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Dogblr, I am here for you if ever you need me.

I know I don’t reach out much and I don’t bring a lot of my personal self to this blog; we’re all about pretty pictures here and no real depth. I’m an anxious person who is always worried about what it will mean, and how it will effect others’ impression of me, if I let too much of myself show before anyone really gets to know me; I’ve been known to give the wrong first impression and it has caused issues for me in the past. I’m too blunt, too straight-forward, etc., but even so, please know that I care for the members of this community, your dogs and yourselves, and if you ever feel like you need someone to reach out to you, I will reach back, if only to be a listener for your woes or a shoulder for you to cry on. You are not alone and in this time of a community in mourning, I just want you to know that.

This week’s episode in a nutshell 

dozing off.


I love this ridiculous, trashy, rowdy, obscene bar.

Bonus (Kix-drank-too-much edition):


Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. Win because you don’t know how to lose. This king’s ruled long enough—it’s time to tear his castle down.

All For The Game series by Nora Sakavic


Part 1 of [?] - What if the RT channels/shows were ‘Rooster Teeth Originals’ on Netflix: Lets Play, Achievement Hunter & Funhaus

anonymous asked:

oh ok thanks for answering so fast :) even it's fake that's still nice for my namjin imagination lol can you tell me what was written after daddy please... i can't read it :( Oh by the way what do you think about namjin since the beginning of 2017?, do you also feel that they interact less compared to their early debut where they looked so close to me, always standing next to each other, rapmon always touching jin hand when talking etc... i'm a bit sad, do you also feel it or is it just me?

I think it says “bby sin” - which ??? I have no idea what that means.

Beginning of 2017? We’re only 3 months in so I dont think we can make a general statement and say that “ there werent much namjin moments this year”. But I feel like, with the whole Wings comeback last year, NamJin has just been everywhere and more in your face then it has ever before- 

Exhibit A - when Namjoon and Jin had no chill and were openly flirting at a fan-signing 

Exhibit B - when they gave us this christmas gift and defined the word married

Exhibit C - when they actually got married in Japan and did a whole photoshoot on it

Exhibit D - when they couldnt contain their joy at winning at the AAAs

(lol im Yoongi in the back admiring them)

Exhibit D  - when Jin had some words of encouragement (?? sure) for Namjoon and vkook were all of us

Exhibit E - when they ended all ships with this one v live

And lets not forget:

And when it comes to holding hands and standing next to each other, well…

So anon dont be sad! Namjin is here and to me, 2016 was THEIR YEAR and fingers crossed that 2017 will be too! 

My feelings on Gotham 3x20