all prime for a re listen

Can we just acknowledge how good the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack is?

I’m not judging talkin’ the songs (even though they’re some good shit) but just the straight instrumental, in all its synthesizer glory, is actually pretty freakin’ good. I’d recommend taking a listen to “Escape” or “Launch from Moonbase 2”

I own this thing in several media’s.

(Now that I think about many Transformers continues have great music. Prime has a beautiful soundtrack, and even Bayverse managed to get their music right.)

anonymous asked:

How would TFP Bulkhead react when he sees Miko having a friend who's like totally calm and into knitting, and is basically the opposite of her? But they get along pretty well. Friend doesn't know about the bots. Okie ty :D

Bulkhead (Transformers: Prime)

Oh god please, PLEASE influence Miko more. He would KILL to have her listen and be more calm.

Honestly, though, he can see why they’re friends. Opposites and all that- plus, everyone needs something different in their life. Keeps it interesting and balanced.

He just wishes Miko took more after her friend than anything. Please. He’s so tired.

How to be successful in your science classes

1. If the lecture subject is unfamiliar, do your reading before class. People hate reading, but I found that in many cases, this is where I found the biggest difference in grades. During my organic chemistry series, many people in my class never read. The students who didn’t read before class had a difficulty in understanding why reactions happened the way they did when presented to us during class. Doing the reading before class basically primes your brain and prepares you for heavier material that may be shown to you later.

2. Stop spending so much time writing during class. Bring printed lecture slides for that day so that you can spend more time listening and jotting down only important information, rather than writing everything and not listening at all.
3. Record your lectures! After every class period, I re-listen to my lecture and I write down notes that I have missed or review a concept I didn’t understand during lecture. 

4. Review, review, review. Reviewing your lectures again, practicing problems, or answering review questions related to your lectures will help you retain that new information you just learned.

5. Stay organized. Have a list of things that you need to complete before and after class. 

6. Don’t be shy and ask for help. During class or while you are reviewing your notes, write down ALL questions you have or concepts that you do not understand. If you can’t ask these questions during class, e-mail your professors or TAs or go to office hours to present these questions. Most likely, many students have these questions and professors most likely expect you to have questions as well.


listen kid, you’re too funny. you make me laugh so hard whenever you post on here cause you’re witty as fuck but you also keep things super real and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. i legit admire both of those things so much so you’re all around awesome in my book. i’m glad i met you and we’ve gotten to know each other a bit cause not only do you have a dope zodiac sign but your blog has awesome content and is a prime spot for kremlin draggin. overall A+, 13/10 would highly recommend to others.

Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you

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nickname: Chrissy or Chris
zodiac sign: Aquarius
height: 5′3 1/2″
last thing you googled: best foods for a cold (Adulting is hard cause you have to make your own meals even when you’re sick)
favourite music artist: it changes all the time but atm probably Lorde (I’ve been listening to Liability on repeat so yeah)
song stuck in my head: Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson (idk why…)
last movie you watched: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
what are you wearing right now: skinny jeans, black t-shirt, red converse
why did you choose your URL: In high school some kid in my physics class heard that my last name was Grimes and he said in the Optimus Prime voice “I am Optimus Grimes” and I thought that was pretty funny.
do you have any other blogs: not yet…
what did your last relationship teach you: “I love you” doesn’t necessarily mean “I love all of you”
religious or spiritual: neither really
favourite colour: 90% of the time its black but sometimes I like blue or purple or red
average hours of sleep: not enough
lucky number: 8
favourite characters: Peter Parker, Leia Organa (RIP space mom ❤️), Glenn Rhee, Eleven, Peter Parker, Rey, Carl Grimes, Lydia Martin, Peter Parker, Cassian Andor, Tony Stark, Cindy Moon, did I mention Peter Parker?
how many blankets do you sleep with: I’m always freezing so 2, sometimes 3.
dream job: In my unattainable dreams I actually dont work at all. I just inherit money from a rich relative and become a professional napper. But realistically I wanna be a set designer.

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Relationship status: Single, for a very long time now

Lipstick or chapstick: Both.  I wear lipstick for work or when I go out (usually darker shades, especially reds) and chapstick any other time.

Last movie I watched: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last weekend.  I don’t really have time to sit through a movie too often and don’t like going to theaters, so I tend to watch tv shows on Netflix or Prime instead.

Last song you listened to: Full Circle by Loreena McKennit, which I think is one of the most deeply beautiful songs I have ever heard.

Top 3 Shows: Star Trek, Avatar, Golden Girls

Top 3 characters: I hate this ONLY THREE stuff, because I just can’t.  Harry Potter, Lin Beifong, Maedhros Fingon Mairon Maglor Glorfindel they all count together because they’re from the same source okay I can’t put one above another.  …Sabriel.

Top 3 ships: Maedhros/Fingon, Sabriel/Touchstone, Mairon/Melkor (only in very specific situations, I am so picky ugh I’m sorry).

I’m going to tag @naamah-beherit, unless you’ve done this one already?  And anyone else who wants to do it!

18 reasons it's OK to still fancy Robbie Williams

From Cosmopolitan UK

There are people in this world that will tell you it’s wrong to still fancy Robbie Williams. They’ll tell you he’s had his heydey, that Take That was his prime and that it’s all been downhill since then.

Don’t listen to them. Cut those people out of your life. Whether it’s a guilty pleasure or you’re not even *vaguely* quiet about it: it’s OK to still fancy Robbie Williams. In fact, we wholeheartedly encourage it. Here’s 18 reasons why (yes this is just an excuse to look at fit GIFs of him. SO WHAT.)

1. He was definitely the fittest one in Take That

2. Seriously. He was glorious.

3. But that doesn’t mean he peaked early

4. In fact, we’re not sure he’s even peaked yet

5. Seriously. This was February 2017.

6. It’s can’t be wrong to still fancy the original cheeky chappy

7. Even if he’s married with a kid.

8. And 43.

9. Maybe it’s the tattoos

10. Or the mouth

11. It’s the mouth.

12. The wink’s pretty iconic too, though

13. Oh, Robbie.

14. And he looks good in a hat

Actually, can we just take an extra minute to appreciate this GIF please?

15. The ‘Feel’ music video is a reason in itself

16. This can’t be wrong

17. How can it be?

18. Forever in our hearts, Robbie Williams

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