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Billion dollar companies: *Make use of sweatshops*You: It’s okay because all that profit is rightfully earned by the corporation. No issue here. Those sweatshop workers need to work 24 hours a day instead of 16 and pull themselves up from their bootstraps, even if they’re earning under a dollar an hour!And that’s only an extreme example.

At what point did I ever say that? Of course it’s pretty shitty to use sweatshop labor, but what would you do about it?

It’s not something you can legislate against, and even if you could, the more effective way to help is to create competing opportunities for the workers. Give them an alternative way to earn a living so they don’t have to choose between sweatshops and hunger. If the original companies want to keep their workers, they’ll have to raise their workplace quality to match what you’re offering. 

Maybe you don’t have the means to create these better jobs overseas. Okay. So pick a company that uses sweatshop labor and give them a reason to do better. Make them become the alternative I described. Organize a boycott or a social media campaign to raise awareness of their business practices. Highlight any of their competitors who are setting a better example so that other activists can support them. 

Or you could donate to/start a charity that provides education to these areas so that the kids can reach better opportunities outside of factories one day. Or help entrepreneurs in these areas get started on their own business. Crowdfunding and microloans are great for that and you can raise the money to permanently change someone’s life very quickly. Most of these projects need less than a thousand dollars but can have an effect that lasts generations. 

Just sitting here complaining about sweatshops won’t change anything. Get up and do something about it. And if you do start one of these projects, message me about it so I can help out! 

Fuck off with this myth that people won’t be motivated or won’t accomplish any innovation without profit incentives, I want to do a ton of shit to help society but i can can’t because i spend all my time trying to fucking create a base for my future survival in a meaningless power structure producing nothing but money at the expense of society’s most vulnerable. Just get the fuck away from with that logic tbh

His wife costs tax payers millions by refusing to move into the White House. The Secret Service is looking into leasing space in Trump Tower…. Think about that. We have to pay for Trump’s security to buy space in Trump’s building because his wife refuses to move.

He costs the taxpayers millions with each trip to Mar-a-Lago, his resort, where people pay lots of money to stay where he stays and take pictures with Trump’s security detail who carries the nuclear codes. It also costs the city’s police department thousands in overtime pay.

All this profiting off the office might only make me pissed off, and not nauseous with rage, if he wasn’t such a damned hypocrite on top of it all.

The Blue Spirit Theme
Jeremy Zuckerman
The Blue Spirit Theme

Avatar: the Last Airbender - The Blue Spirit Theme

Corporations should not be allowed to pollute and destroy public water and public air for the sake of profit.

All people are entitled to clean water.

All people are entitled to clean air. 

No one should be able to steal it from others and destroy it for their own personal gain and deny communities access to what we are all entitled to. 

Highlights from the 1st session of my D&D campaign

(during character creation)
Mum: I’m Trump-Tinyhands, a famous half-orc ballerina.

(while trying to enter a cursed church) D
M: You (pixie character) enter the church, however, the second you enter you get distracted by a bright light, which you then fly towards blindly and continue to fly into it.
Dylan, our Pixie: IT’S SO BRIGHT AND SHINY

(in a bar)
Trump-Tinyhands: Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Me want drink! Drink! Drink!
Dylan: Erm yes I think we might need a few more dozen pints for our friend over here, he’s not drunk enough.

(still in the bar)
M'riqa, our Khajiit thief, talking to the barmaid: Hey, I’ve seen many pussies in my time, but if I pet you right will your purr?
Barmaid: I will beat the shit out of you if you talk to me like that again.
M'riqa: *sprints right out of the bar*
Dylan: Damnit, come back here!

(going back to the cursed church)
DM: Maybe Dylan should stop trying to enter the church. He’s a Loki-worshipper and this is the Church of The God of Mild Frostbite and That Very Annoying Feeling You Get After You Warm Your Hands Up After Being In The Cold That Makes Your Fingers Feel Like They’re Burning
Trump-Tinyhands OOC: If that’s the God’s name, I can’t imagine just how long the sermons are.

(M'riqa spotted something pretty in the church and wants to steal it)
M'riqa: I enter the church!
DM: You try to enter the church, but it appears that you cannot. The curse on the church does not know what to do with you, so it simply becomes an invisible wall.
Trump-Tinyhands: I think something’s going on with this church.
Dylan: *sarcastically* I never would have thought of that!

(40 minutes into figuring out the church)
M'riqa OOC: Does anybody have Detect Magic?
Dylan OOC: Hell yeah I do!
M'riqa OOC: Then go do it you winged bastard.
Dylan: I cast Detect Magic on the church doorway.
DM: You cast Detect Magic on the doorway. It seems that only followers of the God of Mild Fristbite and all that stuff can pass through the doorway.
Dylan: I can’t, I’m Loki’s priest.
Half-orc: What’s a priest? (too stupid to know what a god is)
Dylan: It’s down to you, M'riqa.
M'riqa: … I may or may not have sold my soul and devoted my life to Nocturnal. Is that a problem?

M'riqa: Nocturnal, may I stray from your path for a moment while I infiltrate this church?
DM: You poke yourself in the eye. That’s a no.
M'riqa: Please? Come on, I’ll steal something to add to the glory of the Guild!
DM: You sock yourself right in the nose. You are bleeding.
M'riqa: Pretty please?? I’ll serve you in the afterlife for twice as long!
DM: You stamp on your own foot.
M'riqa: Before I go any further, if I ask one more time, will I or will I not keep my tail?
DM: Nocturnal remains smugly silent.
M'riqa: If someone had told me that this is the sort of thing that happens when you give yourself to a god, then I may have reconsidered my choice.

  • SM and JYP: we're just gonna completely overwork and exhaust all of our most profitable groups and just completely ignore the rest of them, who of course helped made our company's as big as it is today, but who actually cares since they don't give us much money anymore, and they're getting too old.
  • YG: I'm just gonna not promote any of them and see how it goes. Lol.

If and when Republicans come out from hiding, enterprising journalists should ask them a series of questions:

If Trump continues to receive foreign monies in violation of the Constitution what will you do?

Republicans lambasted Hillary Clinton for coming to the State Department while her husband was getting paid for speeches and their foundation was accepting foreign money. Why are you not insisting on a similar standard for Trump?

Does it bother you that his children will be running businesses and he will be reaping the profits from all sorts of businesses that have matters before the federal government or are affected by laws and regulations? If Clinton attempted this wouldn’t you be calling for impeachment?

Do you favor hearings and/or legislation to address Trump’s conflicts?

Do you agree with the unanimous assessment of our intelligence agencies that Russia was behind the hacking? If so, are you concerned Trump and his aides are calling this “ridiculous”?

If the president does not act on intelligence that is factually beyond dispute in defense of U.S. interests is he fulfilling his constitutional obligations?

Donald Trump still has not released his tax returns so we do not know the extent of his financial ties, if any, to Russia. Does that concern you?

Trump’s pick for national security adviser traveled to Russia, gave a speech for which he was paid (how much we do not know), says Russia’s propaganda outlet RT is just like CNN and retweets attacks on all Muslims and “fake news” accounts. Should he be in the NSA position? Will you subpoena his financial records to determine his connections to Russia and whether those pose a national security concern?


Republicans need to get out from under their desks 

This is when we find out if Republicans in Congress are deplorable or not.

All new group of players with a semi-experienced DM playing DnD 5e.

My drow bard has been attempting to seduce every single NPC, enemy and friendly alike.

We encounter a city guard who is suspicious of my fully cloaked character.

Me ooc, - Can I seduce him?

DM - You know what? No.

Me - I stab him with my daggers *rolls 18*

DM - *rolls 3* Goddamn it.


World-famous chefs cook up ‘Soup for Syria’ to support Syrian refugees

  • Soup for Syria: Recipes To Celebrate Our Shared Humanity isn’t filled with food one might find in war-torn Aleppo. 
  • Instead, you’ll find soup recipes to connect home chefs with cultures across the globe. 
  • The book, published in October 2015, is more relevant than ever: All profits will now go toward “various nonprofits” that are funding food relief efforts. It has already raised $300,000, NPR reported Friday. Read more