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Hello! I’m @lanphelt and I’m happy to announce a danganronpa v3 charity fanzine which is currently taking applications!

Ever since Trigger Happy Havoc I’ve been a huge admirer of Danganronpa with lot of love for it to give and I wanted to express my graditude to the newest installment of the franchise by creating a zine from fans for fans.

I’m sure a lot of you want to join the project and express your love for it as well!

  • Believe is a non-profit fanzine and all profit will go to charity
  • Any artstyle and skill level is welcome to apply
  • Final submissions are due to the 20th of April 2018

You can sign up here!

Please check out the FAQ and rules.

Applications will be accepted til the 28th of January 2018!


Barbarians make the best rogues

DM: Okay so you enter the dragon’s cave. All around you is gold and various treasures. There is a large blue dragon sleeping beside what appears to be her egg.

*rolls a nat 1 to punch the egg*

DM: Okay so the sight of the dragon temporarily confuses you, and you punch the pile of gold before grabbing the dragon egg and hauling ass.



DM: The Dragon wakes up and notices her egg is gone and…

*rolls a nat 20*

Party: *pounding our fists on the table* FUCK THE DRAGON! FUCK THE DRAGON! FUCK THE DRAGON!

controversial opinion that shouldn’t be controversial:

ceos of corporations who willingly let people die, along with anyone else involved in the process, should be jailed, not fined.

a preventable industrial disaster that kills workers while the company is aware of the possible damage beforehand should result in prison.

that is murder, plain and simple. a cost-benefit analysis calculating murder. a crime against humanity.

there’s no reason someone stealing food should be jailed while a wealthy individual knowingly killing people is let off the hook with a fine that hardly affects profits at all.

Fuck off with this myth that people won’t be motivated or won’t accomplish any innovation without profit incentives, I want to do a ton of shit to help society but i can can’t because i spend all my time trying to fucking create a base for my future survival in a meaningless power structure producing nothing but money at the expense of society’s most vulnerable. Just get the fuck away from with that logic tbh

Better than a love note

DM of a 3.5 Red Hand of Doom Session

A bit of backstory. So the hook for this module was when the cleric of the party, a Half-Orc cleric of Hextor, the Lawful Evil god of tyranny, got a vision from his god to eliminate the followers of Tiamat. No competition and all that. Now the cleric is evil, but more lawful in behavior so the mostly good group tolerates him. Recently, we picked up a gnome ranger who is currently the only female in the party.

Very first night, when asked if the party would like to share rooms in the tavern they were saying in, she offered to split the price with him. He agreed since he couldn’t get his armor off by himself anyway and, being the honorable guy he is, let her have the single bed in the room.

Now a few days later, the party is storming an old keep and fought some Goblin Worg riders until they surrendered. Now, this cleric likes to take prisoners for interrogation, so we went through this little gem of a dialogue.

Cleric: “So that is all you can tell me about the forces in this keep? Nothing left out?”

He clutches his flail menacingly.

GWR: “Yes. That’s all. Now no kill me please?”

Cleric: “You gave me what I wanted, but my god demands satisfaction.”

DM: “So this goblin begins to panic and then suddenly gets still. Looking you in the eye, the goblin undressed and you see she’s a female goblin.”

GWR: “You green. Me green. Maybe we do bump-bump and I go home?”

The cleric was about to respond when we heard the *bloop* of the Roll20 indicating someone had made a roll.

We looked down and saw the, “*Ranger* releases 3 arrows one after the other at her hapless target!” notification. All 3 hit, 2 crit. Gnome Favored Enemy (Goblin) racial substitution had each shot deal more than 16 damage. Thing was dead about double its original hit points. The ranger had only one word to say.

Ranger: “Mine.”

Highlights from the 1st session of my D&D campaign

(during character creation)
Mum: I’m Trump-Tinyhands, a famous half-orc ballerina.

(while trying to enter a cursed church) D
M: You (pixie character) enter the church, however, the second you enter you get distracted by a bright light, which you then fly towards blindly and continue to fly into it.
Dylan, our Pixie: IT’S SO BRIGHT AND SHINY

(in a bar)
Trump-Tinyhands: Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Me want drink! Drink! Drink!
Dylan: Erm yes I think we might need a few more dozen pints for our friend over here, he’s not drunk enough.

(still in the bar)
M'riqa, our Khajiit thief, talking to the barmaid: Hey, I’ve seen many pussies in my time, but if I pet you right will your purr?
Barmaid: I will beat the shit out of you if you talk to me like that again.
M'riqa: *sprints right out of the bar*
Dylan: Damnit, come back here!

(going back to the cursed church)
DM: Maybe Dylan should stop trying to enter the church. He’s a Loki-worshipper and this is the Church of The God of Mild Frostbite and That Very Annoying Feeling You Get After You Warm Your Hands Up After Being In The Cold That Makes Your Fingers Feel Like They’re Burning
Trump-Tinyhands OOC: If that’s the God’s name, I can’t imagine just how long the sermons are.

(M'riqa spotted something pretty in the church and wants to steal it)
M'riqa: I enter the church!
DM: You try to enter the church, but it appears that you cannot. The curse on the church does not know what to do with you, so it simply becomes an invisible wall.
Trump-Tinyhands: I think something’s going on with this church.
Dylan: *sarcastically* I never would have thought of that!

(40 minutes into figuring out the church)
M'riqa OOC: Does anybody have Detect Magic?
Dylan OOC: Hell yeah I do!
M'riqa OOC: Then go do it you winged bastard.
Dylan: I cast Detect Magic on the church doorway.
DM: You cast Detect Magic on the doorway. It seems that only followers of the God of Mild Fristbite and all that stuff can pass through the doorway.
Dylan: I can’t, I’m Loki’s priest.
Half-orc: What’s a priest? (too stupid to know what a god is)
Dylan: It’s down to you, M'riqa.
M'riqa: … I may or may not have sold my soul and devoted my life to Nocturnal. Is that a problem?

M'riqa: Nocturnal, may I stray from your path for a moment while I infiltrate this church?
DM: You poke yourself in the eye. That’s a no.
M'riqa: Please? Come on, I’ll steal something to add to the glory of the Guild!
DM: You sock yourself right in the nose. You are bleeding.
M'riqa: Pretty please?? I’ll serve you in the afterlife for twice as long!
DM: You stamp on your own foot.
M'riqa: Before I go any further, if I ask one more time, will I or will I not keep my tail?
DM: Nocturnal remains smugly silent.
M'riqa: If someone had told me that this is the sort of thing that happens when you give yourself to a god, then I may have reconsidered my choice.

Art work by 阿毛 (posted with her permission)

She drew this for the back cover of the fanbook Hit Me With Your Best Shot (bookcover). XD

Listen Harry could charge an outrageous price for his tickets knowing people would pay it and he could keep all the profits and buy more candles and rings for himself but he’s out here doing these amazing small shows for the fans, charging next to nothing for them so most everyone could afford it, and donating that money to local nonprofits. I love my generous and benevolent moon prince.


Seashell readings ~

After years of divining and working with seashells I have come to develop my own meaning and understanding of each shell. Using the connections I’ve made with my personal collection helps me to receive a clear and individualized message each reading.
If there is a specific inquiry please inform me beforehand, otherwise it will be treated as a general reading

Due to the large amount of personal energy and spoons used during this form of divination the price is a little higher than my oracle readings but as always a portion of all profits earned will still be donated!!

The cost of a reading is $8 and includes three shells with a brief description of each as well as a photo, thank you for understanding and for allowing me the privilege to read for you

Construction revenge ten years in making and why I will never have another business partner.

Long story. TL:DR at bottom.

A little over ten years ago, when I was a young carpenter, I met a guy who I’ll call “chad” because f*ck chad.

Chad was a new hire by the company I was working for, and became my helper. We got along famously even though he was 10 years older than me, he didn’t mind working under a 23 year old carpenter as an apprentice.

Chad and I had worked together for 6 months when he brought up the idea of starting a business together, he figured between the two of us, we could easily run a crew and build houses.

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If you think we can’t notice the difference between artists who genuinelly enjoy drawing black characters and artists who just draw black or “diverse” characters from a popular piece of media to try to pander to the black/”diverse” part of the fandom, believe me, it’s quite noticeable. I see you using MCU Valkyrie and many other black characters as a way to promote your art in a very popular fandom, and honestly, if you wanna do it, at least have the decency of drawing them BLACK, with BLACK skin and BLACK features, will ya?

5 Dorm Room Aesthetics to Make People Say “Wow!” in 2017

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well with your studies! If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking ahead about your dorm and the new life ahead of you. Having your own dorm is a blank slate, so why would you leave it empty?! You have a fresh start from your cluttered room at home, so let’s make it count! Here are my top 5 favourite aesthetics and some links to decorations and furniture.

1. Boho Chic, this is a classic dorm room design. Very “Urban Outfitters” vibes with lots of tapestries, fairy lights and cacti. Cozy sheets are a must! Polaroid photos tacked to the walls also add life to your room.

B&W Tapestry ($)

Blue Peacock Tapestry ($)

Fairy Lights, 8 Settings, 20ft ($)

Chunky Knit Grey Blanket ($$$)

Hanging Rope Planter ($$$)

2. Pastel Retro, really beautiful design and definitely something unique that your friends won’t have! Retro includes round shapes and soft colours of blue, green and pink. Light wood goes really well with these colours too and adds life! Definitely check out your local thrift stores, you never know what goodies they might have!

Red Retro Coffee Maker ($$$$$)

Retro Clock in Blue ($$$)

Retro Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($$$)

Raw Steampunk Lightbulb ($$$)

Various Coloured Shag Carpets ($$)

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