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I don’t care if Mary turns out to be a sweet woman who somehow had good reason (???!) to abandon her son, I still need everyone on the team (but especially Kara, Space Dad, and Alex) to be immediately and Extremely Overprotective and on the Offense the entire time she’s around.

I need Kara to be exactly as present as Winn was when Jeremiah showed up. I need Alex’s cold staredown. I need J'onn telling this woman exactly what his son- *cough* I mean- agent is worth.

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Oh no, your poor horse!! I got Arvak to make sure I never lose my steed. Aside from the creaking he's wonderful.

I know… I’ve been cursed ever since poor Dartwing, I swear. Although I think my luck may be changing, because I bought a new horse to replace the one that fell from the sky, and it’s still alive after two hours and a dragon attack so… That’s progress.

I actually looked up “Arvak” because I wasn’t sure what it was (I haven’t done the Dragonborn or Dawnguard dlcs yet) and oh my god a dead horse sounds like just the horse for me. It’s one step ahead of all the other horses I’ve owned.

But do you realise how adorable tony is in the avengers movie

Like coulson brings him the info on everything and everyone and he just sits there and read it all night.

Like when you think he is not hearing any of the conversation between pepper and coulson but then offers to fly coulson to his love interest. Like he cares so freaking much it hurts.

Like the way he assumes everybody notices the man playing galaga but it is actually only him.

The way he becomes an expert on things overnight.

The way he treats bruce banner like a human being and not a monster.

The way he puts himself at risk first to fix that engine and then the bigger one which to carry a nuke to space.

The way he calls pepper before everything fades.

The way he doesn’t care at all about his own life if it means saving others.

The way he mourns coulson all the way even though they are not that close.

The way he gives everybody nicknames, even the “supposedly” evil loki.

The way he says “call it, cap” when following is not really his style.

Like tony stark is an actual gem that should be protected at all costs and is literally not protected at all!!!


my three favorite cuties