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In the 17 and 18 hundreds, what was the value comparison between silver coins and their face values among countries and provinces? I cannot find a proper link to teach myself the variations in purity levels and merchant strategies to indulge in the shift of the metal content so I chose to ask you, seeing as you have had many years of experienced in making a profit. All I have learned through personal experience is that American pennies are worth less than Canadian pennies due to copper amount.


Oh dear.

Well, please allow me to give you the reason why you cannot find links and do so in a simple and accessible way for my other gentle readers;

Originally, the currency value was determined by the amount of metal in the coin itself. However, that was subject to grievous manipulation. When you put all your gold out in the open market, your fortune out the door, it becomes ripe for…well, theft! People would devalue coins by creating their own molds and cutting the metal with junk. They would melt down the original coin, cut the gold with brass and then make two coins from one, both with the original appearance and similar weight - which was the only way to determine the coin legitimate.

You’ve seen in pirate movies and the like, when a person bites the coin? This is because they are testing the softness of the metal. If the teeth can sink, or the coin flex, it is likely purer gold or silver, because these metals are soft.

Can you imagine the havoc of having suddenly two times as many coins with the same essential value? It would quickly cause disruption and inflation, as traders would begin raising prices to obtain the same value. With no standardized or centralized banking in most countries, it meant that there was no stricture on currency trade/value/and so forth. Traders would demand whatever coin was considered the safest and in whatever amount they chose.

For a long while, particularly during the time you name, that was the Spanish Piece of Eight! Why? Because Spain had access to the rumored gold of South America, so their coin was likely exactly the amount of gold it seemed to be.

But there was no standard of value, not at all! Even now, when appraisers are trying to assess the presumed value of old coinage, they are basing much of their calculations on “purchasing power”, which is only recorded via old ledgers, journals and so forth. So allow me to give you a scenario!

You live in London of the late 1600’s/1700’s. You go to market. You wish to purchase an animal to butcher. You have English coin (this was before the articles of union and so you have ENGLISH coin, not BRITISH). But English coin is devalued, because both the common man and the government have been slowly cutting the metals in order to deal with war. The merchants won’t take it. You ask how much they want. They offer to take so many Eight, but you don’t have any. They bargain with you and say “Well sirrah, Ill take 2 pound for every Eighthead. Best price you’ll see in ‘ere!” And you bargain them around.

Long story made short: Your devalued English money has less purchasing power than its actual metallurgic value, and its intrinsic value is arbitrary and completely dependent upon the merchant and his competition. These fluctuations occurred with every moment of every day, and very seldom did governments interrupt to stop this. For example, during famine or currency devaluing, the King might put out a proclamation declaring that the price of a loaf of bread may not rise above a certain amount, or the merchant would be punished. This has certain side effects: that the merchants would decide not to do business, that the other governments would get involved in price regulation (they would have to to compensate for the lesser amounts of money their countrymen were bringing back). So you can see, I think, what a morass this was.

Banks begin to develop. Groups of merchants who dump their gold in stockpiles and then begin using “notes” or “bills” or “cheques”. Essentially, “I am not giving you my gold. But instead will hand you an official bit of paper that designates an amount. The amount will allow you to remove the gold if you wish, but you may also simply leave the gold in the safe house and use the paper to indicate it. With this combined “capital” banks could bargain for things like land, because they could demonstrate in a real way that “they were good for it”. “Speculation” begins, wherein a bank takes a property by promise alone, or by borrowing a small amount from the stockpile to buy the property cheaply, then a farm is built or a bunch of houses built, rents are charged to repay the borrowed bit of gold, and suddenly the BANK is making money off of the money it stockpiled from you and yours. It wasn’t theft. You agreed to it. When you joined a bank it was with written understanding that some portion of your stockpile would be money for speculation, with a promised return on investment (insured by the bank owners, meaning that if the speculation failed, they paid you back from their own money). You also got a return on investment, because after the bank had paid you back for the speculation, they also paid you interest! Meaning they gave you a cut of the rents they charged off that farm or house.

This, as you imagine, was a revolutionary concept. It turned modest merchants (like yours truly) into wealthy men. But it all relied upon the honesty of the bankers, their skills at investment and speculation, stricter currency minting rules, and the safety of the Bank.

What happens to all the rich men and companies who bank, if the bank say…burns down in a horrible fire…or is raided by a suicidal monster…or both?

Simple! You make the government the bank. That is where ideas like the silver standard and gold standard originate. Meaning that the government stockpiles all precious metals. (For example, FDR made it illegal for men to own gold during the war. This was how we got Fort Knox) The government then mints worthless coins that have an established monetary value. This coin is then backed by the (hopefully) equivalent amount of gold or silver. These coins are traded “at face value” for some time. But the government comes to realize there isn’t enough money to supply demand that can be backed with gold. This is a problem. They mint more coin to supply that demand, but backed by half as much gold. Now every quarter is worth 13 cents worth of gold.

And now you see the new problem with establishing value.

Easily said, the per ounce metallurgic measurement of a coin (face value) is not equal to purchasing power.

Now allow me to return to the original question:

All currency values, as compared to modern currency (i.e. What would this be in US dollars?) is arbitrary, complicated, and has more to do with purchasing power and all the regulations, trade fluctuations, currency confidences, and interest rates associated in the given moment.

The period of time you are discussing was the beginning of banking. And funnily enough, the American Colonial economy, in the beginning, was based on Pieces of Eight. We also had notes.

This means I really cannot give you any means to establishing a definite value of coin or the purchasing power of that coin.

All I can do is tell you what I bought and for how much given the time, location, the greed of the merchant, and so forth.

Reply if you wish to know those particulars.

I hope this simplistic explanation has made sense of things for you. I know we haven’t really touched upon credit, trade unions, more serious governmental regulations and the like, but I think it does a fair bit to explaining the difficulties.
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Fuck off with this myth that people won’t be motivated or won’t accomplish any innovation without profit incentives, I want to do a ton of shit to help society but i can can’t because i spend all my time trying to fucking create a base for my future survival in a meaningless power structure producing nothing but money at the expense of society’s most vulnerable. Just get the fuck away from with that logic tbh

And this is why White Supremacy and American Capitalism are inextricably linked and have been since before the country’s founding. 

White Supremacy enforces the oppression of capitalism by coercing the white working poor into forcing the black and brown working poor into submission while they are all as a class being economically oppressed. The white working poor are just bestowed whiteness and the perks that come with it, but their labor is still exploited for the wealthy’s profits all the same.

His wife costs tax payers millions by refusing to move into the White House. The Secret Service is looking into leasing space in Trump Tower…. Think about that. We have to pay for Trump’s security to buy space in Trump’s building because his wife refuses to move.

He costs the taxpayers millions with each trip to Mar-a-Lago, his resort, where people pay lots of money to stay where he stays and take pictures with Trump’s security detail who carries the nuclear codes. It also costs the city’s police department thousands in overtime pay.

All this profiting off the office might only make me pissed off, and not nauseous with rage, if he wasn’t such a damned hypocrite on top of it all.


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Highlights from the 1st session of my D&D campaign

(during character creation)
Mum: I’m Trump-Tinyhands, a famous half-orc ballerina.

(while trying to enter a cursed church) D
M: You (pixie character) enter the church, however, the second you enter you get distracted by a bright light, which you then fly towards blindly and continue to fly into it.
Dylan, our Pixie: IT’S SO BRIGHT AND SHINY

(in a bar)
Trump-Tinyhands: Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Me want drink! Drink! Drink!
Dylan: Erm yes I think we might need a few more dozen pints for our friend over here, he’s not drunk enough.

(still in the bar)
M'riqa, our Khajiit thief, talking to the barmaid: Hey, I’ve seen many pussies in my time, but if I pet you right will your purr?
Barmaid: I will beat the shit out of you if you talk to me like that again.
M'riqa: *sprints right out of the bar*
Dylan: Damnit, come back here!

(going back to the cursed church)
DM: Maybe Dylan should stop trying to enter the church. He’s a Loki-worshipper and this is the Church of The God of Mild Frostbite and That Very Annoying Feeling You Get After You Warm Your Hands Up After Being In The Cold That Makes Your Fingers Feel Like They’re Burning
Trump-Tinyhands OOC: If that’s the God’s name, I can’t imagine just how long the sermons are.

(M'riqa spotted something pretty in the church and wants to steal it)
M'riqa: I enter the church!
DM: You try to enter the church, but it appears that you cannot. The curse on the church does not know what to do with you, so it simply becomes an invisible wall.
Trump-Tinyhands: I think something’s going on with this church.
Dylan: *sarcastically* I never would have thought of that!

(40 minutes into figuring out the church)
M'riqa OOC: Does anybody have Detect Magic?
Dylan OOC: Hell yeah I do!
M'riqa OOC: Then go do it you winged bastard.
Dylan: I cast Detect Magic on the church doorway.
DM: You cast Detect Magic on the doorway. It seems that only followers of the God of Mild Fristbite and all that stuff can pass through the doorway.
Dylan: I can’t, I’m Loki’s priest.
Half-orc: What’s a priest? (too stupid to know what a god is)
Dylan: It’s down to you, M'riqa.
M'riqa: … I may or may not have sold my soul and devoted my life to Nocturnal. Is that a problem?

M'riqa: Nocturnal, may I stray from your path for a moment while I infiltrate this church?
DM: You poke yourself in the eye. That’s a no.
M'riqa: Please? Come on, I’ll steal something to add to the glory of the Guild!
DM: You sock yourself right in the nose. You are bleeding.
M'riqa: Pretty please?? I’ll serve you in the afterlife for twice as long!
DM: You stamp on your own foot.
M'riqa: Before I go any further, if I ask one more time, will I or will I not keep my tail?
DM: Nocturnal remains smugly silent.
M'riqa: If someone had told me that this is the sort of thing that happens when you give yourself to a god, then I may have reconsidered my choice.

Listen Harry could charge an outrageous price for his tickets knowing people would pay it and he could keep all the profits and buy more candles and rings for himself but he’s out here doing these amazing small shows for the fans, charging next to nothing for them so most everyone could afford it, and donating that money to local nonprofits. I love my generous and benevolent moon prince.

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Not great...but not terrible.

So for context me and some friends were doing a session set in a foreign land. We were a half-elf bard (me), a tiefling fighter, a human monk, and a elven bard. Me and my fellow bard had just finished out set in the tavern earning out party’s rooms for the night and I (having been inadvertently racist at the tavern keeper) decided to retire to my room. The tiefling is talking to the homunculus who ostensibly owns the bar and eating. The monk is sticking close by the other bard. Said bard decided to ply her trade (courtesan) at the bar and struck up a conversation with a half-elf man there.

Bard: Hey you looking for some fun tonight?
Half-elf: Depends on what kind you’re offering.
Me (OOC): *whispers* Roll for seduction.
*The table promptly cracks up. Once the DM gets control again…*
DM: Ok roll for seduction if you would?
Bard: *rolls a 14*
DM: Ok well you seduce him. You take him upstairs to your room and you both get undressed. He finds you exotic and beautiful. Then he asks for something you’re not used to giving.
Me again(OOC): Ohhhhhh he wants to get freeky!
DM: *laughing* It involves rope but not the way you would expect. Lets just say he’s the one who’ll have rope burn tomorrow.
*queue table cracking up again*
DM: While this is happening the rest of you start hearing noises from her room that are unlike any you have ever heard before.
*table is dying at this point*
DM: UNFORTUNATELY you aren’t used to being the one in charge in these situations. So he’s enjoying it but not nearly as much as he could be.
Bard: I’m sorry about this I’m usually the one in your position.
Half-elf: No worries I guess. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible.
Bard: Well…isn’t that flattering. *she then proceeds to grab the coin pouch on the table and walk off to hang out in the Monk’s (her bodyguard’s) room.*

Harry not only sold tonight’s tickets super cheap and gave all the profit away to charity, but he also bought tons of pizza for his fans. I know he has the purest heart but yet here I am still surprised and overwhelmed by him.


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Just Peanut talking about his karaoke experience with Faker and Sky while Smeb boosts about going to the club with Faker

Obligatory photo of the wonderful Smeb Faker bromance that bloomed during the course of Allstars last year:

Caption legit says: “Our Hyeokie”