitchen countertops. Unless you’re butchering meat in your apartment, plain old soapy water is the best countertop cleaner. I try to clean my countertops multiple times throughout the week, but sometimes I’m in a rush and only get to it once a week.

11. Washing dishes. I’ve tried lots of name brands and generic brands, and in my opinion the longest lasting and best bang for it’s buck is Dawn dish soap. I’m partial to their Caribbean Escapes which make your kitchen smell like a tropical island. Remember to never leave your sponge sitting in the sink, a moist sponge is prone to all sorts of bad bacteria. If you have a dishwasher, run your sponge through it once or twice a week with your regular wash. 

12. Some cleaners to invest in.

  • Windex: Bought a bottle four years ago when I’m moved into my first apartment and still have about 1/3 of it left. Use to clean windows, mirrors and sliding glass doors. 
  • Bona: It’s the best wood cleaner ever. Ever!
  • Clorox: I currently own both the spray and the disinfectant wipes.
  • Meyer’s: Or some other multi-purpose organic cleaner.

I will do a post sometime tomorrow about unpacking! Hope this helps.

Kid sister is now trying to figure out the basics of what she needs for her first apartment other than furniture… Having done apartment life for a long time before I got the house she came to me for help. Here’s what I came up with. See if you fine folks can think of anything I’ve forgotten.

  • An all-purpose cleaner like 409.
  • dish soap
  • A SHOWER CURTAIN (I’ve forgotten that one before!) with a liner and rings to hang it.
  • dishes, silverware, cups
  • a silverware drawer organizer
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • a spatula
  • a can opener
  • a tupperware type product
  • curtains (not sure if there are blinds)
  • sheets and other bedding
  • at least one good skillet and two sauce pans
  • a casserole dish/cake pan
  • a cookie sheet
  • a toilet brush 
  • a plunger (better have that one on hand before you NEED it!)
  • extra pillows and blankets for couch-bound guests
  • some kind of air freshener or scented candles and a lighter
  • lamps
  • light bulbs
  • broom
  • mop
  • vacuum
  • any kind of washable rags or kitchen towels
  • scrubby sponges
  • a closet organizer or shoe rack to make the most use of closet space
  • magic erasers
  • an old toothbrush to clean nooks and crannies
  • a SERIOUS first aid kit
  • bottle opener and corkscrew
  • kitchen trash can and bags to fit it.
  • a sewing kit
  • at least one passable table cloth
  • any and every kind of tape you can think of
  • Batteries…. And then MORE batteries.
  • a flashlight
  • a doormat to minimize what you track in
  • a bath mat
  • super glue
  • more ponytail holders than you think you will EVER need
  • a SOLID bookshelf
  • an extension cord or two
  • a power strip or two
  • a post office packet to ensure the mail is forwarded to you
  • Scissors… MORE THAN ONE PAIR
  • laundry hamper/basket and detergent
  • a hammer, small nails, and screwdrivers in both flat and phillips… (because you WILL have to assemble shit)
  • Bug spray (better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it on hand!)
  • ALL SIZES of ziploc bags
  • a waterproof file box of some kind for important papers
  • a cutting board
  • at least one good sharp kitchen knife
  • an iron and ironing board
  • a bucket
  • tissues
  • a dustpan
  • at least one wall clock
  • bath towels

I left off things like a TV and microwave intentionally because I know she does have those, and shower/soap/hygiene products because she’s got that covered as well. That’s where I left off… Anything you folks want to add?

things you should have at your first apartment.

Keep in mind, my advice is to get most of these things at the dollar store/second hand if you can because if it’s your first apartment you’re probably broke as shit and it’s way cheaper to replace even if it is not as “luxurious” or comforting as you would want. 

I’m sure that there are people who will look at my list and declare half of these unnecessary luxuries but everyone’s experience is different. these are the most useful items based on my experience. 

  • Dish soap - because clean dishes keep you healthy and you can’t use all purpose cleaner on dishes.

  • Laundry detergent- because if your clothes are clean and well taken care of, people think better of you. people thinking better of you= better job opportunities= more $. If push comes to shove you can wash them in the bathtub and hang them to dry. 

  • All-purpose cleaner- use this for everything. Yes, even your non-carpet floors. it’s a pain in the ass but it works.

  • Broom - gets the big stuff into a pile so you can get it off the floor, so you can work on getting anything sticky or greasy off the floor. Helps prevent pest infestations. They sometimes come with dustpans, otherwise, just use an old piece of paper like a flyer or something. They are also good for getting the big messy looking stuff off carpets, just sweep the mess towards a non-carpeted area in order to sweep it up.

  • Wash cloths / rags -these are great for everything from dusting to washing your ass and mopping the floor. Literally, any cleaning job just grab one of these.  Dollar stores usually have them in 5-10 packs for $1

  • at least one spoon and fork, a spatula and one all purpose kitchen knife

  • a cup/glass

  • ziplock baggies - can be off brand. you can store anything in these if you break it down in to small enough bits. great for freezing meals and meats for later

  • garbage bags or plastic grocery bags- personally I get so many plastic grocery bags for free that I don’t bother with garbage bags. take them out as soon as you can to prevent pests.

  • pot - you can’t bake in one but you can cook just about anything in one, also convenient for eating out of and mixing things in before cooking.

  • something to sleep on, whether a camping cot, a pile of blankets or a mattress.

  • a sheet - not only will it make your bed comfier to sleep on but it will A. keep a blanket pile in a more useful shape and B extend the life of a mattress

  • blanket - because it can get cold, especially if you don’t turn on the heaters in your house to save on the electricity bill

  • something to store your clean clothes and dirty clothes in - milk crates and cardboard boxes work well and are usually free/fairly cheap if you ask for them around the backside of stores.

  •  a towel

  • personal hygiene products - because if you smell good people like you more and so on.

  • Toilet paper-  alternately, if water is not a problem in your area, you can use your shower to rinse the waste off instead. 

  • Plunger - because you may never need it but lord help you if you do need one and you haven’t got one. Not only is the clean up disgusting but repair bills are expensive.

  • First-Aid kit - should include bandages of various sizes and types, antibiotic ointment, mild painkiller such as aspirin or  ibuprofen and anything you personally will need in an emergency such as prescribed medication.

  • Shower curtain -  protects floor from water damage which is expensive

  • Period products

  • Light bulbs- if your apartment does not come with pre-installed light fixtures, get a small lamp that you can move from room to room as needed. 

  • small tool kit for minor repairs.

  • Flashlight/candles - for power outages

  • batteries / matches - for the flashlight/candles

  • Emergency Survival kit - pack it yourself if you can’t afford a pre-packed one. 

  • Fire extinguisher- like the plunger better to have and not need then need and not have.

  • carbon monoxide alarm/ fire alarm - these are supposed to be standard in the US but definitely not something you want to mess with not having.

  • your favorite condiments and seasonings
  • eggs
  • milk/ milk alternative
  • bread
  • peanut-butter - if you aren’t allergic this is a good source of protein when you’re on the tight end of your monthly budget.
  • rice
  • pasta
  • tomato sauce
  • fresh/ frozen vegetables
  • lentils
  • fresh/frozen fruit
  • meats

I think i might have found another solution to the doll glue head problem, using this stuff

I use it mostly for kitchen cleaning because it really cuts through kitchen grease extremely well, also it’s made with less harmful ingredients (win/win) but i’ve been trying it on some doll heads with varying degress of glue seepage and it seems to be working

I have not tried this method by fully submerging the head in the cleaner but what i do is spray it through the lengths of the hair and then flip the head up and spray it into the neckhole and leave it neckhole up like this

Depending on the severity of the seepage you might have to perform this task a couple times, and I suggest between soaks you wash and condition the hair.

So far i have done this with 4 or 5 heads, some dolls only needed one soak, others needed 2 or 3.

The Dutchess head above is by far the greasiest doll i have like the entire scalp is gluey, she’s on her second soak and i predict she will need a third but we’ll see.

My main goal now is to see if this is going to be a long term solution, i have been letting the heads dry in between soaks and usually if it comes back it comes back pretty quickly, at which point do another soak.

So far it doesn’t seem to bother the vinyl or the factory paint, i have not tried it with a repaint yet. The cleaner itself is pretty safe compared to other all purpose cleaners, it also doesnt have any harsh chemical smells either (but if you or the owner has allergies to perfume it might not be the right product)

Anyways i have yet to say this is a permanent soloution to the glue head problem but i am optimistic, and i hope this can help

Final Results!

I am aware of experiments done on a Russian forum that concluded toluene is the most effective cleanser for the infamous Mattel Head Glue. However, toluene is volatile, can be harmful to the user if not done with care, and can cause damage to doll face paint and bodies.

I continue to search for a viable, safer, affordable solution accessible to most with the intent of cleansing dolls of head glue, and for safe use by children.

I started with two Barbie heads that had glue seepage. Both have white glue. Both heads are from different iterations of Barbie/they are, unfortunately, not identical.

Capturing gluey hair texture in photos isn’t easy. But if you’re reading this, you probably know exactly how it looks and feels. Both were clumpy and sticky, with glue transferring to any surface their hair touched, including me.


Both were handled exactly the same; i. e. rinsed at the same times, cleansers refreshed at the same times, kept in the same place under the same conditions, etc., including on a sunny windowsill to see if being warmed would affect efficacy.

Head A was soaked for 2 days in 100% concentration of LA’s Totally Awesome All Purpose Cleaner (tan color, concentrated version, not sprayer version, $1/32oz at Dollar Tree), with one change of cleanser after approximately 12 hours. The first bath turned cloudy, and many pieces of loose glue came out of the head early on.

No discoloration of head or hair noted.

Many large chunks of loose glue came out of the head early in the process, followed by numerous smaller pieces as time went by.

Bead B was soaked for 2 days in 100% concentration of Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Gain scent (green color, concentrated version in a pour bottle, not 2x concentrate in squeeze bottle, $2.62 for 48oz at Walmart), with one change of cleanser after approximately 12 hours. No change in appearance of cleanser bath throughout the process.

No discoloration of head or hair noted.

Few large chunks of glue came out initially, and also few smaller ones.

However, the two heads didn’t have the exact same glue application to begin with.

Taken out of the bath after the first overnight soaking, Head A’s hair felt clean, while Head B’s felt a bit sticky still on the underside. They were both put back for a second overnight soaking.

Both were removed the next day around 1pm, rinsed, conditioned, rinsed again, and let dry.

Head A’s (left) hair is mostly glue-free. There is a little tackiness on some inner plugs that didn’t get scrubbed as thoroughly as the hairline. She carries the unpleasant but not overpowering scent of the cleanser, which will hopefully fade as the inside of the head dries further.

Head B’s hair is still noticeably tacky on the underside where glue concentration was higher, and despite extra attention paid to rubbing that particular area. She also reeks of the Gain scent additive in the cleanser. It’s strong enough to be unpleasant and I’m considering sticking her head near an AC register to act as an air freshener.

Neither cleanser negatively affected the face paint nor the texture of the hair.

Both heads still have visible chunks of glue inside their heads and will likely need treated again in the future.

In conclusion:

LA’s Totally Awesome doesn’t smell very nice but is more effective at removing hair glue than Mr. Clean with Gain, costs less, and doesn’t smell as strongly afterward.

But Mr. Clean will work in a pinch if your child isn’t sensitive to the strong perfume.

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Hello! So next semester I'm relocating to another state for an internship for 4 months and they will be providing me with a furnished apartment that I have to share with roommates. I've seen your lists for apartments searching, but I was wondering if you have a basic supply list, specifically for the kitchen & bathroom? For the kitchen, they provide us with the fridge and microwave but nothing for the bathroom. I feel like I should already know but I also feel like I'm missing things. Thanks!

Cooking Essentials (Things to buy ASAP)

- 1 pot
- 1 non-stick pan (much easier to clean and use than cast iron)

- Cooking spoon (get one that’s rubber, they’re better)

- Knives (Regular and Bread)

- Plastic cutting board (wooden cutting boards are hard to wash)

- Plates, silverware, cups, etc

Cooking Essentials (Things to eventually own)

- Different sized pots (think Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear)

- Metal mixing bowls

- Tongs

- Spatula

- More cooking spoons

- A top for your non-stick pan

- Kitchen towels (the reusable kind)

- Cooking scissors

- Cheese grater

- Non-stick cooking tray

Food Essentials

- Butter

- Cooking oil (olive or otherwise)

- Milk of your choice

- Salt and pepper

- Pasta/rice

- Protein of your choice

- Fruits/veggies

- Snacks

- Really anything you eat regularly

Bathroom Essentials (things to buy ASAP)
- Shower curtain
- Shower mat
- Toilet paper
- Toothbrush/toothpaste
- Your shower essentials
- Bath towels
- Bathroom bleach or all-purpose cleaner
- Hand soap (foaming liquid hand soap lasts the longest)

Bathroom Essentials (things to eventually own)
- Drain cover (to prevent hair from clogging the drain)
- Plunger
- First aid kit
- Hand towels
- Shower caddy
- Guest shower supplies
- Spa stuff
- Rubber gloves and sponge for cleaning

Remember to always leave your bathroom door or window open when showering! Black mold is no joke

Sasha: Guys! I can`t do the laundry, I can`t find any wash boards!

Levi: Well improvise because you`re still doing the laundry.

Sasha: Oh wait! I found one.

*pulls Eren`s shirt up*

Sasha: This`ll work.

Eren: Really Sasha?

Sasha: *holds up the clean shirt* Really.

Levi: Sweeps, dusts, scrubs and can be used to do the laundry. You`re like an all-purpose cleaner, I must have you.

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21. “Before I met you I thought life was meaningless.” eruri :)

Before I met you, I thought life was meaningless.

Levi stares at the sentence he just wrote. No. Stupid and trite and sappy. He crosses it out three times. Surely he can do better than that.

He taps his pen against the paper, thinking. Maybe he should start with something funny? No. He’s not funny. Usually, no one laughs at his jokes. No one but Erwin.

Something simple and straightforward, then. I love you. No. Boring.

Meeting you was the best thing to ever happen to me. Over-dramatic.

You mean a lot to me. Not dramatic enough. Levi could say the same to his favorite all-purpose cleaner.

Levi sets his pen to the paper, writes, and then stops when he runs out of ideas.

In that time, he managed to write, “Erwin,

Well. It’s a start. Right?

He gets up and paces the bedroom, thinking. This is hopeless. He should have never agreed to write this. Erwin’s the one who’s good with words. In Levi’s place, he’d probably be writing sonnets in seconds, with dazzling metaphors and evocative vocabulary that Levi barely understands. No matter what Levi writes, it won’t impress him.  

Levi sinks down onto the bed, sitting on Erwin’s side as though being in his space will give him some sort of inspiration. He stares at Erwin’s nightstand, cluttered with Erwin’s reading glasses and a half-finished crossword and a thick book. The trappings of the nerd that Erwin is.

When they had first started dating, Levi had worried that Erwin would get tired of dating someone who wasn’t as intellectual as him. Or of just dating Levi in general. Erwin was way out of his league, and when they had first started dating, Levi had assumed Erwin would eventually realize that. Somehow, Erwin never did.

Levi picks up the book and thumbs through it. It’s about Ancient Roman military history. Of course it is. Nerd.

Levi doesn’t like to think about who he was when he had first started dating Erwin. He had been angry, lonely. Depressed. It’s a wonder Erwin stuck around, but Erwin had always seen more in Levi than Levi ever saw in himself. And over the years, he had shown Levi what he saw.

That first sentence Levi had written down may sound stupid and trite and sappy, but it’s also the truth.

He sighs and gets up, forces himself to return to the desk and the paper waiting for him to fill it. Erwin’s out of town for the night, and it’s a good thing he is, because it takes Levi hours to write something he’s satisfied with.


Levi can smell the flowers on the air, blue and white in massive bouquets on either side of them. He’s dimly aware of camera shutters clicking among the crowd on his left, and of Hanji (who had obtained a minister’s license online) on his right. He’s very sharply aware of Erwin, his hands holding Levi’s, hair shining in the sunlight, a sprig of blue and white flowers in the buttonhole of his white suit.

“The couple has prepared their own vows,” Hanji announces. “Levi, you may go first.”

Levi’s mouth is dry. He stares up at Erwin’s blindingly beautiful smile, his heart racing as fast as it did when they had first started dating. “Erwin,” he says.

Then freezes. His mind is blank. The speech that took him hours to prepare and then memorize has completely left his mind. In some sort of selective, nerves-induced amnesia, Levi has forgotten his own damn wedding vows.

The crowd is silent. Erwin’s still smiling, waiting. He has to say something.

Levi takes a breath, looks into Erwin’s eyes, and tells him the truth.

“Before I met you, I thought life was meaningless …”   

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Hey friend, love the advice you give so thanks a plenty for that. I need a recommendation for a basic/all-purpose cleaner to use on the regs. I've been using water/white vinegar with some essential oil but im not a fan of the vinegar smell. Suggestions?

My absolute favorite all-purpose cleaner is Nature’s Promise Grapefruit and Lime spray. It’s all natural and smells AMAZING. 

Good for everything from stove tops to tiled floors to toilets! Go forth and purchase immediately! I get it from Stop and Shop.

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Hi!!! Maybe a levihan fanfic? AU of your choice? Thanks

A/N: This is based on a prompt I saw awhile ago, but, basically, Person A’s child catches Person A staring at Person B, and then walks up to Person B and tells them that person A thinks they’re cute, or something like that, I can’t remember since it was awhile ago. But yeah, this is lame as hell, enjoy~ :P

Hange let herself heave a sigh of relief as she pulled into the Target parking lot, her slender fingers tapping rhythmically against the steering wheel along to the Disney soundtrack Eren insisted they listen to on the way to the store.

She mentally went over the list of things she needed to buy; A new mop, laundry detergent, dish soap, bleach, window cleaner, and a bathroom cleaner. She was almost embarrassed to admit how long she had waited to buy these items, they were each long overdue. Though, in all fairness, her house wasn’t extremely dirty, but it was certainly beginning to clutter and become dusty. It had become quite apparent when Eren had nearly toppled over a stack of books on himself when entering her bedroom,

Although, in her defense, her job had been demanding as could be recently, leaving her with little time to both make sure Eren was well cared for and still be left with remaining energy to clean the entire house which is why she had chosen to do it today while she had the free time.

Keep reading

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HELP!! I'm a poor college student but I desperately want to be as zero waste as possible!! Do you have any tips??


I don’t have experience with being a college student since I’m not from the U.S. but I’ll try to give you some advice anyway 🙂

You could make your own launndry detergent and all purpose cleaner- I make these myself and I literally spent 7€ (about..8 or 9$?) on detergent in the last 2 years!
Same goes for the all purpose cleaner. (You’ll find all kinds of recipes for that on the web, depending on how much money you got and where you live)

Depending on how much time you got you could try to make your own bread- this can be cheaper than buying it (again, depending on your location, I don’t know how.much brwad costs where you live 😅 )

When you go food shopping you can bring your own bags for the groceries. And even extra bags for the fresh produce, if you buy it.

There are bamboo toothbrushes available online which are better than plastic ones- they tend to be the same price as some brands.

It’s all about what you can afford to do tho. Maybe just buy things with less packaging and choose paper over plastic, if you got the choice (you can buy really cheap pasta in a paper box here, maybe you got something like that as well?)

Bring your own reusable water bottle- this will lead to you drinking more water AND saving money.

You can also plan your lunches and take them with you so you don’t have to buy packaged snacks- but you probably do that already.
Maybe refuse straws when you go to a bar.

Every small step counts and if you can’t afford fresh produce and want to/have to buy frozen or canned one, there is nothing wrong with that!

I hope this gave you some kind of useable advice 🙂

PS: just remembered- you could use shampoo bars and soap instead of liquid shampoo and shower gel, cause they will come with less packaging! (Also soap is usually cheaper)

Title: Ride With Me - part nine
Serie’s prompt: Alternate Universe (AU) in which the reader is a horse rider who goes to a ranch in Arizona to gain work experience. During her time on the ranch she develops a strong connection with a wrangler and horse trainer named Dean. A story about a cowboy who falls for the girl, a story about the importance of family.
Prompt part 9: You try to stay busy in order to keep your mind off the fight between Dean and Ash. You are worried about Dean, though, because he did not take his friend’s words well. When you go out to find him, the state that he’s in catches you by surprise and you aren’t sure if you can convince him to shed his armor.
Words: 4971 words
Characters: Dean, Jo, Ash, Bobby, Ellen, Benny, Garth, Rufus Turner, Reader
Pairings: Dean x reader (not in this part yet, but I’m getting there!)
Warnings: language, argument, angst(ish), drama, fluff, mild alcohol consumption
Author’s note: Alright, it took me a little longer than a few hours! Tumblr hates me. But it is here and I hope you like it! Feedback is more than welcome.
Tags: Below the story. Want to get tagged? Send me a message!
Previous parts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

The evening has set in completely, a clouded sky obstructing the view of the galaxy above. Normally a dark space blue would stretch out above the ranch, blending into a lighter tone at the horizon in the west, where the sun sank down hours ago. But today the sky is black, no moon nor stars decorate the night’s ceiling. Almost as if the weather knows that it’s not the time to sparkle and be breathtaking. No one will look up to appreciate her anyway.

You vacuumed the bunkhouse, then gave the kitchen a good once over while Dean and Ash were out, just to keep busy. Jo took your example and scrubbed the bathroom, also waiting for the storm to pass. At least the therapeutical cleanup isn’t for nothing, because there was enough sand between the floorboards for the footing of a new arena and there were complete organisms living in the refrigerator. Wranglers are a bunch of swines, that much you know. You fold the wrenched cloth that you used neatly and leave it in the sink as you stare through the four squared window. Still no sign of Dean. Honestly, you’re not sure if it would be reasonable to expect Ash back tonight, since he doesn’t have to show up for work in the morning. But Dean isn’t going to stay away, is he? While you were cleaning the faucet until you were able to see your own reflection in the copper, you got past denying how worried you are about him. Staying here and letting him be, as Jo put it, feels wrong. A breath of air escapes from your lips when you eye the wall clock again. Ten minutes to nine; he’s been gone for almost two hours. 

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Giant AF House Cleansing

I’m sore, sweaty, and overall proud! I just did the biggest House Cleansing spell/ritual!

So I’ve been feeling a bit more negative energy throughout my house and decided that I was going to get rid of it. Started off taking the chairs and mat off of the front porch.

With a broom I swept away all of the dirt, pollen, and negativity off the porch (and away from the door). The entire time I was doing this I am softly chanting:
“Dirt and grime and negativity,
Leave this house and leave us be!”

I could feel the negative energies slowly starting to be swept away which just gave the spell more power. I swept the entire porch: walkway, sides, pillars, and ceiling continually chanting.

Then I got out my All Purpose cleaner. This bad boy is used literally for EVERYTHING. It is very easy customize to fit whatever task I need.

The base is made out of Distilled Water and Castile Soap. The mix there alone is gentle enough to use but if you want to add some extra strength to the mix get some essential oils.
For this mix I used Peppermint (good for banishment), Lemon (banishment and brings happiness), and Orange (helps boost happiness) oils.

I used the solution to wash down the light fixtures and the front door.

When I was washing the lights I said a little spell about keeping the dark away and protecting the house.
For the door I did a slightly different spell, this one for letting only laughter and joy into our house and being strong enough to block the negative energies.

This whole process took me about two hours, but I am so satisfied with the results!! Not only was the front of the house cleaned but when I walked in I could feel a shift in the overall energy of the house!! While it was a lot of work it was very much worth it!!

Magyk smells different to each person who interacts with it.

To Septimus, it smells of his apprentice dinner with the scent of cabbage. There’s hints of dirt and wood from his time spent on Draggen Island with Nicko and Jenna. There is a waft of the sent of all-purpose cleaner and laundry detergent, as Septimus is a cleanly man.

To Tod, it smells like the future. It smells like improvement and the chance to better herself. There’s an inkling of water and earth, as they remind her of the Ancient Ways and their dusty, watery halls and curious lights.

To Marcia, it smells of her childhood home. The smell of water on sand and cotton growing in the fields. The suggestion of Alther’s old man cologne as she recalls him instructing her throughout her years as his apprentice.

To Silas, it smells familiar. It reminds him of books and scrolls and years in his family home in the Ramblings as he learns how to weave power with words. It smells like dust and family and childhood and learning.

To Sarah, it smells like herbs and dirt. It smells a tad musty, as she does not use it often, but it reminds her of healing. It’s clean and fresh and worthy of her attention.

To Simon, it smells like water on stone. It’s an earthy scent, as it grounded him in his years spent searching and growing and learning to accept himself for who he was. The scent is no longer as welcoming to Simon, but it is old and amicable.

To Jenna, it smells stale. It was never a scent she particularly enjoyed, rather she learned to live with it. It reminds her of her brothers, and the power they wield, one that she has never had a personal connection with.

To Alther, It smells like freedom. In his youth, it was a way to escape and be himself. In his older years, it became a kind of foundation for him, something to keep him sane as he dealt with is insane mentor and his deranged wishes.

Don’t mix cleaning products.

Vinegar + Bleach = Chlorine gas

Ammonia + Bleach = Chloramine gas

Isopropyl Alcohol + Bleach = Chloroform

Hydrogen Peroxide + Vinegar = Paracetic Acid

All of this shit can kill you. All of this can hospitalize you and cause unconsciousness and/or permanent respiratory damage. Label your cleaning products well, and keep containers far enough apart that they can’t leak into each other if one of them is damaged.

Always dilute bleach! There are nearly no household applications for pure bleach. Add a small amount of bleach to a large amount of water, when using bleach to clean.

Examples of bleach: clorox, purex, javex, hypochlorite solution

Examples of ammonia: windex and other glass cleaners, Mr. Clean liquid all-purpose cleaner, formula 409, scrubbing bubbles

Always use good ventilation with all of these cleaning products! If you can open windows, open them while you clean. Ammonia in particular is very irritating of the eyes, skin, and lungs, and it forms vapour quickly.

mindcosmos  asked:

Your 10 Top Basic Products every Vegan should have at home ? :)


  1. nutritional yeast
  2. unsweetened almond milk
  3. dates
  4. cashews
  5. frozen fruit
  6. canned beans
  7. potatoes
  8. noodles
  9. veggies
  10. corn


  1. Herban Cowboy dusk deodorant
  2. Herban Cowboy dusk cologne
  3. Verb sculpting clay
  4. Jason deep sea fresh toothpaste
  5. Tom’s mouthwash
  6. Method olive leaf body wash
  7. OGX shampoo
  8. Trader Joe’s natural facial cleaning pads
  9. Method hand wash


  1. Method dish soap
  2. Method laundry detergent
  3. Method antibacterial bathroom cleaner
  4. Method air refresher
  5. Method all purpose natural surface cleaner

Also, here’s my vegan pantry if you’re interested.


A supply run was in order. No food, no maintenance, and no toiletries made a sad Bel. She double-checked her list:

  • FOOD! (I mean milk, eggs flour, pasta, rice, bagels, wheat bread)
  • sauce, vinegar, butter, powder sugar, regular sugar, brown sugar, basil,
  • cheese, olives, mushrooms, yellow peppers, bell peppers, red onions, strawberries, raspberries, cherries,quick dinners(I won’t cook today)
  • new fuses, also various light bulbs and pipes for the Egg House (best get some new pairs of gloves while I’m at it.)
  • Sponges, a new mop, duster, some all-purpose cleaner
  • what else? new preener (never get those cheap ones ever again!), scalp oil, soap, perfume

First stop was the hardware place. She rushed out, bumping into someone.

[Text-to-speech]Sorry, sorry! Didn’t mean to… Julian!? Well, isn’t this a surprise! How are you?